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    • ~You are Right,Lisa…Our Sky & Fantastic Clouds Have Much More Personality,thse Days…So Much More to Embrace… πŸ™‚ !

  1. Beeeeeeeeeeeautiful, Babajij!!! can’t believe what the skies look like these days – been seeing the same things here!
    the long thin ones are not chemtrails, are they???

    • ~Hi!…Surprisingly,the long thin One was a Natural CloudShape…I looked around to see if there was any other trail-like from plane…there wasn’t any…a Friend remarked that the Shape looked like an Inuit Inukshuk…the Stone Markers used Up North…and Carved by Artists with Green SoapStone… πŸ™‚ ~

  2. Babajij, I have never ever ever seen anything like that first photo! Even if that is flashing from the lens, it is beautiful beyond description… I may borrow it and play with it a little, if that’s alright with you? I sure love the energy we’re all sharing these days! πŸ˜€

    • ~Yup!…Ya cn Borrow the Photo…It was SunRise (bedtime 4 me,hehe) earlier this week when i Saw the Early Morning Clouds with those FeatherWisps on Them…at one Point I Thought the Image was too contrived,then I Liked it (as i Remembered what Ya had Shared about Orbs in Photos)…Arc Angel Clouds… πŸ˜‰ ~

        • ~I kinda Remember,Leslee…I Visually Recall the Drawing that Ya made with Feather…with such an Influx of Info & Experiences of recent,I Need a Spare Memory Data Bank!!…Haha!.. πŸ˜‰ ~

          • So true, Babajij! I came across some things on AAE last week, and didn’t even remember that I had gotten them posted – thought they were still on my to-do list! That cloud is either on Leslee Hare or my clouds page…

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