The Echoes of Thunder…The Starchild and Rome…

*SONG* I Want Your World To Turn by Heart

The Knocking at the door…knock knock…
The Ticking of the clock…tick tock…
A time for things…
Then the Bell Tolled…The bell tolls…
The time before, of things that were…
And to come…
The Echoes of Thunder…The coming storm…
The sounds of thunder…
The wind, the rain…The thunder…The AIR…
I am of the AIR…
And I bring…Lightning…

No time for tame words…9 sisters gathered
To solve a puzzle…Guided by the tall,
Mysterious Riddler Varence of Apollo…
His pearly eyes that see and saw the past
And present for a future to behold by the Chosen…
5 to rise and serve the lives to save…
Now directed by the elected Rana…
Thundercat…Shaman woman of the Lion Men…

“Say it,” Rana says, “Write it this way…
For them to read it, say it out loud…
However they wish to learn it…The world has
Grown indifferent…Forgotten things that
Should not have been forgotten…or perhaps lost,
Or never told…over campfires…story fires…
Memories of how the world Earth became
What it was, and is…
So many stories to tell…Each one of its own
Importance…and timing…
Now its time to remember.” Rana stood tall
And ferocious beneath a golden light. “Make
Them feel it…And tell them the story…
Of the starchild in Rome…”

Apart from our lives…a lost time…
Generations after the first star pilgrims came…
There was an age that grew beyond sticks and
Stones…and fire pits…and caves…When
Civilization rose by mortar and mans’ hands…
When nature, its beasts were tamed to serve man…
The horse the steed…Farm animals to provide
Less reason to hunt…And the primal heart
Of Earth’s people learned how to shape
Their lives and harness others to build things…

The primal heart…The experiment born by
Dark secrets…was set out to be molded like clay…
By the overseers…cities had already risen in
The fertile crescent…In Egypt, Greece…
Then furthered by the serpent’s grasp…
The Dark Ones reach to begin their
Shadowy cabal by an empire…in Rome…

The wayward tribes of variety were scattered
Across a new Earth…Each yielding its own
Genetic treasures…China…Africa…The Americas…
Europe…Broadened then in the Emerald Islands
Where Celts were born…And Starseed were
Born from a magical visit, and magical union
Between a new breed of human and an ancient
One visited from the stars…

So here it was…An old soul of England…
Before, at the dawn of castles…
There was a village…one that had sprung
By legacy left by fair elven spirits that
Visited Celtic woods…From a child that grew
Into a man…To have children…And their
Children to have children…
Average in size, a family tribe-village…
As they all were…But this village was blessed…
Their barbaric ways conquered by their
Growing humanity…They were a kinder people…
Too kind…But still they held their own…

The small village of barely one dozen huts
Was led by gentler Elders than most lands knew…
In particular, an old woman grandmother
To them all…named Elspa…The shaman and
Mid-wife known throughout the region…She was
The wisest…The healer who knew well all the
Herbs to heal…And all the stories to tell to teach
Them virtue, manners and conscience…As well
As the ways of her own starchild gifts…The
Ways of vision…of psychic senses…and
Dreams that few understood…
Which is why they looked to her for guidance
With respect…
Elspa knew…She heard the voices of the woods…
And heard his voice…The mysterious tall, pale
Stranger who visited her dreams with riddles…
“They’re coming, Elspa…” He only and always said,
Warned… “They’re coming…”

The words haunted her by day and night…
“They’re coming Elspa…They’re coming…”
So when she awoke THAT morning…she knew
What she had to do…
She emerged from her hut, alone…
Her husband had been killed years ago in
Battle with a nearby clan…which at last
Brought peace…She studied her people…how
They went about their daily chores fervently…
And still she sensed their time was at its end…
Because they were coming…

“Grandmother is awake!” young Briar shouted,
As the young amber haired girl ran up to
Her to squeeze her tight. If only she could express
The urgency…of the warnings…
She smiled less each day and worried more.
“I will be with you shortly for morning meal.”
She told them as everyone greeted her
With generous smiles. Then she walked
With cane to Grifton, her silvery haired
Son who stood as chief among them…

“I need to speak with you.” Elspa begged him.

Grifton smiled playfully, tossed back his
Head with a laugh when he saw the
Worried look on her face. “Of course, what is it?”
He asked as they stood quietly together
Watching the others… “More tales of trouble?
More dreams of doom to come?”

“You need to listen to me.” She pleaded with him.

He could only laugh. “For years, you and the others
Have talked about your visions…Secrets of
The past…Gods from the stars to guide us…
The Fair Folk of the Wood…which have
Disappeared…and finally…Now, last for years…
Talk of fearsome invaders coming…of a dark
Age to come casting shadow across the world.”
He only smiled and laughed carelessly…
“I love you, Mother,” Grifton told her, “But
You must see…You are worrying too much…
Nothing is going to happen…Stop talking
Fearful things…Enjoy your older years…
Stop questing for visions…”

“Please listen to me…” She begged, her
Eyes full of terror.

He held her hands warmly, “Mother stop
This. Stop worrying. This darkness you
Keep preaching…There’s no need for it…
There are no monsters…nothing in the
Shadows…no invaders coming.”

She saw at last it was a pointless discussion…
He was their leader…And it was true…In talks
And dreams and stories over nightly campfires
For years they talked about it…what was
Coming…FOR YEARS…Nothing had happened yet…
Proof had to come to what they could see for
Real…A mystic’s dream could only reach so far…
People wanted proof…Wouldn’t they always?
Yet she knew what was coming…
The voice of the visitor to her dreams was
Clear this time… “I understand.” She
Surrendered…patted her son’s hands…Then
Walked away…watching the others…

The children played…Children that with each
New generation were changing…The color of their
Eyes…like the sky so blue…The color of their
Hair…The reds, the golds, the ambers…In the
Old days they never saw these colors before…
Where did it come from? They began to resemble
The stories of the Fair Elf Folk, the wood
Spirits that used to seduce young hunters…
Something was changing the people…
In villages of the Scots to the north and
Isles of Eire to the west more and more
Children were born with that strange red hair…
She knew it meant something…but her mind
Could not grasp science yet…

Her heart was breaking from that ache…
That haunting sense…And in the sounds of
Echoing thunder…she felt it worse each time…
The world would change…
To what end? There was no certainty in the
Future…Only a shadow that stretched
And darkened all things…

She clung to hope…studied the people, her
Eyes finally falling on the sweet young fair
Isola…The kindest of them all…So pretty
She was with her long curly golden hair…
And blue eyes…She always smiled…always
Aided anyone in need…Even though she was
Near 6 months with child growing inside her…
No doubt carrying another beautiful baby,
A child to her handsome young hunter

Liam…Isola…She fixated upon them…Ideas
Filling her head…The race of time, and desperation.
She went to Isola and asked for her attention.
“My dear, Isola…Would you do something
For me? Its very important.”

“Of course grandmother, anything.” Isola answered.

“I need you and Liam to gather me fresh herbs
For my medicines and recipes,” Elspa told her
Urgently, “From the valleys north, along
The hills and glens near the Scots…It’s a
Journey for you I know…But only you have
Eyes for this…Only you can do this for
Me…Ask Liam to take you…As soon
As possible…Please?”

Isola held her pregnant belly with concern.

“You are fine,” grandmother Elspa assured her,
“This brief hunt to herbs along the hills
Will do you good. And you and Liam will have
Some time alone…” She looked over the
Village, the playing children…The peace in the air…
Stabbing at the fear inside her…She fought the tears
Welling up.

Isola looked deeply into her grandmother. “What is it?
Why do you look so upset?”

“It’s nothing.” Her grandmother simply
Patted her hand then led her to a small stone
Hut…Then began giving her grand daughter
The things she would need, pouches, leather
Wraps to hold things…and various precious
Things she had…Mystical items such as talismans,
Charms for good luck and protection…things
She held dear…Then she gave her, her very
Best fur shawl coat and bag…

“Grandmother, why are you giving me all your best
Things?” Isola asked. “This rabbit coat is your

“It’s getting colder,” grandmother said humbly. “I
Won’t need them…” She saw Isola begin to form
Questions and held out her hand to quiet her. “Take
Them…Please…I want to tell you something…And
Remember it…You know we’re different…I have
Told you the stories since you were very small.
Everyone…all of us have gifts…Yours is special…
You’re so young, you have time to grow…get
To know it…LISTEN…Listen to things…Pay
Attention to things…Most like to talk…They push
To be heard…You…I…We use our senses wisely…
Appreciate the silence…and the sounds…Listen…
Pay attention to your dreams the way I’ve told you.
Listen…The voice…The voices…You know what
I mean.” Elspa said, her eyes wide, glassy and
Magical… “Ignore those who shake your instincts…
Let them talk…Those that question too much
Never listen…never learn…Just like the ones
Who complain too much…Listen…You smile…
You keep smiling the way you do…Keep growing
This way…I am so proud of you.”

“You’re acting like I’m going away forever…” Isola
Laughed, confused.

Her grandmother led her outside…and called for
Liam…who, she knew was already readying himself
For a hunting trip for game along the trail she
Mentioned…She told him kindly, but firmly to
Take Isola with him…He protested briefly, then
Gave in…The trip was a welcome idea for them to
Be alone…Then Elspa was bidding them farewell…
Kissing them goodbye…And she cried as she watched
The young couple walk away…for the last time…
Then she began going around the village…Talking
To everyone…trying to sense things…to find
Excuses to make them listen…to make them
Scatter…Few listened…They were too pre-occupied
With their games, chores or gossip…Then she
Sat by the fire pit in the center of the village
Huts…watched children play…then prayed…
That awful nagging mysterious…of HIM…inside
Her head… “They’re coming Elspa…They’re coming.”

The young couple still in their teens, Liam and
Isola, followed the worn-out weeded trails through
Woods and slopes…across rocky streams…
Through high grass valley meadows to reach the
Place grandmother desired…A fair day’s hike away…
They built a campfire that night and settled in
Beneath a shelter of slanted brush and leafy cover
For a modest romantic evening…They talked
Very shyly of how nice it was to be alone together;
They were such a sweet young couple…

Both remarked how strange grandmother had been
Acting… “More than usual,” Liam remarked.
“She tells such great stories at night though.”
Everyone loved grandmother’s stories…from the
Old days when tribes and clans fought
Constantly…before that strange star fell…
Before…A time when the land was full of
Stories of the forest spirits…The Fair Folk…
Of elves…and strange white beasts in the
Woods with one horn…

“Something is different.” Isola said shaking
Her head, her eyes aglow, mesmerized by the
Flames of the campfire… “Something feels

By break of days they found themselves woken
By a calamity in the woods…The voices of a band
Of young men…hunters from the north…Very
Close to crossing their path…
“Scots!” Liam whispered hard…But before they
Could gather their things to slip quietly into the
Woods for cover, the group of hunters were upon
Them…Ten young men…All bold older teens
That talked big but stood small, adults of
The era…brats to our modern world…They
Came upon Isola and Liam with spears, knives
And staffs…talking loud with old world accents
Like big men… “Name your clan,” they said
By a leader whose bearded face spoke with the
Voice of a boy… “We are the Picts…And you are?”

“Grifton’s tribe of the south,” Liam quietly
Answered…trying to stand strong and brave to them…
As the boys all immediately admired the fair

“The Picts?” Isola asked…thinking fast. “My
Grandmother spoke of you…of Macduff.
Her sister became his wife, Kimry?”

The leader thought for a moment. “The mid-wife, Elspa,
Is your grandmother? The healer from the south?”

“Yes.” Isola said.

“Ah.” The Pict leader said resting his spear, and
Commanding his group to follow his calmer stance. “I
Know of her…” Respect came quick then. “I am
Moxt. We’ll give you no trouble then…Kimry
Is kin, my uncle’s wife…We’re fair to you, no fights.
What are you doing here?”

“Just gathering herbs for Elspa.” Liam told them.

“Will you share what you find?” Moxt asked.
“Our healer recently died…Things are uncertain
Right now…Our clans gather wide…The last
Moon saw more invaders come from the east…
Villages are falling…Danger is in the air, in the
Woods…You should be careful…not to stay alone…
The invaders coming are unlike any seen
Or fought before.”

“Invaders?” Liam questioned fast… “The last moon?
We heard or saw nothing?”

“Why to the north?” Isola asked, confused.

Moxt hesitated, but trusted his instincts and
Considered them friends… “They came by boats…
Tall and wide…with sails…clothed in metal,
With hoods of metal also…some
Riding beasts…They have foreign tongues, we
Don’t know them…But a prisoner was taken
And called himself, his people…Roman.”

“Roman?” Liam asked. “By boat? That
Would make them from far…?”

“Grandmother.” Isola gasped. Her
Mind spun fast…The trip…her request
For herbs…it was so late in the year for
Finding them…Her grandmother’s gifts…her
Behavior…the way she fussed over her, dressed
Her…she touched her rabbit coats. “Romans…
She knew they were coming then…She saw it.”

“Your grandmother is a shaman?” Moxt
Asked intrigued; his hunters less so.

“She asked us to come here,” Isola explained,
“For her herbs…she was urgent…sad.”

Liam looked to Isola puzzled, “But we heard nothing
Of invaders…It has been very quiet…”

“We have not seen other villages in months,”
Isola told him… “Anything could have come…
By chance we missed it yet.”

“Not for long.” Moxt shook his head and
Laughed… “These Romans come fast and
Hard…intent on standing on our land.”

“We must go back.” Isola held Liam’s arm.
She had this awful feeling. “We left so fast,
So suddenly fast…by her request…”

“My men and I will come with you,” Moxt
Told them, “I would like to see your land…
We’re scouring for signs of Romans…This
Could tell us something…”

And so they banded together…Liam and Isola
Led Moxt and his hunters down the trails to
Their land…Where by near end of day they
Found what they feared most…
Pillars of smoke from a distance said it first…
The village…Their village…was in black ashes…
Everything was torn apart…nothing was

But the worst was the gruesome scene of bodies…
No tribes fought like this before…
The eldest all lay dead…
Some beheaded or stripped of limbs…as were all
The smallest children…it was a blood bath…
A slaughter of innocents, the weak…

Horrified, they found grandmother Elspa
Gored by spear through her chest…
Her eyes still open wide in pain and fear…
It was awful, wordless…
But there were no bodies of young people
Anywhere? Why? They were taken?
That made no sense…

Isola walked teary-eyed through the village…
She couldn’t bring herself to touch anything,
She felt as if she were a shattered spirit
Floating through the grisly scene…
Then her mind surrendered to senses,
By the overwhelming emotions that stuck…

Visions filled her head…
She saw them…The invader Romans…
Dressed in metal, chest, back and hoods…
Crowned with red flares…Warriors like none
They knew with polished flashy weapons…
They came upon the village not long after
She and Liam left…
The fight was hard and fast…The killing wide,
And measureless…They never saw it coming!
But Elspa did…Her grandmother knew!
And no one listened…

They spoke a strange language…loud, fierce…
Her people, family, families ran…
Only to be caught quick…forced to kneel…
They were rated of worth…
The old and young sentenced to immediate death…
Those of youthful vigor, prime of age
Chosen for pleasure as slaves, the women, girls…
Beaten, raped, stripped…and some of the
Young boys too…Humiliation…Torture…
The red hair, the blue eyes…Gold hair…
The prize…To be delivered to their homeland
As trophy slaves…for any purpose of desire…
As screams and cries of the haunting scene
Filled her head…Isola turned…
Then saw it…

The beast, animal…that they rode…
Standing there…on four legs…plainly…
Out in the open, alone between two huts…
Her eyes apart from mind sensed the animal…
Of flaxen man…a nutty rich brown shiny body…
A powerful muscled animal…
Her eyes to its, his eyes…Its body quivered
As it neighed…left behind…Abandoned?
No…it fought its way…away from its tamers…
The horse that found her…
Watched her, sensed her…A sensitive
Animal…And she went to it, and stroked
The creamy blaze of its face…
A bridge made from mind to mind…
Britain had unknowingly found its first horse.

Liam and Moxt approached her and the animal…
“Be careful!” Liam warned his young pregnant
Beloved. “You don’t know what this can do!”

“I’ve seen these beasts before,” Moxt told them, “The
Romans ride upon them…We’ve caught a few,
Slain them for victory feasts…They’re tasty.”

Isola grimaced at Moxt’s words, as she stroked
The animal, “Men think with their stomachs.
He’s beautiful.”

“You don’t even know what it is.” Liam shook his head.

“It’s a horse.” She said without thinking…
Her senses told her everything…

“A what?” Liam asked.

“A horse.” Isola said…her eyes wide and large,
Like the animal’s eyes…Her awe for the horse
Overtaking the moment…Magic…Into his mind…
The way it thought, felt…breathed…The
Way it stood, muscles flexed…He was born to
Move…driven by a powerful instinct…its mind
Worked with pictures, forged by feelings…of
Survival…to eat, drink, move…Tied to the
Land by legs that gave it strength and
Reason to dance…and jump…and run.
She never felt such clarity before…
The voice…The spirit of animals spoke to her…
Few understood this…
The birds that fly…adrift, gliding the air
With wings to soar…eyes to see beyond all things…
Those of predators…to strike, hunt those
On ground or sky…Earth…Air…
The rabbit on the ground…Innocence that hides,
Survival…the flight to run…
Animals…The furry souls, feathered souls
Of all kinds…few appreciated them beyond food
Or beasts of burden…
It never struck her so hard before…
Grandmother had often cared for orphaned animals…
The respect, love of nature…a wisdom taught
Of virtue and medicine…Shamans learned this way…
But for Isola this was…The first personal moment
In her life…
Despite and through the slaughter of her village…
This encounter, meeting with this…horse…
Stirred something within her…
Grandmother’s stories and wisdom filled her head…
The woman within her rose…
And the horse spoke to her…
A tale of its life…an animal slave…its spirit
Bred, bought, stolen…beaten, spirit tamed, whipped,
Tithed and chained to be used as a mount
For brutes for its strength…or to haul or pull
Loads…There was no allowance…
It was nature’s first eternal slave to man…
And somehow…by her own ravaged loss she
Bore of her people…she made a bound tie
To the horse’s mind…In a whisper, a promise
Of respect and admiration…
The slave animal became her friend…An echo
Through time…

The magic moment then was broken…war cries…
From the forest line nearby…The metal clothed
Roman men reappeared, they by chance
Re-tracked to the village to find their commander’s

Time ran fast…The Pict hunters cried war
In return, Liam shouted for her to run…
But Isola was held still by the horse…and
Somehow he told her what to do, and she
Raised her foot to the stirrup…and raised herself
Upon his back…The horse danced, she took
The reigns…The Romans yelled their
Language of war and rage…pointing with
Swords and spears to her, and the horse…
They charged…And her horse launched
Into a flightful run…unlike Isola ever
Liam panting in panic raced after her to
Follow as the Pict hunters fought the Romans…
More and more of the invaders emerged
From the woods…They were outnumbered…

Isola’s horse raced for the hills, finding
Trails by feet only animals knew to find…
Liam followed with all his speed…but could
Not catch her…Then Moxt followed and a
Few of his men…They knew their odds favored
Retreat then…

A team of more Romans on horseback…
Emerged from the woods to follow, chase…
They wanted their commander’s horse bad…
A foolish price of pride…
The odds were desperate, ridiculous…

Then moment found…a mystical intervention…
The echoes of thunder…
Then as if some invisible line had been drawn
In the sand by higher hand,
The band of Roman horse soldiers halted in a row…
They fought their riders, feet stomping the Earth…
Eyes wide with life, protest…
Ears twitching to the voice only they heard…
Some ethereal siren’s song that commanded
Nature…perhaps from some Watcher’s past…
Then they threw their riders with bucking fury
That scattered the Roman attack into chaos…
So much so they forgot to pursue Isola, Liam
And the Picts…

Isola’s mount would deliver her, Liam and
Moxt and his men to safety to the northern
Territories…Where they would eventually
Find a new home…build an army that
Would halt further Roman invasions…

More horses liberated from their bringers would
Also find a future home…in this land…
Still the tale remains…that it
Was a young pregnant Isola who rode the first
Horse there…Unless of course other points
Were given here…it depends entirely how you
Read it…eyes and ears to see what they will…

Now…then…The story departs to far different
On the ship that sees all things of time…

There they watched…by and for duty…
Their jobs…Camlo, still in his pale blue
Uniform…studying the quiet fauna…

Ceres, the golden blond beautiful princess woman
Watcher of Earth…wearing her red dress…
Sat watching the animals, in her seat at
The console politely…with quiet smiles of

Apollo, the tall creamy haired chiseled man
Still in his drapery clothes, sat in the
Captain’s chair…Watching the mortals’ dramas
Of Earth…Multitasking of course…so
Many things were going on upon the Earth…
He laughed without a smile, “Ceres…Horses?
Upon the Emerald Islands…Do the words
Mean anything to you?”

“Sensitively brilliant animals.” She answered slyly
Without facing him.

“I thought we were ordered…” Apollo also slyly
Said… “To not interfere but only…WATCH…”

“I was there, I heard his orders.” Ceres
Answered…without the slightest care…

“The girl…a baby survived,” Apollo responded,
“From a fitful line of horses that held
Soldiers to follow.”

“How interesting.” Ceres said as she watched the whales
Passing in the seas…near a chain of islands…
Somewhere special. “Perhaps animals make
A difference after all…Perhaps studying
Them is more significant somehow.” She smiled.

“Are you making a point to me or someone
Else?” Apollo asked.

“Who could possibly be listening to our
Conversation?” Ceres asked. “Are you taking
Notes? Would you repeat it to someone
Sometime? Who would care?”

Apollo paused to laugh, roll his eyes…
To the air…As if there was or would be
Some eyes or ears out there… “Why would I
Mention such a thing? History none should
Know? To suggest…to pay attention to listen
More…To all those little things that you
Pass by…?”

“As if signs are there for who?” Ceres
Laughed…then faced him, smiling. “You
Poise yourself as if to tell some story…
Why? When, what for? For who?”

“I would tell a friend if I had to” He
Said nicely.

“If you had one.” She said playfully. “Break
Open a prize of victory if they catch
That one.”

“Are you saying I have no friends?”

She stood then strolled to say it beside him.
“I’m saying…That you shouldn’t have to
Share such an obvious thing with a friend…
Unless it had a gentle meaning…Otherwise…
I would see it as…a warning…”

“Such interesting words there.” Apollo
Speculated…before his eyes fell back to
Observing the images on his screen…His
Expression sank…slowly…almost painfully.

“That is a look I have never seen.” She
Said to him.

“Why?” He asked slowly.

“Your look…it aches…” She said.

“this…” Apollo said, nodding once to the screen…
“Upon this world…The way civilizations grow…
Or rather, re-grow…Evolve? Mutate?
Mutilate?” He laughed painfully.

“What is it?” She asked. “Say it.”

“I do not like this…” Apollo answered, his eyes
Wide… “I have never heard of this sort of…
Progress before.”

“Think to what it belongs.” Ceres said.

“Should that matter?” Apollo asked… “No
Sense can be given for it…no matter who
Claims the rites of passage…or their
Hand in the shaping.”

Ceres sighed as she slowly returned to her seat.
“Watchers have no opinion in those, remember?”

“Something has to happen…sometime.” He
Said studying the screen.

“Pray for revelations.” Ceres told him, resuming her
Duties as well… “Write a book…whisper in someone’s
Ear…Tell them a tale they won’t believe…more

“Revelations…” He laughed…his gaze falling intensely
Upon the history unfolding…The rising of an
Empire on a primitive world…one that shadowed
One larger…vast, master empire in the stars…
“The echoes…” He moaned…his mind regretfully
Taking in the perils, the turbulence taking shape on
The lost guardian world…Inside, he confessed, it
Revolted him…

“Did you say something?” She asked as she
Turned to the look of agony silently overtaking
His face. “That look…”

“Please…” He quietly said to her, so humbly it
Frightened her…He raised his eyes to hers then, “Would you…
Might I ask just one thing of you?”

“Of course.”

“Your sister,” he thought carefully as he spoke,
“The one that works in the capital…concerning
Matters of the council, the outer planets?”

“Chanta?” Ceres asked.

“Yes…Chanta…” He nodded… “Could you grant me
A private conference with her? Please?”

His politeness struck her senses nearly speechless.
He never made requests…He was never so…humble.
“Of course.” She began pressing buttons
At her panel. “Go to the meeting room…
Wait for the call…” She simply nodded.

“Thank you.” He quietly replied then made
His departure…left the main bridge…followed
A brightly lit shiny pearly hallway to a
Small room at the very end…used for private
Communications…He entered, then sat at
A large desk-type counter that faced
A blank wall with only one flat screen object lighting
The dark room…Then waited…

It wasn’t long before a static like glow filled
The window-like screen…The image then cleared
To form the view on the other side…back
Home…Another private room where a very
Beautiful flawlessly looking dark red haired
Woman sat in a pale blue uniform waiting
For him. “Apollo?”

“Yes, thank you.” He greeted her kindly.

“My sister says you wish to speak with me?”
Chanta asked. “Concerning what?”

“You manage contact with the outside?” He
Asked her, “With the outside council?”

“I do.” She answered carefully.

“I have something to ask you.” Apollo said,
His manner very serious. “I need you to
Contact the Mother World…To ask
Them to send a ship to observe some recent
Behavior on Earth.”

Chanta’s crystal-like blue eyes
Seemed to roll then blink in wild thought. “Such
Requests are never made.”

“I must ask this.” He said. “I must ask now.”

Chanta was a woman of high standing…brilliant,
Virtuous…spiritual…but always politically correct;
She dared to break no rules… “Why would I do
This? Watchers are forbidden to interfere…”

“Please.” Apollo humbly said… “There are
Things beginning on this world I do not like.”
He saw her readied response and held out his
Hand to beg for her to listen. “All worlds are
Molded differently I know…But this…”

“You refer to Rome?” Chanta asked,
Carefully forming her words.

“You are aware?” He was surprised, a little.

“Yes, of course.” She said, confessed, quickly.

A moment of silence as he fought his
Insides to find reasons, the mystery…
Suddenly a bigger picture filled his head…
Of course they know…They had to.
“You know?” He squinted.

“Of course we know.” Chanta answered calmly.
“We are aware of everything going on…on the
Slave worlds.”

“You say that carefully.” Apollo responded, studying
Her face. “But not all worlds?”

“No, not all worlds.” She said…extremely cautious
With every word.

Apollo thought fast, quietly…nearly scowling as his
Deep voice formed the words, “When I came
To my post…When the trade routes were
Flourishing…When Atlantis was still a new
City…and the colonies were spreading…You
Knew the empire would annex this quadrant
Of space…how?”

“They were following the gold…” Chanta
Answered. “Their greed always follows the

“But,” he said, “Then…What happened here…
The invasion…They stripped the planet…
The experiments…They encouraged the evolution
Of a new race…”

“Yes, we know,” Chanta simply answered, “The

“They ceased to become humans when the
DNA of so many species were entwined into theirs.”
He said.

“Their humanity was resumed when you had the
Elvar of the Danu interfere in their evolution.”
Chanta corrected.

He cleared his throat. “I did not tell them
To do anything…”

“Do not think I am a fool,” she told him
Fast and hard, “Or that any of us are
Unaware of what YOU did, Apollo.”

“I remained within all the—“

“You walk a fine line with rules,” Chanta said.
“Everyone is aware…The only reason you have
Not been reprimanded, withdrawn from your
Position and imprisoned with Xander…is the
Potential of the situation.”

“Someone…” He said hard, biting down with his teeth,
“had to do…something…The Empire consumes
This universe…And when it has it all there
Will be a war of universes…and you know
What will happen.”

“We are all aware of how much time we
Have left.” Chanta snapped. “The fact
Remains there is a chance.”

“Chance for what?” Apollo snapped. “This
Civilization, this Shadow Empire of Rome that
Likens into the structure of the Reptilians
Homeworld…The slavery…The carnal
Indulgences…The blood games…Even
The way they worship…”

“As with so many other worlds.” She simply,
Calmly said.

“How can you say this with such simple
Breath?” Apollo asked. His manner, the
Nature of the boy that became the man became
Bold… “What are we watching for? Waiting

“We are apart from time,” Chanta said
Slowly, trying to express that she did care but
Was also held by position, “We are fortunate
To exist where others can not…To survive…
To Exist? We are but figments…
Dreams to the outside…They will never
Comprehend this…And that is our blessing.
Let them not understand…So we can work…
Suggest with inspiration…through dreams…
Riddle some whispered words on the wind…
Mysterious creativity through art…answers
By melody of song and lyrics…”

He frowned, he knew the sacraments…
“What are we waiting for?”

“I realize you are frustrated.” Chanta said
Strong but with sympathy, “But you must, we
All must play our parts.”

“Tell me!” He nearly shouted.

“For the chance,” Chanta answered slowly,
“In all of us we quest for those answers
From where we come…The source…our
Creation…There is far more than physical
World…The ethereal, the supernatural dimension
Of life we ride alongside…gives us glimpses, clues…
To what is beyond our physical laws…
The most advanced civilizations study this…”

“Of course.” Apollo rolled his eyes. “All
Fools know the common sense…So?”

“We obey and respect spiritual laws…
The natural order of things.” Chanta
Answered. “The Empire does not. They
Attempt to bridge the two by their
Experiments…The meta-human…That
Can create a bridge to Heaven…”

“You speak of witchcraft and spirit
Mediums?” He asked.

“No,” she snapped. “Witchcraft is of sciences
Of the mind…Spirit mediums break the spirit
Laws…I am not talking about conversations.
I am talking about an actual physical
Bridge…in human form…”

“A door?” He asked.

“Or window, yes.” She nodded. “Every
Few thousand years…The Heavens offer
Glimpses to us…meanings by messages of
Our creation through acts of divine
Intervention…IF…they can create a meta-
Human that can be a bridge…They
Can talk to Heaven…But they also intend
To invade it…influence it…”

“No physical being commands the Heavens!”
Apollo said.

“Of course not…Only an idiot would assume
They can control beings from the higher

“Their arrogance assumes they can invade
And control Heaven?” He laughed. “It
Will destroy them first.”

“That’s how worlds die,” Chanta agreed,
“For when they get close to this in their
Experiments…Heaven responds by harsh
Lessons of blood, death…cataclysm.”

“So what am I to do then?” He asked.

“Wait…” She insisted… “Watch the
Evolution take place…Find the successful
Vessel…communicate with the cosmic forces
Before they do…Let us build the bridge
Before they do…”

“And then?” He asked.

“Then the war begins…” She said. “It’s not
About one world, one or Earth or any other…
It’s about ALL worlds…And saving our fate.
No go…Watch…Wait…Watch some more…
Find the vessels of divine intervention…Then…
Once you do…We will react and plan accordingly.”
She ended the communication.

He sat in silent thought for a while
Pondering their discussion…He had the time…
The knowledge…The technology…The
Space of secrecy to hide…it was but
The waiting and watching that was
The chore…

End that part…
Now eyes and ears to this…

Rana stood bathed in the golden glow
Of the lights as her sisters, Vala and
Ceres joined her…The three…

“So that’s what you needed to hear,” Rana
Said to the notebook… “This is how it will
Be now…Like it? Excellent…Don’t like it?
Don’t read it…Retreat and scratch yourselves,
I don’t care.”

“Lesser humans find great difficulty in
Managing their behavior.” Ceres laughed.
“The wise listen…They can manage their
Ears and mouth quite well.”

“You do know this Earth well.” Rana laughed.
“Their communication devices…IF…they
Only knew how many eavesdrop on every
Little thing from the stars above…
They entertain themselves? HA! They truly
Entertain others even more.”

Vala, with her long honey colored wavy
Hair and candled-colored eyes of flame
Hummed her siren’s song… “Let me
Impart this…There will be no repeating
Lessons…The Heavens are kind to fools
No longer…which is why pain and death
Are so abrupt…

Fear the road…respect things…
These are the things to know…
The light comes…The seasons will be
Hostile…for they should be cold…
Arctic winds…make ICE…bring it…
Challenge your course from what you knew…
Make it what you need to know…
Follow your dreams…But more importantly
Know their meaning…
Quiet your noisy mouth and listen more…
The Echoes of Thunder…
The storm comes…
These are The Thunders.”






  1. Thank you, my dear ones. I’m sorry for that despite of the synchronicity and my appreciation for what you have moved me, owing to this dense anxiety and instability in all aspects, particularly that my throat chakra seems to be blocked or seized again, I feel being bottled up from expression or sharing.

    I like spider, particularly after relatively waking up, spider is used to play a quite important / determinately positive role for me. Not only so, as I’ve being working on this for weeks, this is definitely a plus synchronicity.

    As times goes faster, I cannot help getting more and more anxious for many reasons. In spite of so many words in my mind which are supposed to deliver to you, I can only speak in my mind, or even telepathically with you, if this is really possible?!
    Just almost at the moment a little bit than that when Dreamwalker posted that “thunder kachinam” I was shown the Rune Tyr. Then that picture looks not only déjè vu to me, but even reminds me of this, discovered in CN, but now collected in US.

    Sorry, owing to my impatience on doing more web-search, as well as that most materials are rather collected in the books whose copy rights are restricted, I could only find these :

    Besides, when looking for the concerned English materials, I happened to find this…

    Another one of a latter era…

    Besides, the character naming shaman or sorcerer in CN looks like this, 巫:

    Personally, I do believe it has to do with Magi in Persian culture …

    I might stay in silence for a while…despite of my silence, my heart and eyes, ears are with you….

  2. Happily urgent seems very fitting !!
    Here, after I dropped my long-ish rant up here, in response to Stefman, I just saw this video. No idea what these spheres are, but it seems nice. And nice to see things like this in the media.

    • dragon eggs 🙂 I am not going to stick around if they hatch though!

      Somehow we’re expected to fit all of our thoughts and emotions into this limited thing we call “language” Well you guys are doing a fine job! Thank you ❤

      • yeah but we wouldnt doing a great job without u… 😉

        hey what i had yesterday forgotten to mention…
        what realy pisses me off about the english language… and speaking about language…
        words paint a picture… the word soil/dirt for the stuff plant plants in… in german (please note that i realy love english… rather than german) but in german the word for that stuff is “erde” what also means soil or earth… as the planet…

        so imagine u call the stuff planet earth is made of dirt… how degrading is this ?
        i wonder what u guys with native roots call it ? i guess it must be more respectful than dirt…

        • Thanks Stefman (-_-)

          It’s all a matter of perspective – we might assign a “lowness” meaning to dirt (French takes it even further with “merde”), but dirt is actually one of the most important things to humans because without it we could not feed ourselves… This goes back to what you guys were saying about the Christians trying to destroy everything that is “old” or rather “not Christian.” Well like you said in some ways it’s a more advanced technology to know how to live in harmony with your surroundings, rather than having to depend so much on a “sanitized” “technological” environment.

          Actually we’re all “dirty” because the Christians say “from ashes to ashes and dust to dust”… we come from the earth and will eventually return to the earth. 🙂

          Part of the Cherokee winged rattlesnake prophecy suggests that everything will appear upside down. What I think is meant by this is that it’s important for us to look at everything in a different way. So much of how we see the world currently has been messed around with.

          Another example, I was talking to a guy who grew up in India. He tells me he is volunteering at a “classical” music festival. What I had in my head was “classical European music”. No… he meant music with sitars and tablas 🙂 In my head, this music is considered “new age”. Well – all “world music” is also considered “new age”. Wait just a minute! The “new kid on the block” (relatively speaking) is the European classical music… so shouldn’t we think of THAT as “new age?”

          • why the sad face ? i kinda came to the conclusion that run this webpage or at least doing the admin stuff… so without u we wouldnt text here ^^

            • Hey stefman you see even symbols can be misinterpreted! this symbol (-_-) is not sad, it is meant to be a “bow” or “honor”. Our friend Konstantinos from Greece, who is no longer is active, used to use it quite a bit. I guess I still carry his tradition of honor. (-_-)

              • oh i used the -_- expression as the “that went well” cat hehe

                ok today i gonna finally read the hopi prophecy link u posted… no matter how often i get interrupted here =)

  3. Dream log: 13apr2016 I found myself in a city / downtown area with “lower” buildings of 2 to 4 stories – few skyscrapers. It was a sunny spring day. I was with a group of friends, standing in a side street. I think this was an “alternate timeline”. Most of my friends were younger adults, around 30. I was there with my wife in that timeline, she was a young, short asian woman, pretty with a broader oval face, and curly shoulder-length brown hair. (Note – I think she is a young woman who reads our posts, but doesn’t post herself). She was pregnant with our first child. There was also a taller young man with “germanic” features – sandy-brown hair / taller and skinny, and another woman I didn’t recognize, who was his girlfriend. Mid-height / American, mid-30s and brown straight hair, brown eyes. There were a few other people standing behind us.

    It was just after a major economic event or catastrophe – something had happened where there were fewer people living in the city. We were discussing our son-to-be – the “Chosen One”. The question wasn’t “if” he could be the Chosen One, but how he could be the Chosen One with what was left? How would that have meaning in the future? We weren’t sure.

    My two friends were getting ready to go, and for some reason they had to dress in a certain way to look imposing. They wore round, white “half helmets” with chrome visors, leaving the mouth and chin exposed. They also wore trench coats and black boots. They smiled (which made them look a bit like chipmunk astronauts) but the overall effect was impressive.

    We were all comfortable and not in any kind of distress. Just “happily urgent”. There was a minor sense of danger, such as having to deal with the potential of wild animals in the wilderness.

  4. didnt we hear from healing thru colors and sound the other day ???

    this clip got shown to me so many times yesterday in the suggestions… im going to check it out now… but if it resonates with you (no pun intended) have a look

    oh and thanks guys 😉

  5. the kryon one reminds me of the symbol for the dark sun…

    i heard once that if u would try and see the sun with ur naked eyes from space u couldnt see it and it would appear black/dark since the light from the sun has to travel first thru a medium thats breaking the light… or it would have to reflect first to see it… i think it was eric p dollard where i heard it

    also interesting nassim haramein mentioned ones that he thinks that the sun has a singularity at its core… and that we might live in a singularity… and his theory was i think… that if we live in a singularity u could build a ship with a singularity at its core… than one could dip into one singularity here (sun) and come out of another singularity (lets say another star at the other end of universe) like a build in subway system into universe

  6. Wonderful insights Feilla, and great post Dreamwalker. I was looking at crop circle videos last night…the one I call the “Thunderbird” or the “Kachina” came up. I don’t know how many of us are fallowing the Law of Time’s 13 moon calendar, but that particular circle showed up on “The Day out of Time last year which was Red Solar Sky-walker (QuetzelCoatl) 😉 and on the Tzol’kin calendar it was “Kame” (Lord of the Underworld, which is a metaphor for both death and space). What is very interesting to me was that on that day I pulled the JUSTICE card for my altar card! And yesterday when I found this video, it was, again a Solar Sky-Walker day. Full circle! I encourage any who are interested here to check out Wayne Heschell’s “The Hidden Records” if you haven’t already. Love you all SOOOO much! ❤

    and another good one…

  7. Feilla, your celtic post reminds me of the thunder kachina…

    “My people await Pahana, the lost White Brother, [from the stars] as do all our brothers in the land. He will not be like the white men we know now, who are cruel and greedy. we were told of their coming long ago. But still we await Pahana.

    “He will bring with him the symbols, and the missing piece of that sacred tablet now kept by the elders, given to him when he left, that shall identify him as our True White Brother.

    “The Fourth World shall end soon, and the Fifth World will begin. This the elders everywhere know. The Signs over many years have been fulfilled, and so few are left.

    “This is the First Sign: We are told of the coming of the white-skinned men, like Pahana, but not living like Pahana men who took the land that was not theirs. And men who struck their enemies with thunder.

    “This is the Second Sign: Our lands will see the coming of spinning wheels filled with voices. In his youth, my father saw this prophecy come true with his eyes — the white men bringing their families in wagons across the prairies.”

    “This is the Third Sign: A strange beast like a buffalo but with great long horns, will overrun the land in large numbers. These White Feather saw with his eyes — the coming of the white men’s cattle.”

    “This is the Fourth Sign: The land will be crossed by snakes of iron.”

    “This is the Fifth Sign: The land shall be criss-crossed by a giant spider’s web.”

    “This is the Sixth sign: The land shall be criss-crossed with rivers of stone that make pictures in the sun.”

    “This is the Seventh Sign: You will hear of the sea turning black, and many living things dying because of it.”

    “This is the Eight Sign: You will see many youth, who wear their hair long like my people, come and join the tribal nations, to learn their ways and wisdom.

    “And this is the Ninth and Last Sign: You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash. It will appear as a blue star. Very soon after this, the ceremonies of my people will cease.

    “These are the Signs that great destruction is coming. The world shall rock to and fro. The white man will battle against other people in other lands — with those who possessed the first light of wisdom. There will be many columns of smoke and fire such as White Feather has seen the white man make in the deserts not far from here. Only those which come will cause disease and a great dying. Many of my people, understanding the prophecies, shall be safe. Those who stay and live in the places of my people also shall be safe. Then there will be much to rebuild. And soon — very soon afterward — Pahana will return. He shall bring with him the dawn of the Fifth World. He shall plant the seeds of his wisdom in their hearts. Even now the seeds are being planted. These shall smooth the way to the Emergence into the Fifth World.

      • thank u for the post… havent had the time to read it yet =/

        im trying to find words for quiet a while now but i get so often interrupted to find the right words…

        so i hope it doesnt sound dumb or so… but i saw the native indians or better the tribes that lived in america before the europeans as an amazing high culture!!!! (who says high cultures have to have all the tech the guys over in europe had… think about it this way… name one river or sea in europe at the time where u could drink from hehe… while the native people had amazing clear bodies of water that had life in all forms in abundance… or look at the ecosystems over here and over there… or just think about the way how the native people grew plants… there was no need for poison or other stuff to grow them…. the native people had a way of planting plants together that protected them each other… also think about the story of the native scouts that got drafted into the army… they had amazing things they could do… that their hair got cut short and they lost the things they could do… think about the tech we have today.. cellphones interwebs and what not… for me it looks like we desperately want the senses that where given to us but we want them without work and responsibility… so isnt it that tech is sort of a prosthetic leg… u know u dont have the sense to communicate via mind… but dont worry we give ya a phone so u dont need to develop those senses…. )

        damn im rambling again ^^

        what im trying to say is im so terribly sorry what my ancestors did to the native tribes and seeing them as savages while in reality its was the other way around… and the native people welcomed the strangers first…. think about thanks giving… i also hope that the tribes will come together and start a new and amazing new chapter in history that shows the world a new and healthy way

        so i hope my brothers and sisters from our tribe =) will understand what i was trying to put in words…

        (here we go got interrupted again trying to write this)

        • Spot on Stefman. And what europe had become when it started invading other places (Africa, India and the far-east, the Americas) was nothing else than the “new roman” empire type mindset.
          The empire itself was folding as such, but then… a new “religion” seemed to spread. People were taking a liking to it. So the empire took that, turned it into a full fledged religion that THEY controlled and shaped.
          Emperor Constantin announced he was “converting” to this new religion, and ushered all Romans to follow him. We had Christianity.
          Once it took, they went on a rampage to decide HOW it would sound, and to totally control it. Destroying people and scrolls that did not fit into their new narrative !
          Destroying communities that lived… quite like what we think we would like today.
          My gut feeling is that where they could not destroy, they separated men from women, and built the very first “monasteries”. That still exist now in Egypt and in several places in the middle-east. Some are monks, some are sisters now.

          And from the ashes of the Roman empire was born a much more efficient control sistem, that overtook europe, and then spread like pestilence to other parts of the planet. Burning, invading, enslaving.
          In the name of religion this time. The new empire, the new and improved shadow of the dark empire.

          No wonder Varence was horrified. This began in the so-called “dark ages” and middle age/renaissance era, and is going on to this day. We live in it.

          Don’t know if you remember, I mentioned looking into the Nag Hammadi scrolls last fall/winter. Of course I never read all that is now available, but enough to go… ding ding and put the final pieces together. Remember my sometimes rants about Abrahamic religions ? Yup. This is why. I could trace you all this back to the first vengeful god monotheistic religion, but it would take a lot longer.
          A carefully shaped plan, over millenia. Placing a false god between mankind and Divinity. Yes, a FALSE god.

          I know, I never wrote this much, but it’s time. It’s time to light the fire.

          Oh, there’s another 1.000 pounds gorilla in the room too. What new age people call Ascension. It’s bullshit. And reading what Chanta said, it’s much more than bullshit, it’s meant to nicely fit into their breaking into Heavens plan. I know, it’s heavy stuff, and I’m sorry, but now I have to write about these things. Been holding them for too long, now it’s really time.

          I don’t mean to shock, I just mean to.. shake. Once you start getting the full picture (and I’m absolutely not saying I do), it becomes VERY liberating.
          Because you see where the fight is. You see what we have to do 🙂
          And we ARE doing it. Finally.

          • exactly… about “ascension or getting enlightened ” i dont understand the whole concept… follow this way do this… and if ur good enough u become the next “buddha” i had so many times trouble when i said… i cant think for any sec that there is a unified way for all… i think that in some sort of sense everyone has its own way… (example u have fear of the dentist while others dont they dont like spiders as u dont like the dentist… so how can there be the same way for all of us…) i think they “hacked” that thing with making fuckery with the dna.. because for me it should be once a person is ready either that door opens or not… but this feels so unnatural… to be honest here would u like that gift if u arent fully aware what the consequences where ?

            like woops we didnt cover that yet in ascension course 101…

            i guess that is why not all get to that level

            • 🙂
              Will have to wait a bit and see when that comes into better words for me. The religion and Rome part was easy, I’ve been “on it” all my life. Little child standing up to priests 😀 Still, apropos of that, when I finally got the hint about the false god being inserted between us and Divinity.. I had to really get my head around that one. Shocking. And absolutely no one I could talk about this with.
              Big hugs, Germany 🙂 Will go have some dimmer now. Me hungry :)))

  8. Such a perfect picture, melody, video, timing here, Heart of Fire !!! My dear sister, I’ve been wondering about that dragonfly pendant as well. Pls take a look at what it is chaining up. This might make more sense ❤ Though I could say so, to me, it still looks like a very “riddle” of super great glamour! There are even some words in water mark on that picture…Thank you sooooooo much for not regarding me as someone making no sense at all

  9. The Picts have intrigued archaeologists and historians due to the limited evidence about their culture, language, and practices. Of the evidence we have for the Picts, most unusual are the symbols that they included on their sculpted stones. Beginning in the fifth or sixth century C.E., the inhabitants of Pictland carved pairs of abstract images. Although there are many theories as to their significance and meaning, no one has yet come up with an adequate explanation for their appearance or use.

    There are two types of Pictish stones. The earliest just have the symbols incised onto unhewn standing stones. No two stones have the same combination of symbols, but individual symbols are seen on many stones. One of the most common symbols is known as the double disc and Z-rod. In the image to the left, it is paired with a lesser-used symbol and also the mirror and comb, which is the only symbol that was sometimes added to the initial pair.Pictish stones 2

    Although most of the symbols are abstract and seem to be nonrepresentational, some depict animals or fanciful creatures. Symbols of geese, bulls, snakes, boars, and even a “Pictish Beast” are combined with the abstract symbols on many of the stones.

    source :

    source :

    Raven Stone

    source :

    This melody comes at this very moment….

    • Oh wow. Feilla, my sister, you did it again 🙂 I will do my homework, and read what you shared here, because when you share findings, they are of meaning (even if the meaning is not obvious at first). The Picts… hmmm, this is the second time I see about them, the first was years ago, and it raised my attention then too. Thank you. You are such a knowledge giver !
      The Dragonfly came to me in 2014, just at the end of spring. I guess I was not mature enough to receive it until then 😉 Reading some of what you shared it makes sense. The family crest, Star, Unicorns, Phoenix… that’s the legacy, and things to tie together now. The Dragonfly is personal to me, where I go, what I do.
      Trying to make sense, not doing a great job of it 😀

    • what sprung into my mind when u mentioned the 2 simbolic (like mirroring ? )
      i know its from a fiction show…. but the frase stuck with me “There’s More Than One of Everything”

      • sorry long night… i need coffee but i dont know why… but doesnt that phrase has some thing to it ?

        • doesnt the lower circles look like a stargate they are connected by an interwoven wormhole ?? and it looks to me in the circles like some water symbolic ?

          • Yes ! Really does. And now that you mention it, I’ve seen the same type of “stargate” like symbols, also with “watery” like wormholes in ancient Sumerian tablets. Bravo 🙂

          • Owing to this super high cosmic energy? or lack of sleep, my headaches still get quite dense, along with some other symptoms, such as heartaches, and other pains. I once quit coffee in 2012, but now, I should get over addicted to it.

            Thank you, my super resonated and beloved ones. Though the last days my readings are quite poor, I somehow am used to be led to the subject of “stargate(s)!”

            Stefan, this observation is tooooooo awesome!!!

  10. Just dropped in to check out the latest comments…LMAO! You all are such a riot! The synchronicities and that video “Scrambled Eggs”! Too funny! My children loved the Avatar and so did I!

  11. Still feel so sorry for my tardiness. Yesterday, maybe owing to serious lack of sleep in a long term, I had quite dense headaches. Besides, there seemed to be some kind of water-like resistance in my surroundings, I could not think, neither act normally at all, despite of my willing to do what, but just get so slow and impotent.

    My dear Princess, I just looked again my posts for your Birthday…These are literally for a ELEGANT ROYAL PRINCESS. April in CN is named as the 4th month, so that number “4” is just so remarkable. Honestly, I still didn’t probe into the archive of that poem on Shepherd Calender. Those poetic terms to me such a non-English native speaker are too difficult. Nevertheless, the picture is that intriguing. As I’m used to act with few sense, I just surrender to that unknown coincidence.

    As to rainbow cake….Robin’s post to me is just a response of that kind of unaware telepathic communication. My mood, my gratitude and appreciation cannot be described with words.

    In regards to “dragonfly,” though my mind has been blurred for weeks, its characteristics of moving between the two realms of air and water has always been so impressive to me. It might be worth citing some interpretation of its symbolic meanings….

    In many regions and as a norm of this day, the dragonfly is considered to be “an agent of change and presumably symbolic of a sense of self realization.” Self realization from how the dragonfly uses its power to control its movements and so elegantly. And change and evolution is all about the dragonfly’s ability to fly and the way it can be comfortable on water, land as well as the air.

    Thanks to your indication on the “element FIRE,” as it reminds me of what was occurring to me when I read Bill & Lida’s this latest post…

    My dear Princess, your birthday on “10” is so significant….

    As to Stefan’s comment, pls count sth that kitty is playing with….Besides, behind that kitty, there is a string of rainbow pearls just as a rope for something…

    As this video keeps showing itself on my youtube table….

    May you all have a nice new week !!!

  12. Jaw dropped ! 😀
    Dreamwalker : this is one of my fav … “activist” songs 🙂 Was actually sung and dedicated to me during a 2013 sit-in on one of our main boulevards . OMG, right? there’s even a vid somewhere on youtube with that moment 😀 Thanks !!! ❤ Wow !

    Feilla : I looked 3 times at what time you posted this yesterday. I was here, I even replied to other posts. And yet… I NEVER saw your birthday wish post !!! It never appeared nor here, neither in my mail's notifications.
    How about that ? Nice sabotage ! :))))))))
    I see it now (Monday morning our time). And… what a magical, amazing ..everything. You got the dragonfly, my beloved dragonfly (look at the pendent, it's a dragonfly ❤ ) Oh, and those cakes !!! Hope you guys started having fun with those before me ! They are… wowzy yummy looking !
    I'm babbling right now, I know 😀 Overwhelmed by such sweet caring 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

    Robin, thank you ❤

    Gosh, there was even a wink from the Bill gang, as my weather desktop app kept flashing warnings of "thunderstorm" 😀 That was SO funny ! 🙂 Thunder didn't come (yet), but I hope it will in the next days. A good thunder and lightning storm, haven't seen one in ages. 🙂

    And, thanks Feilla again. Yes, i am of the Fire. The Fire that can burn strong, wild and determined, cleansing and awakening other fires (inner and outer). The fire that learned patience to keep the flame in check when needed, and wait for the right moment (well, sometimes I slip 😉 )

    Oh, and a dear friend of mine gave me a dragonfly pendent yesterday 🙂 So, miss fire adores the symbol of flying between air and water. Go figure 😀

    Thank again for your wishes. I am having a magical morning now ❤ Big hugs, full of sparkling flames 🙂

    • Stefman ! ❤ I guess we were writing at the same time, now I just saw your cake and cats. Weeeeee 😀 Danke sohn !!! Aw, that cake looks so kinky :)))))) Imma wanta try that 😀

    • Erm, that “sabotage” might have been partly my fault… I was at my son’s ice skating competition, with lots of time to sit between sessions twiddling my thumbs… but the wifi was terrible, and there was a snow / ice storm… so it was something of an epic weekend. I guess the heavens decided to go ahead and have a party for you huh?


      Well anyways, through snow and sleet and rain and hail (literally), the mail must get through!!!

  13. Happy Birthday Brianna! Great pics and beautiful videos Feilla. When my sister and I were little our grandfather gave us each a toy horse. My sister’s was a Palomino and mine was a dappled grey Appaloosa. My grandparents had a ranch, but never any horses, which always disappointed me. I used to go to our local corral and watch the horses for hours. (I was a “horse whisperer’ and didn’t know it, very sensitive creatures.) 🙂 ❤

    • Wow…a “ranch!!!” Dear Robin, you always have romantic stories to tell, for that romantic HEART you have…My knowledge to horse breeds is so poor. Realizing that huge discrepancy of my relationship with horse between this and other life times, I feel so….frustrated and strange.

      Growing up in city of that small island, though I had chances to go to the countrysides, this urban life just paralyzes me as a zombie. How much I long for listening to you more about your stories, as well as that of the lovely ones who would like to be gathered here.

      Though I say so….pls must take care with super high caution !!!

      How much I appreciate this chances to share from and with you here….

  14. I’ve to thank Bill & Lida here for my only being a reader, it takes me already such a long time and efforts to read & digest, without saying that how many times of time that would take Bill’s hand writing and Lida’s typing. I cannot imagine how each session/section of such long stories full of precious key codes can be just finished within one week ??? So pls never hesitate to take a rest when necessary !!!

    In my acknowledgment of these super great dedication, may this (3rd) video brings my highest appreciation, gratitude and praise as a tribute, just as the title given by its author. Quite interestingly, when typing some key words, I didn’t get the perfectly resonating one, and stopped searching further. Then sounding striking and familiar, the last/3rd one just attracted my attention to take a look. It turns out that this is the very one….

    Here, I may just display them all here for each one of them may convey its own special significance.

    Magnificent horse galloping scenes…

    Watching & listening to this one, somethings in my heart is prompted ; tears have no way to be held for it just reminds too much….Several years ago, I dreamed of a black horse, with which I was so closed with. The background of that life time seems in the new continent. Riding on his back, he sensed me so perfectly, as I could sense all his moods, thoughts as well. That kind of mutual empathy/sense between rider and mount, if I can say, once got well interpreted in the movie Avatar. However, at the end of that dream, he was sent away somewhere else by my family. I can no longer forget the last ride and my desperate hope for finding and meeting him again, no matter how many life times it takes….

    Though no any vivid piece of memory just came, I’ve known there was not only one time, my horse mount/ partner(s) just died/sacrificed for me. I hate war, particularly that human beings just utilize horses as one kind of tool for wars. Even some military tactics were even designed, specifically aiming at harming horses… Not only so, I hate horse gallop so much, as I’ve never seen any happy horse in the racetrack, never….

    The next one is found when I tried to get the address of the last ones……

    Though it sounds so sad with such a title of “lament,” and does tear my heart apart, it’s the very time for me to revive myself from the trauma, sadness, desperation of all the past life times, rather to run forwards, setting myself free from the dark abyss, just like these smart beautiful beings.

    Just finishing this comment, here comes the melody of this video…

    • God….too moved to cry…as I tried hard looking for some rainbow cake…but they all look awful !!! What a magical hand you have, as always, bringing this super video at the super moment with the most great pictures, songs (lyrics)!!!

      Besides, I have to say, in the times zones of Brianna and mine, it’s already the very sunset time. So the morning greeting you gave just….refresh my mood, also dilute my regret and guilt for this tardiness !!!

      Thank YOU…my super awesome sister !!!

  15. Sorry for my silence for such a long time. Sending the guest who stayed here for a week, I could finally take time immersing myself into this message pool/lake in tranquility…No, honestly, I in fact read it off and on with waterfall-like tears, with shocks and…..Yes, like always, there is so much syn here which shakes not only the heart.

    Today is such a significant day for which I’ve been thinking to post something for glorifying it. However, as I seemed to be unplugged for quite weeks, it took me time to keep up with the threads, without saying the churned moods which as well just blew me away. Quite strangely, I feel like walking or acting in water pool, as there seems to be quite water resistance which obstructs my acts and reaction, for that I cannot move even breath with ease at all.

    Despite of my silence, I’ve to say all those posted here just feel like that you read already which had still been held in my drafts. So…in my own perception, we the ones in fact can get each other via this energy/info pool. I cannot describe how moved I’m when realizing this again and again, reading your words, videos, pictures. I guess if I do have chance to show them (what’s still in those drafts) to you, something like the “echo” would be heard in a much more striking way. Though I believe even before this, you the ones do have made sense of them already !!!

    Though having so much to say, before making my moth noisy, I would like to invite first to celebrate this important day, our super Brilliant Tiger Sister, Princess Brianna’s Birthday !!!

    Though I posted this picture once (about one month ago) already, it’s worth highlighting it again here…

    Tajdar – Prince of The Himalayas – by Holly Sierra

    Look at it again, I cannot but gasp, for it carries so many precious codes.

    Quite interestingly, in the course of looking for our past concerned posts, I should have to be led to this page that I’ve never realized its presence. Strange also for no date, neither author are shown.

    I only have read this one…

    My sense at that moment was of course so different from that at this very moment…too shocked to be trembling !!!

    How guilty and sorry I’m for being late to post this as early as possible. Pls allow me to present the Four Forest Cakes for make this Birthday Party with quadruple rejoicing, if I can. For that “4” is such a number which keeps appearing…, as well as 1111, 222, 1414, 5, 7, 9, etc…

    Chocolate Cake

    Trust me, I just made a crazy cake (chocolate cake without egg and milk) for this….and this time, quite successfully !!!

    In this party, the music, as always, is indispensable….For that “waterFALL” seems so remarkably attracting and speaking of something, may this video bring some known or unknown magic, alchemy to the beloved ones.

    This picture might be something for our precious April born sister, too. However, I cannot recall in which thread it was discovered.

    Strange day today…as I just want to cry…for I know how difficult to be able to have myself and you all here…and we are celebrating it together !!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my super elegant, brave, powerful, wit, awesome etc sister !!!
    If I can, this might be a significant present that I may bring to you as this birthday present…

  16. Going on today also, right now. Paris and over 40 cities in France. The Nuit Debout movement is anti system, and started a week ago, on the background of anti new labour law protests. London is also in the streets right now. It’s heard that Berlin, Madrid and Lisbon may join tonight (saturday). Ireland also.
    Fantastic news, that mainstream is ignoring 🙂 This is also awareness.

    • 😉 oh there we have number 9 again 😉

    • Thanks Terraseed – that was some very interesting research. I almost thought the scientists were smart enough to build a moveable hole. That would really be something! 😉

  17. Poems of Fernando Pessoa Quotes

    “To be great, be whole;
    Exclude nothing, exaggerate nothing that is not you.
    Be whole in everything. Put all you are
    Into the smallest thing you do.
    So, in each lake, the moon shines with splendor
    Because it blooms up above.”
    ― Fernando Pessoa, Poems of Fernando Pessoa

    “There’s a non-existent peace in the uncertain quietness”

    I believe in the World as in a daisy.
    Because I see it. But I don’t think about it
    Because thinking is not understanding…

    just tought of sharing poetry from a portuguese poet and critic.. the school i attended was named after him and was always a fan.

  18. Got my blanket fort, got my flashlight, got the Valiant post. Good to go! 😀

    I’m honored that my ancestors would stand up to those Roman bullies. I’m somewhat confused by the idea of “ancestor” since I know we’ve all had past lives – so in some ways we are each other’s ancestors I guess 🙂

    There was a movie that was done by Mel Gibson about the Aztecs that showed this kind of village-raiding brutality. It was difficult to watch but stayed with me – how can anyone / anything be so cruel?

  19. thanks for the the new part lida and bill =)

    i like the song =)

    oh and robin thanks for the video nice i like the comic art =)

    brianna the beauty in all that is… they gave us with that system the means to tear it down… remember karma is a two way road 😉 to get the whole construct working they had to bind it on karmic rules… they had to build a way out into it… pretty hidden i give them that… but once u found it… a simple grain of sand can stop that system in motion… and force it to a grinding halt 😉

    what i love about martial arts is the fact that if some one can attack u… u can ither defend ur self or fight back… but there is still another option… that is to dance 😉 no harm no foul just dance… the force that the attacker puts against u can harm him self 😉
    u just have to find ur melody 😉

    mutch love and positive energy to u all =) big hugs !!!

    • pictures say more than a thousand words…

      what i meant by dance…

      that movie has at the end a sort of alternative “ending” where the movie shows the way of force and hate… and dance and “love” (i dont know if love is the right word here)

  20. Thanks Bill and Lida. I was hoping there might be more posts and I was especially thrilled that Rome has come up. Been looking for answers…especially in regards to Remus and Romulus…something that one of the Spirit Wolves told me…and something about Lupa. As far as I’m concerned the Holy Roman Church IS the Roman Empire all they have done is change the name to New World Order…same thing….and they are just as guilty as the Kings/World Leaders, etc.

    And to you, my Beloved Sisters and Brothers of the Rainbow…”When Rome’s in Ruins”… 😉

  21. Air, Fire, Water, Earth. 4,
    And the 5th to bridge.
    Thank you,Bill, thank you Lida. ❤ So good. So…fast. I hoped/expected you to maybe have one more week for yourselves.

    Romans… actually wanted to start a.. post, or topic on "them". We have to realize that our so-called "civilized" world (the "west", Europe, the USA) is nothing more than an extension of the Roman empire. Our laws are based on Roman law, our behaviors are bathed in their… "legacy".
    Roman mentality rules this world. Imposing it's views harshly everywhere. Hierarchy, patriarchy … Brutal force.
    Religion ? Do I need to point the obvious ?
    Gold, the ever fascination for it. Everywhere. It's not money, it's not "riches". It's a resource.
    Feeling both thrilled (as in finally we're moving) and… nauseated.
    That being said… Let's get busy !

  22. Latin is (was) a martial language indeed, no doubt about that. It requires an amazing amount of talent to write poetry in it, let alone philosophy. When the roman empire declined, and the first romance languages began to appear (a proto-french most likely was one of the firsts) they were used to compose songs, among many other things… it was so much easier and flexible. Creativity will find its way, same with the heart.

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