18 February 2014

My friends, it’s been so long since I posted here that I’m a bit at a loss about how to begin… I don’t have anything earth-shaking to share; but maybe in these times it’s the little pieces that add up and begin to count…

I’ve been quite busy with work and traveling (for work) that the days, weeks, months slip by. But the more interesting bits and little pieces keep nudging their ways into my awareness despite the busy-ness. My challenge seems to be finding a way to fit them all together. Hence the title “Integration”.

Several themes keep popping into focus for me, and I know they tie together somehow. I just haven’t figured it out yet. I suppose I’ve been waiting on an epiphany before sharing, but enough is enough – I think the epiphany won’t come until I start to share.

Topics I’ve been reading, dreaming, and thinking about:

Remote Viewing (and how it’s similar to Seeing)

Tarot and other forms of Divination (methods that allow us to tune in if we step out of the way)

Gnosticism (blah blah blah – don’t take anything too seriously…)

Telepathy and receiving guidance directly (which each of us can do, with effort)

Ufology Culture (as distinguished from UFOs/OVNIs themselves)

Humans who have actually met and interacted with physical ETs (I’m still skeptical…)

Beings from Other Worlds (physical and otherwise…)

Other Worlds (seen, remembered, imagined…)

Cities of Light, Nodes of Higher Energy, Places of Purity (such as Telos, Abiquor, Vesú, Wu Tai Shan, Sukhavati, etc.)

Technology, Biology, and Physics (is it possible for Science NOT to impose limitations?)

The effects that negative/positive thinking and conspiracy theories have on our experience of the world

How things seem to have softened (in a good way) in the New Year

The imperative that we as individuals act to create our own paths and results

How I should best spend my time

That maybe fiction is a better means for sharing what I perceive

Science or Space Fiction (movies and literature), and how much it is “channeled”

Finally getting “All About Enlightenment” published

Parallels between Vajrayana Buddhism and all of the above, and how they relate closely

How all of the beings I know are connected

How full of s**t most of this sounds at times

And yet how totally convinced I am that it’s all “real”

I’ll stop the list there. As I read over it, no wonder I feel a bit overwhelmed about trying to tie it all together. It’s going to take some time.

But I feel it in my gut – all of this does tie together, and how it ties together bears relevance. At least it does for me. It seems like a continued gathering of puzzle pieces that began about 18 months ago when I was in Pagosa and I heard “The Buddhas are coming!” I realized then that I was hearing that there’s a connection between Vajrayana deities (like Heruka), and folks that I’ll just call Extra-Terrestrials. I’m being asked to explore this, but I find it hard to believe that anyone but Ben Naga and myself might really be interested in it (tip of the hat to Ben…).

In the meanwhile, I have had a few recent communications from Adrial about Abiquor, and during the Dreamflight this past Saturday, one of my guides and a man came and found me to ask me to shift my focus back to Abiquor and Cities of Light again. It seems that some obstacles have cleared and now we (the larger collective WE) have space and room and energy to contribute in a fruitful way.

I’m fascinated by this, because I don’t recall ever having someone come find me in a dream and bring me a specific message or request. Hmm.

And while I know that lots of people yearn to hear “good” news about world changes and “better” worlds arising, what I have been receiving consistently (as I believe others have received also) is that we humans must accept responsibility for our own progress (however we define that), and that much work remains to be done.

I don’t see Abiquor or Vesú appearing in concrete physical form any time soon.

But maybe it’s just that I feel I won’t see them in physical anytime soon; there’s no impending rescue, no matter how much I plead… And on some days, I just don’t understand at all.

At the same time, I know that these places, these states of mind, already exist in fullness and potential (as well as do countless other similar places), and we can visit them in dreams or meditations. By the same virtue, we can also visit with beings that can help us.

I understand that It takes effort, and that these treasures are found within. Cliché, but true. And that brings me back to the level of busy-ness I’m experiencing these days…

So, I’m asking Adrial and others to please give me some more concrete information if they really want me to post about Abiquor and such… And I’m asking Heruka and my local elemental pals to help arrange conditions so that I’ll have the time and energy to write and share whatever might be worthwhile.

I hope these words find you well and managing the energies of 2014. It’s all going to be alright.

Sending you all lots of love,



8 comments on “Integration

  1. Nice to hear from you, Leslee. As for Vajrayana/ET links; I don’t recall saying anything to you about this, but certainly I have no problem with it. You must know the parable about the elephant and the blind men? There may be readers here though that do not? So … (

    Some of what has been flowing through my thought stream recently may assist in making links?

    An overall theme around the integration of good/bad. (Given that I am always drawn toward the Taoist approach). Three articles that were cast up on my shore recently:

    BTW , along with believing there is a significant amount of material in movies and literature (among the dross and the toxic) which is “channelled” I believe that is true with all creative media. As for poetryfor example, The Musey Lady and I stand guilty as charged. (Poetry lies its way to the truth. – John Ciardi )

    On a more serious note, this need to integrate “good” and “evil” at both inner (personal/imaginal) and outer (earth/space) reflects the way the two levels mirror one another. (The “I cause my own exterior world through my beliefs, acts and attitudes” approach, which is being constantly pointed out in various channelings.)

    Meanwhile, my purpose in this incarnation has become clear to me recently. Of course I always knew it, but suddenly I KNOW it. I’m sure you recognise that experience. 😉

    Ah, Leslee. I am sure we shall both always be seen as renegades wherever we appear. 😀

    • Hi, Ben!

      Wow, and I even made the time to check comments after a post!!! 😀
      I just got home, to the ubiquitous “Caution: You are about to approve the following comment:”… I love the irony in that. I think the number of links threw you into WordPress Purgatory. 😉

      Thank you for so much resonance, in so many ways. I agree with you on all points, and will make a point of finally finishing at least one of the Waking Times articles before bed tonight. Started one the other day, but had to move on quickly…

      I’m glad you assent (ascent?) to my Vajrayana/ET reference… I tend to read it between the lines of your poetry. As far as my being able to document my half-baked insights on the matter, I’m fairly overwhelmed by just the thought of the task. But I can see it, if through a haze…

      The most riveting example of my reference to the media/literature connection got a boost when Doris Lessing passed from this world in October. I re-found a copy of “Briefing For A Descent Into Hell”… And then this past week had been re-reading “Shikasta: Colonisation of Planet 5”. I had to put both of them down without quite re-finishing them – just too close to home, and I really don’t have the patience to muddle my way through her sentence structure sometimes… Not to mention that a steady dose of that gets too darn heavy for me. But the impact of her work was profound in 1978, and it is today. I wonder how many of us know how ahead of the curve she was… God, that was intense for a 17-year-old. I’m probably lucky to have retained as much optimism as I muster, having weaned myself from Shakespeare with her and Vonnegut…

      Okay, I must move on to that WT link… and yes, I believe you’re right about the terms of how we will continue to meet, I’m sure!
      XOXO – Leslee

      • Of course I shall be very glad to learn your comments/conclusions after digesting the three WT articles. I found them just the pieces to slot in to place. Now certain important parts of the picture are starting to become clearer and make sense.

        It is as if everything is linked. 😉 Just as I suspected too! 😉

  2. Sorry, I forgot to mention
    Perhaps the most important
    Recent rumination.


    Two a misapprehension
    There is only ever one
    And yet are also two
    No apprehension too

    Like rice and barley
    Found mixed up together
    Letting go in the moment
    Holding without grasping

  3. Leslee so pleased to find you are doing well although very busy. Over the past three weeks many things have come into a form of sycronicity for me. Where there is drama within the family I find I seem to be looking from the outside doing what is needed but some how detatched also.
    As to movies and other media Yes I see many that mirror what is indead happening here and in the not too distant past. I see the scene much clearer now and it occurred to me today to write my thoughts in regards to a comment in a facebook group. Yet anoth syncronicity for me.
    Written by Saltan.
    We in India, the great populated democratic country are witnessing every second a death in road accident, for every minutes a huge scream of mother of POOR Child who are dying on malnutrition on the prime hand,

    On the other, tens of thousands of acres of highly fertile land which is surrounded with good transport, access water being gifted for The So Called Industrialization by root outing the tribals among we 99%.

    But we Indians are so busy that until our own lovely children meet with The Road Accident, until our parents in country-side are thrown out of their fertile land, until we hospitalize out on eating the GMO food we least bother the sufferings of our fellow brothers and sisters, mothers and children around us.

    It’s mainly because we believe the Media more than our own senses. And the leaders on the every part are so clever that They know when should bomb blast and from which forest Naxals issues should raise…., The World has never witnessed such a horrible type of use of divide and rule, but of India since few decades….India has witnessed thousands of good hearted progressive Hindus being killed in the name of Naxalites/Maoists. But the so called Hindus doesn’t bother this, because whomever the state killed are nothing do with Hindutwa rather they took a turn like Rajeev Dixith who tasted a mysterious death when he started campaign uniting Hindus and Muslims together….
    And wherever possible even Our Countries Great Police Officers too least bothered the mysterious death of IPS Hemant Karkare and many who did their job for the Welfare of Humanity.

    I know that many of us doesn’t have time to read this and share because Media on the other hand releasing some other sensitive news!!!!
    Until Indians too like the present USA & the West moving against the Media and Struck in some of the issues till the justice been granted, it is of no sense to have hope on the better tomorrow’s.
    Media on the one side is a purely a business which sell the news which is good in the market, and moreover We fail to see the Media amongst its real patron political Leaders and Corporates.

    Having a hope is not bad and luckily Thinking is not illegal in many countries, friends in India too…..
    My Reply.
    Once you step outside the system and just observe you wittness the repeating cycle of humanity, a cycle that does not work. We follow the same path our parents grandparents great grandparents followed. The goods we buy do not last as long as they once did. Our time has been taken from us as has family because we accept what is the commercal fabrication of what life is when in truth it is not. I have come to the realisation that one man has obtained power over this world by what he has over another through fear . One country has obtained power over another through secret weapons and military might. This will continue until all those being controlled by what ever means stand up and say no more. Once that happens and they begin to tell their truth no matter how hard, how disturbing, the lives of us all will continue along the same old paths

    • Very poignantly put by both of you, Suzanne!
      Bit by bit, speaking out and sending out, we make a difference… Nudging forward…
      It’s so nice to hear from you too!
      I hope things are well for you on the other side of the planet, holding down the fort!
      much love to you,

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