Valiant: Knock Knock…The Bell Tolls…The Interregnum…

I was in awe, shock…I couldn’t say
Anything. My emotions raw, I stared at my
Pen then at both of them…
Ceres had this distant look, as she stared
At the walls remembering…

Varence sat up taller, prouder, solid like
A statue, “So now we continue,” he said,
“Where to start?”

“Is there a beginning with you?” Ceres
Turned to him regaining her wit. “It seems
You were always there.”

“I have been here longer.” He said, almost
In disbelief.

“To think I might have missed something,”
She teased him. “I can only imagine you alone…
Here, there, everywhere. Never bored,
Always watching…Fearlessly.”

He laughed, the pride never leaving his face
Or voice, then waved his hand and said, “We’ll
Get to that…First, I should like to give
Them a little something.”

“What is that?” She wondered.

His eyes were wild. “Something in good faith…”

“More riddles?” She said sarcastically. “Oh
What a master you are.”

A silent pause. The mood was strange.
“Yes, I would like to give them each a
Little gift to wonder on before I continue.”

Ceres was intrigued. “Well, what is it then?
Do words escape you? Say it.”

“Write this carefully,” he leaned forward.
His eyes wild at me, then stern and cold at my notebook.
“One thing for each of them…Time
Is precious right now after all, each
Moment priceless, every decision so

Ceres sensed the tone to his voice and
Rolled her eyes, “Varence just tell them. So
Much effort to your words, they won’t

He tilted his head and went on mysteriously,
His eyes low, he asked me. “You know of
The Interregnum?”

I nodded, I knew the word but not his point.

“The time between kings, the Interregnum,”
His voice grew deeper, “The time between the
Last great kingdom and the next.”

Ceres sat up straight, she knew him well, and knew
Exactly what he was doing. “And the performance

“That time is now.” Varence said. “The
In-between time. The leaders of your world
Think they have great nations, all this
Technology.” He stroked his chin. “The
Problem is the integrity isn’t there…The truth is
You are in a dark age still…your world has
Been for a long long time…”

“Oh great king of the past,” Ceres added,
“Whenever shall another be crowned. Save
The world, it is such a mess.”

“It’s true.” Varence said.

She laughed. “Such a long path,” she said of
His words. “Can you not be more simple?
Throw a BALL in the air, you’ll get a greater

He threw an imaginary ball in the air and sighed.
“Fine then…Moving on…”

“Finally.” She crossed her arms. “Well then?”

“True, time is short.” He said intensely.
“The dates you were given…” he nodded at

“Yes?” I asked…

“Impact dates of the Pulse.” He explained.
“Activation dates…And their conclusion.
The seeds were planted the last two…The
Last date is the conclusion…November 12th.”

“Yes,” Ceres agreed. “The Pulse will end then.”

“Tell them,” Varence calmly. “Tell them
The effects will begin then…For when the
Energy is withdrawn the shock will trigger
Great Earth changes…Particularly if they
Are aggravated.”

“As in, the crueler, the more inconsiderate they
Are to the world,” Ceres said somewhat numb.
“The more violent the Earth will be.”

“And before they do anything too dumb,”
Varence said, “When in regards to
Black Holes…directing an energy beam
Into them would be…”

“A hideously stupid thing to do!” Ceres
Exclaimed. “Who would do that?”

“You see there are all kinds of black holes…
Of various formations of various causes and
Effects…in different places…”

“Varence, whatever are you talking about. Where
Are you going with this?” She asked.

He nodded to the notebook. “You see…
Tellus is in a black hole…”

“In a bubble.” Ceres added, knowing
Where he was going then. “Which is
Why we are safe there…why no one can
Get in.”

“You see, since time is…Frozen, or rather
Non-existent within the forces of a black
Hole,” He said calmly playing with his
Fingers. “We are ageless there…Thus it
Has afforded us ages to perfect our
Sciences without the encumbrance of

“Is that the Ball or the riddle?” She

“And so we can use planets…by their
Composition of ores and crystals as satellites to
Go anywhere…” He went on.

“Ah, it’s the Ball.” She laughed again.

“Tidbits, only tidbits.” Varence assured.
“The trap of consequences revealed the
More mistakes you make…little men…
You in your ships, Mr. Spacemen Aliens.”

“There’s the riddle!” Ceres replied, “And
Here I thought you forgot.”

“Still, time is of the essence.” Varence
Drew my attention. “What the Angel
Put in your head…along with The Pulse…
That’s how we can talk to you…”

Ceres was growing tired of his manner.
“Do not tease him.”

Varence ignored her, leaned heavily towards
Me and very coolly said “Currently there
Are only 97 readers that interest me…
Along with you, the other four…I still
Need to gather 42 more…to make any
Serious affect…”

I had no idea what he meant…before
I could ask Ceres held out her hand.

“Must you do this now?” She insisted.

“Halloween is coming near,” he told her
“The audience must grow.”

“What for?” I asked.

“Still, I must do more weeding…”
He said in jest, folding his
Fingers in his hands to his lap. “How
Should I do that? Dangle more bait?
Or say something offensive?”

“The way you play…” Ceres shook
Her head.

“Answer no questions.” He instructed me
Firmly without expression. “Write what I
Say and that is it. If they can’t see it,
They never will.”

“And now I find myself saying,” Ceres
Interrupted, “Moving on…I’m growing
Tired of this.”

“Why?” He asked truly confused.

She laughed sarcastically, leaned forward, her
Elbow upon her knee, fingers dancing beneath
Her chin, “Oh let’s see, shall I tell them
Why I’m tired of this?”

“This is my part,” he said, trying
To avoid what he sensed in her intention.
“Let me tell it in my way…”

“Can you see what he is doing?” She said
Fast. “What he’s doing now is what he
Has always done…the riddling words, the
Playful manner…this is what he does.”

“Of course…” Varence only hinted, “She
Has to start off with this!” He shook his head.

“Who he is…what he’s done…” Ceres told
Me with this funny expression…”The Master
Of Words…Oh Great Soothsayer of the human
Race…Who is he?” She sat up tall and
Straight. “Tehim Tober Oberon…”

“Good grief, Ceres.” Varence begged. “Still?”
Will I ever be permitted to forget?”

She glared at him. “Tehim Tober Oberon.”
She repeated then met my eyes like stone.
“Would you like to know what it means?”

“She’s referring to Shakespeare,” Varence
Confessed. “One of his stories…”

“Oberon…” Ceres only growled.

“Obviously I am to be punished…Forever.”
He said with a bitter chuckle.
I was curious. “OK?”

“What it means…in Varence’s native language.”
Ceres explained, “Is for a man to strut
Around proudly with great…arousal.”

“In my defense,” Varence said
“It was in jest, a little
Innocent humor…A parody.”

“A parody?” Ceres questioned, jumping to
Her feet to hover over him. “You claim
To be their defender…such Valor…And
You give yourself the name of a great
Throbbing Phallus to your scribe!”

“It was a satire,” he defended.
“Am I not allowed any playful moments?”

“Playful? Seriously? ” Ceres went on wildly.
And bestowing me, Your Highness, with
The name Titania?”

He breathed long and hard. “Yes, she will
Punish me forever.”

“Titania,” she laughed angrily. “Why not just
Call me Great Breast Woman.”

“I was only joking.” He said.

“It was offensive!” She only said.

“Can we ever move past it?” He scowled.

“Oh yes,” she told me, “We are as silent
Watchers. Don’t interfere…Don’t get involved.
But there are no rules on little…percussions
Of whispered inspiration.”

“I did more than that.” He laughed
Shaking his head.

She spun and gestured to an imaginary
Audience. “Throughout time…He walks
And talks among them…Never getting
Involved…Only sewing the seeds of ideas.”

“I had a purpose.” He defended.

“Mankind’s Age of Darkness…wrought
With savages,” she said further crossing her
Arms lightly, “So he found thinkers…
From Emperors, and their chiefs to
Their counselors…to artists and their

“Who else better to inspire others?”

“And whispered in their ears.” She
Waved her hands comically in the air. “Little
Birds, little birds,” she teased the invisible air,
“Is it your voices I hear giving me

“Ca;; it what you will;,” Varence
Said calmly. “They were pivotal moments.”

“Socrates and his Plato,” she laughed
To those invisible little birds pretending
To hear them. “What are these words
Filling my head…with a wisdom the world
Never knew. Are they my ideas? Yes! I am
So brilliant!”

“As long as they believed it…”

“Hit a fool on the head to discover
Gravity.” Ceres joked. “Great thinkers.”

“The world moved.” Varence said.

“Copernicus the world is round not flat
My boy, wake up.” She resumed her stance
Folding her arms. “The Sun does not rise
And set for you alone…Tell the world!”

“Or say nothing and for years and years
Things remain in the same ignorant prison.”

“I’m a little bird,” she said sarcastically,
“That changes and shapes the world from
Near and far…The invisible alien
Stranger…of God’s Good Humor…To what

A Pause of Silence.
Then he calmly resumed his manner to
Dismiss her sarcasm. “As I said…this is
The Interregnum…The Time between Kings…
Or Great Kingdoms rather.”

She studied his face. She was in fact curious
Of his reason. “Go on then. Explain yourself.”

“The World was once a Splendid Place.”
Varence said. “The Earth a Garden of Eden.
Of Palaces and Kingdoms that stretched Far
And wide…All of Nature its Unspoiled
Rich Garden where Animals and People
Lived n Harmony…A Paradise…Pleasure
Was innocent…Its people beautiful and wise…
A bit bratty yes, but still it was Paradise.”
He let out a long sad breath. “And then
One day Evil came…And ruined it all.
And I watched it happen. And I
Did nothing.” His eyes met hers…glazed
Over as though they might cry. “I did nothing.”


She studied him as though for the first time.
He was sincerely broken inside on this.

“WE do ur jobs so well, too well…” he went
In a blank stare. “We know how it goes…
It happens the same way each time a
World falls…The Build up and the Fall…
A noble land, a great king…The people so
Content they’re bored…Then they come…”

“The Darkness.” Ceres said.
“Yes.” He said to her, then looked at me. “The
Draconians, the Annunaki…in their ships…
The Demons in their mist of an
Ether-world…The snakes descend to stalk
Their prey…”

She nodded at me, for me to understand.
“It is always the same.”

“And they never tire of doing, not at all.”
Varence laughed bitterly, then swallowed
And looked at me. “You worry what they
Think too much…If they whine or
Complain when they read this, let them.
The world has always had people this way…
Or rather, since its fall.”

“Those that see beyond words will know,”
He said. “That’s all that matters…let them
Deny and move on…The Darkness has its way,
It always has and always will…That’s how
It thrives in denial…Does it conquer worlds
Out in the open? No, it counts on secrecy…
On lies, on arrogant reflections…Few can
Look in the mirror and see truth, see what’s
Really there.”

“You must not torture yourself this way.”
Ceres told him as she kindly sat beside him.
“You did not do this.”

“I watched it happen,” Varence said
Again in shame, “And I did nothing.”

“All Watchers witness this,” she said,
Trying to ease his mood in a soft voice. “You
Are not alone.”

“And why, why do we do this? To save life?
To watch it be plundered over and over again,”
He said in horror. “To what, to save remnants
Of a far gone world…As the Darkness moves
On from one world to another then another?”

“Varence, Please.” She said.

He pointed to the notebook, his face like
Stone, his finger like a sword. “You write this.
How does it happen? Like a serpent
Unseen it moves in through the shadows…
Seemingly harmless…silent…Frozen Eyes
That burn darkly…Befriending the Innocent
With the deception of some false need…
Then settles in for the spoil, the destruction…
Tempting and corrupting the young…until
They are wild, impatient…addicted wanting
More…Blinding the Adults and Elders with
Indulgent Flattery, with trinkets and treasures
That impress…Until they are all so pre-
Occupied with themselves they see nothing
Other than desire…greed for more…lust
For self-satisfaction…and all their cares
Of yesterday are gone…and what nobility
They had, what innocence and charm
Doesn’t exist anymore.”

A silent pause…The air was heavy.

“And then,” Varence said his eyes still glazed
And wet in sadness, “And then the Fall. The
Serpent, the Darkness strikes…Boom, Boom,
Boom…The World is torn apart…The attack
Comes unseen, they are unprepared, incapable
Of defending themselves…Then the conquerors
Claim their Prize. They take slaves, food,
Drain resources until the world is a shell…”
“And then what?” Varence shook his head
And squeezed his eyes. “When the world is but
A shell…mere ashes…The Conquerors rebuild
It their way…The survivors a faint echo
Of what they were. Weak, Frightened and
Ignorant they slowly rebuild a world
Guided by a dark force pretending to be their
Friend…promising wealth and riches…all the
While keeping them dependent, unsure of them-
Selves…and always wanting more.”

“Varence…” she said looking down. “Stop.”

“And all the while…I watch and do nothing.”

“You are not alone.” She insisted.

“But I could have.” He said swallowing deeply
Confessing to me with his sad eyes, then
Turned towards her. “And then this…Fearless
Fair Young Woman comes along, so passionate
About things…She takes her position…
She’s here only moments…And sees two
Small bear cubs about to be swallowed
By a monster…And what does she do?”

She eyed him heavily, confused.

“She immediately reacts and knows what
To do. Guided by her heart, not the rules…
She saves them, challenging all she’s been
Taught, she knows it’s wrong…and she
Saves them.”

“You make me sound like some sort of hero.”
She laughed in disbelief.

“You are.” He stated soft but clear.
“My inspiration. You woke me up.”

“What?” She asked.

“I was numb, asleep in ages of practical,
Safe decisions…and lost, incomplete.” He
Told us, then nodded. “You woke me up.”

She was speechless. “I…”

“I was standing there outside your
Room one day, watching…listening to you
Sing lullabies to those helpless little baby
Bears,” he said with warm, growing admiration,
“And I was completely enchanted.”

Ceres looked as though she might cry. She
Smiled and said, “They were my babies.”

“And when that Mother Bear roared,” He
Glowed with strength from his confession, “She
Did more than save those baby bears…You
Did save more than save them…you saved me. It
Was then I knew what I had to do.”

“Thank you.” She said graciously, surprised.

“It’s true.”

“But Varence,” she went on. “You can’t save
The world this way…alone…”

He found his intent again, the manner of his
Face changed. His eyes like lasers, he
Looked at me like an unbreakable statue.
“This is the Interregnum…the time
Between kings…There was once great kings
And Paradise on Earth…and there will be
Again. This time, the age you know on Earth
Is a Dark Age, it will change. This Dark
Age must come to an End. And I will see
It happen.”

“How will you accomplish this?” Ceres shook
Her head in doubt yet with respect as well.

“The world of science tinkers with black holes,”
He said mysteriously. “They do not understand
Dark matter.”

Ceres sighed. “He’s going the way of riddles

“Just because we are Watchers…does
Not mean that’s all we can do.” Varence
Said smiling, as he suddenly stood up…
Seeming taller than before. “I brought
The Travelers from the Seven Sisters here…
The People you call the Tuatha…the Pilgrims
Who were descendents in part of those
Which fled an Ancient crumbling Earth.”

“What?” She asked.

“And then they settled, their descendents
Built Stone Henge…why? And these
Strange crop circles that creep up in the
English lands…why? All those British
Accents in the future.”

“I hear that little bird again at my ear,”
Ceres said rolling her eyes. “Your riddles…
I swear they will pluck my ears right off.”

He turned slowly to circle around the two of us.
“This artwork of yours,” he said to me, “That
You put with your writing on the computer…”

“Computer?’ Ceres asked.

“Yes?” I asked.

“The drawings of me you’ve been looking
For…I took them.” Varence said
Still smiling.

“What?” I said, “Why would you…”

“Because I thought perhaps they would
Rather see a photograph of me instead
Of rendered drawing.” He said plainly.

Ceres eyes went wide, “What did you say?”

He only nodded silently.

“You didn’t…” she was in shock.

“A photograph?” I could not believe it.

“1945.” Varence said very calmly as
He moved to exit…”But that’s for me
To decide, if I’m happy with the results.”

“Have you lost your mind?!” Ceres
Demanded. “Varence, if they find out…”

His brow low, he slowly reached out his
Hand and pointed to my notebook.
“Can’t see me…can’t STOP me.
But when I strike you’ll feel me.”

Her face, the shock, she said, “What are
You doing?”

“I’m off for a while. Don’t know when
I’ll be back…” His finger danced about
The air pointing, taunting, teasing…”Ceres,
Why don’t you talk to him for a
While. Tell him the story of the Lion Men.
That seems very…Timely.” He curled
His lip, slanted his brow and said, “You
Can stop writing now.”

That’s all for now.

Artwork : Ancient Prophecies : The Legend of the Tuatha




  1. The 3rd dimension. Everythng is based on 3. The 5th is another layer, everything is based on 5. So for those of us spending time there consciously, we have more coincidences because it’s like we’re all meeting in the same place. We’re here and there at the same time. I started seeing series of 5’s, fortunately they’ve eased off now.

  2. wow that’s strange, everyone who knows me, knows about my thing with 33 and 333…. ive even posted on forums about it for over 10 years……because it was showing up a bit too often to the point it was surreal… both of my parents were 33 when I was born : )
    most people say the same thing.. they see it on license plates and receipts etc…. but as I studied the number.. it unraveled so so much more…..

  3. by the way I mean It literally said western union at the door.. in the book.. and it even went on and on characters in the book were asking why even such a thing would even be said and it said it was “dangerous” !!! the book doesn’t flow like a story,its so even says it may scare you with how the sentences will have meaning to you…. a female character said “if only you hadn’t said western union at the door” she through the whole book claims to be speaking astrally… to her beloved, a male on the other side of time…………….she related the peculiar statement which she doesn’t understand herself to a dangerous government conspiracy… but that is just one of hundreds of examples in this book.
    it happened so many times I lost count and I block it out as I tend to do….
    I rarely open the book…. it can tend to not do that if you open it every hour lol
    so if I open it on feb 14 and end up with a feb 14th excerpt! well then! happens a bit too often!!! 🙂 the intriguing thing is it claims it.
    Gooberz! I sold one to the UK in 2004..when it was rare and there wasn’t even one copy there! for only $40 as I wanted to get rid of it..
    then I saw it going for $333 on ebay.. and such
    now it is available again!!! for reasonable low prices like $10-$15 ,so I got one.
    feels like a familiar friend is back
    I kinda always KNEW id have it again
    I had only said goodbye to it before, I knew even if it was ten years later I wouldn’t be able to resist it…

    oh the story of how it comes to you
    well I was in an abusive relationship (hence the 2004 asking for western union at the door,money)
    and I didn’t have a car and it was a rural area
    all I had was him taking me to the public library and buying the used books for 25 cents….this book is huge and my fave color light blue.. it stuck out
    and is designed as childrens fairy tales which is exactly what I thought it was
    I always buy childrens fairt tale books (plus I was looking to sell books on ebay)
    when I got in the car and opened to cover page it showed a third eye diagram and said it was occult and I closed it and said oh no im not reading this
    but I kept opening it
    I opened it…it said … I (or the reader/character) was in a rocking chair by the fireplace
    well dammit I WAS
    and it was unusual
    that chair had just been put make room for Christmas tree
    as it was my first opening of the book I didn’t think much of it yet
    but it happened everytime back then in 2004
    even the womans age and the fact that she NEVER drove a car or had a license and lived in America … (I have never drove a car or had a license) its specific things
    for each person


    • From Doreen Virtue: 333 — “The Ascended Masters are near you, desiring you to know that you have their help, love and companionship. Call upon the Ascended Masters often, especially when you see the number 3 patterns around you. Some of the more famous Ascended Masters include: Jesus, Moses, Mary, Quan Yin and Yogananda.”

      I guess a “digital” version of the book just wouldn’t have the same effects… 😀

      Thanks for the recommendation Susan, someone mentioned it to me several years ago but without context, so unfortunately it became white noise for me at the time. I will keep my eyes open for it – yet another “lens” to look through, in divining this so-called reality…

  4. written exactly as fanfiction… even the things that are not fiction are written as fanfiction (frontal lobe forehead area or whatever area responsible for imagination etc) the body listens and doesn’t know what to do… with all the stories… it only knows to function..
    when the two combine and the wall comes down.. there can be transformation/metamorphosis…until then the body is wearied with even the best stories…it doesn’t know what to do.there is a key..for the wall of partition to come down…thinking alone wont do it…. in fact causes disease and depression due to all the fanciful words with no fruition… ….if your body is any kind of avatar for you.. the signals are not being sent….there is only one King…example.. masons say only “Judah’s paw grip” can resurrect Hiram the Architect.of the Temple…anyone else trying and his skin slipped off he was decaying……..flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom. it can even hold you back…….the spirit wont live with atrophied thoughts and bodies….key is needed. …I was at perfect peace at home. if you want to know.. look up mary sue in fanfiction…read between the lines about her as a tool for writing… theyre all fighting “her” and call her themselves.. saddest thing ive ever seen…she is used.. and as they all admit,real entity and must be suppressed..why? none of their stories make sense without peace as the goal.. but while she is in peace they create drama around her… read about mary will see…..

    • Hi Susan, it makes for a good story. I think we’re fully immersed in that story; we just don’t realize it because it happens “once upon a time”. But in fact, that “time” is always “now”. 🙂

      • hi Dreamwalker again:) I have been seeing your posts over the years!everytime I noticed that a storyline and realy matched/converged/were parallel.. I felt a SENSE in my entire being that birth contractions were getting “closer together” whereas before it may be so far off as to have been centuries… ive seen examples as close as 5 minutes!!! you all here on spirittrachronicles therefore may be interested in the book by Linda Goodman called Gooberz…………. is not astrology
        its a story
        and it CLAIMS to be about YOU the reader
        everytime I picked it up it said WHAT I JUST SAID……. to someone or described my immediate surroundings so much I even threw it across the room
        and it has that same effect on everyone
        I had it in 2004 and it matched so much I got rid of it (fear)
        I got it again recently and its doing it again..totally different subject matter
        again, it claims to do that. I believe it transformed, I have no choice..
        and it is different than people doing that with the bible or horoscopes
        its so precise your hairs will stand on edge
        and it claims you will find the book when you are ready
        or it will come to you

        it says things so out there only you will understand
        and ive read message boards on this book
        NO ONE has repeated the same lines…

        thought id share
        I also see this with fanfiction
        and I am excited that we ALL can be together a character in the one story…:)
        I have to give one example so you can see Gooberz is precise
        one day I was calling my mom , in a desperate situation I needed money
        I was in another state far away and I asked her to send western union
        but I said in exasperation and crying… that “western union does not come to the door!”
        because I was so upset that I didn’t even have a car and no way to even GET TO the western union
        as usual
        the same day I picked up the book to open to any page
        and it said that
        im serious
        and there are MANY examples of that
        when I got the book again 9 years later!! to do my “open to any page” thing
        it said that… “open to any page”

        to find meaning
        also… it was feb 14th…. and I opened to any page and it said it was feb14th and it was sending a message astrally………..
        it is over 1200 pages.. supposed to be a smooth storyline ..but…
        well ill open it right now then, for you or whoever is reading and ill post it here: its right next to me
        “I was there ,the Deceber wind tangling my mind and my hair.oh,yes I was there on the corner,waiting ahead of of the few occasions in my life I was early,rather than late as I normally am,for any kind of date
        whether business or social-why?

        that’s it.

        • LOL precisely my meaning. 🙂

          Yes I’m always late and we had a cold snap this week. It was indeed December wind here in VA. Tangling my mind is a very specific concern relating to the impending “mini” ice age. Not so sure about the hair since I am a folically-challenged lad… 😀

          Yes I’m early to the party too. Perhaps this is a reference to “standing at the crossroads”. I just got there a little early. Usually this implies a meeting with the Devil, so I guess we’ll have to see about that… Actually I already met the devil. It was me wearing a mask…

          Anyways I’ll just throw this here.

          And also, never be afraid of your own power. You’re taking control of the Matrix, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, most of humanity is depending on it. But don’t worry about it. You are what you are, and they’ll get over themselves eventually. ❤

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