Number Seven: Pure Mystery


Number 7 is the embodiment of spirit, representing all that is purely ethereal.  It encompasses a conceptual dimension of reality where materialism is of little consequence and is merely an ever-changing reflection of attitude and ideals.  And where faith is never questioned.

On the numerological base spectrum, whereas 6 is the last of the “lower” or denser vibrational frequencies which we experience on the surface of the earth and through flesh & blood societies; 7 being next in line is the first of the “higher” or more delicately tuned vibrations, ones that operate on astral and spiritual levels, invisible plateaus.  It contains such things in its rare wisdom as we are not privvy to on common terms nor are we generally taught to believe.

Number 7 is every mystery beneath the surface of the earth or beyond the confines of our sky.  It encompasses the full spectrum of parallel realities of this galaxy…

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