SaLuSa 23 October 2015

Time moves ever faster and for you there never seems to be enough to do the tasks you have set yourselves. Yet you do manage and achieve so much in your work for the Light. There are so many of you spread across the world doing your bit to bring the Light to Earth. Your success is such that the Light is now so powerful that it cannot be stopped from bringing even more souls into it. At times you have been disappointed at the time it is taking to cleanse the planet of the negativity that has built up over eons of time. Yet it has given more souls the opportunity to find the Light for themselves. However, a time has come when the New Age must be manifested, and with that in mind action has been taken to speed things up. The Illuminati have had their powers curtailed, and as you are probably aware can no longer use their nuclear weapons. We have often emphasised the point by hovering our craft over their silos and disarming them. In no circumstance will they be allowed to use them and we have made sure they fully understand.

You are destined to ascend and nothing will be allowed to stop it taking place. Matters on Earth may seem to be in a turmoil but with so much happening we are not surprised. The cleansing period is in full swing and is necessary to make way for the New Age to fully manifest. The old ways have to change and many of them are necessary before you can take advantage of the new inventions that we are waiting to give you. The most beneficial one is certainly a unit that will allow you to be self-sufficient for all of your energy needs. You already have the knowledge given to you, but it will take time for it to benefit everyone. Be assured that we know of your needs and we shall satisfy them as fast as possible, once the circumstances are right for it.

We have many ways of helping you quickly take your place in the New Age, so be assured that we are ready. We ask you to be confident and assured of your future, as we have prepared ourselves to be at your side during the period of change. We know fully well what you need, and with our advanced technologies can meet your requirements without any problems. Even the distribution can be taken care of as we have no difficulties in that connection. When you think of the size of some of our craft that are several miles long you will understand why we are confident of our abilities. In quick time we want all of you to be able to have your essential needs supplied, and we have the means to do it.

Dear Ones, we know these times are very frustrating for you, and we are doing all we can to ease your circumstances. There are occasions when we cannot reveal our intentions as we must keep the methods we use secret. We will however say that nothing can escape our notice even if it is hidden out of sight. You have to remember that our technologies are far beyond your present capabilities. That of course gives us an advantage when confronted by your dark forces. We are however restricted in what we can do for you as there are times when you must find your own way, through your own abilities. If we did certain things for you it would take away a learning opportunity that you needed and we have to stand aside.
You have your leaders and we protect them in their work so the dark Ones do not have it all their own way. It does take courage and determination to stand fast in the face of their attempts to disrupt things. There are many brave souls who carry out their work for the Light regardless of whatever attempts are made to stop them. The result has been a steady flow of information that has helped people understand what is happening at this particular time. It is most important that people know what is happening but are also aware of the implications. We say quite confidently that all goes well, but you have to see the broader picture to fully understand.

Matters concerning your Solar System are well in hand, and other Beings have recently joined us to add support in your defence. There is such a strong system in place that we know beyond doubt that you are now safe from interference. You are therefore assured of a safe journey to the completion of your time in your present dimension. On a personal level you have many souls with you who look after your welfare and help with your life plan. There has never been such an important time such as now, and we will see you complete your journey through the lower dimension into the next one, in your physical body.

Your reliable source of information is the Internet, yet you have to be cautious as the dark Ones put out false information to confuse you. Most of you who have raised your vibrations are intuitive, and it is a reliable way to check out the truth of what is placed before you. If in doubt set it aside until you know if it is genuine, and you will not go far wrong. You have many reliable sources of information and it is wise to stick with those that have proved truthful. David Wilcock is such a source that many of you use with confidence, and he is an absolute mine of information. Even he is “attacked” because of his work, but is fully protected by the Light forces. There are of course other sources for which you need to use your discretion at all times. If it does not sound or read right put it aside until you can be sure.

Many Lightworkers are involved in getting the truth out, but until the Illuminati are removed it is difficult to give the whole story. Matters are quite different to what the majority of you think, and is not helped by those who put themselves forward as experts, but have also been misled. That is why we have often recommended that you stick to a reliable source that you trust. Therefore be open to new ideas and opinions even if they go against your present understanding. When the truth comes out you will be astounded to think that you have been misled for so long, and kept in a time warp. By now you should have been enjoying the fruits of your discoveries and moved far ahead. Yet although new ideas and inventions have come up, the dark Ones have had such power that they have been shelved and only used by them. In the long run you will not miss out, but you have had to settle for a more difficult life than was necessary.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can express myself more freely now that the dark Ones are losing their power over you. In the present circumstances, knowledge can be dangerous when they want to keep it to themselves. That will all change before long and an era of free speech will begin, when you will be able to express yourselves without fear. Already your minds are opening up to the manner in which you are kept in the dark, and you are becoming more questioning of what you have been told in the past. Carry on with your good work and do not fear the consequences as you will be protected. I leave you with my Love and Blessings, and ever look forward to the time when we can come together.
Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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  1. Analysis of SaLuSa’s October 23rd message with support and guidance from Andre, my ascended twin flame who I have been told a few days ago, was incarnated as the medieval author Chretien of Troyes (he wrote the Arthurian legends novels) – I shall post something about this later on my Facebook page (I have been in telepathic communication with him and Archangel Michael since April 2014)..

    SALUSA OF SIRIUS, through Mike Quinsey, starts with his observation that time is speeding up but we, the lightworkers, who are now spread all over the world, still manage to accomplish the tasks we have set for ourselves, and we are being successful to such an extent that nothing can stop it from attracting more souls into the movement. Given the fact that we sometime feel afflicted with the time it takes to clear up the negativity that has built up in the past, this period of time has permitted some souls to turn to the Light. Then SaLuSa seems to tell us that this situation cannot be allowed to continue as if there is a limit, so decisions have been made, presumably at the Council of the Nine’s (the Blue Lodge) level for the process to be accelerated for the New Age to be manifested. And when talking about manifestation, it is to do with the Divine Will, and it is the Archangels who bring it down to our material world from the Council of Nine. He refers to restrictions imposed upon the Illuminati, one of which is the use of nuclear weapons and the fact that Sirian craft have often hovered over their silos and disarmed them. Ufologists know this. The Illuminiati that we sometimes refer to as ‘the Cabal’ are not allowed to use nuclear weapons and as SaLuSa states ‘we have made sure they fully understand’ it means there is communication of some kind between our Galactic Star kin and the Cabal. It is something I have been repeatedly told.
    In his second paragraph SaLuSa seems to want to make us focus on the positive notion that we are destined to ascend although we tend to be affected by the news about turmoil and all that is happening in the world. He calls it a ‘cleansing period in full swing’ that is necessary so that the New Age manifests. We can see on RT for instance how in the process of seeking to expose the truth and lies in the political rhetorics, a disclosure is taking place. We are in a period of transition to one in which we shall benefit from new inventions which will either be inspired from our Galactic Star kin, or will be directly handed to us by them. According to SaLuSa we already possess this knowledge. We have been told that our children are the ones who will manifest many scientific and technological solutions. But he confirms that our Galactic brothers and sisters are waiting to give us new inventions. They will benefit everyone but it will take time and this is probably due to having to manufacture these and make them available on the markets. This relates to the distribution he mentions in the following paragraph.
    In his third paragraph SaLuSa reassures us we are not alone in this period of transition. They are fully prepared and have the technologies to give us what we need, so we should be confident. Here he also tells us that the Galactics will be able to assist in the matter of distribution of these new technologies. They have craft several miles long and abilities we can’t even imagine.
    We are living in a frustrating time. The cabal has attempted to interfere with my celestial communications in a new and different way than before but I know they are being contained and restricted in what they are allowed to do, and whatever they try and do is futile. I have been told we are at the beginning of the period of Disclosure, and the process of this disclosure [of all the truths that have been suppressed in order to prevent the recreation of the ancient golden age] will reach a peak by March to April next year. SaLuSa reveals that the plans and methods of action that the Galactics use (or that Heaven uses) have had to remain a secret. Yes we are in the middle of a war and yet strategies are being used in order to make those of the dark turn to the Light. They use technologies far beyond our civilization’s capabilities (those we know about as well as the secret ones which the Cabal has developed over a period of time – which is probably much longer than we expect). Then SaLuSa discloses the fact that ‘your dark forces’- the Cabal (or Secret NASA I suppose) has confronted them with their own technology. He says that at times we have to use our own abilities. I think he is referring to finding solutions to political problems and wars, and perhaps he is referring to the Russian air strikes in Syria that are for the purpose of eradicating the existence of terrorism. Andre says right now it is his opinion too. Some of our leaders are being protected by the Galactics and I have heard from Cobra that the Pleiadeans are backing up the Russians’ actions. The dark ones are still attempting to cause disruption and here I think that SaLuSa is making a reference to the Media war that is going on because some TV channels are using unverified sources of information, the objective of which is to forment conflicts and cause of division of opinion in the public at the same time as demonizing those who work to free the world from anarchy – by opposition to those who seek to destabilize countries, fund terrorism for the benefit of their war industries and as a whole, those who work for greed and power justifying their agendas by notions of erroneous economic philosophies – the ways of darkness and self-destruction. I think he was referring to the Media because after that he mentions the fact that some people have contributed to a flow of information that helps people understand what is going on. If it was not for certain Media or Political analysts no light would have been cast upon the truth of what is going on in certain countries besieged by wars.
    In the next paragraph, the message is the same as the one I get in my daily celestial communications. I call them ‘celestial’ because Archangel Michael holds a prominent place in them and André, my ascended twin flame, was an incarnation of this Solar Archangel. He still is, but in an etheric body. He greatly feels the connection but it is easier for us to understand this mystery if we think of him as separate though the reintegration may take place in a distant future. I have been informed a few days ago, I think it was on October 21, that he was incarnated as Chrétien de Troyes, the medieval author of the famous novels on the Arthurian legends. It has been explained to me that a Higher Self has the possibility of creating 12 soul extensions, some of which may, or not, incarnate on Earth, some of which may have been recalled, or may have ascended. These twelve souls are composed of twin flames, therefore they incarnate as 6 beings, each with a polarized other self, but not necessarily in incarnation at the same time for various reasons. Originally the Higher Selves were 12 creations of the ‘I AM Presence.’ There are millions of them, but 1000 of them are famous for having been related to the 144,000 saints of the Book of Revelation [12×12=144]. They were archangels who incarnated etherically as Kumaras. It’s been repeated to me many times that the Archangels were beings of the Third Race who incarnated in Lemurian time and were Kumaras on Venus who went to Sirius as well. Originally the Third Race was androgynous (hermaphroditic).They are called ‘archangels’ in the Western tradition and ‘Kumaras’ in the Eastern one. That is the story that has been telepathically communicated to me. I have been told that some ascended masters will walk among us after creating a body. It is something that Saint Germain did a few hundred years ago and something which was known in antiquity as being ‘self-born’. It will happen when the landings are possible. For this we need to be risen up in consciousness as well as in vibration physically speaking because the Galactic beings, our Star kin, would feel discomfort if they descended below a certain dimension. In this Ascension it is the divine Will that we keep our physical body, whereas in past history people ascended leaving the physical body behind, so therefore they achieved their ascension after death. It was easier but they had to balance their karma and it was only a few decades ago that ascension was permitted after only balancing 51% of one’s karma but without the body. In Jesus’ time it had to be 100% but it became so impossible that Saint Germain approached the Karmic Board and asked for a dispensation to allow Ascension to take place in these circumstances.
    At the end of this paragraph SaLuSa makes a reference to the fact that we are taking our physical body with us in our rise from the lower to the higher dimension. He is giving us an update with regard to the Solar System receiving an interference from certain other beings. We are now safe from interference with a strong system in place. This is in relation to reptilians, greys, archons, etc.[but check Andrew Bartzis for information on the Archons].. and we have heard rumours that some of the negative entities left because they could not withstand the light and energies of the Ascension. But this was before because it’s not been possible lately. There are videos on YouTube about changes that have taken place and been observed of the planets in the Solar System. These changes relate to luminosity and electro-magnetic changes in the Solar System and the planets, and they have been officially observed by NASA and disclosed. There also are rumours that some members of the Cabal have attempted to leave Earth but could not, and if I remember well this was in relation to the barriers, or system that SaLuSa is referring to. The same system that is protecting the Solar system would be preventing the Cabal or ‘Runnaway Society’ to leave. Some have also been subjected to the ‘containers’ which prevent them from acting in a certain negative way. We are living in the most important time ever.

    In his next paragraph SaLuSa confirms that David Wilcock is a reliable source of information and is also being attacked by the Cabal but is being protected. I have also experienced attacks which you might call psychic but are done by technology. The Cabal has agents who use a technology that is holographic and permits them to spy on our mental activities as well as cause interferences. I have been protected by my daily use of spiritual exercises because they permit the Archangels to intervene. They can’t intervene beyond a certain level without it being our freewill or desire that they do. These calls, or prayers, reinforce the protection such as the Tube of Light that the I AM Presence provides. The call to the Archangels, especially Archangel Michael and his sword of blue flame, is absolutely essential. Many groups have been practicing the method of the calls by the power of the spoken word for some decades now, and recently Matt Muckleroy has made available Archangel Michael’s dictation of the invocation for the tube of light and Solar Ring dictated to me (published on October 9) to tie oneself to Christ consciousness, as well as an invocation for Archangel Michael’s intervention for world peace. It is a shorter version than the one called The Rosary for the Armageddon (of the soul). But it is now available on YouTube and permits the lightworkers to quickly attune with the Light, raise their vibration, and derive spiritual benefits, not only for themselves and their Ascension, but to raise all Earth into a new golden age of the Peace of the Ascended Jesus Christ, Archangel Michael, as well as the manifestation of the new Gaia as per the Dream of Master El Morya’s civilization and Saint Germain’s New Age. If the lightworkers use this spiritual tool there will be enormous benefits for all mankind.
    The Lightworkers are involved in the work of Disclosure and I believe that once they have discovered something, it has an effect upon the systems of the world and other minds, as we are all interconnected and once we have discovered something, it leaks, so to speak, through the Field, as notions, ideas, light codes, into the minds of those people who are on the same page, at first, then the rest of mankind. A lot of new paradigms are appearing. But SaLuSa says that when the truth really comes out, we will be astounded and surprised we have been misled for so long. I take it he means when the truth comes out publically, or is released on the mainstream channels, or becomes an accepted fact by the leaders of society. Our lives have been more difficult than necessary. That may be an allusion to the fact that we are paying bills for gas and electricity for instance, when we could have free energy. We would not need such high salaries for a start. If Monsanto had not forced the Indian farmers to use their seeds and then some pesticides which, strangely enough, or conveniently for the Cabal, have lost their effect, the price of cotton would not be rising and the clothes that we buy would be cheaper. I have been informed that the spraying of chemicals in our skies have caused a new breed of flies that have recently devastated the cotton industry in India. Could it have been a conspiracy on the part of Monsanto to make the pesticides fail and ruin the crops, and cause a terrible misery for the farmers, and chaos in India?
    It is very interesting that SaLuSa ends his message on the note that he is able to express himself more freely because the dark ones have lost power. They attacked people who had knowledge or endeavoured to disclose it, and succeeded in murdering many. We have heard of the incredible work of the whistleblowers… and I suggest that there is a connection to be made. It is between the surveillance system that certain governments have attempted to impose upon society for so-called national security and the spying upon our mental activities, together with deception, influence, insertion of impressions, feelings, and even nightmares, that the Cabal has been carrying out [whether you are able, or not, to receive telepathic communication]. [And you may have been thinking you are dealing with emotions, or psychological problems of your own, or that you are disturbed, when the source of the negativity is external to you, and that is, of course, how they influence some people to be belligerent]. Some details about this are available in a channelled message by Michael Ellegion in 2010. It was posted on the AshtarCommand website. In this message Ashtar stated that the Cabal had a holographic technology that they intended to use to stage a false alien invasion. It was their last card after creating an enemy for their war industry (see some of the videos I have reposted a few days ago on this matter). Ashtar stated they would not allow the Cabal to carry out this imposture. So this gives you an idea of where we are.
    I have given the details of the website for SaLuSa’s message at the end of this article posted on my Facebook page. Love, christine

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