Multidimensional Ocean

554501_448390691897056_948424143_nLaura: Hi guys, Ulrika has been on to me most of the day and wishes to give me / us a new message. I have been having intense contacts with a few beings and with the Inner Earth Spirit itself. I also had very powerful visions and mind to mind connections. I hope you will enjoy this new message today and that it will bring us closer to our Inner Earth brothers.

Greetings, I am Ulrika of Agartha. I come again in front of you, human loving souls to speak of the ghosts from the past that we have come to be for you, our surface links.

My mind speaks at times a different tongue to yours, and my words may be somewhat old fashioned. Although I am familiar with your ways and words, I like better to remain faithful to myself self and my own ways of thinking.

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