Valiant: Thunder and Lightning…Warnings…Messages in the Mirror…

*SONG* “Rocky Mountain High” by John Denver
(The lyrics are the key!)

The tide has turned…
Why waste time…Everyone knows, or should
That this time of the year shapes the months
To come…
Perhaps that’s because secrets meant
To control things are conducted between April
And May…and typically, in the past…
They have worked…but
This time the Air is different…
The moods are different…

I’ve written many times of signs and experiences
That have occurred to me before these posts
Started…More than anyone I questioned, doubted,
I didn’t care…didn’t want to see, didn’t want
To do this…And time and time again…
It was thrown in my face…
There were so many things it was ridiculous…

I would feed the chickens…
A falcon, a kestrel…and a hawk
All in the same tree…would watch me every
Time I came outside…
Then they would fly off and a giant
Golden Eagle would arrive…sit on the fence post
And watch me…It would stare…
I would stare…It made me nervous…
These birds of prey disappeared when I went inside.
They never touched the chickens…?
Hummingbirds would hover in my face…
It was like the birds were trying to talk to me…

The Voice…watch the Birds, the Bees, the Trees…
His voice…by now you know who I mean…
Her voice…they’re talking to you, the animals know…
And when she talks…you listen.
Everyone wants answers, they don’t want riddles…
I chose to do it because I couldn’t live without
Doing anything after everything that happened…
The common person has questions…
The man in black has questions…
The questions drive me nuts because
Myself, I never asked them…I didn’t want to know.

The leaders and the powers scheme…
They think they have it all together…
It was bound, destined to break…
Prolonging it only makes it worse.

First it was Knocks, then a Mayan clock…
Tick Tock…then Bells…Now its Thunder…
These are things to know for this moment…
In time…May…The Month of May…
The Earth has moved…
Tornado Alley is now in the Southern States…
Texas, Louisiana…Florida…
The Fury of Force of Air, Tornadoes…
Those are the states to watch.

The Quakes? The Earth is a Time Bomb…
The Ring of Fire is now a clock…
And as the quakes grow and move around
The clock…They peak…Again, Tick Tock…Boom…
The Fact is this, the Yellowstone Caldera
Is by far paramount…if it goes, the world’s
Fate is screwed…Therefore…THEY…
Will seek to soothe it First by Far…
In other words…the Pressure that must
Be released must then come from other
Thus, the unlikely vent becomes the greatest
Threat…Asia and South America…cracked.

Distractions come conveniently in an election year…
For the decisions of the savior to win the vote…
Will the election save anyone? Will the Money
Save anyone? Have these promises been kept YET?
Only people can save the people…
If fear and frustration consume you…
Then they have won…If you want to complain
And give up, that’s fine. Then get out of the way
For those who don’t want to give up.
It’s never going to get easier.
This is an era of endurance, inspiration, dedication…
That’s the way to win.
That’s why they reach out with the stories.
See the signs, Find your inner strength,
Don’t let anything stop you.
Ignore the distractions…And go For it.
These posts have taken their Toll…
This one is different, as you probably guessed.

Many read these posts and make some
Varied opinions…dissecting them in every possible
Way…The artwork as well…
Why? Who are they? Are they real?
Because there is something so different about
These posts unlike anything else online…
He keeps going…Why? Where’s the point?
I’ve had help, that’s why…there’s your answer.
It’s their way of reaching through
The barricade, the walls…And when I’ve
Reached the end, when I can’t write anymore
I will reveal the Final Secret, that only they
Know, that Kathy and those I lost knew…
That the angel knew…and that you ultimately
Won’t believe…but it’s very true.

Everything is different this year…
Many have written me and feel it…
This post is different because…whatever he
Put in my head…opened again, is changing me
Again…this always happens with a trigger…
And while Rana, Varence and Ceres have many
Heavy words to say…right now they’re
Shocked and angry…

So with the Original style I appeal to the
Eyes and ears out there…These warnings
To consider this May…

Dear Secret Agent Man…
About a month ago…People,
Scientists of metaphysics from a parallel
Earth tried to rip the soul out of my body
And place it into the ‘me’ of that dimension
As he was dying…to save him…
Obviously it didn’t work…it backfired
Because he died…along with their world…
I’m only telling you this to warn you because
Before I was able to break Free…
I saw what was happening to their Earth…

I saw a major highway with Mountains in
The distance…Suddenly, as the cars were riding
The road something happened and they began
Floating…aimlessly floating, spinning, twirling…
Through the air…people were screaming…
ATVs spun with riders terrified…loose
Sand and gravel rose with rocks…birds had
No control in the sky…even the ground
Seemed to buckle…with a terrible sound…
Even the clouds and sky above seemed to
Be coming apart…it was as if gravity
Was lost and everything lost its grip…

Now I have his memories…That Earth
Was more advanced…as our scientists know
Already…But then again who am I to say this…
It’s not as if I know about sonic technology
Or the manipulation of the weather…when, why
Or how…
Honestly professors do you think your equations
Are pulling off miracles…or is a higher power…
Powers…acting beyond your perception to keep
Things glued together for their own reasons…
Their own…project?

The answers have always been in the crop circles…
You don’t have to play games making excessive
Fake ones to keep anyone from finding out
What they’re saying in Formulas…
Mathematics is a tedious, ridiculous concept.
By the way, they don’t bother with such
Things when they simply know the answer.

Will it happen to this Earth?
Let me put it this way…they like keeping
You busy…just like you Enjoy distracting
The population…ha ha.
So all your little secret groups can keep
Running around…plotting…hiding…
It won’t make any difference…

If you would simply cooperate and do the
Right things…the kind things…
You may just find the solutions come easier…
And problems start disappearing…
But it’s always about the Money and Power…
The Gods of Earth…Allies to the Overseers
Who lie, lie, lie…
I realize it’s hard to sit at a desk…to read,
Analyze and make deduction from limited
Skills…but you must realize this whole process
Is them trying to be kind…kinder then
You deserve.
One side plays the Gold, the money card…
One side plays the Yellowstone card…
Others traffic flesh and oil…
While others gamble with anything they can
To stay in the game…it’s all pointless,
Even your newest agents know this.
Everyone’s reaching to find the greater ally,
The greater power…
The greatest want nothing to do with you…
That’s why they wanted the posts written,
The stories told.
You screwed up big time this year with your
Rituals in April…The Alpha and Omega…
The story carvings on the temple wall?
I mean seriously…
This time, by entreating your offerings
You also summoned his greatest enemy…
That’s why my tone is different…
Because you screwed it all up.

Stop wasting time talking about the banks
And elections…The secrets within secrets…
The weather will tell you all you need to know…

So now, lets move on…
She, her voice, still guides and remains the
Ambassador in control…Rana…
“Tell them…” She insists… “Of the Mirror…”

Some time ago…Forgive me, my mind is confused
With time…Probably because some science team
Somewhere dabbled with time manipulation
By a device they negotiated for…

Rule #1…When a world power negotiates by offering
The population as subject matter for experiments…
The Greater powers lose all respect for you…
And then the Titans in power all become
Pawns in a multilayer game by Higher Powers…
The rules change as needed…so you never can
Predict the outcome…
Ancient and Ascended masters understand this…

Now…The Mirror…It was a night in the spring,
Everything always seems to happen in March and April…
Like normal, as normal can be…
I went to bed…It was a restless sleep…
I got up at some point in the middle of the
Night…in a dream, or was I awake?
I couldn’t tell the difference…
I went to use the bathroom…
Without turning on the lights, you know how
It works…You know your way in the night…
But when I opened the bathroom door…
Something was different…The Light…
The Mirror over the sink…was flickering?
Static snow like from the television…
I was like, ‘What the hell?’
I was locked, fixed on it…as the snow
Flashed to become a picture…
A transmission?
There was a woman, Regal, fair skinned…
Dark hair, richly dressed in a gown…
I don’t remember jewelry…but there was an
Intense sense of power, royalty…a simple
Looking crown…I was mesmerized…
She spoke as if to address a specific group?
As best I can, here is what she said,
“Greetings, we are reaching out to you in the
Hopes of rectifying a situation grown grievously
Out of control…Forgive us, but we are
Trying to correct this as best we can…
You need to know that we did not intend
For your lives to have been disrupted…
But we were assured that our treaty was
To benefit your world and all worlds…
But this was seriously betrayed.
We now know that those in power who
Conducted negotiations sought only to maintain
Their own positions and in fact further their
Own power in the universe to gain stronghold
In an alliance of worlds…seeking to
Spread their own corruption without end.
We are not fools, it became clear immediately
What they were doing…So we are forced
To act accordingly.
They were given a technology that can alter
Time and events…it was intended to save
Your world, not abuse it…
Again, we apologize…as this resulted in the
Unfortunate interference of your lives,
Your purpose and mission which we highly
Respect and desperately need…But it was
For hope…and we were misled.
We apologize…Please know THIS WILL AND
They will attempt to fight this, but they
Can not…not for long…
As we have brought in outside assistance
From other galaxies to assist us…
Please understand, and be reassured…
Your lives WILL CHANGE and resume
Their natural course…
When and as this occurs,
It will happen fast…and even violently…
Your purpose is paramount now and you
Must proceed…You will be assisted…
As this happens, what it means…
Is that the original timeline of events
Must be reinstated…This requires
That previously averted disasters resume,
They may even be worse…
The signs to watch for are the weather,
Revolutions in world governments, the removal
Of corrupt leaders and authority…without
Warning…That is why prophetic visions during
This time will be chaotic, unpredictable
As they will be constantly changing
As they fight to maintain control…
The time manipulation device may yield
Effect in part, but by large will be futile
As the original Timeline grows stronger
All things will be inevitable…
For this concerns not just your world
These events must occur.
You will find people ripped from your life
Suddenly return…as well as those not belonging
To and corrupting your life quite suddenly
Disappearing…Lives will change suddenly…
Even overnight you will awake to changes…
Even memories will be altered…
Find strength in yourselves, in your inner light
And dreams and persevere…as we are with you…
Please know that we apologize for what
We have done. But we can and will FIX THIS.
There will be no compromises…
As the events escalate you will see The Truth…
It cannot be stopped. The original Timeline
Must be re-established…however harsh it will come…
We can only hope together…that the Final outcome
Will bring us All to the salvation we seek.
Believe. Persevere…You will succeed…
We hope to see you all in the conclusion.
Until then…Fair well our Friends.”

Then she was gone…And I was left
Standing there in the greatest shock…
What the hell was that?
So I went back to bed wide-eyed
Telling myself I was dreaming…It was dream…

But you know what happened…
World events…The weather…
Rebellions, revolutions…Invasions of foreigners…
What is normal anymore?
Was she right? You decide…
Personally I just want to have a quiet
Boring normal life with a ranch some place safe
In a world going crazy. I’m tired of it.

And now, this address…From Rana…
I have to write this in stages…recently contact
Has been unstable as they are unhappy
With the events of April, and this process must be
Constantly corrected…

So this is her message…
The view is abstract, a hazy golden light…
Double vision, echoing resounding words…
Beneath the golden light of the bridge…
Her brilliant cat-like shimmery yellowy-golden eyes
Are fixed, piercing…her expression Fierce…
“The others remain in constant conference,”
She said as I heard overlapping whispers of
Their voices…everything feels a mess… “Nothing
Has changed as far as your goal here…
There are some things that need to be told…
But you must know current forces on all sides
Are peaking and clashing…The changes must
Come…and they are fighting it more than ever…
Unfortunately as you were warned by the
Queen in the mirror…this means events will
Worsen…We can not predict exact outcomes at
This time as the timelines are unstable…
Breakthroughs are coming, however slowly…

But for now I wish to express, or rather
Share a more specific message from VIR’riel…
At this time…He is one of few words
As you know, but when he speaks I do
Insist that you listen.”

At that the hazy form of The Great Lion Man
Emerged from the shadowy blur to stand beside
Her…He was, is, absolutely magnificent to behold…
Golden, his great mane in itself is like some
Furry crown…beyond that of the lions we know…
His race on two feet is just massively impressive
And makes you feel like a smaller being when
They are in front of you…
His expression was solid, more than animal, more
Than man…beyond words…And those eyes…
They grab and hold you with mighty intelligence…
A telepathic connection you cannot deny…

All that he would offer was this, “I am not
Here to rescue…only observe…”

“They want the Tomb.” Rana explained for him,
Becoming his voice then. “The Tomb of the Lost
Lion Man…bound to Earth…While he would speak
With you, Bill…in this address he will not speak
To what he, they, would term commoners of Earth.
Long ago,” Rana explained for him as they
Exchanged silent words… “There were Lion Men
On Earth…The slaves of the Empire…The males
Were the brute slaves, but there were mystics,
Shamans of their Temples that kept their
Kind in order…
The women, lionesses, were stripped away…
Only few were kept alive for breeding…The
Males were bred for labor for their size and
Strength and various abilities…
Some what you would call psychic, they could
Control nature…And were often used this way
In conquering worlds for their masters…

“Their original Temple was a great Lion…What
Is now the Sphinx…An ascended master of their
Fathers was known there…one of the last and
Greatest of their kind…Taken by ritual
Sacrifice before the rebellion…His spirit remains
Trapped there as this is how the Dark Kind
Fed off slaves…Not only from their physical
Bodies, but souls as well…In flesh they feed
Off fear, primal emotions…Like lust…
Souls taken in sacrifice can remain
Bound to a tomb until they are freed…
It is an endless torment for them…
This is how the Dark Kind finds power, through
Enslaved souls…
He will see this Ascended Master’s Spirit freed…
And insists that the secrets your world hide
Of their race be brought to light…
Or they will tear it out if they have to…

They do not see the Earth as a suffering
Slave world as his people were abused…They
Knew they were abused and resisted…
Too many on Earth, he says, embrace
This slave mentality you have been raised
With, and until they open their eyes they
Are not worthy of assistance. Too few are
Aware, too many embrace decadence
And ignorance…They would rather live
With blind ignorance and see things continue
Than open their eyes to the universe…
And so he just does not wish to command
Assistance…However some of his people have
Reached out to some of yours…
They see through the Eyes of Cats…
Your feline’s erratic behavior reflects this…
Eyes of theirs’ are always open…
They shun the ignorance…And embrace
Their independence…This is the nature of
The Lion Men…

“He wants the great Hairless one to
Release knowledge of his race…The men
Hiding the true history of the ancients should
Confess truth before the Great Quakes
Break their monuments…When the world
Turns, and it will, unto the new system
By then it will be too late…and they
Will then have no respect for commoners
Of Earth…Aside from those they have
Chosen to contact, which of course remain
The exception…
They have made their choices, and will
Accept no more new contacts…or those
Worth saving…”
Rana studied his face, he seemed to rumble
This low vibrating almost inaudible growl…
“He wishes to stress, they are not here to
Save a race that refuses to open its eyes…
They are here to witness…the End of
The Dark Empire…And they want to make
It clear the Lion Men have not been
Erased from history and will again return
To the thrones they commanded in the
Vastness of Space…The End of the Dark
Empire shall witness the Rebirth of the
Realm of the Lion Men, and they will
Laugh at this defeat…
Make no mistake it will happen…
The Lion Men will return…
And not Nibiru or some False Alliance
Of the Dark Kind will stop them…
They have learned their lessons of trust
From mistakes in the past and will not
Make those mistakes again.
Choose sides carefully…They do not forget
And they do not forgive so easily.”

VIR’riel seemed content with this, then Rana
Smiled and turned with great content to me.
“I believe that was said clear enough.” She
Smiled wide and wildly. “Don’t worry you’ve
Done well. Let them ponder these things
A while…Not every message will be granted
Great length. And one day, believe me, it will
Conclude. Just remember…not everyone
Is going to be happy…But we have studied
Your history…better than yours have
Their own…When has great change ever
Been embraced in the past? Your people
Once thought the world was flat.” She

“People still laugh at your religions…There
Are many that would rather engage in
Gathering material things then gain
Spiritual knowledge…
And one thing I would like to make clear…
We do respect different opinions…We have
Listened far longer than anyone…This is
Our first outreach of communication…
You always have to listen before you speak…
And no, we were never incarnated on Earth
Before…that notion is ridiculous…Yes, reincarnation
Happens…But we have never been here like
That before…There are other worlds out there…
As you will one day see. Please be aware of
This. Many of them are so amazing…You
Will be surprised how many suddenly
‘Embrace’ them when they discover them…
I wonder how many will find the words…
Oh, it was never a vision of Earth at all?”
She laughed.

“Rest now, and let things settle into this
New month of your time of May…” She
Smiled a farewell as the light faded…

Watch the torrents of wind to the South…
Something of the Sea will shake
The World…Seasons will continue to
Surprise…And the new dawn will arise
This is a time of great changes…
Don’t trust the News…
Again I say, Watch the Birds,
The Bees, the Trees…They will understand.





  1. I’ve really been a skeptic of everything lately…tried staying away from Bill’s posts. I still don’t know. BUT what I do know is I’m in TX, and the weather has been interesting. A few weeks ago huge hail, wind, lightening…last night heavy winds, hail, crazzzzy lightening, rain and guess what (supposedly) a tornado down the street. I feel intensity…somethings that could be labeled “negative”…but that’s just a label. Letting the sensations be what they are, sensations….they pass.

    • im sorry to hear that mildalove
      but non the less it is good to hear from u again!!! =)

      i know its just words… but remember the night is always the darkest before dawn 😉
      i hope life is getting better for u soon =)
      much love and positive energy !!!

      • Thanks for you kind words =) I am okay. I realize that the feelings and emotions are not “me”, they are what they are and even though “Amber” (birth name, not screen name lol) doesn’t “like” some of them…none the less when they arise I go into a state of just noticing. I would like to say I’m in a clear state where they easily pass through…but I guess I’ve still got some attachments that get me feeling pretty involved.

  2. hey tribe…

    wow im sooooo fed up with all the guild trips they try to put on us all in different ways and about different things…
    today i read on a sort of alternative news site a comment that realy pissed me off =/
    there was some one that demanded that my generation has to carry the guild of the generations before and that it has to be at least 100 more generations to carry that guild…

    i mean shit happened back than… but how can u force that guild trip on some one that wasnt even born than or people that got born 40 or 50 years later ??!!??

    its like saying well ur ancestors owed my ancestors money back a 100 generations before id like to cash it in now with 5% interest…

    who in his right mind would agree to that ?

    i realy hate these mental cages they try to put and force on us…

    and also ironically… children that get baptized get their sins “washed” away… so how can these children that got born and baptized after things happened be guilty at all ?

    i mean all that doesnt mean that i dont wanna make the world a better place… it rather helps me to be the change i wanna see…

    but why do i wonder about all the crazy views and things that happen in a slave world…

    but isnt it amazing how far they go and what they all come up with to hold us in chains…
    boy must they be scared about humans here waking up one day and become aware of what we realy are and what has all been done to keep us distracted and loving our chains…

    • Hey Stefman 🙂
      Love how they try to opress with guilt ! You are guilty, you are born guilty, you will die guilty, and you carry ALL the guilt in the world.
      Neah, you carry all the guilt in the Universe.
      Neah, in the MULTIVERSE !
      Voila 😀
      Fook them, and their tactics 🙂 Don’t get bothered by all this. It’s such total crap.

      There a thing called responsibility, and it’s totally different. You, WE, are responsible for what we do. Very different notion. And we (should) act accordingly.

      It’s like the new age websites that keep repeating “you have to do the work” about just anything. If you hurt, it’s your fault, cuz “you haven’t done the work properly”. If you’r broke financially (lots of us are) is “becuz ye haevn’t dun the wurk”.
      Do they even realize how they just repeat the old guilt shit ?

      Yo, Stefman, better do some serious work on some strawberry/vanilla ice cream 🙂
      Hugs !!!!

      • hehe ^^
        u know im a sucker for ice cream lol ^^

        yeah i mean i frankly could not care less about what other people think… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        but u know its sad if that thing is aimed at so many other people that arent aware of it and gladly accept all of this nonsense and stigmatise them self for some thing they have not done or couldnt have possibly avoided because they WHERE NOT BORN BACK THAN…

        speaking about the young people… a few days or weeks ago i heared about a study where they interviewed kids from 12-16 or so… they asked them all kinds of questions… so the study came to the conclusion that the new teens are all so amazingly adjusted to this society and that they dont ask questions and rather do what they are told… and that they all want to be part of this whole shit show…
        oh and not to forget how political correct all are…

        i had a few shortish conversation with people about it… and to my shock they where all amazed about it and liked it so much… i mean im i the only one that sees this as a huge problem ? i mean the moment a young mind stops to question the old ways… (that are definitely wrong… u can accurately judge by their fruits) one would thing we are in deep trouble…
        i mean dont get me wrong i have no problem with people are being happy… but i mean the moment a society stops questioning it self… there is no healthy debate anymore about whats right or whats wrong…

        is it just me or could that be out of a body snatcher movie where the once rebellious youth turns into robot zombies…

        • Oh boy… I didn’t know about that study … Yiiikes !
          Well… you know what THAT means. We really gotta get busy here and fix shit.
          Usually the saying always goes “oh, the young ones will take over and make the world better”. This time, seems not.
          BTW, that kind of saying always bothered me, always ! Like a good excuse to sit on one’s butt and wait for others to fix everything.

          It is a body snatcher type thing. Been going on for a long time, and getting really worse now.

          So, move over, lemme sit too, share that ice cream, and let’s talk about shit and things 😀

          Oh, and QUESTION EVERYTHING !

        • 12-16 is when kids are TRYING to fit in, they are told that in order to succeed they must do certain things, here is a path for success and it is a very narrow path…

          The schools (probably all of them) now have a police officer standing in front of the school, with an armored vest and folded arms and furrowed brow… not only showing a strong presence for the students but also harassing the parents…

          This is the time when the brainwashing of the school system is kicking in… and the conformity from their peers is horrible (what brand of jeans, what phone you have, etc. which is all just stupid)

          (I see tons of inaccuracies in my child’s 3rd grade activity sheets but I am a bad person if I point these out to the teacher, right? Okay fine the centimeter is the smallest unit of measure in the metric system…)

          give them a few years to realize they just borrowed 100,000 on post secondary education and there are no jobs for them (except mcdonald’s) – congrats you are now a bank slave

          Though one or two WILL succeed, and just like the lottery they are used as an example of a successful system…

          I know that this is not the case in every country, but here this is it…

          I didn’t read the study but I think it could be a “false positive” because of course middle schoolers are trying desperately to fit in… go with the flow… be invisible

          There was even an invisible teenage superhero in “the incredibles” movie 🙂

          It’s the indoctrination to make them into “valuable employees”

    • Yeah growing up in Canada I was disgusted with my country and felt really, really bad for what happened and continues to happen. But at the end of the day both sides have to start the healing process of understanding – the burden is not just on the victim to heal. As I shifted my perspective I realized I’m also a victim of that historic process. But if I’m a victim, I’m just letting the process continue.

      Here’s a good documentary called “healing the hurts”. I can be hard to watch at points but worth it for the process of understanding. One of my realizations in reading the “Rainbow prophecy of the Cherokee” is that it only really makes sense if we realize that “we are all Cherokee”. And… can this be extended to other things?

      I would LOVE to have a place on that canoe! ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. For it keeps popping out…and the picture feels like provoking, even triggering, extruding a series of….Pls don’t miss any tiny parts on the screen, particularly the gate, the pyramid, that diamond above….


    between mind and heart-Enigma – YouTube

    It’s hard to find the balance
    When you are in love
    You’re lost in the middle
    ‘Cause you have to decide
    Between mind and heart
    Between mind and heart

    Heart is the engine of your body
    But brain is the engine of your life
    Between mind and heart

    Heart is the engine of your body
    But brain is the engine of your life
    Between mind and heart
    Between mind and heart
    Between mind and heart

    ▶ Enigma – Turn Around (with lyrics) – YouTube
    Enigma -turn around {with lyrics} -youtube
    2 minute and 44 second mark associate with the love tunnel or pineal gland.

    Gravity of Love – Enigma – YouTube

    gravity of love – Enigma – you tube


  5. Thank you Dave Jones…You and Robin just blew me away….For I cannot put those into words, would rather charge with the pictures and music here for expressing my much more than resonance, appreciation, etc…

  6. PAUSE AT THE 1:03 mark of Tesla video and think on the meaning of 3-6-9 6 being yin or feminine or moon’s gravity 9 being yang or masculine or sun’s electromagnetic field and then think what could be the meaning of three —

    From below as he describes the second law AKA the “HOLY GHOST” and answers the question as The universe is everywhere or God is everywhere. GHOST is a big hint .

    AS we are all held together by vibrations by the MAGICAL one lets say–So when a person passes the energy moves on and you have the body or matter left. That is when the golden ball of light leaves the body.

    SPEAKING OF THE NUMBERS 6 AND 9 Visually slide them together and forms the figure 8 or in other words 2 -360 degree circles. And a little about the number 88 off a website
    which would be the completion of 4 circles. numbers are interesting 88 refers to the twin soul and can be understood with the following video.

    The Twin Soul – YouTube
    the twin soul you tube
    Angel Number 88 is also telling you that your life purpose and soul mission are fully supported by your angels and the Universe. Financial and material abundance is on its way into your life and may be suggesting that you will receive unexpected rewards for past good work. The Universe is abundant and generous and wishes to reward you. Great financial prosperity is yours, now and in the future. Karma re-paid in kind.

    The Man Who Changed The World – by Martin Noakes – YouTube
    the man who changed the world by martin noakes you tube

    Journalist: Mr. Tesla, it’s like when you said that you were born by your father, and not on you.

    Tesla: Exactly! What about the birth of the Universe? Matter is created from the original and eternal energy that we know as Light .It shone, and there have been appear star, the planets, man, and everything on the Earth and in the Universe. Matter is an expression of infinite forms of Light, because energy is older than it. There are four laws of Creation. The first is that the source of all the baffling, dark plot that the mind cannot conceive, or mathematics measure. In that plot fit the whole Universe.

    The second law is spreading a darkness, which is the true nature of Light, from the inexplicable and it’s transformed into the Light. The third law is the necessity of the Light to become a matter of Light. The fourth law is: no beginning and no end; three previous laws always take place and the Creation is eternal.

    I was in Paris when I saw my mother’s death. In the sky, full of light and music floated are wonderful creatures. One of them had a mother’s character, who was looking at me with infinite love. As the vision disappeared, I knew that my mother died.

    The Nikola Tesla Interview Hidden For 116 Years – Health Nut News


    Old Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era – YouTube
    old man in nursing home reacts to hearing music from from his era-you tube

    Do You Believe In Magic – The Lovin’ Spoonful – Lyrics – YouTube
    Do you believe in magic -the lovin’ spoonful-lyrics-youtube



    • Hi Dave, there’s some weird wordpress conventions we need to follow… I think you’ll need to take the link for the video and paste it into your text. Worpress will do the rest.

      WordPress also has a spam filter that treats a comment with more than 7 links as spam – not sure if this includes videos. This just means we need to break up our comments a little differently. Feilla’s lovely posts also tend to get caught by the spam filter, but I try to approve these when I can. 🙂

      HTML can also be used within a comment – I use the site as a useful guide. For example the image code is posted there and can be used in a wordpress comment. Brianna – you may want to check out the w3schools site for image tags as well – I know you were having trouble with this. Some folks tend to balk at HTML coding but remember what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. 😀

      THANKS for all the great / insightful comments guys!

  8. Associate this very short clip from star trek with the merkabah video as seeing is believing. Title is not as important as the symbolism contained within. AT the three twenty nine mark of merkabah video as it is described as a golden ball of light.
    STAR trek at the beginning -come back to me brother can be linked to Blue Star prophecy video. Two above two below . Star trek clip shows a light being as symbolic of your body being full of light and then as it zooms off into the after life as one leaves the body through the love tunnel that is an actual body part within your head. That is where and how a near death experience takes place. Also where one can view the light at the end of the tunnel. There is more truth within this video even though it is called science fiction. As is stated withing we are on the verge of a wonderful evolutionary change.

    Hidden in Star Trek – The Reason for Fluoride GMO Poisoning Humanity – YouTube
    hidden in star trek-the reason for flouride gmo poisoning humanity -youtube

    Hopi blue star prophecy -you tube 8minute 19 second version

    The 5th Dimension Age of Aquarius 1969 Not only is the name of musical group important but the 69 is important also. 6 is the yin or feminine energy and 9 is yang or the masculine energy. the time has come to bring balance to both as the feminine is an equal to the masculine “SHARING” 50-50.




    The 5th Dimension – Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In (with lyrics) – YouTube

    • What an amazing alchemist Dave Jones is…Two coordinate lines of alternative typing, representing rather Yang and Yin of an ONE, look like, even facilitate the magical “pas de deux”…if the sense I make is right ?

  9. I just happened to hear this on youtube. Though it might sound irrelevant to this thread, I would like to share it right now. Otherwise, it would quite possibly be difficult to get the very address again, or the proper occasion to share, all owing to my serious amnesia.

    In spite of its short length, the links given below the screen are so rich and precious. Pls don’t miss them.

  10. Though it’s not Mother’s day in the land where I’m, in the cultural realm where I came from just celebrate this day, following the US.'s_Day

    I can guess lots of sisters gathered in this site, whoever in silence or not are already mothers. I hence would like to take advantage of this occasion to address my highest homage to all the mothers, particularly the bravest lady, Valiant’s mother, Lida, and of course Gaia.

    This time, the “cake” is again indispensable…

    May all the mothers have a sweetest Mother’s Day ❤

  11. sitting, waiting, contemplating, gazing, assessing, triggering, flowing.

    games… elections… banks… poverty… all outside distractions…

    words to garner attention, to evoke reaction…. the mark came on the 27th year… and I have crossed to my 28th…

  12. COULDN’T RESIST:: LINK TO ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH OR A HIDDEN MESSAGE? From post by Robin Merrill as in her numbers. 1993 and 23 Adding them together
    1+9+9+3+2+3 =27 In true numerology you carry it out one More step as in 2+7 =9
    Once again SYNCHRONICITY.. Wonderful link you provided also. Adding 2+3 =5X9=45 LINK to video –secrets of the number 9. AS I replay Rocky Mountain High I believe I see a deeper message that BILL and LIDA were conveying through that wonderful song Thanks to all Dave Don’t you just love the words: He left yesterday behind him you might say he was born again AND verse that immediately follows

    • Wow Dave! Thanks…Speaking of synchronicity…I have owned 3 Native American flutes…My first one was a Kestral…the Second…a Merlin/Sparrow Hawk…the third…an Eagle… I have four animal totems…one of which is a Golden Eagle…”my birds” do get around…don’t they? LOL!

      A falcon, a kestrel…and a hawk
      All in the same tree…would watch me every
      Time I came outside…
      Then they would fly off and a giant
      Golden Eagle would arrive…sit on the fence post
      And watch me…It would stare…
      I would stare…It made me nervous…

      By the Way…VALIANT’S GALACTIC SIGNATURE is Red Earth…

    • God, dear Dave Jones, all these numbers are so significant to me, even for/at this very present moment. I cannot thank you and Robin enough for this super amazing and super precious resonance, echos, links, guides, verification, confirmation, etc…

  13. Good Afternoon, Tribe! 🙂 ❤ Great pics videos and links…as always.

    I know this may sound a bit weird, but I was "informed" the other night that this is IN FACT the year 1993! That's a difference of 23 years! Why 23, and how??? Was the timeline stretched somehow? And WHEN did THEY begin to stretch time? I keep thinking it had something to do with "Project Stargate" (1973 by our reckoning). This is why I continue to practice the 13 moon 28 day calendar that Jose Arguelles gave us via The Law of Time website.

    I also did some divining afterward and was shown that many of my "day-dreams" are in fact MEMORIES! (Yes…I remember grooming horses with you…Younger Brother 😉 it was "very nice" ❤ )

    • All growth in nature is ruled by the lunar cycle. “From one cell to two there is a cycle of change in eight phases with seven intervals, analogous to the musical octave, or the spectrum of light . . . The lunar month, a perfect example of graduated phases within a continuous process, is dominated by seven and its multiples.”10 The twenty-eight days of the lunar cycle, of the two fortnights of the waxing and waning Moon, map a cycle of four seven-day cycles and twenty-eight graduated steps that underlie all biological processes. The cycle spiraling through the lunar month of four-times-seven is fundamental to all growth. Cells divide in an octavian process.
      The planets spiral out from the nucleus of the solar system following what in astronomy is called Bodes law, in which the distance between the planets follows the Fibonacci progression. The planets of the solar system follow the proportional harmonics of the Golden Spiral and parallel our earthly musical scale. The seven days of the week is a “natural process” of the rhythms of the cosmos. Sun-day, Moon-day, Mars-day, Mercur-day, Thors-day (Jupiter), Fri-day (Venus), and Saturn-day reflect the same cosmic octave.

  14. Thank you, my dear Brianna. It’s strange that after Robin, you, then me got these flu-like symptoms, too. The energy feels odd as well that I even not only once get seriously dizzy and faint, just like I’m spinning.

    The weather, sky, sun today looks eccentric, too that I cannot tell it’s rather sunny, cloudy or gray. The temperature seems high, more than 20°C, however, I still feel cold.

    As to my moods, I don’t know if it’s the very time to release the very trauma, regret, grief, I feel cloudy in my mind, for some very shadows got hanging there again.

    Thank you all for this super powerful SUN like blessing which just drew me from that dark abyss. Brianna, as you, when I got desperate, I could try trow myself into the SUN, melt myself in that super white brightness, let that power and ultimate purity purify my soul, cleanse all the scars.

    Owing to some occasions, I seem to be led specifically to this land/mounts, these people, though I don’t really know why. I’m used to sense some chords of my heart got struck when hearing this name (of this land or people from there). Last week, when meeting a man from that realm, it felt more distinct.

    Today, I happened to have eye contact with the picture of the site whose name I have never known. When I searched its location on google map, it shocked me, though I cannot imagine what this has to do with me….Maybe you guys know it much better than I do…

    Fortress Amberd | by VahanDrnoyan |

    Amberd fortress, XI-XIII century

    These are ancient Armenian dolmens (VII century BC). They are located near Sisian city and supposed to be an astronomical observatory.

    Moonset and dolmens.
    Ancient Armenian dolmens (VII century B.C.)

    More beautiful photos of this site, pls see :

    Pls take care, all the beloved ones…

  15. Mirror of dreams video has great meaning and linking KEY words and phrases one can relate to the following music video
    Video is by Nightwish- Phantom of the opera lyrics Great symbolism as well as the words have meaning.. Thank you for posting Robin Merrill.
    Also thanks to Feilla 2013 for posting Gems stick together image. That is the shape of a tetrahedron known as building blocks of life. The beam of light shooting from it into the heavens. Associate with below as it explains the meaning in detail Video is merkabah The Chariot of ascension . THANKS to everyone as have learned a lot. And of course thanks to the one within us all. Dave Jones
    noun: tetrahedron; plural noun: tetrahedra; plural noun: tetrahedrons

    a solid having four plane triangular faces; a triangular pyramid.

    • Thank you, Dave Jones, too amazing this is and you are !!! These are literally the very KEYS….It’s you who just light to identify them in such an impressive way !!!

  16. what i wanted to ask u folks for a while and always forgot to ask…

    did u guys notice any difference how u like or can stand the sunlight ? i mean when i was a kid the sun was my friend… i loved being out side in the sunlight but i dont know when exactly the quality and the light spectrum changed…

    when i was young the sun was more yellow orangish these days it shifted to a more yellowish whitish i also heard some one saying blueish…

    depending on the time of the day and how the sun stands… i can barely open my eyes because it sometimes feels like getting blinded also im sneezing my butt off (not allergic against pollen)

  17. hey tribe i just got word from feilla that the creeps are doing their thing on her

    can u folks send her some positive energy and some love tonight ?

    im sick and tired to just sit and not able to do anything… lets focus our attention and make them go away!!!

    • Thanks to Stefan, Robin and all who sent me this super powerful healing and protecting and blessing energy. This is so distinctly sensed and just bringing the very miracles. I cannot thank you all enough, my beloved powerful angels !!!

      Here, thanks to Dave Jones’s amazing numerology, too. This helps so on deciphering lots of things, just as keys…

      If I can bring something as rewards…

      Nicole Gustafsson, Good Luck Will Find You
      Inspired by The Neverending Story

      Nicole Gustafsson, Creature Biome

      Nicole Gustafsson, Gems Stick Together
      Based on Steven Universe

      source :

      source :

      May you all have a nice weekend…and…

      • ❤ As usual, you bring magic and beauty 🙂
        I promise get into mails in the morning. Today became hectic. Some sad news as well. I hope to be a better writet in the morning, big mug of coffee in hand 🙂
        ❤ Take care of your magic self, sister !

  18. Thanks Bill. Rock Mountain High is my favorite by John Denver. I heard that he said the fire falling from the sky was the meteor showers that occur in August every year.

  19. Thank you Bill and Lida, yet again. This is very, very precious. So many pieces coming together, more and more.
    I meant to share this even before I read the post, it’s from a blog called “the Oracle Report. I will also leave the link. The lunar cycle of May begins today, May 6th.

    ” Acts of spiritual power underlie the entire next lunar cycle, as it discharges the energetic of “a symbolic battle between torches and swords.” Light overcomes might. ”

    Link :

    On a funny note, now I know why I was so “fired up” yesterday. The whole day even ended with a thunderstorm 🙂
    Boots for desert now 🙂 Walking in the sand and rocks.

  20. LINK this song to the mirrors- music lyrics are beneath video by clicking show more. THE song is– There is no one like you by Sarah Brightman. ALL can take personal as if the “GOLDEN ONE WITHIN” is speaking directly to you. . The meaning of the numbers can be and will be furnished to you but would hope now that you have seen them –the one within will offer a deeper meaning!!!! Also have to advise you I give all credit to the one within as it “downloads” it into my intellect and guides me to where it wants it placed. Thanks again
    Interesting is the fact of him turning 27 in 99 if that is correct. Not that it is important but my wife of 47 PLUS years passed on 12/10/11 which was a full moon- a total eclipse of the moon and of course a blood moon. numbers 12+10+11 = 33 Divide by three and it = 11 SYNCHRONICITY by the UNSEEN one WITHIN.

  21. Psychomanteum _RELATE TO YOUR MIRROR EXPERIENCE Can google if you would like more information. I like to add spiritually after the word that is searched for.
    They will attempt to fight this, but they
    Can not…not for long…
    As we have brought in outside assistance
    From other galaxies to assist us…
    Please understand, and be reassured…
    Your lives WILL CHANGE and resume
    Their natural course…
    HAVE had many similar experiences
    Thank YOU DAVE
    Then she was gone…And I was left
    Standing there in the greatest shock… IT WAS AS REAL AS REAL CAN BE>
    What the hell was that?
    So I went back to bed wide-eyed
    Telling myself I was dreaming…It was dream…

  22. this is fascinating Dave…..
    I just showed this to Bill a little while ago. (as much as I could while he was standing still…ha ha) He was intrigued, and had no idea.
    Especially the music’s lyrics.
    Bill was born in 1972. He was visited by the Angel, who left his mark in his head….when he was 27! And it changed his life forever. So, yes, absolutely, Bill was very interested in all the numbers synchronicity…if you can call it that. Perhaps, their ‘meaning’ would be better.
    The number 9 has always been a big number in our family too!
    Excellent explanation!

    • Hi Lida, I was born in ’72 as well,
      In ’99 I drove cross-country from the west coast to DC… a major life change
      really wishing I’d stayed on the west coast now 😀 but I guess I get a “front row seat” anyways…

      Oh before I forget there was a dream recently featuring “thor” who sort of resembled Bill…

      I see these as kind of a “spiritual greeting” and it’s always nice to hang out with friends “over there”. 🙂

      • The numbers after dreamwalker444 are interesting
        4x4x4 =64 coupled with 72 become more interesting especially when you take the golden spiral number known as phi 1.618 and multiply it by 4 in it’s simplest form or in whole numbers
        and can get same result in a simpler form doing the same with the first two numbers X 4 and the second two numbers X 4 which equals 16 and 18 respectively.
        Also of interest as he states he had a dream about “Thor”
        A little portion from another article
        Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir is a symbol of having the power over the natural world in the use of THUNDER AND LIGHTNING WHICH IS THE TITLE OF OF THIS BLOG by VALIANT and as he described him as looking like Bill.
        Divide 72 by 9=8
        Divide 64 by the results of above and you come up with same answer.
        Adding 16+18=34 divided by 2 = 16 or 1+6=7
        Taking 8+8 from above =16 or again 1+6 =7
        BY the way thanks for the advice.
        and also objects in the mirror are closer then you think–Referencing the “eyes” of course. And again thanks for everyone’s input.

    Now, you have to understand that 72 is a very special number in astronomy precession used by the ancients and it’s reverse mirror number 27 and both add up to the number 9. As you will soon discover a code was hidden inside using the new calendar system we use today. Also, the days of the week are all planets in Latin except for Sunday (sun) and Monday (moon) and 72 + 27 = 99 displaying the 9 code.


    I’ve written many times of signs and experiences
    That have occurred to me before these posts
    Started…More than anyone I questioned, doubted,
    I didn’t care…didn’t want to see, didn’t want
    To do this…And time and time again…
    It was thrown in my face… VERY MUCH FEEL THE SAME WAY
    There were so many things it was ridiculous

    I saw a major highway with Mountains in
    The distance…Suddenly, as the cars were riding
    The road something happened and they began
    Floating…aimlessly floating, spinning, twirling… MOUNTAIN HIGH ABOVE THE RAINBOW POSSIBLY??
    Through the air…people were screaming…
    ATVs spun with riders terrified…loose
    Sand and gravel rose with rocks…birds had
    No control in the sky…even the ground
    Seemed to buckle…with a terrible sound… THE GOLDEN SPIRAL
    Even the clouds and sky above seemed to
    Be coming apart…it was as if gravity
    Was lost and everything lost its grip…



    The secret they were trying to teach us is how to change one from the other through induction using certain higher dimensional spiritual laws that govern the universe and how to connect to this other matrix world we cannot see. The secrets of this knowledge is hidden inside religious books and secret societies through encryption, hidden from those that would seek and destroy it and the 9 code.

    In my experiment to find these synchronicities, I add up random scores in sports on television and many times add up to 9 and 11. All you have to do is look at the scoreboard at the end of any quarter, half, or end, and add numbers up using the digital root method and ancient numerology method like this. Example: If the score is 38 to 27, than (3+8)=11 and (2+7)=9. Both 9 and 11 will appear and 9+11 gives you 11 so you will begin to see these two numbers go hand in hand and even more amazing is when a few of these numbers align more start to align as if a major converging event is taking place. In math 100 divided by 9 = 11.11111. Also, 100 divided by 11= 9.09091. So, 9 gives 11’s and 11 gives 9’s.

    What’s very strange is that daily events, when broken down into numbers, follow this same pattern and logic. These coincidences are actually synchronicities and the entrance to the matrix reality we cannot see but only experience and connects us to all things in the matrix memory.

    Do you ever wonder how sometimes you have a dream and then it comes true the next day? It’s if you are living backwards isn’t it?

    From Alice In Wonderland:

    ‘That’s the effect of living backwards,’ the Queen said kindly: ‘it always makes one a little giddy at first–‘
    ‘Living backwards!’ Alice repeated in great astonishment. ‘I never heard of such a thing!’
    ‘–but there’s one great advantage in it, that one’s memory works both ways.’
    ‘I’m sure MINE only works one way,’ Alice remarked. ‘I can’t remember things before they happen.’ ‘It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards,’ the Queen remarked

    41 Second mark notice the connecting spirals. IS the connecting of yin yang. The balancing of the scales. IS ALSO the PHI spiral. Can research for more information. numerically is 1.618



    Inline image 1

    The Police – Synchronicity 1 + lyrics – YouTube

    Secrets of the Number 9 – Proof of God – YouTube

    Three Is A Magic Number (with lyrics) – YouTube

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