Salusa-June 18th 2012

The conditions upon Earth are turning into chaos in anticipation of the affect of the financial crisis. However we are behind the actions that are being taken to offset such affects so that with the final collapse, our allies can come forward with the answers. There will be no going back to the old ways that have put you in the position you find yourselves in. Any others steps that are taken to prolong them will only prolong the agony and the solution needs to be adopted very quickly. New systems are essential that take full control of the way that the banks operate, and fiat money will no longer be allowed. Years and years of corrupt practices and manipulation of the money markets has created a monster that has to be removed. Small will become beautiful and large corporations will be broken up. Debt forgiveness will remove the present problems created from the recklessness of the banks and restore your faith, because of the promises of the New Age that will ensure they are not repeated.

The door to Ascension is wide open, but nothing will be allowed to enter unless it is of the higher vibrations. Dismantling of the war machine will also be a great step forward, as with the rising level of consciousness it will have no place in your future. If has cost an unimaginable amount of money and energy that could have been used to give you all a very acceptable standard of living. The cost in human lives is also astronomical and laid down so much negative energy that it has been holding you back for many, many centuries. Living through duality has been a most challenging experience and much has been learnt by you, that has advanced your evolution so quickly. Some souls are still held back by the darkness they have created, but be assured they will be helped to overcome it. Not everyone can do so even though the higher vibrations are lifting you up and helping transmute the lower energies.

Now we see the wonderful awakening attracting so much Light to Earth, and many souls acting as beacons of Light that show the way to others. Indeed, many of you have incarnated into this period of time specifically to help others, and have come in from the higher levels. Such souls have known from an early age that they had arrived to carry out a special mission, and they now stand out as your leaders and guides for the final thrust to Ascension. As you progress spiritually you will easily accept the understanding that you are all One, and it is the most natural urge to want to help others to uplift themselves. Separation created by the dark Opens is no longer working in spite of their attempts to set you at each others throats. You are seeing through their attempts to create a climate of fear that keeps you apart, and religion has also to take its share of the of blame.

Already the higher energies are transmuting the lower ones, and Light is beginning to penetrate those regions of the world where the darkness has remained for many centuries. The bloodshed and the cries of those caught up in it have left a legacy that is only now able to be removed. The cleansing will go on until Mother Earth is once again restored to her pristine condition. It will commence before Ascension and continue immediately after when the conditions will have already been improved. There is still a lot to do but with our coming together the tasks will be quickly dealt with, and it will not be long now before our arrival can be announced.

Whilst the forces of Light of which there are many thousands are getting themselves ready for action to start the first major changes, we advise you to still concentrate on sending out the Light. Do not waver even although uncertainty exists regarding the exact timing, as in one way or another our aims will be met. Few of you are directly involved in what is about to occur, but you can help by spreading calmness and giving others an assurance that all will be well. None of us have come this far to be put off by the remaining obstacles to be cleared. If necessary there will be a divine intervention, so we are fully aware that a successful outcome is absolutely certain.

We of the Galactic Federation hold the key to many developments, and simply await for conditions and opportunities to present themselves so that we can go forward. Whatever the picture painted by those who oppose our presence, be assured that we cannot be stopped from completing our mission. The sheer size of our forces is far beyond anything you have on Earth, but we do not use them to enforce our objectives even although they are in your interests. However, if necessary we will use them if so directed by the higher Beings of Light who oversee the end times. It is for these reasons that we can be so confident of the outcome, and it will carry you to Ascension and beyond.

Bear in mind Dear Ones, that we can look into the secret locations where the dark Ones plot their actions, so there are few if any surprises that they can spring upon us. We can impress upon our allies what needs to done to combat them, and they are able to minimize their affect. As predicted some time ago, you will have noted that the truth behind many dark operations is leaking out. You can take much credit for it as the level of vibrations has increased very considerably, and the Light will uncover what has previously been hidden. The truth will come out regardless of what steps are taken to hide it, and we will back up the evidence against the Illuminati for the crimes committed against you by them.

We ask you to continue putting out thoughts that invite us to meet you, and this will help maintain the energy that will allow it to happen. Fear of us is much less than it has ever been, and your own excursions into Space have helped people accept that other Beings can also travel through it. We look forward to the opportunity to show you who and what we are, knowing that you will be pleasantly surprised as to how much we resemble you. There has in fact been more fear of the Human Race because of your warlike manner and quest for power and control. However, we know that it is a stage in your evolution that is coming to an end with the closure of the cycle of duality.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that our excitement is building up as it is apparent that matters on Earth are coming to a head. Be a part of it and enjoy this momentous time in your history.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey. link to original article

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  1. ANMilitia site:

    Written by Steve Beckow

    I’ve just been listening to Drake’s “vital update”on Blogtalk Radio, which can be found here.–june-16-2012

    and reading Cobra’s column on his site, which can be found below this column. If you go to around the 30-minute mark of Drake’s discussion, you’ll hear him discuss the “ET” factor in upcoming events.

    The way Drake puts events is that, unless we clean up our act, Gaia will cause catastrophic Earth changes that will flood the world. Meanwhile the ETs will take primarily the bad guys aboard their ships and save those who can be saved and cycle those who can’t be saved through the Sun, at which point they’ll return to primordial nothingness.
    No, there will not be a catastrophe that will swamp the Earth. Perhaps three or four of the topmost, most resistant members of the cabal may find themselves sent back to first dimensionality to start again. Everyone else will receive the same care and attention from the unconditionally-loving galactics that we will. Or so I’ve heard.

    It’s gratifying to hear “ET” being discussed by Drake but I’m not as sure that such a drastic and dramatic representation of things is going to reassure the mass of the population who know nothing about these scenarios. Drake has a rough-and-ready, down-home manner which some talk-show radio hosts have who position themselves to be the voice of truth.

    I appreciate all the good he does, and have no wish to begin an argument. But I’m still not sure that describing things in so inexact and rough a manner is the best way to go about informing others. More like it may scare the heck out of them.

    I’ve said it doesn’t work for us to attack each other and I have no intention of attacking anyone. But I would like to urge Drake to consider that “ET,” or the galactics, have gone to lengths to deliver their message to us through very precise and well-considered communications from Sirians like SaLuSa, Arcturians like the Arcturian Group and Suzan Carroll’s informants, various Pleiadian informants, the whole range of galactic communications. They’ve avoided a kind of rough-hewn, down-home version such as Drake is currently offering.

    I’m glad to hear the Earth allies putting out the word on the galactics’ role in events at last. Yes, we’re drawing together. But the whistleblowers and insiders need to understand that, just as the War-of-the-World, Independence-Day version that the cabal’s mainstream media puts out will only scare the population and make work for those who’ll later need to quiet people down, so the allies’ version of the truth, if it follows Drake’s lines, will only make work as well. Unfortunately – because I know he means well.

    Ah me. Hopefully we’ll pass through this initial period of rendering the story in a John-Wayne kind of manner and give more attention soon to the need to present matters much more carefully and thoughtfully.

    I get that the task of inducing the cabal to surrender requires us to be strong and deliberate. But we need to remember that the general populace too is listening. Again, as with so much else, it’s a tightrope walk and calls for a high degree of consciousness.

    Here is Cobra’s further article on the subject, which undoes some of the dramatic parts of Drake’s own interview.


    Pleiadians, Resistance Movement and the Event
    Cobra, 2012 Portal, June 17, 2012

    You might want to listen to the latest Drake’s interview, especially from 35 to 42 minute mark:–june-16-2012

    And also watch this video about the terms of surrender for the Cabal:

    The Pleiadians, other positive ET races and the Resistance Movement are closely monitoring the situation. The Cabal has until June 21st to publicly announce their surrender over the mass media. If they do so, the situation will take care of itself. If they don’t, the Pleiadians and the Resistance have plans that will begin to be implemented immediately. The exact execution of those plans depends to a certain level on the actions of the Positive Military group in the next few days.
    The positive ET forces are making sure there will be no cataclysmic events taking place on Earth in the near future and they will intervene before anything like that can happen.
    To understand a little more about the background of the situation, you can listen to my interview here:
    Or here on Youtube:

    Or read a transcript:
    It is interesting to note that when my interview was published on Kauilapele’s blog, his website received exactly 20,000 hits that day:
    Definitely a sign of divine intervention! There are forces greater than all of us and they are making sure that Light will be victorious on planet Earth.

    • ~Hi Leslee!…as I Recall, Lisa mentioned that She is on Vacation, as well as Suntria…and me thinks that Gunner is still putting Energy into Establishing a 3 Day week-end…hehe~

  2. I agree that Drake can be a bit “rough and tumble” at times and I have a feeling that he is interpreting hos scenarios in that fashion. We are still in the throes of possibilities, not absolutes, for the most part and events will unfold as they unfold… We certainly have some role to play in the unfoldment, as far as steering the process. I feel that the really unpleasant aspects of the shift may still be on the table, although I see them as being less and less likely as time goes by.
    Things are moving ahead behind the scenes. Wednesday we should have some more intel.

    Keep the good stuff in your mind and focus on the most pleasant of possible outcomes… We create our reality, and in mine, folks figure it all out before they are forced to.

  3. ( ( ( Stand Tall In Your Light Now ) ) )
    Michael channeled by Ron Head ~ June 18,2012

    Good morning. We will begin today by explaining to you what happened yesterday. You were correct in thinking that the energies around you were chaotic. They have begun to settle and you are integrating the changes in your field somewhat. We know it was a worry for you, but we advise you that there is much more of this nature to come. We advise you to be prepared. Do not expect to receive pages of information from us each day. From this point on, some messages may be short and some may take more than one day to complete.

    There is more than enough information around you to keep your page active and informative. Share the posts of others and do not feel compelled to produce each morning. Much is about to change in your world, and your life is not an exception to this. You may need more time to deal with what is occurring around you soon, but we assure you that when you look for us we will be here.

    As everyone who is following these messages and the others which are coming forth understands, a critical moment is fast approaching. Those of us who are not physically present on your world are now pushing strenuously for those who are to begin with the next critical moves. For some time we have told you that it was your actions which would determine the timing of events, while many of you lamented our lack of action. We are not here to force change on your world. But the time for a firm and unmistakable beginning is upon you. If need be, events will now dictate that action be taken. Best, however, that it were initiated without such a necessity.

    There are currently events happening each day that point to the changes we have promised you. They are indeed beginning to escalate. Some are beginning to be reported upon on your televisions and in your press. The meaning of these things is being reported quite differently there than it is on your alternate sites. It will take a while for that to change. It will dawn upon some that the events themselves are interconnected. When it becomes apparent that the link is the persons involved, then the cat will truly be out of the bag.

    What is causing such confusion for you all, however, is the immense changes in your fields caused by the galactic alignment just reached and the solstice still approaching. We advise as much time spent in integrating and centering as you can manage. This kind of rapid change has not reached its maximum. You may want to remember to intend the absorption and integration of the new as you go about your day. Breathe with the intent of bringing the light to each cell of your being. Of course sitting in quiet meditation is wonderful. But not all of you have structured your time to accommodate hours of that into your days.

    Always do what you can do and intend to do as much as possible. But you know by now to release the ‘shoulds’ and ‘have tos’ and associated blame and guilt from your lives. There is no more need for you to judge yourselves harshly then there is to judge others.

    We have covered a range of things this day. Some may have been intended for you, and some may have been intended for others. As always, take what you need from what you see and let the rest pass by. It may or may not be of value to you at a later time.

    We hold each of you in our hearts and stand ready to support you in all ways. Stand tall in your light now and be prepared to live out your life’s purpose. There are those who are here to guide countries. The word one of you speaks that changes the life of another may be of more importance. Be yourselves now. Nothing more is required of you. Good day.


  4. Hi all,
    Above picture is made on our way home. This was taken in Kwazulu-Natal. The sun shines through a smoke plume.

    Back from vacation. It was an awesome vacation, lots of sun and sea. Will post pictures along the way. This will be maybe a short comment. When I was back from vacation , during the weekend I fell sick. On Sunday I felt hart vibrations and didn’t think anything of it. But yesterday I started to have chess pains and today I went to our nurse here at my work. She said I had a mild hart attack (possible subendocardial ischemia), so later I will go to the hospital. I don’t know if I am going to stay overnight. Will let you now as soon as possible.

    PS: I read all your comments on my phone. It seems interesting times are coming ahead.

    Love and Light

    • ~Welcome Back,Lisa!…I am a bit shocked to hear about Ur Heart…I will Keep You in High Vibration Thoughts…May Healing Come to You with White Light Love… 🙂 ~

      • Thanks babajij,
        It came to me as a shock too, I still can’t get over it. But I read about it just now on the internet and it can be caused by chronic kidney disease. Even though I don’t have chronic kidney disease, but have a chronic bladder infections, so I think that is the same, I think. I just keep my fingers crossed that it is just something minor and give me just some medications. Will let you know.


    • oh shame, Lisa, poor you! that must have been quite a scary experience. HOpe they can sort it out and find out the cause so you can fix it? Beaming many healing blessings of love and light ~*❤*~
      Sorry you weren’t able to make it to Durban this time, but glad you enjoyed the break. Feel better soon! xx

    • I’ve noticed these myself, but not painful, they feel more like “turbulence” to me. When they get to be painful that’s when it’s definitely worth going to get it checked out. I do wish “modern medicine” would get to know more about the human energy system though… Stay well Lisa!

  5. I send you vast amounts of Love and Light Healing dear Lisa. We are all with you in spirit =). We Love you a lot.

  6. I am also with you at the hospital leslee and sending you much positive energy for the best outcome. Pretty shocked is what I felt when I read that. I know you will be alright as we need you here for the shift. Now I see you got a direct connection to Adrial, wish her and all the crew love honor respect and appreciation from me.

    • Thank you from my heart, Gunner! Although I was in hospital in April & May, this is Lisa now who’s having her heart checked out. Many blessings to her husband and daughters too… I bet this is not easy for them!

      BTW, Gunner, since you’re so closely connected with the Angels… My friend Yamyah received a message that I should contact Archangel Nathaniel… I’ve read a little about Him online, and it resonates deeply, so I’ll share what I learn from him when I reach him. My issue is that I keep getting Daniel, instead of Nathaniel… Could you please offer any suggestions or insights? Much love & light to ya! 😀

  7. Yes Baba, you afre correct, another 3 dayer and I almost made it 4 but I got to save some days as I got 15 left for the year.
    Leslee, you had me cracking up with heruka and the dirty jokes. they all got a great sense of humor. I heard jesus is really funny.
    Sorry about your friends Mom. I hear a lot of people are checking out to work on the ascension from Nirvana.
    Also, no kids but so happy to be alone. Total freedom.
    Tauno, I read the Jesus message through pamela and felt big time energy coming from it, thanks a lot.
    Welcome back Lisa, I love how Leslee posted right away, were going with you. Count me in.

  8. Man, dreaming lately and sometimes I cant figure out if it happened while I was awake or if it happened in my dream.

  9. You are right Leslee, I think I am thinking too much and i gotta quiet it down.
    Wow, I have never heard of AA Nathaniel.
    I am close with them but not able to fully communicate with them. I would suggest o go to Doreen Virtues site or to ann Albers. She is the one I post weekly angel messages from at
    She is one of my favorites and the energy is so strong.
    Natalie Glasson is also one of my favorites but I have not received any messages lately from her. she is actually an ET. i e-mailed her about ET’s once and she replied, John, I am an ET. I guess she chose to come into a human form for the shift going down.
    She channels many beings, masters and even the Bee consciousness. after reading her Bee channelling I went outside for a smoke and sat on a bench. this little bee comes hovering right in front of me stomache high. then it slowly climbs to the height of my face and it just stared into my eyes. Was such a ool experience and then I went back to read more of the bee thing and someone told Natalie, There was a bee on your hair when you channelled their
    Well, gotta get some 3de work done over here, catch you all a little later and looking for a positive update from Lisa today.

    • Oh, I didn’t say “too much”, Gunner, but we don’t want you to get fired, lol! 😉
      Thank you for the leads on Nathaniel, I will check those sites, but I think I found the beginnings of what I need at
      Nate & I finally straightened things out once I stopped calling him Daniel. Got something to share about it, will post…
      And as I skim the comments over the past hour, it looks like we’re shifting into Archangel Gear for a bit! This is very cool! Everything’s blending together, just like the dimensions! 😀

  10. Why do birds suddenly appear
    Every time you are near?
    Just like me, they long to be
    Close to you

    Why do stars fall down from the sky

    Every time you walk by?

    Just like me, they long to be

    Close to you

    On the day that you were born the angels got together

    And decided to create a dream come true

    So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair

    Of golden starlight in your eyes of blue

    That is why all the girls in town

    (Girls in town)

    Follow you

    (Follow you)

    All around

    (All around)

    Just like me, they long to be

    [ From: ]

    Close to you

    Copied from

  11. The reason I posted the above lyrics is becase on Saturday while I was walking to the store I did my daily anchoring lof love unto gaia. Very strong energy. Then this song came into my mind. Now, as i was crossing the bridge, 3 birds landed right on the fence right next to me and then followed by al forth bird. I was only 2 feet from them and when I passed they did not fly away.
    lately, birds seem to be coming closer and closer to me, NIIIICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oh wow! I’m loving this, and been waiting for it for a while!
      It reminds me of about ten years ago, I was having some similar experiences… I went to a state park, and as I sat in the car, parking, I looked up and realized that a stand of pines trees was swaying in the wind to Sting’s Brand New Day (playing on my stereo). Swear to God. For the whole song. Transfixed. 🙂

  12. Fuzzy puppy healing thoughts to Lisa, from me and Roo too…

    There have been lots of reports of chest pains, heating and palpitations from all over due to the energy coming in. I have them too, and no, they are not heart attacks. At least not any so far. Mine feel like the burning you get from too much strenuous exercise too fast. It crawls around in my chest for a few minutes and then up into my throat. I let it out and all is well. Final clearing of some past energies and some intense changes getting started.
    I may be a cynic, but I refuse to subject myself to the for profit medical system any more. After many years of getting fed drugs for stuff that required other treatments, I simply cannot trust that they will act properly. My earthly father is a doctor, but has no need or ability to prescribe drugs. He did his work with simple manipulation of the spine. He refused to allow his children to be vaccinated and to this day, I have not ever had a vaccination or even the diseases, even though I have been exposed to them all.

    If you are bleeding, stuff falling out or broken bones, sure… Then they can help. But the vast majority of issues we have these days have far better treatments than chemicals that only mask symptoms.

    I will either make it to see the shift with these old eyes or not…. It’s not up to me and it has already been decided.

    Ok… Nuff ranting…

    • I had that flushing too, yesterday, John – on my upper arms of all places! Lasted about 5 minutes & just passed. I’m sure hoping it’s my metabolism picking back up as part of that Youthfulness campaign… 😉

  13. Wonderful experiences Gunner! Thank you for sharing.
    I’d also like to share with all of you some of my experiences with AA Michael .
    Well, today I had to give my last exam lesson, by showing to the 2 professors my drawing work.

    Yesterday night, I was feeling a little stressed about it and I remembered something that Doreen Virtue had mentioned. To ask from AA Michael to cut with his sword our etheric chords of fear. When I woke up in the morning and later, when I moved the cover of my paperbag ( a specific kind of bag where we place our drawing work) the one ‘chord’ of it was cut off! One thing done. When I got to the class waiting for my turn to show my work, I asked from AA Michael to do something in order for the one of the 2 professors to not ask me a particular question, which I didn’t want to happen.

    The other professor wouldn’t ask that question, so I didn’t have to worry about it. I also asked AA Michael to be on my side and help me get through this process smoothly without much difficulty. Just to clarify, I did all my work for this lesson, so I naturally shouldn’t worry about anything, but these things continue to cause me a little stress…

    After some hour, the specific professor said he had to go somewhere and that he would return later…I felt relieved and sure that this was Michael’s work. Second thing done.
    When I showed my work everything went as I wished…the process was pleasant, smooth and fast and the professor was very pleased with my work. Third thing done.

    When I went to open my bag in order to replace inside it my work, the second ‘chord’ of the bag was cut off! And a little later I realised and felt that these ‘cut offs’ were Michael’s signs to show me that he had answered. Thank you AA Michael =) ….

  14. Hey I had a cool experience this morning. Yesterday on Leslee’s “up to the 5th” site, I expressed my desire to connect with someone on the Athabantian. This morning, I hear in my head this young girl’s voice, she’s 8 or 9 years old…

    “Mr. Dreamwalker, are you there? I just wanted to say hi.”
    -“I’m here… Is that you Adrial?”
    “Yes, I just wanted to make contact with you. Have a great day!”

    This “voice” was inside my head, but it wasn’t like the intuitive channeling I normally do… she was loud and clear, almost like I could hear it with my ears but it was inside my head. I was not expecting the voice of a young girl, everything I’ve read makes her sound much older…

    No confirmation for me is necessary, I know that this is her… Leslee, you can confirm this detail with Mike if you wish. 🙂

    • Wow, how cool, DW! My understanding is that Adrial will likely appear differently for each of us (that’s why the first time I saw her was so obviously a costume), and Adrial can also appear as either gender.

      I remember Mark telling me, when I described to him how the session went, that several of the people he had interviewed had similar reports – I think Adrial is awakening us to our own abilities to access whatever we need.

      FWIW, here’s the list of names of other Athabantian Crew members I got last night, for a start: Rubinhout (like Robin Hood, lol!), Adrial, Bren-Ton, Justine, Moraine, Laskevall, Minshehout, Nesbevhar, Clurisnan, Aspingelle, Noxaminia, Buscodis, Axnoraphilim, Marcuroscava, Palasdosia, Amphegrene, Caliiosta, and Marhayama. I can’t vouch for the spelling, as I’m more hearing than seeing the names. There are many more…

  15. Wow Konstantinos. awesome signs. Man, AA Michael must be so busy, it always freaks me out that they could help so many at the same time. I know time does not exist but iti still blows my mind.

  16. Now Adrial is all over the place. Wild times indeed. I also like Justine and Moraines messages.

  17. Hi my soul friends,

    Thanks so much for the healing toughts, I think I helped because they cleared me. With the medicine they give me, everything feels ok now, I just have a little chest pain now. When I checked out in the hospital, I saw 444. On the way home I saw a porche in front of me with the number plate saying: SPIRAL. And this is a funny one. When I was waiting for my husband to buy some chips ( I was in the hospital from 10 am until 3 pm) I wanted to go to the toilet so badly. Then a car stopped next to me, saying on the side door: High pressure plumbing. I had to laugh when I saw that. 😀 I am back in the running. No more short cuts. I have heaps of things I want to tell you.

    PS: I just runnend down our pc room (we can’t access it through the house, I have too use the outside stairs to access the pc room) especially, to tell you that I am fine. At least the test didn’t show anything.

    Love you and see you tomorrow.

    • Oh, Lisa, that is wonderful news!!! And can’t wait to hear the stories! Please take some time to rest – it doesn’t matter that you’ve been on vaca. When we have small children, vacations are grueling. You have a lot to process, young lady! 🙂

    • Ok, this makes me question… They cleared you, didn’t find anything but still fed you drugs?? That doesn’t add up… but then again, when does anything the medical community do add up?

      So happy that you are “cleared”, Lisa. But expect a few more of these sessions. If you are having a heart attack, you will have pain not only in your chest but in your jaw and left arm as well. It is a pain that makes childbirth seem like a tickle fest.

      Please stay positive and know that anything that happens to you is exactly what is supposed to happen and is for your benefit. LMAO about the high pressure plumbing… Been there, got the t-shirt. Very happy you got through it.

      • Hi John,

        I didn’t think of it that much at first. Cause I was thinking also it was the incoming energy. But then not only I got chest pains. but my left arm and fingers and shoulder where so painful I decided to go to the nurse. There she did a an ECG and it stated that there was something wrong with my heart. So I went to the hospital, just to be save then sorry. They gave me first medicines before they did the test. Looks like the medicine worked. But they gave me also some medicine home for possible infections , cause I have a bladder infection right now that is very painful. Still to today I have a little chest pain, and I am not in a panic, as they said they couldn’t find anything. But I didn’t had the jaw pain tho. I was so happy when I left the hospital and R1200 lighter in my pocket.because my savings is gone 😀

        Today is the 20ste , is it winter solstice now or is it on the 21st?

        Anyway I got this dream last night ( I stated my intent to go back to full consciousnesses and meeting Leslee in dream time). I was standing on a 4-way intersection, near my work. And I saw a wave of water coming towards me. But it stops as it reaches the four way intersection. Then I though, oh it is going to stop, so I went forward to have a better look. Then a big wave of water is coming over me and washes everybody that was there. Then I am floating in the water and two big boats come by filled with rich tourists doing sightseeing of the disaster that happened. They go past me , and they don’t help people who are in the water. Then I saw a woman with a white blouse submerged in the water and I grabbed her and pulled her over. On the side , was my daughter Sarah and next to here was a little girl who looked unconsciousness. I brought here back to life by doing CPR and trying to get the water out of her lungs. Then the direction were the water was coming from , a kinda of podium with drapes appear and when I try to look behind it , I see only light and in the distance a gorilla.

        Then there is a balloon attached to a sort of mattress and it is floating up with me and my daughter Sarah on it. Sarah almost fell of it, but I could grab her on time. So I put here on my belly , as I am lying down on the mattress.

        Then I am in a house with a lot of windows, but the curtains were handmade and hand colored. I like it very much but my mom not so. I was lying in bed when a woman walks in my bedroom accusing me of kidnapping her boyfriend. I said, just look in his room. When she goes, it seems I am transported to his room and see he is transported back from a spaceship. End of dream.

        This picture below is taken on our way home.


        Love and light

        PS: WOW,speaking of synchronizations, read of your dream Gunner, and Leslee about that hot air balloon, OMG!!!! So cool !!!!! 😀

        I read your experiences to Troy and KP, it looks so awesome. We are definitely on the roll here, on heavens roll 😀

        PSS: 😀 I really love you my friends, you are truly a spirit family to me. Let’s kick some ass 😀

        I remember some phrase of the animation movie “The Lion King:, when Simba and Nala go to the elephant graveyard and Simba says “ha ha ha, I laugh in the face of danger.”

        • ~Soo Good to Hear that You are Getting Better Health,Lisa!…That Picture with the Sun on the Horizon is Beautiful!…Hapi Winter Soltice to Ya!…About Ur Dream:When will Those Super Snobby Rich People in the Boats ever Learn to Extend a Helpful Hand to the Needy?!!…hehe…Good Job that you do in Your Dreams,Lisa!…Thank You… 🙂 ~

        • Woweeee, Lisa!!! Your dream sounds like a very appropriate image of what’s going on energetically right now! I sense that the deluge/flood is more about change, emotions, incoming energies, rather than anything physical… Seeing the “rich tourists” riding past, sort of reinforces an impression that I got last night as I was receiving the Recruitment piece. I can’t explain it in a way that makes “normal” sense, but Adrial says we will all continue to receive bits and pieces to fit together like a puzzle.
          So here’s the piece I can offer: somehow, for some time, perhaps even decades, 3D and 5D may overlap and coexist here on Gaia’s surface… I see groups like us finding ways to exist as in 5D, while there may still be groups that exist with a slower vibration. Like I said, it doesn’t make “sense” to me (yet…?), but Adrial says that we will continue to see signs of it, and begin to understand. And it will not be an antagonistic co-existence… It’s almost as if “they” may not even realize we’re here, but also will not interfere with us…
          Adrial says “Yes”, quite enthusiastically, the balloon represents Athabantian! So if we see balloons in our dreams, of any type or size, we can be confident we are connecting with her. We don’t have to “board” to actually “board”… We’ll be learning more about this…
          How cool! No jets!!! 🙂
          I need to keep moving this morning, but did want to mention, about your pains, those symptoms can also indicate stress/panic attack… I’ve learned a lot about that this spring… 😉 For me, this usually comes up when I feel alarmed or suddenly receive news that I feel threatened by (even little stuff!), or when I feel “imprisoned” by 3D bulls**t…
          I hope your Wednesday continues joyfully! Much love & light to you all!

          • Hi Leslee,
            I had the same thought about it yesterday, that it just could be stress. But then I went to the nurse, thinking nothing serious is wrong with me, until the ECG says I had a mild heart attack. That got me a bit worried, but again, I wasn’t that convinced I must honestly say. I also I am not keen on seeing specialist or going to hospitals, only when it is really urgent.

            And yes I do sometime feel like “imprisoned” by 3D bulls**t… 😀
            And thanks for the explanation. I know you are a very busy woman. 😀

            I forgot to mention the last bit of the dream, I was standing on a stage, behind the curtains, and a woman producer, it feels like it was you Leslee, was looking for someone to do a particular part a movie you were making. Of course I was very interested but then I saw a girl sitting next to you, long black hair, Tauno? and I nodded to you , to take Tauno for this.

            Also cool to have confirmation about the balloons.
            Love Lisa

            • Yes, dear Lisa! I accept and I feel my part will be an aiding part in this action, I will be your helping energy for the full success of our common mission of Light!
              ( ( LOVE YOU ALL ) )

  18. Great to hear the good news lisa and especiaoly the 444 sign of the angels. they always show me that sign, a sign saying you are surrounded by angels.

  19. OMG Leslee, some of the galactic names are impossible for me to say. Whatever happened to John or mary or Joe, keeping it simple.

  20. Hello everyone!
    Lisa I am happy to learn that you are okay. Hope you had a wonderful vacation!
    KP amazing, AA Michael was right there with you! Wow!
    Leslie, I printed All About Englightment and I’m looking forward to reading it. I’m excited about this because I have been reading and learning about Budda and his doctrines!

    • That’s wonderful, Vee! You may find that there’s not much “Doctrine” in that book… That reminds me, I need to put the rest of the links up (and I didn’t realize chapter 5 hadn’t been posted yet!)… The whole thing is about 100 pages, if I remember correctly…

  21. Integration
    Posted on April 24, 2012

    Greetings, I am Taugth a celestial of this universe currently residing aboard the starship Athabantian. Today I wish to speak with you about the Institute of Light, the activities that it is sponsoring, and how they impact the larger picture.

    I am the leader of a group who initially communicated to Mark the idea of constructing what he calls an “institute.” Mark took several tangents before he was in position to commence this undertaking. however it is now well underway. The institute’s location in Pagosa Springs, Colorado is important for its remoteness from the busyness of major cities, their electromagnetic interference, and environmental pollution. In this relatively pristine surrounding, we have initiated the Andromedan project.

    Mark has named this start-up, the Institute of Light, and has undertaken the necessary steps to create an organization according to your civil laws. This is as we wish, for the current situation – quite temporary I assure you – requires conformity to the laws of your society.

    The larger purpose for the institute, that we have named Abicor Center, is to provide a place where we of Athabantian, and other star civilizations of this sector of the universe, might come to interact with you, the humans of Earth. As we have stated before, many of your star sisters and brothers already walk among you; those of us of the celestial realm have been with you since the beginning.

    Abicor Center will be conducive to our comings and goings, to allowing the humans of Earth to interact with us, to enabling us to teach and train humans so that they might be full-fledged citizens of the universe, and most importantly to raise the vibrations of all so that we might more easily interact with each other.

    Abicor already exists at the higher vibrations of Athabantian. Abicor does not exist at the physical vibrations in which you reside, as the time is not yet right to do so. Ultimately Abicor will be a center in which many will reside, both you, the indigenous peoples of Earth, we of the celestial realm, and your brothers and sisters from the stars. We see that it will “materialize” sometime within the coming months.

    Turning now to the activities of the Institute of Light, we are most pleased by the activities that are currently being carried out under that name. They are bringing together people from the surrounding community and introducing them to new ideas and training then to look upward rather than focus on the events swirling about their day-to-day lives, as portrayed in your media and Internet. This is a most important beginning.

    At our instigation Mark, and others associated with the Institute of Light, will conduct a conference during your month of August. This is a most important undertaking and one that we wholeheartedly support. Along with Mark, we plan to be a part of it, as do others from Andromeda and elsewhere in this universe, and to interact with those who attend this conference.

    In addition, we have selected (by a process of instigating the idea within the minds of those involved) certain individuals of Earth who will help you understand the need to raise your vibrations, train you to do so, and teach you to hold higher vibrations as you walk among those of the lower vibrations. This is a most important undertaking, and one in which we encourage you to participate.

    The timing for this conference is most auspicious. There will be events preceding it that will garner the attention of all who are the least bit awakened. There are events following it that will challenge all on the planet to remain centered and to follow the high road. By the conclusion of your year 2012, much in your bodies and lives will be undergoing dramatic changes. Similarly much on your planet will be changing, and much of the physical universe will be undergoing a transformation.

    Events on Earth are leading the way to a glorious transformation of all. You have the opportunity to participate in that transformation in a very special ways. Please, for the sake of all of us who are involved, become a part of this process. You are the ones — in physical form — that are requested to raise your vibrations to integrate with the higher realms and to lead all to a wondrous new civilization. In doing so you will initiate a wonderful new way of being for all.

    I leave you now with these thoughts. All aboard Athabantian – physical beings, ascended ones, and celestials – send their blessings.



    Transformation 2012

    A 3-day intensive to understand the need to raise vibrations in light of events, experience living in higher frequencies, and learn techniques to maintain that experience

    August 16-17-18

    Pagosa Springs, Colorado

    For more information or to register, go to:



    Thank you to those who are supporting this work through your generous contributions. You may donate by using the button to the left or by sending a check to PO Box 303, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147. Donations are tax deductible.

    Read archived messages from Bren-Ton, Justine, Moraine, Adrial, and others by referring to:

    For Announcements by Mark Kimmel go to:

    You may make copies of this message and distribute in any media as long as you change nothing, credit the author, and include the web address.

  22. Crazy dreams again this weekend.
    One is, I go to Florida to visit my brother. I go into his house and he is sitting on the arm reast of the couch, both legs bent with his hands wrapped around them and he is going nuts sayong he cant stop the burning. There was a big time burning sensation in his body. Here is the weird part. his face was covered with gray make up with black around his eyes and his hair was in the shape of those clowns that pop out of the javk in the box toys. I was not scared at all as he would only say how much burning he has and I remember saying in the dream to myself, oh no, I got to put up with this for 10 more days, OMG what can I do to get out of this.
    I then liiked at him and said, what the hell is up with the make up and that is when I woke up.

  23. Then I dreamed some of us were at this wall near the water in a bay. Next thing I know there are hot air balloons around us and they are out of control. One came down swinging the basket wildly back and forth fom the wind. All of a sudden the basket hits a baby sitting on the wall and throws the baby into the water where it sank right away. I was thinking that maybe it was only a doll and then by brother said to me arent you going to be a hero and jump in to save it and that is when I woke up.
    I dont know why I act the way I act in dreams because if that were real life, I would have immediately jumped in to try and save the baby.I woke up feeling like a big time wuss.

    • Wow, Gunner! When I first met Adrial, (S)He was carrying me up to a huge hot air balloon… And sounds like you were seeing some that were in need of pilots so people wouldn’t get hurt!
      Hmmm, I wonder if you’re due for a visit to Athabantian? Were you feeling kinda McFly? Could that have been one of the Crew members asking you why you didn’t jump in and take charge?
      Would be really cool to have you along! 😀

  24. Hi again guys.
    Lisa, I’m glad that you are generally okay. We Love you a lot.
    Wow, beautiful experiences with the crew of Athabantian. Love the names and the connections. Thank you for sharing, Leslee and Troy. Thank you Troy for the great post. Very informative and hopeful.
    Thank you also Gunner for sharing your dreams.
    I’m glad that you enjoyed my experience with AA Michael. Now I want to share what happened later to me, some hours after I shared my story. Round to 7:15 pm today, I was waiting for the bus and for some reason I started thinking about my birthdate. Notice: July 7th 1991 is 7/7/1991
    While I was thinking of this I took a look on the station’s electronic board when you can see the number of the bus and the remaining time till its arrival. Guess what…
    Bus # 7 and 7 minutes tilll its arrival….I mean what?! And I have very often number synchronicities these days…

    Also, I read something about the spiritual meaning of 777, here:

    The energy of 777 is like a big hug from the Universe. It is there to reassure you that we understand your fears and concerns.Your guides are sending you a message that it is okay to let the fear go and release it to your guides and Angels for healing…..this is from Laura Warnke.

    And this is from Doreen Virtue:
    777 — The angels applaud you… “congratulations, you’re on a roll! Keep up the good work and know your wish is coming true.” This is an extremely positive sign and you should also expect more miracles to occur.

    Much Love and Light to all of you my friends =) .

    • KP I wonder why I even bother looking at a clock anymore. It’s 5:55 or 11:11 or 1:11 or 2:22. Etc. when I look at a clock, I only see these numbers. So, I guess the angels are pretty much shouting that we’re on the right track! ♥

      Another thing, I get this weird feeling at work that nobody cares anymore. A few do, but many are wondering what they’re doing, and why. This is to say that they do a good job, it’s that priorities seem to be shifting.

  25. Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy
    & the Galactic Federation

    10 Ix, 7 Kayab, 8 Manik

    Dratzo! We return! We are watching the final pieces of your puzzle being solved by those who are our Earth allies. Around your globe a massive effort is now underway to complete the processes necessary for arresting your dark cabal and their many collaborators in government, major banking, and many multinational corporations. The preliminary orders for these mass arrests have been completed, and what remains is to issue the legal warrants for their detainment. They are to be held in special purpose-built facilities. Our liaison teams are in contact with those in charge of these activities, and they will be one of the groups that will formally declare the end of the executive administrations of most western nations. The new ‘caretakers’ have a massive task to perform in what is a very short window of action. However, these are extraordinary times. Those who have been chosen for these caretaker tasks have a ready-to-go agenda that is to be carried out swiftly and thoroughly by these new governments. Their work will prepare the way for all that is to follow.

    Our holographic forces are poised to intervene if necessary. We are assured that such a back-up force is good to have on hand but is not truly required. The changeover nations’ military, police, and security forces are deemed more than adequate to carry out the task of ousting their respective regimes from power. The same proficiency will apply to the further thousands of arrests that will isolate the dark cabalists from their sources of wealth and power. It is to be a wholesale termination of an international group that has run your world for nearly 13 millennia. With this single act, you are to become free, sovereign, and prosperous. We will be supervising all of this, and then, at the appropriate moment we will land and begin a more personal contact with you. Much will be discussed between us. This is, after all, the time just before you go to Inner Earth where you will be returned to full consciousness. Our joint mission actually begins at this divine juncture. Much needs to be accomplished together, both in this galaxy and in this region of physicality.

    Much is expected of you as a people. Now within your ranks are some of the finest minds in this galaxy. Each of them came here willingly, to make it possible for you to adjust to the many alterations needed to mold you into a new galactic society. This new Earth society will be the heart of your new star-nation, and an essential first requirement is a rapid coming-together of the grand diversity that characterizes your planetary society. This is one reason why so many of you have come from across this galaxy and incarnated into your present bodies. You are going to integrate these physical vehicles into your complete spiritual essences. This essence contains special messages from Heaven, and these will guide you in formulating your new reality. Heaven’s plan includes a large series of missions for your new star-nation to undertake, and this further emphasizes to us the unique significance you bring to the new epoch of peace and unity now sweeping through this galaxy.

    Our mission here is therefore vital to what follows in this galaxy. Literally, the eyes of the galaxy are upon you! Heaven assures us that the immense changes needed are now to happen, and consequently, we have instructed our first-contact team to thwart the various forms of skullduggery planned by the dark cabal, thus allowing the agents of the Light to emerge victorious. This will constitute the opening shot in the move to establish the new energies that will bring you to the very brink of full consciousness. Many Beings of a high spiritual nature have come together on your world to create the conditions for first contact and all that is to follow. We are using our technological advantage to promote this plan and to ensure that this pivotal opening move plays out as Heaven so directs. To this end, we are pooling our resources with our co-workers on your planet as the time is now upon us for the next big step forward. The solstice holds many keys to what will now happen!

    Namaste, dear Ones! We are your Ascended Masters! Humanity has been through many ups and downs in its 13-millennia history. Our ancestors went through three golden ages, filled with the promise of an eventual return to our fullest state of potential as human Beings. Those who fatefully took over the helm after the fall of Atlantis denied us these joys and brutally punished us for our acts of insubordination. These, whom you now know as the Anunnaki, have gone, leaving behind them ‘obedient’ humans whose distaste for what we stand for is deeply regrettable. We have long been at spiritual loggerheads with them, but this is now coming to a most welcome conclusion for all humanity. Much is happening in secret which is creating your release from this seemingly endless cycle of suffering. Heaven has heard our words and has brought the means to return us to our fully conscious, sacred ways. It is time now for all of us to rejoice!

    We come today on the wings of this triumph to give you a wonderful message of hope, truth, and joy! Your world is changing for the better. Those who have long fostered a world of suffering and elitism have met with defeat! Those associates of ours who have worked so hard to carry our blessings to your world have finally reached an accord with those who currently hold the reins of power. This document sanctions their departure and allows a new reality to spring up around us with its Love, Peace, Sovereignty, Prosperity, and above all, your Freedom! We thank the great Ones of Heaven, those who have come from afar, and those who have held the sacred flame deep within the wonders of this most beautiful world. A new Way is now in motion which will restore us to our natural state of full consciousness.

    We rejoice, and we sound the trumpets of Heaven to call to the throne of freedom and the temple of our joys and dreams! We have waited long for this divine moment! We seek only the blessings and decrees of Heaven and the jubilant energies of Lord Surea. We come in this mode to teach and to guide you in the ways of Heaven, and to acquaint you with the responsibilities of those who are co-creators of physicality. Come, Loved Ones! Be in bliss, and go before all to show your appreciation for those who have secured your freedom and given you back your divine Sovereignty. You are now to understand that you were never alone, and that Heaven never abandoned you to the dark ones. To the contrary, you have a sacred destiny! And the right divine time has come to fulfill this destiny! We have kept this Light alive on your world, and we give it back now in deepest Love to You all!

    Today, in exultation we relay to you what is happening on your world. Many of us have come to deliver you from the dark and return you to the Light. This process of first contact is also to transform you into fully conscious Beings of Light. Much will be revealed to you, and much will be expected from each of you! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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