Hello everybody.I haven`t posted the past month or so but honestly,I didn`t feel like it.Now I know why.

Today I had a long discussion with my father and mother.I explained everything!!!My beliefes,my standards,my opinion about almost everything.One of my confessions was the fact that i`m not a christian anymore.It was a good thing they took it a bit,lightly.My mother said that she knew all along and it didn`t surprise me,but I didn`t care either.Don`t get me wrong,everything I said was BECAUSE I do care about them.I know I can`t change them and why should I?They choose their path and so did I.Everything the world throws at me I can handle.What I can`t handle is the fact that for once in my life I know what I really want and need,yet they want me to be someone else.I can`t be discouraged,not now not ever.Can`t afford to.What I realized at the end was that they are not ready to accept who I really am.No matter,I will keep going ;).At the end of the day it`s what I know and how I feel that matters,really.

When the long conversation ended I went to my room,almost ready to burst in tears but I felt so reliefed!!!Now i know that this past month led me to my hometown in order to have that conversation with my family and of course to share that with all of you.

Love and light to all of you 🙂