Angel Found

Marina Abramović: Rhythm 0

This may be difficult for some to watch, but I believe this is an angel in raw form. In this/our so-called reality, they are not necessarily white-robed beings with harps and wings. Another form are those who act as a reflecting surface for humankind to guage their progress. How far will you go? How far can you let others go? This form of angel is here to take it. Whatever it is humanity can dish out. Again and again. And they are not only here to take it… But to draw it out of us, in unexpected ways.

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  1. hi troy, I was listening, but I don’t understand at the end what she was saying when she got to the hotel and she saw…can you clarify this for me, really want to now what was said.

    Thanks love lisa

  2. She said she looked in the mirror at the hotel in the evening after the performance, and saw a really big piece of white hair.

    Clearly a stressful experience.. manifested.

    My observations are that in the photos most (all?) of the audience are men… and someone even brought their kid with them. I wonder if it would be different if a similar performance were done today? And how would it be different? What if the performer was a man?

    The 70’s were really a different time… but also not so long ago.

  3. psycho attack on the sleepwalkers, they awoke rather quickly
    it is the darkness that gives us the sparks for awakening, sometimes in a rather severe way

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