Secondhand Life

Your very own death watch beetles
Mark seconds, minutes, hours
Then days, weeks, months and years
Their insistent ticking unheard by your ears
Fine tuned instead to mental scurrying
Myriad mind maps, multiplex memories
Journeys undertaken or imagined
Varicoloured projections outdoing
Any Hollywood lollapalooza
With anadipsic dreams gushing
While hearts intertwine to the tune
Of Bonaparte’s Retreat or are blown apart
To morph into gory gut wrenching disasters
And you follow your feet down the street
Oblivious to the momentous truth
That moment by moment
You are acting against green screen
And are not here at all, my dear friend

2 comments on “Secondhand Life

  1. reminds me of lyrics I found…
    Expedition Lyrics
    Susie dead, a search ahead
    And half the fauna’s made of gears
    Seven went out, all full of doubt
    To find the source of all their fears
    Finding naught they turned to thought
    The world around them hid from sight
    By a veil that turns all truth to false
    A Curse that creates dark from light
    Suddenly it came into existence
    Smoke stacks belching into the sky
    When they approached it moved into the distance
    It seemed as though they’d be denied
    Standing still they saw it fill
    Their vision as if zooming in
    Russell’s take: it was a fake
    An Army decoy, Doppler twin
    The true locale, through rationale,
    A fake plateau beyond the stream
    At a loss, they feared to cross
    But it was not as deep as it seemed
    Just then Russell asked for a prayer
    Maggie turned and gave a silent nod
    When she turned back they saw it there
    The veil was lifted with the help of God
    With the help of God

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