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To:Brother Tom

Hello again brother Tom and to all.I am sorry to bother your
time hoping everyone still have enough energy to battle the time
that are heading towards us.

As you can see clearly what lies ahead,there will be more things
to come that are not common to everyone.As an overall preparation,planet earth is about to crack in many ways worldwide.As you already knew a very long time ago,this solar system that we are are in with, are already outdated a very long time ago.All planets in our solar system and its resources was consumed by many dark beings and the last planet they are about to consume, is the planet that we are living now where all of our love ones live.

You have to try to remember everything this time for these surface battles of humans happened before millions of years ago.This planet earth and its trap are from negative forces who are with us many millions of years ago.This solar system that we are now, are about to be renew.The real battle will be perform
from outer space by the Celestial Sons for they see everything who come and go.The real obstacle that we are facing is the material you and the material me for we are all in physical state.Deep inside us,is a light being the immortal one which is
what you are and what we are.Never ever think that any events on earth are not recorded by the Celestial Sons.They also send messages and light on the spot of any battle.They also sent signs
of their presence and powerful positive vibrations to anyone and
everyone that will shake deep inside into their hearts and bones
that gave them a little shake to their souls.

There will be changes of everything base on humans senses,people
will seek the light within them as a tool to move out from this
planet.Originally,humans are not from earth and many are longing
to go back to their real home.In many planets and universes,there
are travelers,explorers,missionaries,volunteers,pilots and engineers,and also musicians.Those beings who travel anywhere and everywhere knew what is Earth for they are all educated about many things but willing to experience what we called challenge.Many come in many forms.Many inventors also “go with the flow”.They all knew also what kind of solar system and planets they were heading.In short,many are longing to go back home now because you are one those beings.

This time,negative beings will tease you all the way so you cannot and will not remember who you are.This battle is not about
material things,it is about spiritual revelation.Day by day you can fell vibrations and that vibrations will expand little by little until you can pass those vibration to everyone you meet,
you know,and even to your love ones, friends, to plants and animals because all that lives have spirits within them in another level.While positive forces grow,negative forces suffers.
Many of you here at RMN and readers are originally not from this
planet.Many of you also are travelers from many planets and many
universes from different time and different places.You are all immortals you know? Are you physically tired now or you just
getting started.In every corners on earth, they did hear the call.Go within and be with the light,and let the light be with you.Fell the infinite power from the source of Creation cause you are a part it.

With all of my respect to all of you and have a good journey
to the beyond.Thank you very much brother Tom and to all crew of
RMN.May you all have a good day. Albert

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