Random thoughts – 19 August

-Adrial suggests that we can move the ships over to California and make it rain there. Clouds are one physical manifestation of the ships. For those who have created their own ships, this is a suggested action at this time. This is because the “Sphere Alliance” have done some things to stop weather modification in California. We would like to further prove that rain is possible in California.

-I asked about the possibility that there would be a problem with severe erosion if it rains after a drought. This is true, but trees will still benefit from the water and will hold the soil to some degree.

-Following the purchase of a car, for me, this is a point in time (right now) leading up to another point in time where people start to remember their past lives. The timeline feels different but this is a “fixed” point from which other timelines converge and separate. What happens is a greater awareness for some. For others, they will dismiss these as silly dreams, and not understand why they are dreaming about other people. These are in fact parallel lives and past lives – they just don’t recognize these dreams as being such.  This is because when you are in your own body you can’t see your own face unless you’re standing in front of a mirror. If you did, and you were experiencing a past life, you might see that you are staring out of the eyes of someone with a different body. Eventually people will remember all of their past lives and still have a physical body, which is not common in this experience / timeline currently. Past lives can go back a very long time.

-from a “time traveller” perspective, these time points are used to relocate back to a specific point in time. It’s something of a “home base”.

-experiencing past lives is typically not a bad experience. Even experiencing your own death is typically not painful – though sometimes the “now” body reacts to the situation (i.e. you will fall “into” bed).



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