Konstantinos: Some news and Iltheos’s answers to my questions


[Hello dear friends. First, I’d like to share some news. Among some visions, channeled portraits and many synchronicities that I had since the last message, I received the name and picture of the divine aspect of my Twin Flame. Her name is Salira.


Also, today Iltheos appeared to me with a ‘new’ form.


He said that this is more close to how he really looks like (not quite, their colors are beyond our familiar spectrum) and when he and the other Arcturians appeared to me, they wanted to give me some variety regarding their appearance because of my ‘separate’ logic.  The Arcturians look all pretty much the same except from their garments that they wear when they are on their home world. Our question-answer dialogue follows.]

Konstantinos: Iltheos, tell me about ‘perfection’ and ‘perfect’.

Iltheos: ‘Perfection’ is always there for you, for me, for everyone and everything. This means  that ‘perfection’ is infinite and eternal. And since the ‘infinite’ cannot be explained completely in your 3D dialects, but only to be lived, consequently same goes for ‘perfection’ too. This means that ‘everything’ is ‘perfect’. Even this that you call ‘darkness’. Without the energies of lower vibrations, you would not be able to comprehend, to feel and appreciate the higher vibrational energies.

K: What else can you tell me about these two energies?

I: That the one is not separated from the other and at the same time, they are not related to each other. They co-exist due to ‘the golden section’ or ‘the golden link’ which is, at the same time, responsible for their difference, too. It is about the Divine Authority that moves everything. It is about the ‘vitaliser force’.

These two energies can also stand by themselves. The Light is able to exist on its own as unabridged and sovereign in a world, like Arcturus for example. But this would not be possible  if the Divine Power of Love, the substance of Light , was not in the need and mission for the return of its opposites to their true position, to bring them back to the Source, to the Light Itself.

Consequently, if a world of the Light does not experience the darkness, this does not mean that it cannot understand it, since that world and its residents have already gone through it. The darkness rules completely or partially in different worlds, depending on the case of each one of them. One of the main differences between these two energies, is that dark is not able to stand on its own or exist for long. There is always a time that the darkness  returns back to the source of its creation and  so, it ceases to exist.

K: I have observed cases of people who say that the channeled messages contain and repeat always the same things. That in their biggest part, nothing ‘new’ is there (anymore). Would you care to comment on that?

I: First, whatever is perceived by someone as ‘old news’, this is actually a message for him/her to ‘move on’. But this ‘move on’ will may take a variety of interpretations depending on the case of each individual.

This person may need to comprehend these ‘repeated’ concepts of the messages through practice and honest quest and insistence. When you only study the theory, then it is sure that on a certain decree, on a certain day, you will wish to put it into practice. But if for some reasons the person does not exercise through practice the theory, then he/she leads him/herself to ‘inertia’.

If the person has understood the theory  through practice too, then his/her ‘move on’ means a completely conscious transformation of his/her Being. This does not mean that the decision of  that person to take a look to the channeled messages  is needless, but at the same time it is not necessary either, since the messages and the Knowledge Itself are always available and are able to  flow through the Spirit of each individual. This happens more easy, more naturally, through a person that excels high energetic vibrations.

Second, channeled messages are just one of the many ways  of remembrance, empowerment, information and exercising of distinction. As everything else, so the channeled messages  contribute to the awakening from forgetfulness. For now, there are still ‘new comers’ in this field of spiritual awakening and universal truths. For these ones, channeled messages, as many other similar things, are usually considered in this lifetime of theirs as unprecedented.

It is on this point that is possible for a person that finds him/herself on the beginning of his/her self-awareness, to realize that whatever he/she experiences and encounters on his/her path, even if it is a channeled communication, is part of his/her life contract, meaning that it is another clue that is going to contribute to the awakening of that person. But there will come a time that all the ‘new-coming’ souls of Earth will bring all the Knowledge in them but without forgetting it.  This already happens with specific children that are known to you by particular names.

In the future, these children will not be some, but all the children of all the couples of the planet. And that is because these couples and the rest of the residents will live in a world that will have already passed in the Age of Blossoming and the ‘awaited and ongoing changes’ will be a way of living. Honestly, by feeling this, someone is not able to resist  but only to give in this magnificence, in this vision of angelic composition and harmony.

A future where the true meaning of Life will become understood through living and no one will feel the need to explain it in words. You will not even have the need of talking and exercising your current languages. But of course, you will have always the choice for this and also, for any other thing. All the tools, everything is there for all of us and wait us always to use them in order to form our personal path in our journey for Home.

K: Thank you very much for this communication, Iltheos. I Love you and I am sending my Love to all the Arcturians and the rest of our Galactic Families. I believe that we will talk again.

I: Indeed. Our Love to all of you, our dear brothers and sisters.

As received by Konstantinos.


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