Whirlwind Hiya!

Greetings, Everybody!

Well, I’ve landed in Atlanta again, for just a few days while I finish up my packing, visit with my son, and get ready to make the final move out to Colorado… So, this will be a short list of bullet points, just to try and share some tidbits with you all! I apologize in advance for not taking the time to add links, but I imagine/hope that if you search for the things I’ll mention below, you’ll find what you’re looking for…

• The Transformation 2012 Conference with the Institute Of Light was AMAZING! Three days of 6-7 sessions (per day) of wonderful presenters, on a wide range of Ascension-related topics. I hope to make the time to blog about most of the presentations (I missed a couple), and that window of time for me will perhaps open in September.

• I wish for everyone on the face of this planet to experience the feeling of light and high-vibrational energy that was shared at that gathering… It gave a powerful insight into what’s possible when we focus our energy positively.

• One thing I learned that is of great significant to me and (I expect) also to several of you, is that I’m learning just how deeply the Galactic and First Nations roots intertwine. It’s staggering. Western Culture reinforces a 3D view and a lower vibration. It’s that simple. It doesn’t have to be that way.

• If you have a few moments, please go to this page and check out the websites of the various presenters… All were remarkable, and some may have posted about the Conference…

• There will be a powerful 9-day meditation beginning on August 30, during which many will meditate on taking on, and transmuting the suffering of the world. Kuthumi speaks of this through Norma Milanovich, and I’ll be posting more about this soon as well. Please try to keep these dates in mind – it is a every powerful opportunity!

• It was delightful to be among folks who consider our Galactic families and Inner Earth to be a matter of fact!

• The area of Pagosa Springs and Chimney Rock is incredibly powerful, spiritually and energetically. It was every healing and energizing for me to be in a part of Gaia that is so magnificent. In that area, it’s astounding to believe that “mankind”, “civilization”, or “progress” would pretend to be entitled to domination of nature and the planet… Or of the mind and spirit…

• I managed to go crystal-hunting in Arkansas a couple times, near Mount Ida, and that is an incredibly powerful location too! The region may not seem as dramatic as Mount Shasta, but there are similar energies and ways of life, lying dormant and beneath those mountains. If you have the opportunity to visit there, please do so with respect and gratitude. There are beings in that region that are anchoring significant energies for us all.

• I felt humbled to be among people who have been “doing this” for decades, very quietly, confidently, and persistently. There is much to share, between the information that we are all able to gather over the internet, and the earlier generation of Explorers who have much to teach us.

• I’ve become a little addicted (smile) to people’s reactions to Abi-Qor! It’s hard to describe how wonderful it feels to watch people look at the early images, and begin to glow and say, “I’ve been there!”, or, “I had a dream about this!”, or “I sat right there in a vision!”! I’m not on the computer that has the Abi-Qor images that we presented at the Conference, but I’ll share them soon…

• I’m excited and honored to be working with Mark Kimmel, Adrial, and the dozen or so other amazing beings (human and otherwise) who are involved in the Institute Of Light. It’s very clear that there will be a lot of activity from this group regarding Ascension, and education, and preparation for moving – permanently – into 5D!

• I’ve been getting some personal lessons about telepathy, and had my first real hands-on experience of sensing and following remote communication with another being. There is vast magic in this world, just waiting for us to tap into it!

• In talking and working with some folks who have been interacting with ETs for some time, I’m learning that we may travel (both within and without our physical bodies) much more often than we realize… And that portals and dimensional gates are very real. In fact, for some “people”, traveling in this way is a matter of daily occurrence.

• Probably most importantly, I’m learning even more deeply that we are ALL constantly guided, and if we focus our intention we are protected, and may move forward with a lightning-fast pace, into amazing worlds and understandings… For the past two days in particular, as I’ve been moving within my “old familiar” environment, I’ve been getting so many lessons that when we simply surrender to a way of thinking and perceiving that is beyond 3D (beginning with love and trust), magical synchronicities begin – and continue – to occur. More importantly, I’m being shown some ways to identify when we are shifting from 4D or 5D back don into 3D, and I hope to be writing more about this soon.

Well, I hope that shares enough of an update to convey how happy and excited I am about many things that are going on in our world right now!

I hope to find a little time to write in the coming week, but thank you for sending along your thoughts with me until I get settled into Pagosa next week!

By the way, I have only had time to read personal emails (not comments on posts), so if there is something you really need to communicate with me about, please email me… I’m at least looking at those!

Sending much love and light to you all, and hoping to see you on many dreamflights soon!



  1. Thank you so much, John! Those good vibes are greatly appreciated. If anyone had told me four years ago, where I would be now, I would have have laughed, and looked at them rather funny, and then gone to get a stiff drink! It’s moving forward… There seems to be a bit of “fitting and starting” going on at the moment, but I’m learning to appreciate feeling when the energy is at least moving and not stuck… I hope things are well for you… I need to go check and see what you’ve been up to! 😀

  2. Leslee, your words are deeply insightful and open a sight of worlds that I can only imagine. I am so happy for you in your ecstatic journeying and in the knowledge that you are well and following your path with passion. Sounds like you are moving to a magical place and I wish you well in your new location – I’m sending you good vibes for the transition…

  3. Leslee so wonderful to hear you had a great time. Hope the moving goes to plan and you get settled in before Autumn hits. Have missed you here also much love and light dear friend.:)

    • Thank you, Suzanne! It really means a lot to know that you all have me in your thoughts, because I miss you all too! By the time I begin to settle, it will have been almost a month of moving around and being somewhat out of touch… I look forward to learning what’s been going on with you…

  4. Thank you for the update, Leslee!

    What you say here: “One thing I learned that is of great significant to me and (I expect) also to several of you, is that I’m learning just how deeply the Galactic and First Nations roots intertwine. It’s staggering. Western Culture reinforces a 3D view and a lower vibration. It’s that simple. It doesn’t have to be that way.”

    I couldn’t agree more!

    When things settle down a bit you may want to take a look a the movie “American Mystic”, available on netflix. These are different but diverging perspectives. Lightworkers from other traditions. Fascinating stuff.

    • Wow, Troy, that sounds cool, thank you and I may even look for that today while I’m taking a break… The Conference felt much like what that movie may be about…

      It’s funny – Babajij suggested that I connect with the elementals here in Atlanta before leaving, and I’ve been doing that… Been here 32 years, and it never occurred to me that the spirit of the place could still be strong here. It feels like its quietly sleeping… for the moment. All I have ever felt here is the incredible energy of domination (“man over nature”) that seems to pervade big cities, so it’s very reassuring and comforting to find something so resilient here.

    • Thank you, Arianna! My head is still spinning… I’m still in Atlanta at the moment, waiting on things like trailer hitch installations, and “can I really fit everything into a 6×12 trailer?” It looks like I’ll be landing in Pagosa Springs sometime around September 1… The expression “Labor Day” is taking on *several* whole new meanings! 😉

  5. thank you all so much! sending out streamers of light… I am so grateful for the love you send me – I really do feel it, and it really does make a difference! 😀

  6. Leslee, thank you for sharing your experience with us. As I read your words, I feel your excitement and I look forward to reading more. What a blessing it is for you to be able to move to Pagosa Spring! I wish you a safe journey on your return drive to Pagosa.

    Love and light dear sister

  7. Leslee, I am so excited for you/us! That is SO wonderful that you are so “open” to what is taking place! I can’t wait to hear EVERYTHING. I love you dearly and Cheri’ and I have been thinking about you a great deal as of late. We all miss you and look forward to your insightful postings! Namaste’

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