Joshua, the Star of David and the coming of the antichrist

Zvezdata na David
Posted on July 15, 2013 by sanleosol

JoshuaDear Brothers and Sisters I AM Joshua. I want to talk with you about an important issue: the misconception in your world about the Star of David, the cosmic constellation that will reach perfection on July 22 2013. It is said that it is the war star and also that it predicts the coming of the antichrist, in a sense this is true. Far more important is the real meaning of the sign. You have to understand that you live in a world of symbols and symbols have inner meaning. The true meaning of the Star of David is LOVE not war. It represents the human light body, and is the prediction of the birth of the inner Christ in all of you.

How then is it possible that this sign is associated with the antichrist? There are a lot of different agenda’s in your world. The people that are in power now – religion, the cabal, and Military-Industrial complex – are aware of the true meaning of the Star of David, but they don’t want you to become powerful Christ-conscious people. That’s why they will come up with everything that’s possible to stay in power, including a false prophet that can save humanity.

To be clear, there’s nothing to be saved, you are save. You ARE the Christ and that’s what this is all about. So don’t let the turmoil and false information misled you. The final outcome is already clear. The New Earth is already yours and you all will be Christ-like people. The only thing you have to do is to choose for it and start believing in yourself as the only real Christ on earth, cause that’s what you truly ARE!

Be blessed,

Your Joshua

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  1. Well that’s the problem, you can’t have a bunch of Jesuses and Quan Yins running around or there won’t be a need for the church! LOL

    That’s a really cool symbol and I often see it in meditation. To me it’s also a 2-D merkaba, which is an interesting metaphor for separation. You can see it in 2-D, but you can also visualize it in your mind in 3-D. A very different animal.

  2. It’s the symbol of the I AM Presence coming down (the triangle pointing down) and our raising in consciousness (the one pointing up), and becoming one. Refer to Merkabah as well!!! The prophecy re Antichrist is a misinterpretation of the book of Revelation. It’s not about the future and millennialism. Antichrist is a thing of the past! c p

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