Abi-Quor ahead of schedule?

The lightworker community is very familiar with words like soon or shortly or in the blink of an eye. To some degree it has created a skepticism amongst us. I say that, that was then and this is NOW. I want to offer up a heart centered challenge to all those helping build our new world. Forget all other predictions about a schedule for Abi-Quor and let’s co-create a new one as the masters we are. But, but, but you can’t do that, they told us so and so. Are we not powerful co-creators able to set our own schedule? The collective consciousness can not only move mountains but it can create cities ahead of schedule. Enter divine will and divine timing. Thine will be done not mine. Can we not align our desires with the divine to bring about an earlier date? It is my feelings that as long as we are in alignment with our higher selves and not our ego we could with our collective could help control our outcome.

It all starts with our desires and our intentions so let us all plant similar seeds that says Abi-Quor will be completed by the end of 2013. Let us believe it in the depths of our hearts and create this as our reality. Let us send our collective visions strongly out into the universe and allow it manifest in divine timing. We are all aware that time is an illusion and some will prefer to simply allow whatever schedule to simply happen. I am offering a different approach of aligning our desires to create that which we wish. If this resonates with you then I ask that those who are master gardeners to plant your seeds and love them to life.

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