Disclosure, Mandalas, Heruka

Disclosure, Mandalas, Heruka

21 February 2014

(Note from Leslee:This began as a journal entry this morning, as I was venting to my guides about some current frustrations, mostly related my confusion about how and when our Friends might appear here on Earth (Whether that means ETs landing or some major Earth-paradigm shift) . I’ve edited out the profanity and most of the rant…) Ghost Radar words in [brackets like this].


I’m requesting all the Crew: Buddhas, ETs, whatever you are… [small] I sit here, feeling the intense energies plowing through my consciousness and body, and wondering what is the point. I think we need to stop playing this game; I’m tired. I don’t like ignorance and insensitivity, and I don’t like [forth] having to deal with this swamp that steams and stews of fear and [gave] isolation, separation. [inner-circle] I thought all [tears] of this was leading to some [start] progress for myself and others, and it is moving so slowly. [inundated] Is this worth it?

I’m not saying I quit – I’ve tried that before and I see it doesn’t work. But for goodness’ sake, can’t [something] you give me a little more of a clue about what the heck is going on right now? So many people are struggling so deeply, and are so worried about circumstances. [meat]

Yes… why do I have to eat meat to stay balanced? Why do I have to live in a body that deteriorates? [grey] How does this help? How does this help? I trust that you are there, but it feels like you’re waiting until I reach some point of desperation before you’ll answer my questions in ways that will stick and congeal and collect meaning.  I sit here and type, wondering why. I’m venting, but I could do that with just the pendulum and my own fat a*s. Why do I need to record this? Who will find it, who will read it?

I think I hear you whispering that it all does make a difference, and I need to trust. I’m so frustrated that I cannot see results. I don’t like this arrogant bluster in my head that wants to take and shake people – all of mankind – until they lose their senses and see more clearly.

Okay, I think I’m almost done, I will try to quiet those voices and listen now. Oh, I breathe a deep sigh. It’s a confounding place, this. Alright, I’ll be quiet now and ask for your response. Thank you for listening.

Yes, it’s Heruka. Thank you for blowing off some of that energy. Yes, please use the chart.

Know that many people, more people than are on this earth, benefit by your presence here. Many people love you in ways you can’t imagine.

Oh, yes, I can feel that now (tears…)…

But like quiet storms in perilous oceans, having phalanxes  of “real” [troops octahedron tornado] – yes, that’s me in ghost radar – troops on earth, in this grounded plane, is like tossing them into a tornado.  One is generally not going to survive intact. Even the eye of the storm is constantly moving, so it’s inevitable, the getting tossed about and being flung far and wide. But I know you don’t want to hear that it’s part of the role.

So let’s go a bit deeper.

Seeing Leslee pause (X) crosses out loving Mikos, makes it not possible for him to appear.

You mean that my doubt, anger, frustration – the emotions – prevent him from coming here?

No. It’s hard to put into words. Mikos is there with you. But you cannot see him. You meet him in dreams, in so many aspects, and yet you struggle to bring him with you into your waking life. We will try to offer some suggestions to help with that. That would sustain you more deeply.

Yes, I can feel that, thank you.

You are correct in understanding that Mikos takes you for granted in dreams. That is why he is sometimes quite brazen in approaching you there. See if you can remember to look for him in your dreams, and when you see him, ask him – confront him – to reveal himself and explain to you why things are the way they are between you. Try to remember to set this intention every night as you fall asleep. Let’s see what comes of it.

Now you have other things we need to talk about. Chart again, please.

Once you noun apply (yes, please go make some more coffee) [Sirian]

Shall we start that sentence again?

No, please repeat, including “Sirian”.

Once you noun apply Sirian – Yes: Once your Sirian application of thought forms reaches a level where all manifests within this current sphere of experience, we’ll have lots more phenomena going on, so many people will ask questions. That is what you’re waiting on. We know – it’s like waiting on a train that never arrives, and you don’t even know when to expect it, but you know that you cannot leave the platform and risk missing the train. Much like in your dream last night.

The phrase “application of Sirian thought forms” refers to your Tantric practice. That is your nudge, your clue as to how to tie together Buddhas and ETs. Take it and run with it. But you need to do some more research first.

So, for now… Wait, are you saying that random people doing Tantric practice are helping bring about Disclosure (of many things), even though that may not be an interest of theirs?

Yes. Disclosure – in the broadest sense – will only occur once the energy of the Mandala is strong enough. Please plan to spend the weekend explaining this is more detail.

Abiquor is a Mandala? Cities of Light are Mandalas?

Precisely! Thank you! Now explain what that means. Not right now, but over the next few days.

Don’t worry about scholarship – leave that to others. Just please transcribe what we give you, and share it with others; that is all you need to focus on right now.

Continue with your daily routine as normal, and spend time on the beach. This helps. You will bring forth information that will help all the friends you’ve been emailing with, as well as those who read the posts.

Okay, on with the day.



  1. For example Billy Faye Woodard. When I realized this, things kind of popped into focus! I know some folks slam him as being fake, but that’s part of the filter of duality. These are just aspects of the same god-being.

  2. Wondering what is happening, frustration at the time it is taking for contact in any form was the begininng of a strangeness the week before Christmas. My husband would not respond to my questions and I called an Ambulance but the paramedic that came could not take him as he was on his own so another from the city was sent. What struck me when I answered the door was that the two men and one women were so tall. The one that spoke was not impressed that he had not gone to the doctor and took him to the Ambulance and they left without telling me which was very strange in its self. He recieved a good telling off all the way in he told me when I picked him up at 9.30 pm that night. A few days later found myself with my third son at the mall helping him with his Last minute shopping. My son is tall but as I walked around from the jewellers I came to an abrupt stop which made my son stop. All around me were these tall people taller than my son.Feeling drawn back here after months of inward reflection seems to be the order of the day. Syncronicity is happening on a daily basis now even to the point of seeing Blue,Multi couloured and white golden orbs in the air where I am now living. at night. It seems a move may again be on the horizon.
    Mandala’s has come to mind on many occasions this past 6 months but finding a medium that I need to work with. Every time I went on line I had organite popping up showing me its properties and what can be achieved to help heal the environment, I was also given a coil pattern to incorporate into the pieces. And yes Sand, shells, crystals, and metals all from mother earth are the ingrediants which I have spent the past two months collecting. Did a test pour a month ago and today had the urge to finally do another. Today is also 5 days since I have heard from a Sister that I have communicated with for over a year daily sometimes 3-4 emails a day which has me wondering what is happening in and around NY.

    • Another facet of this little problem, Suzanne, from my understanding is that there are many Agarthans already here, and they’ve forgotten too. Look at their eyes – it’s a unique shape. They’re typically taller but not by much. There’s a teacher in my son’s school who is quite tall and has that eye shape. A very gracious woman and always smiling. You’ll know it when you see it. So, I would say that *technically* your requirements have been met… But it’s something of an empty victory! 😉

    • Hmmmm…. I may send you a pic of my older brother. There’s a photo of him that somehow reminds me of BFW’s pic (that comes up first on a Google search today…)

  3. Wow thank you my sweet lady. The moment you said Abiquor is based on a mandala, I remembered that one of the rooms, the floor, I actually drew a mandala on that floor. That is really amazing

    Love Lisa

  4. I am perplexed by the idea of these guys ever showing up… I have met them now face to face, in dreams, but I grapple with the idea of how to get them out of my head and into the “real world”… Or if we are them and they are us then again they are already here as we…. If they are indeed out of phase then how do we get in phase in order to see them? And if they are in no time then whatever timeline they may provide is irrelevent…

    Oh and by the way Leslee, my fingertips -just under the nail – is quite painful too. For absolutely no reason.

  5. Les, it is amazing how a single word can turn the sadness into joy! This I call a transmutation 🙂
    I miss you so so so so sos Much!
    ( ( SUN ) )

    • Hi, Dear Tauno! I’m so happy to hear that words “transmutation”! And I’ve missed you all too… So now, let’s say I’m back, and if more than a few days passes in silence, you can email me and just say: “Liar!” ;D
      I feel like I’m coming out of a cave after a bit of a retreat…
      Love you, dear Sis!

      • My meditation showed me that you are back really! I saw your golden energy dragon/serpent and I saw a Being of Golden Light too
        and the Rune GEBO
        We had a conversation with Troy these days and we both agree that the energy between us all works even though we do not hear from each other for a long time
        This is the case here too 🙂
        How is OcaTawa doing?
        ( ( SUN ) )

  6. Hello there Leslee! Finally some words to read from ya! It’s like I’ve been waiting on the platform & waiting for some Sharing from you, too…
    I see “closure” a part of Disclosure. Closure & freedom from what has happened on our Soul Level. A closure & release Mandella…to Birth a Brilliant outlook of who we Be.
    p.s.: I’m still waiting for my shells…stress!…hehe. 😉

    • Hi, Babajij! Oh, you mean the shells I’m coming out of? Thank you for reminding me, dear… I still have things I haven’t sent you from Atlanta, Pagosa, AND the beach! I suppose I shouldn’t grump about other things taking “so long”. Okay, goal for the weekend: Post Office! I think that’s called “EUstress”, the good kind… 😉
      And I love what you propose about our new mandala & disclosure. Closure, Yes. Blank slate, but we can add back the bits we’d like to keep. That will be nice…

  7. Yes! Just like Washington DC is a mandala, the human body is a mandala, your home is a mandala, the planet is a mandala, the solar system is a mandala, etc etc.
    So you can see how these can be manipulated at an energetic level to change the world around us.

    True freedom allows for venting and swear words you know!

    Well anyways I can reasonably say you are speaking on my behalf as well, you have framed my feelings towards this exactly. It’s bloody frustrating. I want to give up. However I have also seen increased levels of synchronicity and the regular morning headaches tell me some fairly broad changes are going on. We’ll look in the mirror one day and finally recognize the person staring back at us…

    Sorry you’re having trouble with Mikos – don’t take any guff from that lad! My cos(mic) friend can be a bit of a PITA sometimes but he means well. 😀


    • And Thank YOU, Troy – as soon as the world Mandala arose, I thought of you and had a feeling you would feel some recognition. I feel so fortunate to know our guides understand our feelings and frustration, and that Heruka in particular is happy to allow me to throw my tantrums!

      Mikos just won’t keep still… Now, that’s not what Librarians are “supposed” to do! (harumph!)

      And I agree with you, that the synchronicities and such more than make up for the headaches and thumbaches and brainaches… 😉

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