1. 🙂 anti climactic? the ‘we are already there’? I had many moments of that fear of anti climactic insults! when this is where we WANTED to be but if ‘they’ insulted you then they will insult you again. like this? this is what you wanted….its their bitterness.

  2. Wow, thanks, Troy! (sincerely)… Interesting dilemma (video and comments and situation)… very slick production. I wonder how they managed to do all that editing from a tent? I’m not even sure if I’m being sarcastic. Maybe they could do another one, “the making of…”, to try and demonstrate some level of authenticity… but then they would need to do yet another one, because we’d be able to find something suspicious in that, and so on… another ourobouros, I suppose. My head hurts and my heart breaks. Within 5 seconds I was thinking “propaganda”, but at the same time, who wants to be perceived as insensitive?
    (So, is it okay if I wink and smile here too?)
    Back to my real knitting:
    “May everyone be happy.
    May everone be free from misery.
    May no one ever be separated from their happiness.
    May everyone have equanimity, free from hatred and attachment.”

    • My initial viewing and reaction to the video was to take it as real (or at least as real as reportage gets). My deliberate irony was in my use of the word “isolated”, So, to remove the irony, I should have written a comment along the lines of.

      “How many times have I seen, or known of, this kind of violent suppression all over the planet and back through time? I found myself saying out loud,.”I am Spartacus.”

      Not that the line of speculation Troy opens up, and to which I responded, is invalid, but that is not what my irony was pointed at. Mea culpa; I shouldn’t be so oblique. After all it is almost always worth considering to what extent we may be living inside a hall of mirrors run by puppet masters (including ourselves).

    • I thought this video was cool because it has several layers to it. An excercise in multi-layered thinking. It’s hard not to see both a positive and negative side – on the one hand there could be an agenda, on the other it inspires people to think how these themes apply to them. What she describes is very similar to what is happening in the US. It’s just that folks are conditioned to accept that this is how life is supposed to be. Now I look at a new car and it looks like a pair of slave shackles. A credit card is the same. Yet we seek to be better than neighbors so this is a reasonable cost. And if we speak against it… Well our “friends” / “family” tell us we’re nuts. Suck it up, be a man, etc. yet… The whole thing is stacked against us. At least it certainly seems that way! So… Maybe things like this are simply needed at this time. Maybe it’s there to sell the war… But maybe there’s some needed truth there too.


        In Step One
        We learn to think
        Rather than dozing

        In Step Two
        We learn to expand
        Between the thoughts

        In Step Three
        We become impatient
        “Are we there yet?”

        In Step Four
        We relax, freewheel
        We are already there

  3. masturabation? I didn’t know if that was a joke/pun/metaphor or im taking it out of context but the bible has a verse that literally says a woman all alone masturbating gave life to all nations. or in doing so gave all his riches to all of them(her husbands. Ezekiel 22 as well as many other passages. simply by looking at images on the wall… and it goes into other detail.i think it goes along with all the sorcery verses involving ‘intent’ such as verse that says to look upon a woman with lust you’ve already committed adultery,etc. and an uneasy one/a bit too much responsibility…verses that say when attached connected (have been with) a ‘whore’ then you have been with all others she has been with. ironic… since if not and all stay perfectly ‘pure’ then you still have the seedline your ‘attached’ to and all they have done as well! but that’s considered ok.

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