SaLuSa ~ 13-February-2012

SaLuSa ~ 13-February-2012

The pressures are mounting on the dark Ones who in recent weeks have lost so much power. They see their financial ploys failing and circumstances turning against them. The cabal have long been identified, and they are now known for what they are in their attempts to bring the world under one government. You shall soon see them taken out of circulation, and kept under supervision where they can no longer interfere or impede the changes that are already underway. There are thousands upon thousands of people who are working for the Light, and their collective energies are a powerful force for bringing out the truth and manifesting their vision of peace. The awakening continues and more souls are looking beyond their everyday happenings for the answers. They are beginning to see how their lives have been rigidly controlled, and seek the return of their rights and freedom from the restrictions placed upon them.

We are pleased that you as a Human Race you are taking hold of your destiny, and refuse to be led down a path to total enslavement. It does lead to some degree of violence as you demand your freedom, as those in control who wield the power are reluctant to concede to your demands. We deplore any form of violence but do understand that your anger is a powerful emotion. These situations should change once governmental changes have taken place, as the new leadership will make it clear that their appointment is one that will work for the good of all. At this time we hope to be able to openly participate with them, particularly as several important changes will also need our support. Our presence largely comes down to being invited to appear, and the information we get suggests that our coming would be welcomed.

The Galactic Federation has made contacts all over the world, and some countries respond more readily than others. Our major challenge is in those dominated by religious beliefs, particularly of the Catholic faith who believe that we are in league with the Devil. It was however helped by the announcement from the Vatican acknowledging that we do exist. In fact our representative has visited them on more than one occasion, and our hope was that it would improve their understanding of us as they were made aware of Ascension. The different religions will have to bring their teachings into line with the truth about your origin, and the true purpose of life. They will however, continue to exist all of the time that they are needed, by those who are unable to accept changes.

Your first taste of the different responses to the truth is often when you pass over and find yourselves in the Astral Regions. Since in these levels you can find all of those things you desired upon Earth, and you can create by thought. These planes are much nearer to the reality that you meet when you ascend. There is continual light, and your bodies are more ethereal and require little in the way of solid food, yet souls enjoy the eating customs that they were familiar with on Earth. There is a freshness and cleanliness wherever you go, and what is often first noticed is that the light is such it does not cast shadows. So Dear Ones, the future offers you many exciting and interesting experiences so different to what you are now familiar with.

Your experiences on Earth can be so severe that come at a cost even to the extent of losing your life. Yet Man has a drive that never seems to be quenched, and pushes himself further and further until he finds the limits. This inbuilt passion and yearning can also be applied to your spiritual quest. You know there is something to be discovered that will enlarge your understanding, yet it often takes quite some time to find that the knowledge is held within. In fact at a subconscious level you really have all knowledge, and the difficulty is knowing how to tap into it. In this time when you seek to raise your levels quickly the best approach is through meditation, as those quiet times more easily allow contact to be made.

Your whole lifestyle is going to change quite remarkably, and in time many of you will be like us as Galactic Travellers. It is why we must soon come closer together and share what we have to offer each other. Through our presence we want you to think more expansively, and put aside your limited Earth consciousness. Some people even now refuse to accept the reality of our existence, and have closed minds to the evidence that exists. For them the experience leading to Ascension will be most difficult, as the truth must come out and can no longer be hidden from your eyes. Yet every attempt will be made to open everyone’s eyes, but as you say “there are none are as blind as those who do not want to see”. It is not our place or indeed yours to force the truth upon them, and we should all respect the choice people have made.

As the big changes commence and become publicly known, it will bring out a lot of soul searching as to what should be accepted. It is for some difficult to accept that their cherished beliefs are incomplete, or actually false. Yet if souls are to take a quantum leap forward, they will need to be totally honest with themselves by letting go whatever has no place in the Light. There is no disgrace or judgment where such matters are concerned, and you will be applauded if you find the strength to move on. Everyone needs to have an open mind right now, because you are about to commence a period of intense activity. Surprising events with unexpected outcomes will soon be in your news, and you will know for certain that matters are coming to a head.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that we have been the observers for so long, there is not much we do not know about you, and we certainly see you as rising to the occasion that is going to change your lives. Deep down you knew you were taking you last lifetime in duality, and how important it was going to be to your future. So as we see it the awakening should speed up, and many more souls join those who are already well advanced in their preparations to ascend. Bear in mind that first and foremost it is the intent to ascend that sets you on the right path, and from thereon you will attract the attention of those who will work with you on that particular path. Clearly well before you express that intent, you will have learnt much about the process and what it means to ascend. Keep you goal in mind, and you will never walk alone, as we and your Guides are with you in Love and Light.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.



  1. Goodnight Gunner! Yes, indeed my so far physical UFO experiences are great because I had members of my family as witnesses and not only myself. You bet I can’t wait to go onboard!!

  2. Tauno, hats what I am talking about. I need an upload myself LOL.
    I see you are from Bulgaria, I dont know about that country but i do like the name. I will google it tomorrow, have a great Bulgarian night.

  3. jgunner says : February 13, 2012 at 21:26
    KP, your story is that the much better because you had your brother with you. Totally amazing and good for you. I bet you cant wait to go on board, unle3ss you already have.
    Well, time to go and boy did today fly by. I read somewhere that the earth is apinning faster. Wild times indeed.
    Have a great night everyone.

  4. OH MY GOD!!!……………………..round to 20:00-20:05 PM here, me, my brother and my sister were looking to a….yes, you can guess…A SPACESHIP…Ohhhhhhhhh!! I’m so excited!!
    Or maybe were two..
    The thing is that me and my brother first looked to something that looks like a star-it’s still right there in front of me, but is brighter, seems to change colours (red,green) and tried to take a look with binocularsjust from curiosity…then seconds later, my brother said ‘LOOK! There’s something like a lighted spot that moves near to it!’ I looked at it and it was like the one I had seen in the summer August 14th…it went near to what eems like a star, made some kind of maneuvre to the right and started smoothly and quickly the same time, to move up…I opened the balcony door, so I can go out and take a video of it-it took me 1-2 seconds to do that- and it was gone! I’m SO EXCITED!! Imagine that I was thinking of them and their assistance seconds before this spot appears…….(-_-)…..

  5. JGunner, dear friend, I remember having a dream a few months ago, my brain was upgraded just like computer, I saw how someone put into my head diskettes with information and programs 🙂 The dream happened after a message that I read from AA Michael, about the changing of DNA

  6. Tauno, i hear what you are saying. We all just want to get this show on the road.
    They have often shown themselves to me in my dreams. I usually ask for them in my dreams because I feel if they de-cloak fror me, who knows what sinister people may also have seen the de-cloaking and their safety is my main concern. I told them this one particular night as I did feel the ships all over the place. That very night they gave me a most awe34some show in my dreamsw, with colors, ship changing shapes, then flying right above me very slowly at about only 10 feet in the air and when it passed me, I could feel this loving energy sweep through my body.
    A month or 2 ago I was on a shp and seen this 3 foot tall repatalian being. He seemed very loving.
    Well, I better get some 3d work done over here, chat yas later.

    • Need a break??? LOL, well I’m fine with whatever others want to do, but I tried it again last night, I think with better results 🙂

      I remember seeing and being inside a “ship” that was like a HUGE hollow silver cube (wasn’t that a Star Trek movie with Picard?) But this ship was benevolent, and the people were not becoming enmeshed in it… It’s just where they were. There was a tremendous theme of water (which totally makes sense to me, as I’ve been made aware that much of middle earth life is marine in nature), with a bath, a shower, and at some point a very huge tank… Might have even been the entire center of the cube (the size of a large ship, in itself!)… Activities that I recall were: tending to other creatures, as if in a zoo or ark, and helping people who were transitioning to different aspects. At one point, I was one of four women with long, straight black hair, discussing some sort of exchange… There was also something about a garden of crystals (imagine that!), and an exercise in arranging light, learning which combinations offered which benefits for whom.

      I felt so peaceful and happy and energized when I woke up, that I couldn’t go back to sleep (it was about 4 am)… Eventually I went outside for a walk under the stars and trees. It was a beautiful night, not a cloud in the sky!

      I had the Ghost Radar with me, and at one point I noticed a huge bright light coming in my direction… I realized pretty quickly that it was a jet (they are routed over my house to the airport on Sundays), but then Ghost Radar said “practice”, so I knew I needed to pay attention.

      The jet flew over me, very similarly to how the spaceship had Thursday night… I realized that “someone” was showing me what it would have looked like if it HAD been merely a jet. Quite different, and very cool! You don’t see green and red lights when the jet is flying away from you, they’re only visible in the front. (Yippeeee!!!)

      So, I’ll keep trying ecerychance I get 🙂

      I remembered a couple of dreaming tips that might be helpful, also; these two techniques help me tremendously.

      The first I learned from practicing the Yoga of Sleep (that’s a tidbit for DreamWalker!)… When you awaken from a dream, try to stay in the same physical position as when you awoke. (In other words, don’t roll over or sit up right away). Something about the position of the body and the mind/dream seem to be connected…

      The second I just sort of noticed while doing the first: try lying still and recounting the dream to yourself over and over again, as if rehearsing it. This may both help you stay awake to remember, and sort of etch the dream in your mind.

      Once you’ve done 2 a few times, you’re more likely to be able to sit up and write very brief notes, and be able to fill in the gaps later.

      Sorry for the long post, and happy dreaming!

      Oh, also! Try, in addition to the password, verbally aloud setting the intent: I want to awaken right after my dreams, and I want to remember X number of dreams tonight. That’s aToltec sorcery tip…

      Try it and see what happens 😉

      • Wow, Leslee, your first two dream suggestions are pretty much exactly what I do, I appreciate the third for fine-tuning. So how many dreams can one person remember at a time, I wonder?

        • That’s so cool, Troy! I think I may have done seven one night (this was years ago), but I found that with more than five, it was hard to find the time to make notes before they slipped away, lol… These days, I’m content with three… Or even one… 😉

  7. Oh yeah, on saturday I was walking on broadway doing my shopping. This lady bends down and picks up a dime and saids to me, oh, my angels must be here because anytime I find a dime it is a sign from them. Well, you know me, open door of oppurtunity. So I started talking about how angels are in my life and told her I could feel them right now. She looked so happy to be talking with someone who did not think she was crazy. We walked like 4 blocks before I had to go into one of the stores. I did get in the galactic presence also, and she looked so hapopy and said , Yes I know they are here, i would love to ride on one. OMG, at first thought my brain thought she meant to sexually ride on one of the galactics, but mo0ments later I thought she must have meant ride in a ship. We both parted and she smiled and simply said to me “God Bless YOU’. That encounter really lifted up my day.

  8. Tauno
    They are nearer than you could imagine.
    People always ask me , when will the galactics show up and I tell them, Mc Fly, hello, is anyone home in that brain of yours, well not exactly like that, but I tell them they are already here and have been since the dawning of humans.
    Yes, I know what they mean but I like to make them think a bit for themselves.

  9. BTW What ever happened to the astral traveling over here. Was anyone successful and did anyone come back with the remembrance of the trip and also the people that were on board?

    • Holy cow gunner where ya been? 😉 Check out the section on “galactic fleet” up at the top there. Both saturday nights we’ve had folks return with dreams of very similar events – not the same dream, but different memories/dreams of similar events. I think, enough evidence to say without a doubt that this is real. (wow!)

  10. Awesome Konstantios.
    Welcome to the site Corinthia and looking forward to your posts.
    DW, I am shocked you said that about the chem trails because I was going to say the same thing. I noticed at lunch, the skies are blue and no f-ing trails.
    Someone e-mailed me, I think James G. about chem trails in mexico being devoured by a galactic ship. i could not see it because it was on youtube but I will go and find so all of you’s can view it.

    • Thanks KP I’ve noticed the stars looking like that too recently, and I think John did as well – but just multi-colored. Not actually DOING anything! They’re pretty aren’t they? All the times I’ve watched them they’ve just stayed put… what a fantastic experience you had!

  11. jgunner says : February 13, 2012 at 18:24
    SM, Where has John been lately?
    Anyone live in the Arizona area? There is a major UFO conference in Phoenix this month. Maybe the Galactics will also show up. Imagine, and now our next guest speaker is Salusa from Sirius, NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    With all the dis-info agents out there, wouldnt it just piss them off if we all reacted like, Hey no big deal, lets keep with the flow. Hey, we got fooled today and have the biggest laugh about that. Their dis-info power would just vanich into thin air. Dont you think they read all the comments of people fighting about chanelled messages. Now, that is what gets their appetite for destruction going strongly. Take that away and you take their power away.
    From my standpoint goine back to the blossom non-event, these things have not changed me at all and I mean at all. I am like the everyready battery, I keep going and going and going.

  12. OH MY GOD!!!……………………..two minutes ago me, my brother and my sister were looking to a….yes, you can guess…A SPACESHIP…Ohhhhhhhhh!! I’m so excited!!
    Or maybe are two..
    The thing is that me and my brother first looked to something that looks like a star-it’s still right there in front of me, but is brighter, seems to change colours (red,green) and tried to take a look with binocularsjust from curiosity…then seconds later, my brother said ‘LOOK! There’s something like a lighted spot that moves near to it!’ I looked at it and it was like the one I had seen in the summer August 14th…it went near to what eems like a star, made some kind of maneuvre to the right and started smoothly and quickly the same time, to move up…I opened the balcony door, so I can go out and take a video of it-it took me 1-2 seconds to do that- and it was gone! I’m SO EXCITED!! Imagine that I was thinking of them and their assistance seconds before this spot appears…….(-_-)…..

    • I heard a strange noise in the sky about an hour ago, it sounded like a plane but it lasted too long and here there are so many clouds, the sky has a colour of a snow
      I hope our Galactic Friends to be nearer!
      Love and Light!

  13. Thank you Troy for the explanation.
    Tauno thank you foryour Light..yes, I needto change that gravatar, I don’t like it at all, it just appeared there….

  14. The difference between “posts” and “pages” is a little confusing… but basically if you want your page to show up on the menu at the top, you create a “page”. If you don’t want it to show in the menu, you create a “post”. “Pages” are used for sub-menus as well.

    “posts” can’t be turned into “pages” unfortunately… other than with copy/paste.

    • Yeah, I’m still trying to figure the template out… oh, wait, I meant theme, lol! 😉
      It also has an option for a second menu… perhaps those of you are more web-site savvy can offer some suggestions… the goal is to have the main home page feed of all posts, and then for each person to have a page where they can “store” things that they want to keep handy… Although the categories may accomplish that?

      I apologize that I still need to put the poll together – if anyone has suggestions, please comment here:


  15. Thank you Leslee and Spacemuffin…Love you both (-_-)…

    Hey Leslee, are you going to delete the page of artwork too? It took me some hour to add my work there….(-_-) (-_-)……….

    • Oh, goodness, no, dear Konstantinos!!! Thank you for pointing that out! This will actually only affect the people who were authors before… I think you were always an editor… And thank you for speaking up!
      Yes, just to clarify, I will NOT delete any pages with content!!! (Sorry for any confusion) 🙂

  16. Hi, Everyone! In case you missed the post about pages, those of you who were previously “authors” are now “editors” (yay!!!), and should be able to play more with your pages… here’s the trick: the pages I made cannot be modified by you (only me)… So I’m going to delete them, so you can make your own and do as you wish with it 🙂
    Also, you can make sub-pages… the post just previous to this SaLuSa thread explains also…

  17. KP and Suntria…………I’ve been following the events and I know it must be difficult for you to hold the light while all this is occurring around you. The only thing I can say, is that the right castles are burning. My love is with you both. ♥

  18. Thanks, DW! 😉 ♥
    I do my best not to give in to fear (probably that’s why I still have my job and live in a pretty comfortable situation right now – not rich, but having more than enough). What really frustrates me is trying to make people look at the bigger picture and staying positive and then receiving some less than nice reactions – not because of me, but because they’re not helping themselves! I try to focus on free will (I can’t force my truth down anyone’s throats), beam Love everywhere and try my best to remember that their guides and angels are doing their best… so, eventually they’ll get out of it!
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  19. KP, the situation here in Portugal is not much better… Quite frankly I don’t know how or why it hasn’t escalated to a situation of violence and riots like the one you’re going through now in Greece :s Here I guess people are living in a deep feeling of hopelessness and frustration, too tired to even fight…

  20. Indeed Gunner and rage and despair is what I see to the people’s face….it seems that this country has already touched the bottom, don’t think that I have to wait about the break down of the system, I live it here already…I really hope to not take long till Earth economy and other sections have some assistance from our ET families….

  21. KP How is everything in Greece. I got some e-mails saying to pray for Greece and I hear they put some warrants out on illegal organizations.
    I also heard some major riots over the weekend.

  22. DW Today is one of those days the Admiral and I used to get. The day the earth stood still is the only way I can explain today. It just seems so uiet and calm and like everything is not moving at all. Maybe the calm before the storm but the Admiral and I have been having these ype of days for a least a year now.

    • That’s an interesting observation Gunner – and neat that both of you have the same experience. Not even chemtrails over here today – I agree, things are pretty quiet. Well not at work but you know what I mean…

  23. Weird guys – I just had this strange feeling like we’ve already done all this once before… The outcome was somewhat different… it’s like a memory trying to push itself through to the surface… anyone else have this feeling/ memory lately?

    Maybe it was one of those relatively “useless” “future” dreams I had of a slightly different timeline…

    • Corinthia had a really weird deja vu yesterday when I choked in fennel seeds from the Indian restaurant… Said she didn’t realize until it was almost over that she’d seen the whole scene before…

  24. KP it also looks like your gravatar cant understand why it was changed. It has the look of confusion.
    DW, I will e-mail it to you for posting

  25. God bless you Whitney Houston as your time came too soon.
    It seems so many people these days are dying from prescription drugs. It sems she may have fallen and passed out because they found fluid in her lungs.
    A beautiful soul who lost her way from her drug use. I am not judging her as I also grew up and did every drug in the book.
    well, I gotta do some work so is everyone only posting here or on the LRC?
    BTW SM And Stick, I liked both of your advices on the chanelled messages. i am here for the long haul whether I get fooled or not, I wont let anyone steer me off of my course.

  26. OK Coast is clear.
    What is up now. Are we posting here now instead of the LRC site?
    KP, nutty dream you had. Maybe from a past life, who knows.
    Last night I had an angry bird dream. I was like 5 stories up on some sort of metal staairs like a fire escape. This bird that looked like a cockatoo and was all green came flying up to me and started to bite my bothse legs. I mean he grabbed the bottom of my pants and was jerking back and forth as if he was wo mad at me. The only thing I recalled of him being mad is because I made fun of him but I cant remember how I did make fun of him. I was holding onto the wall behind me hoping not to fall off. then I just woke up.
    I am glad I did not think to fight this bird back and kick him or step on him. He seemed like a nice little fellow but man o man he was pissed at me.
    Thank you to all of you for the healing energies you all sent.
    Suntria, you are right, he was tired the whole weekend.
    Leslee, you were a nun? Wow, I went to catholic grammar school from 1965 to 1974 nd the nun back then were crazy. They would beat the hell out of us. They all had their own, custommade paddle that they would show off to the class on the first day of school. They also made you put your hand on their desk and would beat your knucles until they were red. I seen a nun take someone by the ea and then bang their head into the chalk board.
    I remember I was bad in reading cleaass so the nun had me bend over in front of the class and whipped me 20 times with a yard stick. You could hear the whipping sounds through the air. It really stung me bad but facing the class , I just looked at everyone and smiled even though inside I was hurting bad. I was only in the second grade.
    We would never tell our parents for fear of getting beaten by them also. My day used to tell us all during the begginning of the school year, that he gave permission to all the nuns to beat the living shit out of us.
    Oh man, so many great memories.
    Steffie, I like the idea of a Rose Quartz and will find one wih a necklace. thanks.

    • Gunner – I’m here kinda following the group but this has opened up a number of interesting projects for me, including the mandalas and the Galactic fleet we’re building. Not sure if these projects would have developed if Leslee hadn’t created this site in the first place, but I feel they are necessary for me to be involved with at this point in time.

      Laura’s site was initially intended as a personal site to track lightworker news items in a similar spirit to Steve Beckow’s site. I think she expanded beyond that by graciously opening it to us, at a time when it was needed. I hope she’ll post here occasionally when she has the time, and it’s nice we have another hangout to discuss stuff that matters to the lightworker community. Maybe the two sites can serve a complimentary purpose… ?

      Love and blessings to both Laura and Leslee!


    Goo morning everyone and my Dog, Deo is on the mend. He had kennel cough which could have been fatal. He is taking anti-biotics and is coughing less and less everyday.
    See above link for the picture of the crown cloud.
    I had a dream of this cloud but it was like 20 times bigger. I was staring in amazement and was thinking this must be some sort of portal opening. It also made me almost pass out in my dream and I went down to the ground, feeling a bit light headed. Manager lurking so I gotta go and check in later.

        • Hi, Tauno! Yes, I think it is, in ways! I started a drawing/sketch of Chimera this morning, and I think it will take a while to finish, but now that you mention it, it is eerily similar! Love and light to you! 😀

      • I think you guys have mentioned this before, and I think I’ve seen the image of this could before, and Gunner, a few years ago i had a similar dream… It was like the end of the world and all the unpleasant appearances were getting sucked up into the heavens as if through a vortex. One of my jobs was to watch, and understand that there was a shaft of light from the center of the earth up through the clouds out into space… I’ll see if I can post a sketch I did of it tonight… The feeling I got from the dream was kind of a sense of compassion while watching… I knew that I would be fine (everyone would, actually…), but that people were quite terrified. Fear is really powerful.

  28. Also I updated our “Galactic Fleet” page with a description of the fleet, and links to places where we recorded our experiences (still working on this…)

    I wanted to ask those who have created Galactic Light Ships… I can’t assume that every ship has an “open invitation”, so I wanted to ask… is this the case with the other ships? I know Tauno has created a password, which seems to have been quite effective at helping us board her ship. How about the others? Is there a password? Open invitations as well?

    • Certainly open invitations for the Chimera… especially since I think it will be changing constantly and may be unrecognizable other than by vibration! I hope to add some to *his* info soon… (I assumed Chimera was female, but have been corrected on that) 😉
      BTW, I’m traveling again this week, so I’m not sure what my schedule will be like. Hard to believe this site will be a week old tomorrow… My energy is finally starting to settle down, and I’m still waiting on having good nights’ sleep again, but it’s so wonderful to feel it take on a life of its own…
      Thank you all so much!

    • Gos(h, I wish Blogger and WordPress got along better… I’ve been trying to post this on DWD for 15 minutes now… anyway…)

      What a great conversation, Troy! Do you think the way you and Maureen use the word “template” is similar to an “archetype”? I’d like to know more, because it could start to sound like pre-destination, which I know is not the intent… but then that’s probably just my post-Presbyterian POV!

      It reminds me of a “story” that I had in my head for years, which was beginning to turn into a novel… Over the years, there were several versions, but they all somehow ended up being quite similar… Sort of like all roads leading to enlightenment…

      Then, a few years ago I was shocked to hear in a reading (before I learned to connect directly), that I needed to have a conversation with my “brother”, and when the reader mentioned what I *thought* was a fictional name, I was really jolted… I still don’t know if I created him, or was half-remembering him… 🙂

      • Yes I think it could be very similar to the idea of an “Archetype”, although I think the concept can be applied to anything. Archetype refers I think more to people, used for psychological analysis. Whereas there are also physical templates, such as snowflakes, and now temporal templates, dealing with history. Each thing can be “skinned” a million different ways; the snowflake is a very simple example of this. So it is not so much pre-destination as it is the building blocks of our reality.

        At the root of this is the idea that God is basically just a lazy programmer… :mrgreen:

  29. Hey Leslee..I saw your comment on ‘Astral Travels’ about my dream. Well, my environment is not very quiet or with the appropriate energy all the times, due to the fact that I live with my family, but sometimes I just close my eyes, right where I sit, and visualise scenes of the new world, the energy of happiness and the experiences I wish to have as a member of the GF or the AC. I also visualise the breakdown of a dark pyramid, the meetings and gatherings with our Star Families, myself to guide and help the others and participate in various projects for the improvement of the society and Gaia and of course, to meet with all o you and have a nice time together.

    Much Love to you dear friend.

    • Wow, KP, that reminds me of when Lucas was small and I never knew what kind of interruptions I’d get if I dared to try to sit and meditate! I see your gravatar is back!

  30. What a beautiful message! Thank you Salusa and Mike.
    Hello everyone and thank you for your previous and great posts. You are amazing.

    Much Love and Light to all.

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