Cat Among The Pigeons (Discussion Points)


  1. Oops, on the About page it says to avoid criticism… but what do I do if I don’t agree with something that is written here? Am I not aloud to word my opinion and by doing so maybe trigger an interesting and brain-stimulating discussion?? 🙂

  2. Hi Ben,

    Jeff’s post brings up some interesting points but it strikes me as being quite judgmental and lacking logical coherence in some places (see my examples below)… but that’s ok, he is sooo young…

    “The exploration and curiosity of the human mind is so much more wonderful than letting the mediocrity of reality TV control it.”
    Says who? And on what basis? Some people enjoy exploring and developing their minds, others enjoy reality TV, and some like both; and one doesn’t necessarily exclude the other. Whatever does it for you is fine with me, and I expect the same attitude in return.

    “It is very easy for someone to preach happiness and prosperity, but it is entirely more respectable to live by the words you preach than to speak them.”
    What’s wrong with preaching AND living happiness? And sometimes just preaching is better than doing nothing…

    “When you grasp that concept, measure whatever is “bothering” you against that massive accumulation of unimaginable numbers of LIFE throughout the universe. Do you still find yourself important?”
    Of course I find myself important, I’m the center of MY universe! But that doesn’t mean I don’t understand that I’m a short-lived and minuscule particle of the whole.

    🙂 Heila

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