What’s up?

Hello everybody!!!It’s Theodore! I haven’t been active here for so long that I forgot my password XD How are you all doing???Great I hope! What with all these changes that are taking place.These are wonderful times we are living and every day I appreciate more and more being here, now and also being able to share this experience with all of you! I’m still talking with Kwnstantinos every weak.He’s graduating!!!How cool is that? You know, I am privileged to have met such a talented and kind person!!! I hope all your dreams come true man 🙂 I recently read about Mike Quinsey’s “retirement” and I will miss his articles as they got me through some difficult times but I’m very grateful for his contribution to our paths. Thank you Mike Quinsey for all your help and I wish you the best in your life!!!

So that was a litle something I wanted to share and again I hope you are all doing well!!!

Love,Compassion and Light



  1. Oh yes! So great to hear from you, Theo! There are a lot of amazing things happening right now, aren’t there? Yes, please say hi to Kosta, I was thinking of him this weekend! I hope you’re both doing wonderfully!

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