Video: UFO Breaks Up ‘Meteorite’ Over Russia

Posted by  on February 18, 2013

Video: UFO Breaks Up ‘Meteorite’ Over Russia

As Ashira revealed on An Hour With An Angel earlier today, our star brothers and sisters played a major role in alleviating the damage that last week’s worldwide headline-making ‘meteorite’ could have caused when it showered down over Russia last week.

This video posted by YouTube user erema eremin appears to show a light orb doing just that – breaking up what was a very large ‘mass’ into smaller, less volatile pieces.

And, according to the separate story posted immediately below this one, it may not be the first time our Galactic family has assisted in minimising a major ‘meteorite’ hit: they appear to have helped in Tunguska in 1908, too.

Meanwhile, it now appears that ‘meteorites’ have also been seen in recent days in the Bay Area of San Francisco (see video below) and near the famed Glastonbury, in the county of Somerset, UK (see story below).

Bay Area Fireball: Bright Streak Of Light Reported Over Northern California

By AP reporters, The Huffington Post – February 16, 2013


SAN FRANCISCO — Hours after a meteor exploded over Russia and injured more than 1,000 people and an asteroid passed relatively close to Earth, residents in California reported seeing an unusual flash of light over the San Francisco Bay area that left many startled and thrilled.

Based on reports, the light streaking in the Northern California sky was a sporadic meteor, or fireball, and not a major event, said Mike Hankey, operations manager for the American Meteor Society, based in Genesee, N.Y. The group recorded at least 35 reports of the event, he said.

“Fireballs happen every single night, all around the world,” he said.

Experts say smaller meteorites hit earth five to 10 times a year but chances of a large meteor passing, such as the one that streaked over Chelyabinsk, Russia, are much rarer. Another meteor landed in the Bay Area in October and caused a loud sonic boom, a sound that could have been from the meteor traveling faster than the speed of sound, officials said at the time.

Another meteor that exploded April 22 was seen over a large part of Northern California and Nevada.

On Friday, the Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland also reported receiving calls describing what appeared to be a fireball flying west around 8 p.m.

Jonathan Braidman, an instructor at the center, described the object based off reports as likely being a small piece of an asteroid that “somehow” got on a collision course with the earth.

“This is a very common occurrence,” Braidman said. “What is uncommon is that it’s so close to where people are living.”

Bay Area media outlets reported the fireball was reported seen from an area stretching from Gilroy, about 80 miles south of San Francisco, to Sacramento, about 90 miles to the northeast.

One viewer told television station NBC11 the object appeared bluish in color and appeared to be heading straight to the ground. San Leandro resident Krizstofer Loid told KTVU-TV that he was sitting on a lawn chair in the backyard of his home when he saw the object.

“I saw, like, a blue streak from the sky coming down. I thought it was fireworks, but I didn’t hear any sounds,” he said.

The center’s large telescopes did not pick up the object during a stargazing event, astronomer Gerald McKeegan told KGO-TV.

“The media attention on the Russian thing got people’s attention, so they’re more likely to notice things in the sky,” said Mike Hankey, operations manager of the American Meteor Society.

While Friday night’s fireball received a lot of attention in the San Francisco Bay area, Braidman notes about 15,000 tons of debris from asteroids enter the earth’s atmosphere every year.

“Usually these things break up into small pieces and are difficult to find,” he said.

Fire in the sky: Wildlife photographer Annie Henderson was amazed to see this fiery object above a nature reserve Read more:  Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Fire in the sky: Wildlife photographer Annie Henderson was amazed to see this fiery object above a nature reserve. Click to enlarge.

The Mystery of the Somerset ‘Meteor’: Wildlife photographer catches flaming object streaking through West Country sky

Thanks to Alice C

By Sam Webb, Daily Mail – February 17, 2013

Has the South West of Britain had a brush with a meteor similar to the one that rocked central Russia on Friday?

Probably not, but mystery still surrounds this mysterious object captured hurtling across the British sky by a wildlife photographer.

Stunned Annie Henderson, 65, was taking pictures of starlings on the Somerset Levels with a friend when she saw the bright light moving at high speed.

She took a number of shots of the spectacle and was amazed when she blew them up on her computer the next day.

The distant light appears to be burning with flaming gases shooting off its form, baffling the retired garden centre owner.

She said: ‘We were out photographing the starlings at 5.25pm and saw the bright thing in the sky, but thought it was just a high flying plane or a satellite.

‘It was only the next morning that I uploaded the pictures on my computer and saw what was on the pictures when I zoomed in.

‘I didn’t know what to think, it was amazing. There was no sound and you could see it with the naked eye.