Valiant: Knock Knock…The Bell Tolls…And Now…For a Brief Introduction…

To Whom It May Concern…
This is not a dream, nor a channeled
Message…Per your request, This is what
You wanted…Therefore as it appears,
Take it as you wish it to be…

There were soft, many-colored lights…
In a crystal room, a secret place…
I am ready with my pen and notebook…
He walked in strongly, quietly…A tall
Man, about six feet five, broad-shouldered
Powerfully built…pale skin, his eyes a fiery
Opaque color, creamy-like hair slicked back,
His expression firm, certain…dressed
Sharply in a white shirt, a dark jacket and pants…
“Write what I say exactly,” he said
As he stopped and sat on a rock in front of me,
“That’s enough of what I look like, they
Don’t need to know. Stay to my words,
Don’t add to them or say more…That’s all
That matters.” He turned and smiled
As she entered next.

She was tall, fair-skinned and flawlessly
Beautiful. Her long sun and gold streaked
Honey colored hair streaming in wavy
Tresses about her shoulders down her back…
Her eyes firm, like his, seemed a rainbow
Of colors…piercing with a gaze that looked
Right through you…wearing a reddish dress,
“I’m here,” she almost sighed, then
Took her pace seated beside him on
A rock that somehow seemed like a throne.
“I said I would come…I’m here.”

He smiled widely, his hand touching his chin
And turned to me. “Good, now we can begin.”

“Oh what mystery begins…” She said.

“Who I am, my name doesn’t matter. For the
Sake of a name, you may call me Varence…
Though my name has changed throughout the
Years. A new name for a new era…”He pointed
To me, “You call me Varence, so that’s
My name, fine. What I do…I’ve been
Around a very long time, I watch. But I
Am not as you know any ordinary human
Man – “

“The joy of introductions,” she interrupted, “Can
We speed this up. Far too many words to
Describe you, I know.”

He rolled his eyes, “And this,” he gestured
Nobly towards her, “Is the lovely Ceres.”

“Lovely am I?” She laughed. “I’m so
Fascinated how this will go.”

‘What this is,” he pointed to my writing, “Take
It as you will…A message, a greeting. Whatever.
Read it over and over. Believe it, don’t believe
It. I don’t care. My words will reach the ones
They’re supposed to. That’s all that matters.”

“As always.” Ceres sharply added
“Throughout the ages, they always have.
“The secret inspiration your ear.
So much for not interfering.”

“The point is,” Varence directed strongly,
“Is to assure you that I am here. That we,”
He gestured back and forth between him and
Ceres, “are aware of more, capable of more
Than anyone on this Earth…”

“That’s for certain.” She interrupted.

“And I do mean anyone.” He smiled, wildly,
Secretly saying more. “Whether they’re of
Public knowledge…or not. In your countries,
In your governments, and all those hidden
Among you.”

“You’ll give them far too much credit,” Ceres
Sighed, “You’re addressing monkeys and devils, Varence.
For dear sake, how imposing do you wish to appear?”

“Monkeys and devils?” He cocked his eyebrow.
“You don’t see humans here at all?”

“Humans can control themselves.” She
Answered. “They outgrow juvenile tendencies…
Loyalty, dignity and other virtues don’t escape
Them so easily …This world is not like that.”

He groaned. “Ceres, I keep telling you…Faith.”

“I have Faith, Varence…You seek Faith
In monkeys…it isn’t there…This world
Has tumbled into chaos over time…All hope
In faith there has been exhausted. They won’t

“And this one,” he said pointing to me. “Is
He a monkey too?”

“No,” she said softly watching me. “The Angel…
What he gave him, this grand gift…He’s not
A monkey…He’s not like anyone anywhere…
This hardly ever happens. I told you that’s
Why I’m here.”

“Or else she would still be sleeping,” he explained
To me, “isolating herself…waiting…talking
To the whales…”

“I told you,” she groaned at him, “I will not
Involve myself like you. I would rather talk
To whales…they are hardly simple creatures.”

“And yet she has always believed a day
Would come when the world would change.”
He smiled at me. “A time like now, when the
Rules could be different.”

“Can we just get on with this.” She said
Rolling her eyes, then looked calmly at me and
Seemed to laugh, “He’s baiting me you know.
Trying to trick me into doing things his way.”

“Baiting you? Me?”

“Yes, you.” Ceres said, scolding his demeanor.
“I have my own reasons and opinions,
In all the years I should think you would
Have learned that by now.”

He stood, then started pacing, somewhat strolling
In circles around us. “And yet his one, you
And I both agree he’s different.”

“Yes.” She strongly replied.

“Because of the Angel.”

“Yes.” She replied.

“But you must then also admit,” Varence
Paused beside her. Their eyes locked, “The Angel

“Your point?”

“He must have had then…good reason.”

“I should think so. I would not question
The motives of Heavenly actions.” She told him.

“Because then there must be great reason
In doing so…A Higher plan, a higher purpose,”
He said resuming his pacing around us in
A circle. “A divine force set on doing
Something…the timing perfect. In
A game so big, it was beyond the limits
Of waiting for something any longer…
We can agree that is…reasonable?”

She squinted impatiently, “Yes, of course.
Varence, could you please just move on to
Impart your message to him. So wordy,
Condense your speeches please before his
Hand grows tired of writing.” She leaned
Forward towards me playfully, “You would
Think he would have just done his usual,
A quick anecdote in the form of a
Mysterious riddle or poem.”

“Everything there is a process.” He grinned
Sarcastically at her words. “Tell me, Ceres,
Do you not think in this entire world there
Are no good people trying their best to improve
The state of things?”

“I did not say that.” She replied. “And, people?
You know my views on that. Their hormones…
Their indulgent behavior? You know my
Thoughts on this. You won’t change my

“There are those that help the needy, the
Less fortunate, the animals.” He said.

“How nice.” Ceres glared at him. “So they
Save the world then?”

“There are those that try to rise above
What the world has done to them and seek
Enlightenment.” Varence went on to say,
Pausing to raise his foot to a boulder
And rest his elbow on his knee. “They try
To seek truth.”

“Try?” She asked closing her eyes, she knew
She would regret where he was going with this.

“They call themselves Lightworkers.”

“Lightworkers?” She laughed. “And what
Do these Lightworkers do? Light candles?
Start fires?”

“Well,” he explained, “They try to raise
The vibration of those around them. Meditate,
Explore greater aspects of the mind and spirit. Do
Good to others…heal and such things.”

“I see.” She laughed again, “And does
This work? The world has gotten better?”

“Well, no not exactly,” Varence said. “They
Say things like peace and love, they smile
And preach to each other of their insights…
In truth it goes around and around in
Circles. But at least they try.”

She shook her head and played with her hair,
“Ah, so in other words, these lightbulb
Monkeys quest in vain…Preaching with words,
Peace and love and light…nonsense
Conundrums that go nowhere…All the while
Inside…it’s all about themselves.”

“Ceres!” He protested. “They try.”

“And again I say,” she scolded him, “They
Save the world?”

“They try, Ceres.”

“If these lightbulb monkeys claims were
Genuine,” she went on to say correcting him, “And
They were in greater number…if they truly
Knew what they were doing…The world would
Not be in the state it was in.”

“All good things start somewhere.” He said.
“Consider what they are up against.”

“True.” She sighed. “Still, I see only lightbulb
Monkeys. Nothing more.”

“Your Faith in things is such like stone.”
Varence shook his head.

“Excuse me?” She asked.

“They need hope, Ceres. They have to seek it
Somewhere. The intentions are good…”

“Hope?” She snapped. “They cry to be
Rescued…They whine for love, or carnal
Pleasures rather. I hear them. They pray
For wealth and adoration…behind false
Faces…They pretend…They whine, they
Play, they pick and pry…monkeys do

“They’re simply young.” He said.

“Young?” Ceres laughed. “Varence, you defend
With such blind faith. They want everything
Done for them…and then they blame someone
Else when things don’t go their way…it’s

“They do hope a lot. Some believe aliens will
Rescue them.” He admitted.

“Aliens?” Ceres laughed again. “Are you
Serious? They don’t involve themselves that
Way. At best, the kindest, only intervene
Through covert inspiration…inspiring changes
In others minds…they do not directly
Involve themselves in the rescue of a
Lesser race. If anything they
Prey on lesser beings, taking advantage
Of their ignorance with experiments
And study.” She scowled. “The savagery
Of space.”

“Now now,” he said playfully, “You
Know our friends would say it differently.”

Her eyes seemed to dance with sarcasm. “Our
Friends, of bigger cultures, bigger races…
Have bigger egos. They spare themselves guilt.”

He did so love her way with words. “Well…”

“Still, there is some truth in non-intervention.”
She added.

“Well,” he resumed, “There are some colorful
Renditions of aliens amongst them. The Greys,
Reptilians…Blue Avians, and spheres, and such.”

“Blue Avians?” She questioned in disgust.
“Dare I ask what is that?”

“These blue bird-like humanoids and a
Horde of sphere-type ships hiding behind
The planets…waiting to sweep in and save them.”

“Honestly, Varence,” Ceres sighed, “These
Games and rumors that they play! Blue
Avians? Really now. They say and believe
These things?”

He nodded.

Ceres rolled her eyes at the ceiling. “The way
They torment the monkey-minds of this world.
Blue Avians?” She scoffed, “What’s next, Flying
Frogs, ravenous for flesh? Why not some
Libidinous fluttering space turtles out
To eat their meager misbehaving brains?”

Varence roared with laughter. “Ceres stop.”

“Perhaps some Feral Space Foxes out to spoil
And rape their chaste innocence.” She laughed
To herself. “Men must have thought this
Nonsense…So predictable, just words words
Words and always about their balls…”

“Ceres Please!”

“Wait,” I asked then, “So are you saying
There are no aliens?”

“That depends on your perspective.” She kindly
Answered me with a smile. “People from other
Worlds…Space Travelers…do exist, in different
Forms…But as for aliens…if humans were
Originally from Earth, but they are not…
Many races have always – always been here.”

“Aside from some Giant ape-like humanoids,”
Varence added, “The Sasquatch…They are
The only true indigenous race from here.”

I shook my head and could only stare at
Them overwhelmed. “People will think I’m
Crazy for writing this.”

“So what?” Varence insisted. “Let them
Believe what they believe…Those with
Instincts will sense the course.”

“Why should you care what monkeys think?”
She encouraged me with her sparkling eyes.
“You need to go as far as you can with this
Gift you’ve been given.” She pointed to my
Head, she could see what the Angel put there.
“I want to see where this will go. Do you
Realize how precious this is?”

“Ceres.” He chuckled, “You really need to
Stop calling them monkeys. You’ll insult

“So next time I’ll bring some bananas,” she
Told him without a care. “I’ll bring something
Shiny to dazzle simian minds. It’s not
Like their focus stays the course. You see
The world, you walk there among them…
You have for ages now…for whatever reason.”

“May I remind you of the purpose here.”
He said then, standing straight, folding
His arms over his chest. “It’s different
This time. The state of things will break,
Would I be offering this greeting to them

“I thought this was about warning
Them of the change of the electro-magnetic
Field of the planet?” She asked. “Of the Pulse’s
Regeneration of the crystals, and the
Danger of their monkey-minded science
Games effect on the Earth?”

“Thank you so much.” Varence said
Sarcastically, “There is a procedure I
Intended to follow on explaining that.”

She laughed. “Your procedure could take
Days, your wordy speeches going on and

“Excuse me then,” he said. “Is there
Anything else you would wish to tell
Them bluntly since my words take too long?”

“Of the wicked monkeys plot to reduce
The population?” She wasted no time


“Or Boss-Monkeys I should say.” She giggled.
“The ones in charge, or so they think.”

“Ceres.” He said loud and firm, clearly
Unhappy. “Would you please…”

“They think themselves so clever.” She just
Went on. “Bold faced lies behind all these
Deals, for games and wealth and pleasure.
They would sell their souls if power came
With every betrayal.”

“This was not how I wanted to begin this.”
He ordered.

Her eyes met his telling him she followed
No ones orders. “These ape-ish underlings
Of the shadowy forces, pawns of the
Draconian Empire. Sidewinders, they
Shift their face and form…your world
Knows only rumors of them…as Reptilians.”

“Wonderful explanation, Dear,” Varence
Said tilting his head, “You’ll scare the
Monkeys now…” he fought the phrase
Her words were so infectious. “People!”

She smiled victoriously. “Oh quiver
Quiver, scared little monkeys. I shall
Need some peanuts then with those
Bananas. Or perhaps a sack full of candy
Lined with stories of temptation and lust.”

“Oh this is Epic.” He replied. “Should I
Stop now? Or did you just intend to sabotage
My attempts here?”

“Just finish it.” She told him. “The
Message will be told, I merely set the tone…
Of how I feel about this.”

He shook his head. “Fine then.” He looked
At me sharply. “Yes, the pulse is regenerating
The crystal network of this planet.”

“Its Life-Force.” She explained.

“And when it subsides and finishes,” he
Went on, “Any attempts to control nature
Through your science…”

“Those monkey doctor toys of peril,” she
Said crossing her legs, “toys of death.”

“The planet then will retaliate…violently.
Worse than ever.”

They both stared at me firmly. “And
The rest,” she urged him.

“They will reduce the population when they
See they can not control things…Starting
With the most densely populated countries…”

“They intend to turn on each other for
Gains in power.” She said. “By eradicating
Those that currently have the most.”

“And it will backfire terribly.” He said.

She stood and moved towards the doorway
They came from. “Asia should be careful.”

He moved then to stand beside her…
Apparently they were readying to leave.
“Of course the violent Earth changes
Will happen first.” They looked at each other
Then to me. “We’ll see how your world
Fares before we talk next. I expect
To see something very big happen.”

“Something Very Entirely Quite Surprising.”
Ceres said.

“That is of course if some libidinous
Fluttering space turtles don’t devour their
Brains first.” He teased her.

“Oh please.” She said to him. “It could

“The point is,” Varence told me squarely
Looking me in the eye. “That they know
I am here. That I have been around
A long long time.”

“You would not believe his age.” Ceres
Added. “ Don’t be deceived by his boyish
Handsome face.”

“Handsome?” He was stunned. “This
Was worth it entirely.”

“Miracles happen.” She said.

“Do they?” He asked. “Then say something
Kind for them…for hope…for chance.”

She rolled her eyes reluctantly. “You assume
My words have such power. The pretense…
If only I could offer them hope in simple
Words. This is a world of slaves, Varence.
From the poorest to the richest…A concrete
Garden of mankind’s lies. I’ll not walk
Amongst them until the cities of nature are
Restored to their grandeur. It’s a
World of slaves! To a force they clearly
Refuse to see…as they serve themselves
Delusions of vanity and materialism…All
For power…And those awful overseers
Play them all like puppets for play…
For themselves and against each other.
Where is the hope in that?”

He nodded, silently laughing to himself.
Her words did have power. They would
Haunt them till they could think no
More. “My, dear…I feel those
Mountains starting to move.”

“What?” She asked confused.

“You can stop writing now.” He told me.

End conversation.
That’s all for now.





  1. Very well written (and I love a good story) but I was frustrated by the “armchair quarterbacking”. I guess that’s what their intent was. To reflect to us (humanity) one of our biggest problems.

  2. Wow. It was like reading a conversation between different aspects of myself. But then again, being ‘cursed’ or ‘blessed’ being Gemini, I see both points very clearly. She – is what i’ve always wondered, come to known & loathe of mankind. He- the stable, more logical, methodical aspect. I’m totally blown away.
    I wish there was more i could do; I don’t have the ‘gift of gab (storytelling)’ as my father did & not that i would want to make time. Time isn’t on my side with health.
    Thank you Valiant.
    (though i doubt you’ll ever see this here.)

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