Number Seven: Pure Mystery


Number 7 is the embodiment of spirit, representing all that is purely ethereal.  It encompasses a conceptual dimension of reality where materialism is of little consequence and is merely an ever-changing reflection of attitude and ideals.  And where faith is never questioned.

On the numerological base spectrum, whereas 6 is the last of the “lower” or denser vibrational frequencies which we experience on the surface of the earth and through flesh & blood societies; 7 being next in line is the first of the “higher” or more delicately tuned vibrations, ones that operate on astral and spiritual levels, invisible plateaus.  It contains such things in its rare wisdom as we are not privvy to on common terms nor are we generally taught to believe.

Number 7 is every mystery beneath the surface of the earth or beyond the confines of our sky.  It encompasses the full spectrum of parallel realities of this galaxy…

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Secondhand Life

Your very own death watch beetles
Mark seconds, minutes, hours
Then days, weeks, months and years
Their insistent ticking unheard by your ears
Fine tuned instead to mental scurrying
Myriad mind maps, multiplex memories
Journeys undertaken or imagined
Varicoloured projections outdoing
Any Hollywood lollapalooza
With anadipsic dreams gushing
While hearts intertwine to the tune
Of Bonaparte’s Retreat or are blown apart
To morph into gory gut wrenching disasters
And you follow your feet down the street
Oblivious to the momentous truth
That moment by moment
You are acting against green screen
And are not here at all, my dear friend

The Dimensional Model – by Extraterrestrial Earth Mission

The 3rd Dimension – Where you are now, your physical reality…

The 4th Dimension – On the fourth dimension ( which is a good one to skip ) We found dark forces, lost spirits, earthbound spirits, fairies and elves. We also found karmic patterning and past life stuff for people who are here on this planet. Here is where you find the classic battle between the forces of light and darkness, good and evil. The fourth dimension is highly interactive with the 3rd dimension…

The 5th Dimension – On the fifth dimension is the plane which you would consider the Heavenly plane. In fact, in near death experiences, people describe going down a tunnel, and going into the light, well, in our model the tunnel crosses the 4th into the 5th dimension, the Light. It is also the dimension where people go when they die on this, the 3rd dimension. The 5th dimension has ET’s in Light bodies, ET Ships, Angels, Spirit Guides, and many wondrous things. This is a plane where things are done purely by spirit, and designed by Spirit, and carried out by Spirit !

The 6th Dimension – In the 6th dimension we found all of the basis of language, music, art, numerology, astrology, genetic coding, DNA, and all symbolic languages of any sort. All of these are different systems, different ways and energies for understanding, for healing, for helping, for expanding consciousness exist here. Most of the work that we do, and information we share comes from the 6th dimension…

The 7th Dimension – On the 7th dimension we found that this was the last dimension where there was an individuation of spirit. If you will, the 7th is where your pure essence exists as an individual spirit. There we found beings existing as pure essences, as colours, as sounds, individuated.

The 8th Dimension – On the 8th dimension we found that spirits began to manifest as single identities that were groups. So there was the Spirit of a Marriage, the Spirit of a City, the Spirit of a Community, the Spirit of a group of any sort existing as an individual identity. This is were all the group soul activities are going on. Manifestation of self begins to take place in larger and larger groups as a consciousness unfolds back to source.

The 9th Dimension – On the 9th dimension we found entities manifested as planets, stars, solar systems, galaxies, and even universes. Here is the place where you can experience this planet as a live conscious being with a purpose, a spirit, a soul, everything. The 9th dimension was the last dimension within the local universe.

The 10th Dimension – The 10th dimension, which is beyond the limits of this local universe, we found the 10th dimension to be beyond, surrounding, or all pervading, all the other dimensions. In this dimension was a pure sparkly white light, that you would know as the Christos, or Divine White Light.

The 11th DImension – On the 11th dimension we found the very source and inspiration for this Divine White Light.

The 12th Dimension – On the 12th dimension, all beings are One, all forms, all demonstrations, all expressions, in all Universes, are ONE !
And that was the edge beyond which you entered the Void, where there is No-thing, and Every-thing, God/Creator !

We have created this model to describe ” Our ” exploration of other dimensions, it is only a possibility, your explorations may reveal quite different possibilities, and they would be correct, for You !

Blessings on your Journey…

” You are the entire Universe, expressing itself, at a single point ! “