The Peacock Feather’s Gift

What is it not here to tell us, this peacock feather,
but that if, undaunted, we once slipped free of tether
and crept from our crepuscular haunts we might
have the ghost of a chance of a glimpse in the night

of the glimmer of a rainbow surely heaven sent?
In a flash the cloud draped curtains part – Oh, My Lord!
– their parting announcing that we can look forward
to a star packed evening of entertainment.

Awaken, awaken, sadly misdirected mourner.
Rejoice! Infinity patiently awaits you round every next corner,
breathes within your every breath, inhabits your every moment,
gifts you with compassion, understanding, eternal atonement;

until, finally, once again all in the altogether
– whatever, no matter, no why, no whether –
we giggle uninhibitedly, tickling one another
gently, delicately, knowingly, with this peacock feather.