SaLuSa 22-June-2012

Some people who do not understand our technology are feeling that the time for action is “now or never”, believing that there will be insufficient time left to carry out all the changes necessary before Ascension. We must re-iterate that for us time is not such a crucial factor, and we are able to adjust to whatever time scale we are allowed. Our current plan is to start the action within a matter of days and not weeks, but nevertheless there is no question of it “never” going ahead. However, as you have learnt there is a line drawn from which we must get started even if it means becoming more directly involved. All along we have tried to encourage your participation in the preparations for Ascension and that has not changed, but we will move into action when given the authority. You will know when action is imminent as our allies intend to give a public announcement beforehand.

Our tasks are looking a lot easier now that the dark Ones are no longer the power they were. The work of our allies has been extremely successful in breaking down their power structure, and they no longer command such large forces as previously. In fact their capitulation has taken place in all but name, and we await their final admission of defeat. So whatever news you hear do not fear the consequences as we are in control. and short of minor irritations we will not allow our efforts to be interfered with. There are still those who paint a picture of catastrophic happenings, but be assured that any physical changes will be more in the way of local changes and not world wide. Bear in mind that we can moderate the affects of earthquakes, and contain them to ensure that only the minimum of damage occurs. A long time ago your seers saw massive changes coming and prophesied them accordingly, but with time those possibilities became less catastrophic. So when people refer back to them remember that they are no longer in line with the current view on physical changes.

Now you are so near to the final stages in your journey through duality, and many are already lifting up out of it. Set your goals high as everything is possible within the higher vibrations that you now exist in, as literally nothing is beyond your grasp. Even as this message is being relayed to you the energies have once again been increasing as a result of the Summer Solstice. There are more high points to come and for each soul many opportunities that will lift up their vibrations. These are intense times all with the intent of giving you every assistance to prepare for Ascension. After all whatever happens the only object of the changes is to get you safely into the New Age. That goal will be achieved regardless of any other events that take place.

Whilst we encourage you to talk amongst yourselves about the present period, we would also ask that you make allowances for other peoples points of view. Remember that there are numerous time lines that are gradually coming together, and until a souls seeks help it should be allowed to progress through its own endeavors. The lessons learnt or knowledge acquired is best from personal experience. Naturally you are a mix of so many souls at different levels and there are those who love to share what they have discovered. That is fine providing you take only what resonates with you and is intuitively acceptable. There are many truths at this time but ultimately only the One Truth, which all shall understand as part of the One Supreme Being.

Dear Ones you are adored by us as we see the real you, a magnificent Being of Light. You entered the lowest vibrations of your Universe as a challenge to your ability, to still rise up and bring back remembrance of who you really are. That many of you have now achieved and others are quickly awakening with the result that the Light upon Earth is at its highest level ever. It is instrumental in transmuting the lower energies and removing more power from the dark Ones, so that their attempts to carry on are doomed to failure. We would not in any event allow them to rise up again, and their days are finished. In one way or another they will be removed and placed where they cannot interfere with the Divine Plan.

To some extent you can sit back and enjoy the coming period, but be aware that once the fun starts it will come thick and fast. The main point is that whatever takes place now is ultimately for your good, so do not see disharmony and danger where none exists. Have faith in your allies and our presence, as we have waited long for these moments and intent on keeping you well informed. Hitherto, we have had to exercise some constraint as it never pays to let your enemies know too much. However, when they are confined in places where they cannot affect our plan, we will be more than happy to give you as much detail as possible.

There are still things happening on Earth that were instigated by the dark Ones, such as the problems in the Middle East. They will not last much longer and peace will be declared and enforced by us if necessary. There have been millions either killed or injured in mad wars that have benefitted few people except the Arms Dealers, although the seizure of countries and their wealth has also been one of the objectives. You have had your fill of such experiences and will never need to have them again, unless you choose to serve in the lower dimensions to prevent wars. Service to others is the highest form of love and once ascended it is a way of life that comes quite naturally to each soul.

First however look forward to a break to pursue your own interests and enjoy being back in the higher realms. Sooner or later you will then find the call to service too powerful to resist, and you can decide in what way you want to do it. Undoubtedly you will find that you brought various talents and skills such as healing with you, and use them to further your experience. Naturally you will normally find yourself working in groups, and they could well be comprised of those whom you have already worked with on Earth. Friendships carry on through many lives, and account for that instant attraction between people when they first meet.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and send best wishes from the Galactic Federation of Light, who are getting nearer to you with each day that passes.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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  1. Good morning!

    wow Troy, what an experience!! unreal. Was also thinking u manifested our common dream experience.. us, on our mattresses.. on the ship! wow!

    Nice pendulum John! 🙂

    Stick,, thank u for Hermes and John Smallman!!

    Ok, I made contact during meditation before sleep at 2:30 am this morning. I met Noxy, she showed herself to me as a gigantic human, she was wearing white and green, her hair was looking like a cabbage (no fun intended), or someone with white hair, and laurel leaves coming out of the short white hair.. at some point, she tried to connect our minds deeper, and as her mind connected 2 mine through her hair binding and connecting to my mind, there was a point when she gave up for some reason.
    Then someone else came, I assume it was Adrial, she is also tall, long brown hair, giant fiiform like, she wears green clothes with wide sleeves, very calm and peaceful and loving. Her movements are very slow and connected, she is very balanced and loving.
    She came at me, during half sleep, and opened up her arms in such an affectionate embrace, it makes me cry as I am writing this. She welcomed me to join them and work with them. I went upstairs in my room, she asked me to hod on to the crystal in my hands during sleep, She said it would help remain connected. She said I would be welcome to work with her team, and that we had much to do.
    But first we woud have to do some cleansing and clearing of my own body, as i was so tense and surrounded by unwanted beings. She asked me to imagine a crystal pyramid over my body, and that the pyramid was in fact inside the actual pyramid.
    Just as I read on Leslee’s article, the darker shadows left my surroundings.
    She also added that the work I would be doing with her and her team would be like fishing for the souls lost in the darkest, deepest ocean, the ones who rarey see the iight, and that our mission would be to help them emerge on the surface. She also said we would begin by working on a difficult situation for someone I am connected with, and who was in need of help also. I recall fallowing her in a water like dark substance, looking for the souls she had in mind. After that she said we would move on to others during the night.
    I woke up a few times during the procedure, it was absolutly magic!!

    I want to do it again!! when are we on again?? Next weekend? Perhaps I will ask to join them more often, as I am free some days during the week, and i don’t mind having an active night. All my fears and stress I had experienced the 2 days before have vanished as I woke up. I feel so regenerated and refreshed!

    Lesllee can I post your links on my blog please and share this experience with my readers? Also, are these folks from Andromeda? I recallled this morning of Alex Collier mentioning Andromeandan appareance was long and slender.. Wow!!! All so real ❤

    Much love and gratitide to our beloved team ❤

    • ~Hi There Laura!…My Ancient Friend…hehe…The Pyramid Power has Alot to Offer…Healing,Protection and Great Connection… 😉 ~

  2. Ah.. I also forgot that at the beginning of my last night’s meditation, as soon as I had decided I woud join your team, I could feel a presence guiding me through the connection process. They said I was a powerful telepath, and I woud naturally hear them, i just had to trust the process, and use the help of my pendulum or of my Sedona crystal.
    I was invited to think of my body as an anchor and a light pyramid of pure crystal. I was told this was one arm of the merkaba. I was asked to place my body in the centre of the pyramid, and to go deep at the back of my body, and feel the connection to my spine. The spine is a huge receiver of information, receiving data in permanence, from all directions along its entire length.
    I guess this is how we communicated, with me opening up to them.

  3. Laura, I’m so sorry! I thought it looked ok… I’m traveling now, I hope one of the others can help you! I’ll be online in an hour or two…

  4. oh my goodness!!! so much seems to be happening in everyone’s lives, and SUCH exciting stuff too!! Troy, that was an incredible experience… I mean, not everyone gets to see flying mattresses, do they??! 🙂 The synchronicities are just phenomenal! WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!

    and WELCOME BACK dear Laura! good to see you posting here 🙂

    John that pendulum crystal is magical… and I loved your walk with Roo, although i kind of rushed through it – 15 min is too many megs in my language!

    Wishing you all a wonderful week, with much much more of the MAGIC – love you all ~*❤*~~*❤*~~*❤*~

  5. Big up to ALL Children of the Light!… I want to take the time to thank ALL of you for b e i n g YOU!!! ~ManifestDestiny555

    **Blossom Goodchild ~ Federation of Light**
    June 24, 2012

    Blossom: Welcome once again to you.  The thing is … I could ask you a thousand questions about what is to take place in the next six months … and yet … for some reason it just doesn’t seem to be on our agenda. Therefore, it leaves me a little stumped on what exactly it is we are to discuss today. Perhaps you have something in mind?

    Federation of Light: We have nothing other than the desire to assure you that what is to take place in the days ahead is to be for the complete and utter benefit for humankind. As long as you can remember to remember this … then you shall find yourselves revelling in a ‘peace of mind’ that you recognise.  A ‘piece of mind’ that you are meant to be in … around that particular time. 

    Many of you are indeed confused from all that is being predicted and relayed to you from different sources … yet we reiterate once again … by remaining IN LOVE … by listening to ONLY YOUR TRUTH-FULLNESS … then you shall find yourselves rising to a level very quickly that you will accept as being most pleasurable.

    In these months ahead the vibrational ‘pull’ will be egging/urging you on to become your ‘better half’. You shall be delighted at meeting this side of you … and all you need do to accomplish this is FEEL the desire in your heart/Being to reach such a place that you have known all along is your right.

    Let us explain a little more. You are all expecting so much to happen. This is perfectly understandable and we would say to you that so much IS going to happen. Yet … again … the majority of you are expecting it to happen on the outside of yourselves. 

    There shall be EVENTS that indeed shall astound and allow you to revel in such happiness that you have not yet known. 

    This is for certain. No matter in what order things are to be revealed … it is without doubt that recognition of WHO WE ARE … shall be offered to you. How one decides to accept us will disappoint those of you who KNOW that we are here to serve.

    Blossom: Do you mean ‘How some decide to accept you’?

    FOL: We mean that there shall be a very mixed bag of emotions. Those of you that have been awaiting us , KNOW our intent … And yes there are many that are aware of who we are. Yet, you must accept too that there are a great many people of your planet that have absolutely no idea of our existence … A GREAT MANY!  … And all they have ever been fed are experiences of darkness through your movie screens. 

    This is what we mean by ‘disappointment’ … because there shall be reactions from so many that are not to your liking or your understanding. Consider this notion.

Blossom: Is this not about what you have spoken of before when those of us who ‘know’ who you are shall be helping those who don’t?

    FOL: This is so … yet we ask you to really consider it … for you shall be up against a barrage of non believers even though ‘who we are’ will be obvious to all. Many simply will be ‘scared out of their wits’.

    Our point that we are leading to here is this. Those of you that are on your Ascending path and in knowledge of this … shall find themselves in this second half of this year ‘rising to the occasion’ … IF one so chooses. Due to this … the ‘change in you’ will be greatly noticed by the self. 
    This ‘side of you’ that is to emerge will feel so comfortable. You shall feel so at home residing within this part of yourself. 

    THIS is much of what you have been waiting to happen. THIS CHANGE WITH YOU.  It is because of THIS change that the changes everywhere shall be able to be confronted and recognised. 

    Blossom: So … is this change just going to happen without us having to do anything? I mean obviously we are always moving toward becoming who we are … and as we get to know ourselves better we find we are changing toward improvement of the self all the time because we want to.  Is this how it shall be but on a more rapid scale?

    FOL: Yes … for indeed are you not recognising it already? We would say the ‘off ’ at the starting line … for when it really steps up pace … has not yet arrived. We would say that it is soon … for your second half on your calendar cycle is about to commence. 

    There shall/should be times when you FEEL as if your soul has grown and your imagination allows you to FEEL as MIGHTY as the MAGNIFICENT WARRIORS THAT YOU ARE. 

    Blossom: This is exciting … for as I am writing I am able to catch a glimpse of that FEELING. It gives me such energy because it releases that KNOWING inside that cannot be explained. It’s that FEELING of BEING … that we think we are not … YET WE ARE. WE JUST HAVE TO WALK INTO IT DON’T WE?

    FOL: You are walking into it. Deeper and deeper. It is a long road and you have walked many a mile. Yet from here on in … as you take each step now … your strength is revived. Much of your memory shall be returned to you. 


    You shall take in deep breaths of LIFE … and you shall REMEMBER.

    It is not about remembering that which you did on a certain day. It is not that kind of remembrance. It is a remembrance of FEELING the KNOWING of YOUR TRUTH OF YOURSELF … YOUR DIVINE POWER.
    As the wall crumbles upon your planet and the disguise is unmasked … YOUR DIVINE POWER SHALL BE RETURNED TO YOU. YOUR HEART SHALL BE LIFTED INTO A PLACE OF GLORY. 


    Blossom: Say what you like … It all sounds and FEELS good to me!  Could I ask then … am I correct in thinking that this is definitely a choice? There will be some that won’t FEEL any of this at all because they have chosen to remain asleep?

    FOL: Let us be quite clear about this. ALL SHALL BE RISING … And we mean ALL … EVERYTHING! 

    There is not one jot of energy that can remain static … not one atom that can resist this uprising. Yet it is for you to understand … that one cannot be on rung 3 of a ladder and suddenly arise to rung 15. They may shift to anywhere between 4 and 7 depending on circumstances and willingness of heart … but a level 3 could not rise in this great Ascension to rung 8 or 9 because they simply would be out of their depth . 

    In the same way too … one who is perhaps already on level 8 or 9 may rise to an 18 – 20 rung … depending also on THEIR level of understanding and willingness of heart … which will be of a more rapid increase than one of 3 or 4 . 


    One has the GODGIVEN right to take their Ascension at their own pace.  What appeals to one may not … at that same time … appeal to another. This does not mean there is a right or wrong. It simply means that one is choosing a different experience at that moment of its soul’s eternity than another. 


    Your life and how it unfolds goes on and on and on and on and on. What you choose to experience is entirely up to you. 

    Yet NOW in this most auspicious moment of your experience … many, many, many of you have collaborated in order to proceed forward in a manner that is consistent with the growth of LIFE ITSELF. 

    You chose long, long ago to this agreement. Yet there is still in any given moment the choice for one to be released from this  ‘contract ’ … for although conceived in another time/space continuum … there is nothing that binds one to such agreement if one so chooses to ‘change course’ at any given point .  

    We would say here that it is more so in the timing that one would reconsider … for it is practically inevitable that one would reconsider if they had retracted an agreement … and in a future time of themselves … they would decide to see the contract through because it seemed more appropriate NOW/THEN … because of what they had gained through ‘backing down’ at an earlier point.

    Blossom: Haven’t read that back … but I think it makes sense … Although long winded … It was just the way it was coming through. So basically … we are to look forward to this next six months as it unfolds ‘within us’ as well us ‘without us’?

    FOL: Perfectly put!

    Blossom:I think you ‘put’ it into my head.

    FOL: Why do you always accolade ‘us’ Blossom when a ‘smart’ statement is brought forth?

    Blossom: Old habits die hard.  At school I was good at sport and arts … but academically I gained so much more from staring out the window in a daydream.  

    FOL: Precisely!

    Blossom: Oh if those nuns could see me now! Thanks chaps. I FEEL excitement and a desire to march on forth IN LOVE with no attachment to outcome or indeed income!!!  For at the end of each and every day … every breath is just another experience we have chosen to encounter … yet I have to say … I, for one … am very glad that I chose to join hands with so many in this particular venture .  A bond that unites  on a level with so many that I have not met down on the planet Earth ,  yet as sure as eggs is eggs … I had a massive party with them elsewhere when we made this agreement to change the way things WERE going to be … into the way things ARE going to be. 

    BRING IT ON! WE ARE READY … and SO LOOKING FORWARD TO MOVING FORWARD! Cheer ho chaps. Thanks a lot. Love it!

    FOL: We would finish …

    Blossom: If you could get a word in …

    FOL: By volunteering our most deepest treasures of the purest Love to penetrate into your energy field and blending with who you are … and accepting within that WE ARE ONE ALL WAYS.

    Blossom: In love and thanks from the deepest treasure within our hearts.

  6. I wanted to post a general observation… the dreamflight invitation includes a suggestion that a glass of energized water be included as part of the process. Well I’ve been working with the “water” element which I seem to have an affinity for. I seem to get some really GOOD meditation results near water, especially a large body of water.

    I was thinking today that this might extend to other elements too. Perhaps not all of us have affinity for water, it might be earth, water, fire, or wind, for example. I guess we’ll have to improvise on “how” to do this. Candles are obvious for “fire” but may not be the safest option for dreamflights. I guess a lamp could also be used as in Babajij’s suggestion. Using a fan for wind, maybe (or something else?). For earth, I could see using a cup of energized soil.

    Gemstones may also be used to “represent” that element… but the element is probably most beneficial from a energy standpoint.

    I think “metal” is an element as well (including but not limited to copper)…

    I would be curious to hear other’s intuition / observations on this. What works for you? Do you know your elemental affinity? (and is there such a thing?)

  7. ~InterestingTopic, Dreamwalker!…Upon Reading Ur Post, I Got: (in Relation to the Realm of Senses) Touch:Holding of Earth Element of a Personal Crystal…
    …Sight:Looking at Vessel of Energized Element of Water and Possibly Bringing that Image into Our Third Eye(when One closes real eyes)…
    …Smell:Burning of Incense/Sage/Sweetgrass…this would Bring in the Elements of Fire and Wind…
    …Taste:a Sip of the Energized Water…gulp!…hehe…
    …Sound:Wind Chimes(wood or metal) and Singing Bowls are Excellent for Higher Frequency Sound Attunements…
    …and as We are Witnessing/Experiencing the Gradual Unfoldling of a Wave of 4th Density New Realms…where Speech thru Telepathy is Re-Emerging~

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