Galactic Lightship Dreamflights: 3MAY2013

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (3 May 2014) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Light Ships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: Auroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

8 comments on “Galactic Lightship Dreamflights: 3MAY2013

  1. Mijn droom:
    We waren ergens aan het klussen en zaten aan tafel en toen hoorde ik dat Paula niet kwam.
    Maar er zat iemand naast me die leek heel erg op Paula, ik sloeg een arm om haar heen en vertelde haar dat ze zoveel op Paula leek. De jongeman waar we waren zei heb je het over Paula met de……..hij noemde negatieve dingen over haar uiterlijk.
    (ik weet niet welke).
    Ik zei tegen hem, Paula is voor mij de meest zuiverste persoon die ik ken! En ken haar al bijna mijn hele leven. Op dat moment stapte mijn buurman binnen die dat bevestigde.

    My dream:
    We were somewhere on the chores and sat at the table and when I heard that Paula did not come.
    But there was someone next to me who was very much like Paula, I hit an arm around her and told her she looked like so much Paula. The young man we were said you mean Paula with …….. he mentioned negative things about her body. (I do not know which one).
    I said to him, Paula is the most purest person I know! And I known her almost my whole life. At that time, my neighbor stepped inside who confirmed.

  2. Dream flight – 3 may 2014
    I was with my family in another town on a vacation, we rent an apartment that seemed familiar to me ,in a way.
    My room was in orange-yellow colours, bed cloths, curtains , ets. everything was neat and covered with orange yellow
    I remember some trouble with mains we had.
    Then in the evening we all went for a walk in the town, the sky was beautiful, there were blue clouds and grey clouds and white ones on the evening sky and there it is! A Portal opened through the clouds, the clouds just formed a tunnel with round shape, the tunnel was leading into the sky, I pointed towards it and we all looked up to the sky, but something prevented me to go through the tunnel, we stayed on the ground
    End of the dream
    Love and Light

    • This ties in to my conversation with Nils about the “controllers” whose energy / preference appears as an orange color. So perhaps this dream is symbolic of them preventing you / us from going through that portal. It might be saying that this is still a factor.

      • All limitations come from within, Troy
        We have free will but we do not know our life contracts yet, it is better to go with the flow…wiser ..I feel
        and I can say…I am tired of 3D but somehow my voice is lost into the void, it seems that I have lost my willingness to dream and meditate, it is one desire that has left – to GO OUT of the lower energies that are sticky and unpleasant
        Hope I will be able to do it
        ( ( SUN ) )

        • I believe when this happens our lives become the dream / meditation. It becomes harder to maintain 3D because it is not our “natural” state. If you want proof of the transition, this is it. It is like the scene in KPAX when he said that he teleported home just now, but nothing appeared to have happened. This existence was imposed on us – although I understand it was our choice to be here for a short time, so that we could help our friends and family, and be helped by friends and family. So the question is not so much to achieve a different dimension, as it is to hold on to the current one for as long as we can. ❤

          • Look at the children and how they behave, I mean children under 5, they are so natural and they live in the NOW moment, they still keep the memory of where they came from
            Thank You my Brother Troy
            ( ( SUN ) )

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