Meditation Exercises

(from Leslee: This is an example of a reading I did for a friend a few months ago… She was curious about some of her connections… I’m sharing it here because, although the specifics deal with her personal situation, it’s a great illustration of how I often work with my Guides while using a pendulum and other resources.)

“C, We’d like for you to try an exercise sometime when you’re online. Please have a pendulum or pendant nearby, and search the terms “after Raphael Genesis” (all together). Please trust that you will be led to the correct way to do this.

“If possible, please allow Ghost Radar to run while you do this.

“Also, before you do this, please try to clarify with your pendant how to use it as a pendulum. Hold it with the thumb & fingers of your left hand, and ask it to show you a ‘yes’ and then a ‘no’, then ‘confusion or uncertainty’. Please allow the pendulum time to transition between answers.

“Now, back to the exercise. Please look at at your online search results until your intuition draws your focus to a name or story. Please trust your intuitions, regardless of whether the attractions seem logical or related.

“Please choose 3 of the results, and just follow links and read as you feel inclined.

“Try to find an hour in which you can do this [stranger visitor taken Russian]. This exercise has (at least) 3 purposes or foci of development. What you are looking for us evidence that you [dry] feel intuitively, of how there are connections between the things you discover.

1. Trusting & sensing intuition
2. [blank] Developing familiarity with a pendulum and Ghost Radar
3. The actual information gathered through your online research.

“Because you were religious in your lifetimes with Passhena Vitu, you will find intuitive explanations by connecting bits of information gathered from religious resources.

“Once you understand better your current role for helping others in Ascension, you will have fewer doubts and headaches when you perform your work. You will allow all your talents to blossom soon (within the next few months). Please trust your intuition above all.

Oh, here is the suggested meditation exercise (I sense I’ll be posting this exercise online…)

To begin, please set the intention for how long you would like your mediation to last. If you need to, use a timer, but if it has a harsh sound, please muffle the timer so that you may arise from meditation as gently as possible.

1. Passionate interests: Call to your mind what you feel is your most burning urgent question personal question at that moment. Do not judge based on perceived importance of the issue. This is not an end unto itself, it will begin to lead you deeper into your own understanding of your work.

2. Please examine your question carefully, to make certain it may be focused on your own spiritual progress. If it’s tainted by a tone of gossip or comparison to another person, or a selfish interest, this method will not likely help you.

3. Sit comfortably and relax. Please ensure that your spine is straight in a side-to-side manner. You may recline. If you do, please prop up your knees and back. This will help with alertness and clarity. Think of the classic Mayan reclining pose, and Henry Moore’s sculptures of reclining women.

If you are sitting upright, please adjust your body so that You feel your spine is balanced, without need if support.

4. Now please close your eyes and mentally state your intention to learn more about your lessons and roles in this life. Focus on your pineal gland, behind your eyes in the center of your head, and, without straining, try to keep some if your attention there while you allow your body to relax and become filled with white light.

5. If imagery, sounds or glimpses of thoughts enter your mind, please try to follow them as best you can.

6. Please continue this following for the length of your meditation time. Try to follow in a relaxed manner, as if you’re an observer watching a video.

This exercise may seem to present the opposite of vipassana or mindfulness meditation, but it us a powerful way to train your mind. In this exercise, instead of trying to empty the mind, you’re following, but with intent concentration, as if following the plot of a story.

Some sessions may take you quite deep, and some may just seem to flit around. All results will bring benefit.

You also may notice that you find yourself as if awakening from mini-dreams while you’re meditating. When this happens, please try to recall the “dream”, and mentally recount it to yourself to strengthen your recall.




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