Owl-Moth Magic: My Nocturnal Journey

I am Arachanaï

Owl-Moth captured on 07-04-2014 07:57 Owl-Moth captured on 07-04-2014 07:57  © Liesbeth Swenne

I captured this picture almost two weeks ago (yes that is me in the window). First I thought it was a butterfly but later through my good friend Troy I learned it is an Owl-Moth. This moth was sitting on my bedroom window and believe it or not…it was sitting on the side I was sleeping in my bed. And strangely enough it was the same moth who was flying against our kitchen window were I was standing, amazing because my kitchen light was off. This picture was emailed to my friends and I got such a positive feedback that I decided to make a personal story out of it. My Nocturnal Journey.

This is what my good friend Troy mailed to me and I could find myself in it. Everything written applied to me and I was so amazed by…

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