1. I post messages I receive by telepathic communication on Facebook (look for Christine Preston Swansea University). I would welcome more ‘friends’ there.

  2. This is the text from Archangel Michael’s dictation to me on Oct 9 which I am expecting Matt Muckleroy will be publishing. It’s with regard to bringing about Peace in the world.
    Archangel Michael: Part I: Solar Ring, twin flames, changes.
    Part II: Call for Intervention
    Oct 9.
    Part I
    Christine: What follows is an invocation, or prayer, dictated by Archangel Michael for the manifestation of Christ consciousness within your being by the Solar Ring. One of the effects of the descent of this Light Body is that it brings twin flames closer together. The call is followed by an invocation for Archangel Michael’s intervention to manifest Peace in the world. It is given by my ascended twin flame André on behalf of Archangel Michael. This dictation given to me on October 9 contains an important spiritual teaching.
    Archangel Michael: Hail! children of the Sun! I give to you this Rosary as a sacred tool to bring Peace to the world. It is a Call to be made in the Science of the Spoken Word. It is a resource for you to draw from your I AM Presence, as well as the Great Central Sun, the power that will manifest in yourself and the world all the positive changes that you so yearn for. It is a sacred tool that the Master El Morya released to the lightbearers of the world many decades ago, and as it is unknown to the lightworkers of present day I desire to bring it back to your attention.
    In the words that you speak is the power to create. Your human thoughts, feelings and desires, function as a device by which you create your Reality and your future. So you have been asked to dream the things that can create a new Gaia. However, the use of Calls such as this invocation, which you can extend into a Rosary, if you will listen to it, and even recite it, is a magical tool that can transfigure the human psyche – as long as you enter into this practice with an attitude of surrender to the Divine Will. The recitation of calls such as those for the Tube of Light and Solar Ring can free the Nations from the domination of certain forces that are still in pursuit of power rather than in service to Life.
    When the name I AM is used, realise that it means ‘God in me’. It commands the flow of energy for transformation, and by uttering these magical words you enter into a sacred partnership with your Mother-Father God in the Great Central Sun who are represented in your Divine Presence and the triune flame of your heart.
    From the Powers that you invoke flow particular attributes that can be integrated, or made your own. Repeating a decree many times increases its effect as more light is released. You become God in action by desiring the Will of God to manifest in your life. You create yourself in the image and likeness of the blueprint of the Light Body that is descending as Heaven does upon Earth. This Light Body is Christ consciousness and it is changing mankind’s DNA. The Solar Ring will be a platform for the construction of the Tube of Light. It is a circle of Light you may visualize as well as invoke. It is like a wedding ring that binds the soul to Christ consciousness. The Tube of Light is spiritual energy and it amplifies the connection of the soul with the I AM PRESENCE. It descends from the heart of your God Presence. The Body of Light that is descending is Christ consciousness. The Cosmic Christ, that is Universal, manifest in your material world when you call for the Solar Ring.
    The Solar Ring is an electronic fire of Light that you can visualize around yourself as well as your loved one, their households, your projects, and the nations. The Solar Ring comes with the twin pillars of Alpha and Omega, the Great Central Sun, and the Universal Mother. Draw it in your mind with the brilliance of the Sun. The Solar Ring also manifests the Cosmic Christ, the Universal one. It can be established around the Lightworkers for a unique transformation of conditions. It comes with the TWIN FLAME PILLARS of Alpha and Omega, of the Father-Mother of the Sun called Helios and Vesta, of all the Mighty Elohim and Archangels, of the Ascended Masters such as Saint Germain and Portia, as well as the PILLAR OF YOUR OWN TWIN FLAME. You are then also sealed in the protection of my legions of the First Ray, my angels who build the Tube of Light as well as the Solar Ring. The Solar Ring draws TWIN FLAMES together if they are separated because their reunion is an advent that only your own freewill could prevent from taking place once the Christ consciousness has descended upon you.
    Invocation for the Solar Ring and Tube of Light.
    Archangel Michael: Beloved Heavenly Father and Mother of the world, in the name of our very own beloved I AM Presence and Ascended Jesus Christ consciousness, in the name I AM THAT I AM, Sanat Kumara, and by the authority of our own Holy Christ Self, and the mighty Presence of God within us, we call forth the SOLAR RING from the flame within our heart to come into action as that electronic circle of Light that contains the twin polarities of Mother-Father God in the Great Central sun, the Divine Complements of the Elohim and of the Archangels, the TWIN PILLARS of our Sun, that of the Ascended Masters and the God and Goddess Meru, as well as the Pillar of our own TWIN FLAME.
    By the flame within our heart, we now draw the SOLAR RING around our forcefield, for the sealing of our identity, our soul, our heart and mind.
    We now call forth this SOLAR RING in the invincible word of the Logos I AM THAT I AM, Sanat Kumara to be drawn around our loved ones, our families, all lightworkers, lightbearers, and people we are connected with. We call for the action of the SOLAR RING for the protection and transformation of communities and all nations in the world, according to thy Divine Will.
    In the name I AM THAT I AM clothed upon in the garment of Christ consciousness, by the flame within our heart, we now draw the SOLAR RING around our forcefield, for the sealing of our identity, our soul, our heart and mind within the TUBE OF LIGHT called forth and established upon the platform of this SOLAR RING.
    We call forth this TUBE OF LIGHT from our Mighty I AM PRESENCE:
    Personal Call for the Tube of Light:
    Archangel Michael: O my constant loving Mother-Father within my I AM PRESENCE, seal me and my Twin Flame in your great PILLAR OF LIGHT and cause an upsurge within this TUBE OF LIGHT, and my being, of the VIOLET FIRE OF FREEDOM’s transmuting flame, to spread the blessings from God’s own heart and change all conditions upon Earth into the Peace of Archangel Michael and the Ascended Jesus Christ.
    Part II: Call for Archangel Michael’s Intervention by André.
    Christine: André, my ascended twin flame has dictated an invocation for Archangel Michael’s intervention in the state of affairs of the world.
    André: The following invocation has its prototype in a rosary that is not appropriate any more due to the fact that the political obstructions to creating New Gaia are different now from what they used to be decades ago. That Rosary to Archangel Michael was entitled ‘For the Armageddon’ and followed the pattern of a more ancient Catholic traditional Rosary. Archangel Michael really is of the Sun. There is a Sun within our sun. In the center of that Sun is Archangel Michael, and although his representation is rooted in tradition as a winged being, he may be visualized as a disk of sacred blazing fire.
    The Invocation
    André: O Light of the Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara, send to us the luminous presence of thy beloved Archangel Michael. Legions of the Central Sun, Light of far-off worlds, Elohim, send to us the armies of the LORD, the company of saints, the defender in battle, Archangel Michael, Lord of Light who keeps the vigile of our very life. Beloved Archangel Jophiel, Beloved Archangel Chamuel, Beloved Archangel Gabriel, Beloved Archangel Raphael, Beloved Archangel Uriel, Beloved Archangel Zadkiel, Beloved Archangel Uzziel, also come with Archangel Michael. O Hosts of Heaven from every System and Galaxy, and Star, from the Realms of Spirit, descend to planet Earth for the deliverance of the nations, from the Armageddon that is taking place in the psyche of the people as well as on the political stage of the world.
    Beloved Mother-Father God in the Great Central Sun, bless now Archangel Michael with dispensations and Hosts of Light from the higher octaves to assist him in his service upon Earth. Entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, Cosmic Councils of the Sun and Heavenly Mother-Father God in the Great Central Sun, we call forth thy intercession on behalf of Archangel Michael that he might fulfil his inner vow to defend mankind – the vow that he made in his anticipating a decline from the golden age of Lemuria.
    We call unto the Nine Powers of the Spirit and the angelic choirs, as well as the mighty Seraphim and Cherubim who keep the Way of the Tree of Life. Beloved Mother Mary, Archeia Faith and all Ascended Lady Masters, intercede for us this day, before the throne of God, for and on behalf of those who suffer because of the atrocities of wars and unequal distribution of wealth. Let the renewal, the elevation, the resurrection of the economies, the regeneration and healing come forth now! Mother Mary, Presence of the Mother Universal, intercede for us, come to our assistance, by the authority of the Cosmic Cross of White Fire, of Jesus Christ and Saint Germain, rescue your own and raise on high the Universal manchild to live in the hearts of all! The hour of the Woman clothed with the Sun is come! We ask that the consecration of Russia to your Immaculate Heart be extended to all nations of the world especially those that are recreating the Atlantean downfall.
    Archangel Michael, defend us in Armageddon. Defend the Woman clothed with the Sun, this symbolic woman in the solar garment of Ascension that represents mankind, and defend her manchild, the Christ consciousness that mankind is giving birth to in the labour of the Great Awakening. Defender of the Faith, that is the spiritual perception of Reality, or Truth, perceived through the 3rd Eye Chakra, cut the nations free with your Sword of Blue Flame! Cut the nations free from spiritual blindness! Cut the nations free from the rhetorics and old paradigms that are not of the heart. With your legions of Light of the First Ray, cut the nations free from Spiritual blindness so they may be endowed with the ability to receive a spiritual perception of Reality!
    Cut the mainstream media free, O Archangel Michael with your Sword of Blue Flame! Endow Investigative Journalism with new strength! Cut the economies free! Cut the governments free! Cut the education systems free! Cut the systems of belief free! Cut the Churches free, and clear the Way for the quickening of hearts, the Great Awakening, and the acceleration of Disclosure that is already taking place, to bring about change, Peace in the world, as well as a new era of civilization according to the Master El Morya’s and Saint Germain’s plans!
    We ask for this because we have competed a Galactic cycle in physicality and the dawn of a new age is upon us. We therefore also ask to be granted a balancing of the karma accumulated during this past cycle, with the Violet Flame of forgiveness. We call to the legions of Jesus Christ and of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, all saints in Heaven, to help us manifest the vision that we have for a higher-dimensional world.
    Legions of the First Ray of Divine Will serving under the banner of Lord Maitreya and the World Moter, the Mighty Blue forces of SIRIUS, and Great Teams of our Galactic brothers and sisters, we call for dispensations, for DISCLOSURE to take place in the world concerning all knowledge that has been suppressed.
    Archangel Michael we invoke the mighty stroke of your Sword of Blue Flame as its effect is Joy and Peace. Our hearts now sing and we are in gratitude for your great Love. The Light will prevail and Victory will sweep across the face of the earth. Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM!

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