Stargate Discovered In NASA Apollo 17 Moon Photo, NASA Source, July 2013.

Date of discovery: July 2013
Location of discovery: Earths Moon
Mission: Apollo 17 (last)
NASA source:

Take a look at this amazing ring like object on the surface of the moon. You really cannot see the detail until you enlarge the photo and add light to it. This has the appearance of an actual star gate. If this is true and if NASA knows about it already, then it has probably been moved to Earth. This would also explain Apollo missions 18-20 being suddenly cancelled. Is this a massive structure on the moon, a UFO or a doorway for small ships to pass through from one system to another? The possibilities are exciting. SCW

SaLuSa 9.7.2013

We are waiting for the right moment to introduce ourselves to you and it is going to be a great celebration within the whole Universe. We came here long time ago and we are overlooking for every single detail of this happening to perfectly complete the whole. We are joyous that this occasion is at the verge of happening and we feel great responsibility towards our mission to be successful. Sometimes in your eyes nothing is going the “right” way but we are assuring you once again that also we have our time plans and waiting for the perfect moment to join you. We hear your call loudly and clearly and responding to it each time with sending you more of our love. This call also affects your leaders, who cannot keep our presence hidden anymore, as more people wish to know the truth and remember how powerful your thoughts are.

Now you all see within yourselves how the darkness is being cleared with the Light being sent to you, so the same is happening with the world. All is being taken out of the shadows and cleared with the Love and Light. The more of Light and Love is send, the more darkness can be revealed. Personally many of you are finding out that very old matters are coming for clearing and are surprised of this might be leading many thousands years back, even from the time of Atlantis. These oldest ones are usually the most difficult to clear, but do not doubt yourselves for a moment, as if you would not be able to clear them they would and could not come out for clearing. This knowing should make your intentions even stronger, as those who wish to clear themselves are getting all the help from their Guides and Angels. Those of you, whose future is with us, surely feel our presence and our guidance within messages we are sending, or in telepathic communication with us. Please remember you are all able to communicate this way, you just need to focus and settle yourself into balance within the love field that each of you is surrounded with. We are very happy that more of you want to talk to us, as we are your family and as many of you feel, we are in very close relationship with you. So if you wish, open yourself to this communication and we will gladly and lovingly respond, because we are getting closer. Please release all the doubts of when and how and let it so beautifully unfold into your reality. Remember this is the Creator’s plan for all of us in this Universe and the less doubts you have, the sooner you all will join this new beautiful Light filled reality.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and joining you in your dreams and creating of New Earth and please do not let the doubts to hold you back, as once you release them, the higher realm of that you have been waiting for will open for you. Always share your love and light with everyone and with Mother Earth and it will be returned tenfold to you.

Channeller: MADAD

Webpage: SaLuSa in Love and Light

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the name SaLuSa means “friend from the stars” as indicated by SaLuSa

With love and Light,

Dream 2 July 2013: White cobra and UFO’s

I am Arachanaï



I was in a sort of nursery with my little girl (Nolwazi) and then a big white Cobra snake was rising up, looking at us… he wants to bit us. It strikes but it just misses us by an inch because I shoved it away. I was only thinking of protecting my little girl. The snake became a toddler boy and he is lying on the floor. A lady comes to me and shouts at me because of the way I was treating the toddler. She picks him up and runs away into the nursery.

The dream changes and I am standing in a sort of passageway, looked a bit like a hospital hallway.I see this toddler from the nursery, but he is a bit older now. I feel I have to be careful that he doesn’t touch us with his hands cause he can drain our energy…

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Saint Germain ~ The Vortex of the Merkabah formation and the integration of your Divine Consciousness ~ As channeled by Méline Lafont

Saint Germain ~ The Vortex of the Merkabah formation and the integration of your Divine Consciousness ~ As channeled by Méline Lafont
July 7, 2013 by melinelafont


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Channeler Méline Lafont


Greetings my dearest ones. From the bottom of my heart I embrace you all with my Presence and my energy of Love. I am here to bring an announcement into the depths of your hearts. Prepare yourselves as the intensity commences as soon as we can call it “now”.

Everything is ready to move on to the next level of consciousness and integration. This step has been taken a long time ago on an etheric level but is now followed by the actual big step for you all into a higher level of consciousness and integration of the next new energies and degrees of the multidimensional aspects that you are and perceive. Those new integrations enable your consciousness to move on into a higher state of Being where your knowledge will enrich itself with the numerous multidimensional aspects that you represent and uphold.

With each new integration of a multidimensional aspect of yourself, there will be some shifts in your personal parallel world requiring the need for a greater surrender and trust in yourself and in the Divine. It is essentially important that complete surrender and trust in the Divine AND in yourself becomes factual as you are finding yourselves in a stream of energies which will take on an increased pace and speed than was originally the case.

The time of the integration of the old energies and of the last new energies are as good as done, opening the way for the next new and even more refined energies which are waiting in the wings for all of you to assimilate in your consciousness and in your state of evolution. Are you ready for this, my dearest ones? You’d better be as this will again imply a very intense wave and an affluence of energies which will not leave your parallel world and Being unaffected. Prepare yourselves for the most intense rides ever to occur in the history of the world and of your whole Being!

Integrate all the energies that your body canalizes on Earth in the best possible and personal way. Those energies are being brought to you from the Cosmos to various souls on Earth, in different manifestations on Earth, in an as comfortable and intense way as possible because everything that is being canalized by your Being has its own means of transport on Earth namely your physical aspect in consciousness : your physical body. Be kind to yourself while dwelling on Earth, there is a lot to cope with and to integrate at this moment and everything that you allow to canalize through your body and your Being will be of enormous proportions to the Light.

Increasingly pure Love as an essence will flow through your hearts to the earthly incarnations of all of you in a progressively deeper and intenser way. The mix of energies changes each time and its composition becomes ever so bright of light and pure of essence : or more specifically, unconditional Love. The more you all integrate and shift in your consciousness while incarnated, the more you shift into a more light temple while incarnated and the more you will be able to canalize the essence and purity of Love through your earthly temple and Being. I tell you, this is wonderful, beyond words!


The upcoming Merkabah formation is something I would like to give my perspective on as it implies a rather serious marker in this whole evolution of the planet Earth and Her density. What the Merkabah represents is merely a portal into a new Dimension of Being. By the specific positions of those planets around the Earth you will function as the centerpoint of this whole Ascension process. My dearest ones, by this I mean that at that specific moment you will be, for this one time, the centerpoint of the entire cosmos as it were, to where all Divine energies, all the energies of the Light and all the attention of all in existence will be drawn in order to be able to function as a future sun and star.

This creation is always coupled with intense creations for which of course a high degree of consciousness is required, for which a great number of shifts and adjustments are needed and especially for which a great number of cleansings have to take place. This is all unfolding now on Earth and within yourselves. From the perspective of Earth this all does not seem to imply big shifts but from a more etheric perspective it surely is a most intense shift my beloved friends, believe me! You will truly perceive and experience this personally the more you are attuned to this higher etheric world. However, give it time, the process evolves speedily enough, you can take my word on that.

When during this Merkabah formation you function as the centerpoint and the center of your consciousness (your consciousness contains the whole of the cosmos, making you the centerpoint of the cosmos at that time) you will each and everyone take on the duties to canalize all these energies in the best possible way to assist the Earth in Her consciousness and to create this flower formation of live in the form of a grid. Each of you in their own right will function as a leader carrying his/her own responsibility to assist in all of this and to cooperate in the forming of your Being in your consciousness on Earth and on your parallel reality in which you dwell. You are now busy actualising your Divine consciousness and your Christed embodiment on Earth and in your reality.

Your consciousness has evolved to such a degree or is still in the process of evolving to such a multidimensional aspect of your Being that serves from the highest integration that you are. This implies, my beloved friends, that everything that you truly ARE now comes into your consciousness where it greets you and joins with you on such a level and in such a way that everything that you know, everything that you are in density and everything that you have created thus far (the old) will no longer be important and will no longer manifest in your reality. What remains is everything that you Are as seen from the highest point of your Being, your pure essence and that will lead you now to what you are, what you shape and create in your reality of the parallel Dimensions. By all means, congratulations are in order!! You have just reached a quantum jump in time where everything of the old in reality is no more and everything evolves as it should!

We are now approaching an acceleration surpassing the speed of Light and there’s no stopping that. You have now reached in full glory the most magnificent energies ever, a fact that can no longer be denied by anyone because everything and everyone that does not want to shape or be this will no longer dwell on this frequency but will only dwell on their frequency. The Merkabah formation will shape what is to be shaped from a higher, more refined stance and essence and nothing will be able to stop these intense energies because it is a formation and creation of all of you, being pure, high energy of the light as essence. This Merkabah formation is a portal of Ascension arising from the massive integrations and the formations of the hearts of countless lightworkers and souls on Earth. You have created this portal/vortex/bridge/milestone/shift/
manifestation from the depths of your hearts. I therefore express my heartfelt and cordial congratulations and my gratitude for a beautiful job well done.

Take everything as it unfolds on your world and do not be discouraged by the way that you still take on specific issues as you are still somewhat enclined to do it in a dualistic way, more specifically, with expectations and linear thinking. These can still be prevalent and trigger your heart feelings to doubts or discouragement. That is your ego dissolving and being mixed with your new and refined Being, of which the heart is a greater part and the ego is the little part of your Being. This will shift that way, constantly being worked on until your Being and your heart are One and the ego is no more. BUT it is a work in progress meaning you will have to work on it constantly. As they say, there is no such thing as a free lunch ; if you want to succeed you have to do your part.

With all my Love, I Am that I Am

Saint Germain

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2013, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered. and

Follower – by Ben Naga

Boldly took leave
Of the bellowing city
Walked down to the river
Though the skies opened
Spewing wild wind and water
Piercing even felted clothing

And though there were multitudes
Far more than ever expected
Waited patiently in queue
For that sweet promise
That blessed chance
To, awestruck, touch
The hem of His garment

And in a heartbeat

Not a thing changed

Except now nothing needed to
For some body had instead
And solemnly vowed
To walk in His footsteps
To the ends of the earth
And beyond

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