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  1. Here’s a wild & lengthy dream I had early this morning, as I’m traveling in Portland, Oregon:

    Dream 20130219 (Portland, OR)
    I’m in a house with friends, and my son is there, too. Iltheos, Theron, Lisa, Tauno Anna, Mark, Steve, Troy and Konstantinos are there too, in a town that feels like Inner earth, but also on another planet. The sky has an “Inner Earth” feel to it: not exactly dark, but also with no direct sun. Feels sort of like dusk or dawn or an overcast day, with diffused light.

    Dragons live in this world, and there are also issues of conflict between Light and Dark. My visit here is specifically intended for my learning how to fly and also how to mask and protect energy, and not to attract unwanted attention. The others are here for similar reasons, but the beginning of my memory of the dream seems to particularly relate to my flying lesson.

    The Dark has occupied the town, so the people live in a feudalistic state of oppression. Most people’s needs are met, but a strong sense of expectation about behaviors and beliefs pervades the culture. It’s as if the town is full of contented slaves.

    My teacher is a wizard-like figure, and in general the setting feels like something out of a Tolkein novel. Iltheos is there to offer support and to protect my son.

    At some point I go outside to practice what I’ve learned about flying. My teacher has just given me quite a boost, so I’m able to simply take off from the front stoop as soon as I’m outside. I soar across the street and above the buildings, flirting with the trees and even roosting in one of them. I can sense the boost from my teacher fading, and how the energy much be maintained in order to continue to be able to stay aloft. Some of my friends are outside, watching and cheering me on. I land on a lawn, and finding it quite hard to take off, I become concerned that I might not be able to learn to do this on my own. However, everyone is very encouraging, and I can hear/feel my teacher guiding me telepathically, showing me how to direct my energy and keep enough focused on flight while also paying attention to other things. I begin to see how I’ll get the hang of it. I take off again and again, and can tell I’m getting better at it. I ask my Teacher if it’s possible to take these lessons into this waking world, and he says “No, that would be a mis-direction of effort.”

    Then I become aware that some troops from the “Old Republic” (the dark forces) are marching into the town square for a patrol, and I need to conceal myself. Someone has sensed that people are working on overcoming their oppression, and they want to intimidate and make their presence known. Others have come here for the same reason as me, so they are not specifically looking for me at this point, but I need to be careful that they don’t notice me.

    I can see the troops by remote viewing, and they are dressed as if from mid-18th century Western culture military. There are about 5 columns of men, about 10 men deep. They march down a wide, sloping causeway towards a large plaza at the center of town.

    I swoop into a tree, and think for a moment about what I should do next. I hear my teacher tell me it’s time to leave, because I need to continue my lessons but I cannot do it here in town. I need to make my way out of town, and into the forest where I can continue to work with the protection of Galadriel (Oh, now it really DOES shift into a Tolkein novel!). I know which way to go, and a few of my friends will go the first part of the way with me. My son, Troy, Steve, and Anna come along, and will go with me as far as the edge of town. My teacher accompanies me astrally, guiding me telepathically.

    As we near the edge of town, I realize the Dark Dragon has sensed my presence and is now flying, hunting me. I know that I need to hide until he becomes discouraged and returns to his lair. As we walk along the roadway, I notice a small stoop with a round hatch door in the wall. I ask my companions to wait in the road while I go check it out. The round door opens to a shaft that goes downwards, and my teacher confirms that this is a good place to duck in for a short while. My friends follow. We go inside, sliding down the round tunnel, and landing on a concrete loading dock. Our feet are wet. We are in a large service room, with bins of laundry, as if in a hotel. I see a large canvas bin full of flags with gold and black designs (mostly diamonds) on them. I realize this means we are in the territory of the oppressors, these are their colors. I also hear footsteps and realize someone is coming our way. I quickly turn and tell my friends to run back outside so they will not be in danger, and I will find a place to hide inside.

    They run out, I look for a way to hide our wet footprints on the concrete, and as I hide in a closet, the dream fades. As the dream fades, I see a thin young man with light brown skin standing in a doorway, saying to me, “Livingston Road”.

    When I wake up I realize that many of my recent dream locations are being woven together. I have been asking for pieces to be connected, and it seems this is happening, gradually.

    • Cross ref. to my own flight training experience 🙂


      A very similar dream, Leslee… For me it was a European town with stone-paved streets. The closest I’ve seen is Old Town Quebec City. Fortunately I did not have to deal with an “opposition,” but what an interesting way to learn a new skill!

      The world you describe is very close to the Skyrim/Oblivion world – a video game. Dragons, magic, opposition, etc. I happen to be playing Skyrim right now in my “down time”.

      Any idea what Livingston Road means?

      • EXACTLY! Oh, wait until you read the one I actually had about the same time as yours… That’s why I nearly flipped when I read yours! Hmmm, sounds like I need to go back and look at them again… 🙂

        • Wait… I think I responded thinking you were commenting on a different comment, Troy… heheheh… so typical for me these days!
          Sounds like I need to peek in when Lucas is playing SkyRim sometime… 😉
          Livingston Road… Let me see if I get anything… I’m being told it’s a song title…

  2. Amazing experience!!!Looks like you`ve had quite the adventure!!!You could obviously connect very clearly,as you remember many important details.Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hi, Theodore! Thank you for commenting, and also I hope to respond to your earlier comments better soon! (I’m on vacation now) 🙂 Yes, I feel so fortunate when I have experiences like this – I read over my journal today and realized I left out a few things, so I will try to add them soon. Much love to you!

  3. Wow what an amazing dream Leslee. It seems that we are all in training right now. We sure do amazing things while we are dreaming. We have the freedom to explore. It is a pitty we can’t take those skills to a 3D environment.

    I had also a dream last night that I want to mention:

    When I went to sleep I stated my intent to visit a Arcturian ship. I had following dream: I was dreaming that I was on an enormous cruiseship (mothership) , standing aside some people who were taking advantage of a white energy sphere that was levitating in the air. The capacity of this energy sphere was 85%. I told them that I could get them a white energy sphere that was on 100%. They look at me as I was talking rubbish. I say, come with me and I will show you. There was a mountain on the ship and I was climbing it along with my followers. When we were on top of the mountain I saw the 100% white energy sphere levitating in the air as I come near it. I hold my hands out and it lowers itself into my hands. I showed it to these people, but apparently all they saw was a golden sphere and they are telling me that is not what they wanted. (it seems that me and the people were vibrating on different dimensions and that would have a great impact on how you perceive your environment. I was on a higher vibration, so I saw the 100% sphere, they were on a lower vibration and only could see the golden sphere.) The dream changes and I am in one of the cruise chambers having a briefcase in my hand with the white sphere inside of it. There are some people who knows what is in it and do anything to get their hands on it.

    The dream puts me now on a different area of the cruisship and it seems I am in a chapel or little church. There are also other people there. Something is going on. We are looking at a man, that seems to be floating in the air. The man has half long brown hair and brown eyes. But when you look closer it is like he is in a wall of water. He is a guide and he explains that this water is actual a teleportation portal that can bring you anywhere in the world. Behind him appears two gothic church doors, but the doors are open and the wall of the church has become partial invisible, and we can see the world out there. We start tlo walk through those doors and we find ourselves standing next to a small concrete highway surrounded by a lot of green and trees. Once in a while a car passed by. Across there is an empty field and the guide says that in the future this place will become a place of peace. I had the feeling this road was somewhere in North America. Then it was time to go through the portal again, but some people had some hard time to find the entry again. An old man with glasses didn’t see the portals and I told him to take of his glasses and have a leap of faith. And by wonder he goes through the portal. I follow the others. End of dream.

    • What a beautiful, fascinating dream, Lisa! The setting sounds a lot like places I’ve been going too… The mountain on the ship reminds me of how I see Chimera, in that it is so large and has elements that seem like a planet, so the ship seems like a planet. I wonder if these towns I’ve been seeing are aboard Chimera…

  4. Amazing experiences!! Thank you dear Leslee and Lisa for sharing. Wow, Troy. That information is outstanding. Thank you for sharing friend. Much Love to all.

  5. Landing/first contact dream: During the night of Tuesday 19 to Wednesday 20th in the first ‘day’ of my dream I had a sighting of motherships. On the second ‘day’ I saw many motherships again in the sky. Their contour was as if someone had drawn a white line in the sky to show where they were. I was in a frenzy, very excited, telling people ‘Look that’s some motheships!’. I shouted to instruct someone to give the alert by phone and there was a sense that we had been given some rules to follow. As I was walking under a bridge with a house on my right suddenly a craft landed (or appeared) on the ground in front of me. A woman ambassador with a jovial character appeared out of it with some assistant (or I don’t have memory of how they came out of the craft). As there was no one else around knowing the significance of what was happening, I took on the job of welcoming her/them and asked how I should call or address the woman. There was a trip in a vehicle. It went over obstacles that a car could not. I was inside it and my father was on my left. In another scene lots of people had arrived and I was helping with preparations, for meals and refreshments. A line of glasses were going to fall down but the ambassador woman stopped them from falling by telekinesis, and I thought ‘Oh I should try that’. Later they were calling out people to meet specific crew members. I have not been able to remember all the details but know there were more as well as conversations. There was a sense of fulfillment or that this was the long-awaited moment of landing and first contact.
    On Thursday 21st as I was waking up I was trying to do it slowly to retain a message from Archangel Michael who was with me in my ‘dream,’ telling me something about a distinction and the 5th dimension. I was coming down some levels I was still retaining the concept, but it faded at the lowest point where I woke up, except I had the absolute knowledge that Archangel Michael had been there and the message was from him.

    • What beautiful experiences, Christine! Thank you so much for sharing them! On Feb 18, while flying from Phoeniz to Portland, I saw three ships that appeared simply as brilliant lines of golden light – I wonder if this is similar to the lines you saw? And your descriptions of trying to hold onto the dreams is something I’ve been experiencing so much lately, too. Nearer and nearer…

      • Hello lesleehare, thank you for replying. The lines were white and as if they were delineating the space that the motherships were holding (they were oblong, if that’s the right word for a kind of egg shape). Without the lines there would have been a blue sky and nothing visible. And you had a proper sighting! A friend who never remembers her dreams normally has had a vivid one recently that seemed to be because she made a connection with her Norwegian grand-father who is in the afterlife. I wonder whether it’s all to do with the activation of the pineal gland, extra strands in our DNA, etc? Yes, nearer.. there is an interesting message through Sheldan Nidle on Feb 26 with regard to disclosure…

        • Hi, Christine! That just sounds fantastic… It reminds me of a cloud I saw a few months ago. It had a bit of ship-like shape, and over the span of a minute or so, it got “hollowed-out”, leaving only the edges, with blue sky inside. I’ll try to post a photo of it when I get access to my pics again. See you Saturday night!

  6. Dream – 24 February 2013
    Me and my sister have bought a present for my parents – an oven and I remember I was looking for something at home till we were reading the instructions for the oven and the guarantee card
    I remember a bright salmon red colour too
    Love and Light

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