SaLuSa — 02.07.2013

We are preparing ourselves for the greatest meeting of all. We are aware that you too are waiting for this moment and are ready to meet us. Some still do not believe that we exist but it is their choice and cannot be changed anyway unless they chose to do so. We are preparing to step closer to you in many ways. Most of you already know, at least in some details what your future will look like and are also preparing for the necessary changes to come into full motion these days. We are aware that you miss a lot of information regarding each aspect of your future life, but do not worry this also should change in a short time. Our plans are being completed in such a beautiful way that you would be astound if you know.

Your body changes are speeding up, by now all should feel rapid changes almost day by day and please allow them to simply transform all that needs to be transformed and do not question them. They are here to change you and prepare you for more upliftment and please surrender into them and ask your Higher Self to help you. By simply saying these words you will allow your Higher Self to be closer to you, which is so much needed in these wonderful times. Try to be happy and enjoy every single moment for this will uplift you even more, by allowing yourself being in the flow of the now. As we said so many times, all is well and changes are happening and by realizing that all of you are creators of them, should put you in a state of calmness and wonderful expectations of what all is going to happen.

We feel some are getting impatient again, but by now you should be aware how it works, that we cannot simply appear and tell you what to do. All will come in good time and please remember that we too are excited about it and are doing all that we can to finally meet you and be your mentors and helpers in building your new society, for your future is to be joined with us in peace and harmony. Look for the news as each day so many changes are happening, even the big news channels cannot resist any longer, for the changes are also coming to them.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and we welcome you all in the new world of Love and Light which is just appearing on the horizon. Release all the doubts, we mean all the doubts that are holding you back and never think of you less than you are wonderful beings of Light that are just awakening from a long sleep, some quickly, some slowly, but all feeling the Love that is surrounding you wherever you go. Keep breathing this Love inside and feel what a beautiful feeling it creates. We love you all.

Channeller: MADAD

Webpage: SaLuSa in Love and Light

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