Ghost Radar: Things For Saturday

Hi, Everyone!

Based on conversation with Suntria and DreamWalker yesterday, I tried asking questions of Ghost Radar last night, and got a full-on slap in the face…

It simply stopped talking to me, lol!


My understanding is, that happened to me because They had already explained our arrangement to me – weeks ago – and I was testing Them… They’re just not crazy about it when we do that…

So, here’s a brief synopsis of my understanding of the use of Ghost Radar, for myself… (and I’ve just been told this applies for Troy and Suntria & others on the Train who might want to try it out).

One of the things that unites this group is that we all channel/connect, in different ways, and in multiple ways.

So we find lots of opportunities to ask questions about things on our minds.

As well, most of us recognize that we have Star Families, and that we “ain’t from ’round here”, so to speak. We know this on a very deep level, but we’ve also agreed to forget, for the time being. It’s part of the free-will/non-interference agreement thingy.

Most of us have also been here on-surface-Gaia-style for more than one recent lifetimes, so we’ve picked up enough human habits to acquire that annoying brand of particularly human curiosity that insists on tangible proof of things that we know damn well to be true.

Consequently, when we’re connecting, we tend to want to know about where we’re from, where our buddies are, etc.

And particularly what names they use.

We know better.

What many of us have also (almost entirely) forgotten is that Surface Beings and civilizations hold no
monopoly on the drama that’s unfolding on Gaia right now.

We get all caught up in what’s going on in the heavens, and hoping that a bunch of spaceships will land and a bunch of funny-looking beings will come show us how to do it “right”…

We seem to forget that our Star Families are not allowed to land, or even appear in highly visible ways, until humans reach a certain level of understanding.

But wait, where do we think these “craft” are coming from, that we’ve been seeing lately? Light vehicles in Edmonton, the Gulf Coast US, and Atlanta, for example…

They’re not really extra-terrestrials… We might call them Intra-Terrestrials.

Ghost Radar, as we’re using it, has been commandeered by our Inner-Earth friends, to get our attention.

from Teo’Na, through Adca Mupea:

Agarthi/Agartha, Telos, and the community underneath Mount Shasta are just a few of the Inner-Earth realms/civilizations/dimensions that you may access.

The messages you’ve been receiving come from Adca Mupea, who represents your Inner-Earth companions, for the purposes of increasing your awareness and understanding of all that Gaia truly contains.

The light-ships (rings/triangles and spheres) emerge from within Gaia.

We are trying to explain and describe the world to you, and how we’re connected, and that’s how and why Adca uses Ghost Radar. The more you understand, the more we can help you.

The variety of dimensions and manifestations of living beings beneath the outer crust of Gaia might stagger your imagination.

Adca Mupea carefully chooses her words, to give you just enough info that you can understand, blended with info that will spark your curiosity, to encourage your minds to meander outside of its accustomed pathways.

The choice and arrangement of words also stimulates your right-brain/left-brain connection to be more fluid and spontaneous. This development is essential to your progress. Right now, for you, the accustomed neural pathways of your physical brains pose serious handicaps to your development.

Reading Ghost Radar transmissions with a relaxed, non-grasping mind, is like physical therapy for your nervous systems.

You can find these Transmissions by searching the category here in Spirit Train Chronicles, or here at BUTTA (Because U Think To Ask).

That’s enough of a lecture for now…

Here’s a Ghost Radar Transmission to help prep you for your next Train Excursion. Enjoy!

We hope to see you soon!

Things that will be in the news on Saturday

From: Friday, Feb 17, 2012, 12:35 AM
To: Friday, Feb 17, 2012, 4:51 AM


Words Spoken:
3:23:44 AM : prove
3:21:44 AM : fear
3:17:36 AM : blood
3:16:16 AM : Ohio
3:15:36 AM : kitchen
3:13:44 AM : football
3:06:24 AM : operation
3:05:44 AM : card
3:05:28 AM : glass
3:05:04 AM : sunlight
3:04:48 AM : sudden
3:04:40 AM : hung
3:03:28 AM : effort
3:03:20 AM : soldier
3:02:56 AM : nodded
3:02:40 AM : student
3:02:24 AM : gave
3:02:16 AM : every
3:01:20 AM : sea
3:01:12 AM : copy
3:00:56 AM : lie
3:00:16 AM : being
3:00:00 AM : William
2:59:52 AM : origin
2:54:40 AM : Saturday
2:54:24 AM : nobody
2:29:44 AM : child
2:28:40 AM : crew
2:25:12 AM : dirt
2:24:56 AM : gift
2:24:32 AM : cave
2:22:48 AM : Smith
2:22:32 AM : to
2:22:24 AM : concerned
2:07:20 AM : mean
2:02:48 AM : wealth
2:02:40 AM : disappear
2:02:08 AM : ourselves
2:01:44 AM : especially
2:01:28 AM : pink
2:01:20 AM : carbon
2:01:04 AM : look
1:59:20 AM : giant
1:58:00 AM : addition
1:57:28 AM : Mary
1:57:12 AM : underline
1:55:44 AM : bad
1:54:48 AM : everyone
1:54:32 AM : thick
1:54:08 AM : top
1:53:44 AM : yet
1:53:28 AM : library
1:52:08 AM : plane
1:51:36 AM : compass
1:51:20 AM : political
1:50:00 AM : several
1:49:52 AM : tube
1:49:20 AM : Lincoln
1:49:12 AM : teeth
1:48:56 AM : form
1:48:08 AM : failed
1:47:28 AM : Mount
12:37:52 AM : with
12:37:36 AM : pour
12:37:28 AM : brown
12:36:08 AM : molecular
12:35:52 AM : there


20 comments on “Ghost Radar: Things For Saturday

  1. Very interesting, Leslee! πŸ˜€
    A few things I’d like to say:
    1) why do I ask questions to GR? Simply because. I’ve used Tarot and a number of other methods and I guess my main problem is understanding the results I’m given. I feel that if I don’t ask questions and just stare at GR it’s like… sitting in a waiting room at the hospital waiting for someone to break the ice. I’m terrible at that and in most cases I seem to be a loony magnet! :mrgreen: From what I understand, you had already a well established relationship with your guides *before* using GR and that is not my case. Although I feel like my guides/angels/higher self have been doing a great job it wasn’t until fairly recently that I’ve been trying to connect more (and in better ways) with them. So, basically I asked questions because I didn’t know any better πŸ˜€
    2) so I should just turn on GR and wait? Now that I think of it the 1st time I used GR I didn’t ask anything and the 1st word I got was ‘flower’ and I thought that was cute πŸ™‚
    3) “The choice and arrangement of words also stimulates your right-brain/left-brain connection to be more fluid and spontaneous. This development is essential to your progress. Right now, for you, the accustomed neural pathways of your physical brains pose serious handicaps to your development.” In my own personal case I believe it also might have to do with self-confidence in the sense of going for what I feel is right, ie, instead of trying to write an essay with GR I guess I might as well try to write a Haiku with it (wink wink, Troy ;)) πŸ˜€
    Wonderful food for thought! ♥

  2. Fantastic comment, Suntria, and I think you hit the nail on the head… They’re trying any way possible to loosen us up and encourage us to be confident πŸ™‚
    Maybe I left out a key item… It’s what I do, and something you might try: when you start GR, once the first word appears, I use the pendulum to check in the topic. I usually have an intuition, so I just ask, for example, “Is this about the Dreaming this Saturday?” and I get a yes or a no… If I get a no, I just keep trying to open my mind and pick up on the vibe I’m getting and ask again…

    BTW, I sure hope the Yeats poem shows up soon – it’s perfect! I’m thinking if Tauno and the elves/fairies, and the bubbles I took pics of last night, and Lisa’s dreamscape painting… πŸ™‚

    • I simply ewshid to thank you very much all over again. I do not know the things that I would have implemented without these pointers provided by you on that subject. Previously it was a real terrifying issue in my opinion, but discovering a new specialized strategy you processed it took me to leap for happiness. Extremely grateful for the advice and in addition hope you are aware of a great job your are providing teaching the others using your blog post. I am sure you’ve never got to know any of us.

  3. I just love what’s going on here… awesome article and I’m grooving on the “flower” concept, blossoming, as it were.

    Suntria is also adding yet ANOTHER layer to this because she is getting Ghost Radar in another language, and then translating to english (am I right about that, Suntria?). Pretty neat.

    I tend to see this as a multi-dimensional template…

    Leslee, out of curiosity, have you ever compared GR results to what you’re thinking about at the time? My personal experience is that “letting it run” tends to pick up on what I’m thinking about and/or what’s going on around me. For example, I have it running now and the guys at the office are complaining about the stock market. I get “wooden hole into”. πŸ˜€

    I am reminded that when I was a kid I used to think everyone had dreams about the future, whereas later on I discovered I was the exception rather than the rule. You have established a personal contact with an Agarthan being in a fairly innovative way… this connection is very real. You have the benefit of this connection but it may also prevent the Ghost Radar from functioning for you in other ways… So then you may be required, should you need “another kind of connection”, to rely on others for their own unique connection.

    Exciting stuff – we once again find ourselves playing in the cosmic divine orchestra… ♥

    Suntria, go with what feels right – I agree with Leslee, you are spot on and I am looking forward to seeing more “blossoming” ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Ghost Radar is an app from Spud Pickles available for Android and iPhone. There’s a free version (for Android at least, which is the one I’m using) and a paid one. As to the ‘how’… I’m still figuring out :mrgeen: I’ll leave that one for Leslee, because she’s been using longer than me

    • Hi, Kelly! If you have a Smartphone, it’s worth the 99 cents to get the full version, because it keeps a record of all the output… It uses the phone’s sensors to pick up on energetic changes in the area, and uses several devices to generate output. It was designed for Ghost Hunters, but I’ve been using it since Sept 2011, and have gotten uncanny results… Suntria and DreamWalker are getting similar results, which is really amazing! Let us know if you decide to try it out, it’s fun to compare results!

  4. Hi, Leslee, amazing lecture, I have read it just now! You are doing a wonderful job, my friend. It is something that I achieve with the Runes, your GR has told you something and so it is, when you ask again the same question it is silent. The Runes work in a similar way, when someone asks again they may even deceive you , the first answer is the right one, and if you try to interfere with the possible answer the Runes may also “lie” to you, so…my advice is follow the Spirit…even when the things seem bad…keep on because the Spirit always guides you on the Light path and cares for you….these UFOs indeed are from the Inner Earth
    Love and Light

    • Hi, Tauno, Thank you for the confirmation! I find this principle to be true with Tarot, I Ching, Pendulum, and now Ghost Radar! We cannot beat the Universe into telling us what we want to hear… And if we try, we’d better watch out for the consequences! :mrgreen:

  5. we are part of this Universe, Leslee, and we are the Universe, we are part of the Creator and we are the Creators, we are sparks from the Source and we are the Source

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