Help Wanted – Visionary – No experience necessary

All applicants must be able to imagine beyond 3rd dimensional limits. This requires of applicants to be one of the “crazies” that can see things so differently that they make sense. All training work will be done at home and aboard ships. This is a volunteer position with great benefits.

Many are starting to learn about the building of a great space in Pagosa Springs Colorado named Abi Quor. This is to be a center for Leaders of Light to be trained and developed. It is a joint co-created center with the Galatics and earth allies creating it utilizing their powers. These powers include Desire, Intention, Belief, Love, and Joy. It requires the visionaries to place their energies and desires into their creations. This collective will create a place that is beyond today’s understanding. It will be a model for other communities around the world.

There is a great desire of the galactics to be able to interact with the earth and it’s people just like there is a strong desire amongst us to interact with them. Their joy includes helping and teaching other civilizations how to better their societies. Abi-Quor will offer that environment. Part of my vision was to establish within Abi-Quor a retreat or resort like environment where Galactics and humans could come to a vacation like environment to experience and showcase the earth as the beautiful place it truly is. Abi-Quor is just the start if the collective wishes more. Other centers will spring up through-out the world that will involve training in such areas as science, exploration, food and health, education, and many others. It requires visionaries around the world. I have planted the seeds of a vision to build an ambassador and hospitality center in Arizona.

Can you help energize and build these types of visions? THIS IS POSSIBLE, so do not allow another to sabotage your dreams? Stand strong in YOUR light and vision the change you desire.  Ask with your thoughts to join the dreamflights and set your intentions to create with them that which you desire. Let’s help to build the resonance of the collective to be so strong that communities will start popping up around the world. Share with the internet community on this site and others your desires and feel free to think outside the box. Support others as part of  the collective with feedback and encouragement. Help build a better world by posting your visions and expanding on them today.

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