A Note About Disclosure

-Disclosure has been happening with increasing frequency. So far, it is in the form of “airing our dirty laundry”, where hackers are gaining access to personal information that we’d prefer to keep private. This is what Valiant refers to as “being on your best behavior”. This is after all the “realm of reflection”, so anything “naughty” that you are engaging in, or areas of your life that you need to focus on, will be reflected back to you in one way or another. Sometimes this reflection is not that obvious to us. The Ashley Maddison hack is an example of this reflection… and is a more direct example of how this can happen. This is necessary since government officials are often highly regarded, but they are human like anyone else.

-Delete online accounts that are tied to your “dirty laundry” if you have any. Most light-followers have lost the appetite for these pre-programmed control mechanisms, but these are also hard to avoid because they are everywhere. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you do engage in such things because of this – it is a response to external influence. Seek help from your “extended family” if needed – remember you are never alone in anything. Also remember that they love you, no matter how much they may act to the contrary. Having said this, do not allow abusive behavior against you, no matter how well-intentioned this may be.

-Eventually hackers will gain access to files relating not only to Area 51, but also the “secret space program” that the governments of the world are engaging in – particularly the US Space Command. Taking a look at the Coats of Arms for these agencies will give clues as to what they’re doing – for example, a triangular craft is actually a triangular craft. The fact that they have Coats of Arms (British Heraldry) is another evidence where the US Government and military agencies are taking their orders from.

-The “Black-Budget” programs will also be hacked, which is tied to the secret space program. It doesn’t matter what quantum algorithms or separation this information might be given. It is not separate from an energy perspective… separation is an illusion. As energy, it is all part of the whole, and can be accessed as a part of that whole. Some of it has already been released in the “New Age” circles, but undeniable evidence supporting these claims will also be released. The hack is a matter of pride to the hacker, but is also typically part of the “cyber wars” currently underway. These are not advertised by the media but are happening now.

-the first casualty of any war is the truth.

-The template of these hacks is similar to the concept of “life finds a way”.

-once this information is released, it will be apparent that there is life in the universe other than just humans. The definition of what “life” is will also need to be revised. Currently “life” is defined as taking on physical properties.

-Sentient self-awareness is considered as being mostly “human”. If wolves have a complex language, how can they not fit into this category? Our definitions and perceptions are due to our own self-imposed separation from source / everything. This includes our definitions of who our “enemies” are. If you hate someone based on who you are told to hate, this is a “pre-programmed” response. It is especially useful to be guided towards “invisible” enemies, such as the Annunaki, reptiles, Illuminati, and immigrants (for example). These are all attempts to impose increasing separation on you. As long as you see yourself as separate from these groups, you are controllable. When you can see yourself as your enemy, you no longer have an enemy.

-remember this when the “full disclosure” happens because there has been an ongoing attempt to turn peaceful groups of alien races into enemies of humanity. This only benefits the corporations that are controlling your governments.



  1. We have just had a black monday with a global loss of 500 trillion dollars on the financial market. They said on RT it’s the first time for 8 years. It’s been disclosed on CNN as well. On other channels they are trying to blame the Chinese saying they will be fixing their market when in fact China has a very strong economoy and RT says they will be the best in the world by 2030. Apparently the problems can only be solved by a revaluation of currencies but it can’t happen if there is war in a country. Iraq for instance has wealth potential but there are forces attempting to throw it in turmoil with war again.

    • It is kind of like the proverb, “May You Live in Interesting Times”. The English say that this is a Chinese proverb, but it was never actually ever said by the Chinese… except possibly as a curse… 😉

      To understand the “template” that we are seeing in economics, look at “axial precession”, or “precession of the equinoxes”


      It has a built-in “wobble”.

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