Konstantinos: A sharing of personal experiences and a collective message from a group of Lightbeings


[Hello friends. I am coming to share some personal experiences and also a collective message from a group of beings  that I communicated with since March 13th 2013. 

On March 13th  and 14th 2013 I had some dreams that initially seemed strange and disturbing but if someone tries to decode them, he/she’ll maybe find an interesting message there. All interpretations are welcome, so if some of you would like to have a look on these two dreams, here is a link where I place what I consider as  significant dream experiences: http://awakeningtothedivine.wordpress.com/my-dream-experiences-on-the-astral-plane/.

Besides the dream of March 13th, on that same day I asked to receive a picture and a name of a ‘new’ ascended master because there are many who have reached that level, but most of these ‘new’ ones are not very known, maybe not at all, at least not yet. The one who responded to my call, was a beautiful man, named Alathor. 


Alathor informed me that he used to live with his Atlantean brothers and sisters in the city of Posid (under Mato Grosso, Brazil) in the Agartha system. He has decided to move on higher, regarding his spiritual level and so, since his achievement, he has no more the need of a ‘solid’ (since it’s beyond 5D) place to stay and he’s between the stage of having and not having a particular form. Of course, he can go and visit Posid or any Agartha City whenever he wishes or whenever is needed.

Some hours after that communication, I went out to do some works. These works for some reason hadn’t been fulfilled. I felt a little frustrated but as I was walking, low vibration thoughts became stronger and I really wasn’t feeling well. Before this series of negativity reaches its peak for that day, suddenly my mother appeared and greeted me with smiles. And instantly, I felt lighter. I received that this was a reminder for me to not quit so easily and remember to appreciate the good things that I already have next to me (-_-). Same happened again on March 15th 2013, when out of nowhere, I found in front of me my parents. And the negative thoughts went away.

Later, on March 13th again, I asked for more communications with beings of Light. Two of them responded or at least two I managed to receive. The first was a beautiful smiling woman, named Talia, of the Ashtar Command. The other one, was a humanoid of a very sweet energy, named Srak.  Srak is also an ascended master, maybe a ‘new’ one.

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I didn’t ask for more information about them, but maybe I’ll do so if I feel that it’s appropriate.

On March 16th 2013, I heard the name of another being of the ascended master level. His name is Bartholomew and his energy is very friendly.


I looked about the English version of the name in order to check out the orthography and I found a painting, which I hadn’t seen before, that it was depicting a man whose form was similar to the one that I had sketched before I see the painting. The painting was about Bartholomew, the apostle of Jesus. But I received that he is not the same person-entity.

And in the evening, I asked to communicate with a being from Agartha. The being that responded was a beautiful woman, named Zoli, from the city of Rama under Jaipur, India.


Their collective message follows.]

One of the things that you need to improve, while you go through your process of spiritual awakening, is the inner vision. But in order for us to be clear on that matter, the improvement of any kind of ‘inner’ does not mean the abandonment  of any kind of ‘outer’. Because the ‘outer’ cannot remain uninfluenced from the evolving process of the ‘inner’.

And so, when you need for example ( or you feel that you need) to see clearly, in order to move on, then remember that all your Being is setting itself ready. By ‘Being’, we are referring to all kinds of your bodies: physical, astral, mental and spiritual. Any kind of ‘inner,’ while it awakens, it transfers its messages to any kind of  ’outer’.

But nothing of these will work if you do not live in a harmonious state. Because it is in this state, combined with your will, clear intention and other factors, that you are able to get yourself aligned with your bodies and also, to get your bodies aligned with each other. And so, by your personal alignment, you contribute to the collective alignment. As you can see, you have to be like a surgeon: courageous, still, cautious and having a strong sense of will, duty and commitment to yourself, to your purpose and to the others.

To believe in yourself. To keep the necessary balances among your emotions. To be honest with yourself  in order to view clearly your ‘pros and cons’. To not go beyond your limits and even if you decide to do so, see that you are aware of the reasons that lead you to that decision and of course, do not pressure yourself because when you enforce your being in order to achieve something, it is viewed from the beginning that you will not go any further from your current point. And that is because among the needed ingredients you will have forgotten the basic catalyst. The power of Love.

Adonai dear ones and remember, always with Love.

As received by Konstantinos.


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