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Hello dear friends. I just wanted to share a special for me dream that I had today and in fact, it’s been a while since I had that kind of a dream. So here goes.In my dream, it seemed like it started getting dark, so the sky was of a deep blue color mostly. I was in the sea for a night bath, though I have never had a night bath so far in my life.

Among other people, my sister was there with me and all of a sudden we all see a fleet of a really huge number of ships and long cigar shaped motherships. They had different sizes, some looked like symbols, and all seemed to be like light yellow moving objects having also the deep blue color of the environment that was reflected on their ‘metal’ surfaces.

Even if I was viewing them from below, I could somehow zoom to them or view some of them as if I was standing next to them. They were all moving in a steady and a very gentle way, like a breeze, without making the slightest noise. Above I depicted the 3 main scenes that I was able to recall. It was a truly amazing experience for me (-_-). Much Love to all of you.

PS: If anyone wishes to to have a look at my previous dream experiences, you can go to the category in which I’ve written down my dreams of whichever of my two blogs you wish to view. Here are their links: http://awakeningtothedivine.wordpress.com/ and http://konstantinoslightwork.wordpress.com/ .

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  1. Hello my Brother
    Many years ago I had a dream that is so amazingly like yours that i cannot stand but share with you
    I remember it very clearly now
    I was with my sister on the balcony of our flat at night and we were looking at the night sky
    Something great was happening there – a great confrontation between the worlds, I sensed a kind of war between them but it was not a war, it was …taking over, one of the worlds took over and something new appeared, I saw numerous Light Ships coming here to us, all shapes, they were all shining with different colours and the night sky was full of them as if there were fireworks in the sky /like at Christmas Eve/

    • Also, I remember theopposition came not from Space but from earth because there were human made helicopters and rackets send in order to”defend” the Humanity from alien “attacks” and me and my sister were scared at first and I was confused but when I saw the Light Fleet from the Stars coming to us I sensed joy and I was feeling comfortable and the only thing I was doing was watching the sky and the colours 🙂

  2. Glad you liked it dear Troy(-_-). I bet you’d really enjoy a physical sighting like this one..I know that I’d do(-_^) and many others as well.

    • It’s funny Konstantinos but you know, since I’ve been on them already to see one would just be a tease! But of course I would still love to see them. I am also convinced that it would be impossible for me – what we don’t see is an indicator of the “blinders” we have for the mission… Keep our eyes on the prize, so to speak. So I am very grateful that you can express these things through your art, making it that much more tangible / real.

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