Update On “All About Enlightenment” – 9 November, 2015

lhamo dorje floating in space

Hi, Leslee here.

Last month I decided to self-publish the book. I also launched a Facebook page – please grace it with a Like if you like: https://www.facebook.com/All-About-Enlightenment-169192373120829/timeline

I had mulled over what content to keep online – what if a publisher wanted me to take it all down? I hid many posts, and didn’t like the way that felt.

In Manuscript-World, I’ve been adding pages and pages of illustrations, and scratched my head that maybe I needed a publisher, in order to include color plates (from what I can tell about CreateSpace, it’s either all black and white, or all color). I think I have a solution: the main book can be all black and white, but if folks want a book of the color plates, that can be offered as a separate volume.

Once I cleared that bump in the road, things began flowing a little faster. I knew that there was a key to organizing the book somewhere… but I couldn’t lay my hands on it yet.

Then, about a month ago, a light sparked, and I got a clear image of how to address my dilemma (which boiled down to ‘how do you talk about classic Buddhadharma, Dreams, Channeling, Hollow Planets and Aliens, all in the same volume?’).

The original chapters of All About Enlightenment, which can be found here (http://wp.me/P1ig39-vv), on AllAboutEnlightenment.com, constituted a tidy volume – all of about 120 pages. As I’ve followed nudges (and a few knocks over the head), the content exploded to over 700 pages – and it’s not finished. Rather intimidating for me to get my head around.

What the light illuminated was how to address questions bound to arise as one reads and digests that tiny first volume. They range from “Why should I care about Enlightenment?” (and explaining how many kinds we might attain), to “Why do you call this samsara – and what’s wrong with that?”, to “Wait, if this world’s not real, then what are those things in the sky… and what am I… and what is this rock I’m sitting on…?”

So we’re moving past the basic original content to addressing things in terms of The Four Thoughts That Turn The Mind To Dharma, to The Twelve Interdependent Links, to other ‘structures’ that folks familiar with Buddhism might recognize. As we drift into exploring the nature of the mind, that carries us into discussing reality, which allows us to merge over into surreality with a little more grace than abruptly announcing: “Oh, by the way, Buddhas are ET’s, and ET’s are Buddhas.” Bam.

With all the new material added, it seems timely to share some of the newer bits. With the blessing of a little free time, that’s on the to-do list. Aspirations abound.

Here’s a link to a post I made last week, also about how things sit with the book’s progress:



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