Valiant: Thunder and Lightning…The Beast…

*SONG* “Stronger” by Trust Company

This is not fiction, nor a joke…
Please do not read this if you’re afraid…
But it has to be told…

From the moment we are born into the world
Everything is a wonder, our senses devour
Information through our eyes, ears, noses…
By things we touch…how it feels…
And the intense ceaseless explosion of
These feelings…trying to explain it with
Words…by how we’re taught to rationalize
And define it all…
Love, hate…Joy, fear…Worry, regret…
And through it all you keep moving…
Breathing…Sustenance for survival…
There’s barely the time to react…
Only so many hours in a day…

The days, weeks, months, years of our lives…
Age…To find reason and purpose in it all…
Who we are, what we are…The why’s,
Why we’re here…What’s it all for?
What did I do to deserve this?

Morality…Virtue…Right and wrong…
The soul, spirit of the person has basically
But one choice to make to define himself…
To choose between good and evil.

There is an angel on every shoulder
Whispering guilt and conscience…
Frivolous joys and good tidings…virtue…
And then also behind every ear,
The unending taunt of the darkness…
The pursuit of desire, to build the ego…
Indulge, justify…Take not give…
Want…Have it…You deserve it…
Who cares…
The Dark Side is a powerful voice…
So tempting that no one can completely
Resist it unless they were a saint…
So then define sin…define saint…
Such a serious tone…Get to the point…

We live in a physical world…
The logic mind, and typical skeptic
Will explain this ten-fold…Ask any
Scientist…mathematician…you will get
A very firm cold answer…

When new life is born…Feel it…
Anyone will attest to a miracle…
Talk to someone who’s dying…
Ask them about the limits of the physical
World…What is real, what has meaning?
Money? Physical laws? Justice?
Prejudice? Ask a thousand questions…

No, we live in a multi-layered world…of
Flesh and blood, and spirit…of good and evil…
And the burning desire for more…to keep
Going…Moving, thinking, feeling…Discovering.

Science will forever be flawed until it
Recognizes the spirit…
As justice will be flawed as long as paychecks
Are involved…
And no matter what anyone tells you…
They will ALWAYS judge a book by its cover…

And the greatest treasure that exists
Is that which you find in a soulmate…
In the connections you make in friendship
And love…uncondiontally…When someone of
No family tie finds within you a mutual
Infinite bond…And back and forth this
Bond fortifies and nurtures the souls without
End…That’s a miracle, that’s a gift that
Money just can’t buy.

If life were perfect…soulmates would be everywhere.
Like that Walt Disney song…
“In My Favorite Dream…”

Unfortunately, life is far from perfect…
In fact for many it is a relentless struggle…
It’s a mystery…

And again, a guiding voice beneath a guiding
Light…said the words… “I know you don’t
Want to…But it’s time now, tell them
About the Beast…Don’t hold back…”
They stood there as comfort, counsel
And strength… “Tell them…”

In the mid 1990s, when I was struggling
To find direction I had given up on art
And instead found comfort in journal writing…
These were like diary writings, recording
The craziness of dreams that haunted me
For years…
I tried to write it down, but it was hard
To find sense in any of it…These included
All premonitions and psychic experiences…
And encounters with the Shadow People…

The Shadow People were these dark apparitions
I had seen for years…
Like shadows cast against walls and on the
Ground…But these things moved on their
Own…no one noticed them? I could see them,
I don’t know why…They would frequently
Jump into people’s bodies…their posture
Would change, and they would say and
Do awful things…When they left the
Person, the person would fall into a deep
Dark despair of hopelessness…not knowing
Why…I had tried to explain it to some
What I saw, but it only freaked them
Out and they didn’t want to discuss it…
It’s not that they didn’t believe me, they
Simply found greater peace in denying it…
Too much to cope with…

Denying something is often the most common
Thing you find when people don’t want to
Discuss things…which doesn’t help things
At all in reasoning…People need to discuss
These things…For real…To fight them, to
Find out how to figure out why things
Are so messed up…
That’s why people need to come together
To discuss things, share their stories and
Views…not claim one knows more than
Another…Too many are afraid to speak…
Mostly because there are too many
Who don’t shut up long enough to give
Them a voice…
I was always told to shut up and listen…
The only reason I write these things
Now is to hopefully get people to talk to
Each other more…

The world is falling apart because for too
Long things that should have been discussed
Were not…People were told to shut up
While the bullies pushed their opinions
Under the veils of law…religion…ruling…
May the future become brighter through
Greater reason in discussion…
Even if it must come by regressing to
The old ways of story telling over campfires…
Woodstoves…or a dinner table…

It was in the 1990s that I had many
Visits in dreams…Time travelers…
Medicine men…Aliens…The mysterious
Strangers, such as the beautiful red headed
Woman of the garden…The tall mysterious
Pale stranger whose voice visited me
For years…But the worst by far was the
Visit of the Beast…

I dreamt I was asleep…and awoke
In the early morning hours before dawn…
It was the strangest sensation ever…
Like being summoned…
‘Awake, Bill…Come to me…I see you…’
So I rose from a dark foggy state…
To a heavy shadowy light…
It felt like rising out of mud, weighted
Down struggling to see…in a world
Blackened…Empty trees…ghostly houses…
The worst feeling ever…
The strangest part was that everywhere
I looked there were people, lying on
The ground deep asleep, breathing in
The mud…I had no idea what this was?
This voice, deep and awful, kept calling
To me, ‘Come to me…I see you…’
So I ended up walking through this
Sea of mud-covered sleeping bodies…
Through my street, neighborhood…
Until I reached my former local high school
Around the corner…
The closer I got to the school, the
More people I found laying asleep in the
Tar-like mud…more and more until I
Was literally stepping over bodies…
Constantly drawn to that voice…
Eventually I came to the school…
Went inside…There were people literally
Laying in heaps asleep everywhere…
That voice pulling…
And then, there on a platform on the
Staircase in the commons of the school
He, It, stood…This…Beast…
He was tall, blond…of human form…
Of his choice…well built…
But there was nothing else human of him…
His eyes were black terrible orbs with
Red-slits for pupils like a snake…
His teeth were white as he smiled at me,
Sharp…with black gums and a red
Serpent-like tongue…The clearest sensation
Was that I was looking at the devil.

“Hello Bill.” He said in a voice I can only
Describe as echoing, vibrating, awful…
Imposing, menacing…fearless…arrogant…
“I see you…” He said. “You’re very interesting.”
All I could say was, “OK?”

He watched me, I watched him…
I knew he knew what I was thinking…
What is this? He just looked around carelessly with pride
At all the sleeping people…silently telling
Me, yes…they’re mine…This is mine…
Everything belonged to him…

I cannot believe I was able to speak…
“Are you the devil?” I asked.

He laughed…That smile, the black gums
With the white teeth and tongue…
It was a nightmare… “Me? No?
Is that what you think? Oh of course…
That’s what they teach you…The ONE…
The only…” He just laughed. “There
Are many of us.” He studied me…
Seconds? Hours? Forever? Blinking
With those black eyes, those penetrating
Red-slit pupils… “Let me introduce myself…
My name is…”

I cannot say his name here…
If I reveal it to the masses, he said
It would bring death to me or my family…

My eyes exploded, I was afraid.

“Ah, you know the name then?” He asked.

Yes, I silently nodded…I knew it from
The bible, but I could not believe what
It said to my ears and mind…That name?!

It was not Lucifer…he came before…
Nor Baal, who came long ago…with
The First…
No, this was another fallen angel…

“I wanted to meet you…” He said
Calmly…standing proud over the sleeping
Bodies…I couldn’t speak… “You’re very

“Yes, you.” He said. “You resist…it is
Pointless you know…Admirable, yes…But
Still pointless…They,” he gestured to
Those asleep, “all do my bidding…or
My brothers…Whether they know it or
Not…They do…That’s why they cannot
Control themselves.”

I wanted it over fast whatever it was.

He just watched me… “I want to make
You a deal…You leave me alone, and I
Will leave you alone…That’s fair?”

I was wordless…??? What could I possibly

“You’re awake…And I know what you
Did.” He said…referring to the secret. “I
Know…Yes, you’re very interesting. And
I will even make you an offer…Say
My name…call my name…work for
Me…And I will give you anything you
Want…Fame…Fortune…Movie stars…
Anything…They’re yours…Think about it.”

I was like…huh? What?

“But…” He said… “Say my name, or
Tell anyone my name and it will cost
You a life…family, friends…secrecy,
That’s the key word. You understand
Secrets, right? How they work?”

Yes, I knew what he meant…You
Could tell someone you trust…maybe
Someone close…But not everyone…
I could only nod.

“So what do you think?” He asked.

I could not speak.

“Will you leave me alone?” He asked.
“Because you cannot fight me…These
Are my puppets,” he said of the people,
“And they will do as I say…or my
Brothers…They have no will.”

“OK.” I could only mumble afraid.

“Good boy.” He said. “Now it won’t
Be so bad…Just let me do what I
Do…And you…may live…”

“What are you?” I asked without

“I am the Great Divider…” He explained
Flatly…solid, strong… “Conqueror and
Divider…That is what I do, that is
Why I came here…That is what I
Did before…That is why I came to
America…My brothers all have equal
Purpose…We do our jobs well…You
Know your history…Who does it belong

I swear I was shaking.

“You chose to walk this road, Bill.” He
Said. “You could have just fallen in line…
But…we know how that went…”

He knew I was sensing greater meaning
And I didn’t like it so drew things to a

“You are very interesting…” He said…
He knew my future, I know that now,
But was not about to reveal a clue, nor
Ounce of hope, nothing…nothing that
Would shred his imposing force…
“Think about what I said…You won’t
Ever forget it…Now, you can go…
And when you wake up…Remember…”
He gestured around… “It’s all mine…
You leave me alone…And I will leave
You alone…”

It ended…I awoke with the WORST
Feeling…I was sick for days…I never
Forgot…And yes, I have his name…

And without Fail…Whenever I say too
Much…he reminds me of what he can do.
This isn’t a joke…
And the internet is the easiest game board
For Demons…remember that…
It never ceases to amaze me…
How good and evil exist in the world,
So obviously…yet people dismiss it
Or rationalize it…conspiracy theories…
When it’s usually far simpler than that…

But you know how this went…
After the Beast visited and introduced
Himself…I was afraid, but I didn’t give in…
All of my life I was tormented by this
Darkness…Nightmares, Monsters that
Shouldn’t have been real…The Shadow People…
Of course at times it was unbearable…
I was driven to extremes…but we’ll get
To that later.

Where was God through it all? Heaven?
Angels…? I went to church, I studied
The bible…Yet these things kept happening…
I was obsessed, compulsive prayer…
Hundreds of times a day…
That’s how I began the Quest to find
The higher power…
The meeting with that tall mysterious
Pale Stranger…The one whose voice
Echoed in my ears for years…
The one who challenged me… “You
Are so interesting…You know what to
Do…Why don’t you just do it?” He asked…
The Tall Fearless man…The one who
Inspired me with his bravery…The one
And only man I had ever seen, met…
The one who could walk right out into
The universe and was afraid of nothing…
The man I knew as Varence…

And so my Quest began to reach out to
Find a way to contact Heaven…To at least
Seek out the counsel of a soulmate on
Some higher level…

In the summer of my 27th year…it began…
Research…guided by intuition…dedication…
Faith…To find a way…9…
99 days…Then on December 31st 1999
At 3:00pm in the afternoon he came…
I got my answer…He put his hand inside
My head…put something there…And I was
Born again…And the job began then
Without hesitation…The artwork…The
Paintings and drawings…The lock, the keys…

And through those years the dreams of the
Others…From the Great Hall…These people
I knew from the dreams…
Then they, we…were hunted…The numbers
Dwindled…down to 5…

In 2009 it culminated with the Ancient
Prophecies…The Shadow People, the Creature
That tried to rip the light from my head…
And the Crystal Skull that appeared to
Download all of my work and experience…
To then command awaitt activation…
Await activation…

2012…The nightmare deaths…The little
Old Asian Man Ascended Master’s command…
The posts began…St. Patrick’s Day…
Everything happens in the spring…
Wake Valiant…The artwork then became
The writing…As he said… “This is how it
Comes…From the mind…Down the arm
Through the hand, the fingers, the pen
To the paper…” The posts…

So much has happened…Is happening…
It isn’t ending…it’s just beginning…

But then you see the Beast did come again…
December 29th 2014…Just before
New Year’s…to warn me about 2015…

In a dark dream there was a knocking
At the door…I got up from my bed
Asleep…To answer…And there stood a
Tall black man…
“Hi,” he said, “Do you remember me?
I was your best Friend in the real time
Line…” And then, he took out a knife
And slit his throat…fell to the floor
In front of the door before me bleeding
To death…his eyes rolled over black with
Red slits…It was the Beast in disguise…
And he laughed loud, hard and wickedly…
“You forgot me, Bill!”

I slammed the door shut and backed
Away horrified…his voice tormenting me…
“Bill, I see you…I know what you’re

Then silence…A pause…
Then another knocking at the door…
This beautiful blond girl…calling to me…
I opened the door…Confused?
“Hello,” she said, “Do you remember me?
I was your girlfriend in the real time
Line, Bill. Did you forget? Do you remember?”
Again…she withdrew a knife…slit her
Throat…The blood…Fell to the ground
Bleeding to death…Those eyes rolling over
Black…The red reptilian like pupils…
Laughing wildly… “You’re dead! By the
Time I’m done with you, Bill, you are
Going to wish for death…”

Over and over the knocking at the door…
I could not wake up! The faces, the
Voices…of those I knew? Or should have?
Throats slashed…Those black eyes…
“You forget…All that I am…In
All that I am…What I can do…I
Will turn everyone against you…no one
Will believe you…I will get them to
Stop reading…They think they’re special,”
He laughed, “They think whatever I
Want them to! Believe you? Who do
You think you’re dealing with?”

I was terrified, I could not wake up.

“I see you…I see you…I see and
Know what you’re doing…” the Beast
Said. “You won’t change anything
Until I want it to…We want it to…”

What woke me up was his visit to
This black woman…he allowed me to see…
He did the same thing to her…The
Knocking at the door…The knife…Throats
Cut…of people torn from her life…
Only she screamed and fought it…
Slammed the door and threw things…
She screamed at the Beast, “I will find
A way to kill you, you bastard, you
Evil devil! Stay away from me!”
Her rage gave me strength to wake
And with her I regained my will
To stand…Fight it…Believe…

Many have written and asked why
So many strange things happened with
My posts in 2015…Why they moved
Around…vanished here and there…
Because the Beast said he would stop
Them…And he did…But I kept going…
I could not believe how right he was…
His power reaches far…I see that now…

That’s why I had to reach out to
The tall mysterious pale one…
The fearless one…Varence…The one
Who told me to trust no one…
And I only answer the questions he
Tells me to…He always said never to
Build a website, so I haven’t…He gave
Me time…instructions…They always came
True…Because the Watchers know
The ways of the Beast…Who else
Would after so long?

But this year the rules changed…
The sisters, each with their own gifts…
They’re that stubborn…They’re that right…

I’m not calling anyone or thing names…
Not at all…What I am trying to explain is
That when this thing threatens, he has
Made it clear he can send a message
And unfortunately use people to do it…
I don’t mean to keep secrets to
Harm anyone or with arrogance…it’s only
Because he’s made it clear he wants to
Stop this…And yes it scares me because
I did not want to do it to begin with…

I did this for them, for those I lost, that
Cannot be replaced…and for those that I
Hope some how, some way, some day can
Benefit from it…I won’t let them be
Forgotten. You have the choice to take this,
Believe it how you want…I understand…
All that I ask is…for you to question…
Keep your mind open…
What is going on in the world?
Is there a higher power, higher powers
At work? Good…Bad? God…Dark forces?

Why hasn’t religion changed the world?
Why are there holy wars?
Why with all the advancements technology
Has made…are things more of a mess
Than ever?
You think too much? Fear mongering?
It’s only fear mongering when someone
Wants to turn a blind eye to things
And keep things the way they are. FACT.

An intelligent person will see there’s a
Problem and say…hey, can we discuss this
Not sit by and chant empty meditations
Or eat a bag of munchies and watch a
These are experiences, thoughts and views
To discuss…that is all.

And now a few words…
The Golden Light…streaming, shimmering
On the bridge…

He stood, clear and strong…That fearless
Determined look on his face… “I stepped
Forward,” Varence said, “I reached out…
I did not want my friend here to be alone…
I haven’t called anyone names…”

“But I have,” Ceres said stepping
Forward beside him… “And I don’t care…
I’m here for him, that’s it…And the

Varence smiled and laughed at her words,
“The charm never fades from her words…
She offered more clues months ago
Than most realize…Quantum singularities…”

“Oh. Please,” Ceres rolled her eyes, “That
Bubble is about to burst…For now I
Would watch the sea…” She smiled mysteriously.
“Surprising things that never happened
Before…can happen again…One song
Of the sea…Travels around the world…
Blue planet…So much water…The
Depths that sing a song older and
Wiser than most will ever know…
But miracles can be made that way…”

“I still say nothing has changed.” Varence
Smiled, offering his mysterious wisdom…
In that riddling way. “All those British
Accents in the future…” He said admiring
His hand, opening and flexing it into a fist.
“The world has changed…Old Gods
Dance to a new song…They think we’re
Making the changes? HA…The Beasts
That hide their secrets have been
Doing this since the Roman Empire became
A religion…Justice, truth? Is within
Reach of anyone willing to see it…Maybe
A song will change the world one day…
Songs do answer riddles, remember?” He
Sighed and turned to Ceres… “Please impart
The closing words…”

“Dare I speak to reason with them?”
She said. “You said once my words
Could move mountains? Sound evokes
Movement…A sonic slip could trigger
An accident, unknown cause of course…
By secret societies of course…I would
Still watch the sea, the birds…
If anyone wants to pay attention…
The ones who pay attention…are
Perhaps the bravest of all…But the
Ones who know before hand…You really
Would not want to make them mad
Would you?”
They smiled together…

The bumpy twisty ride…
The swirls of wind…
The songs of the sea…
The box opens…Time to change the locks…

My artwork: Temptation








  2. Dacia, Zamolxe etc. (Romanian druidic beliefs, way before christianity was over-imposed).
    1. Do oppose evil, honor the truth, look for justice and fill your soul with justice. By following those, the power of darkness diminishes.
    2. Live in harmony with people, but if they are not peaceful enough they should be confronted for their minds are mastered by darkness.
    3. Any person who did wrong deeds should restore them if possible; else that person is to be punished for own mistakes.
    4. Respect everybody, but if someone is unworthy of it just ignore that person.
    5. In all that you do, look at following the light of God.
    6. Those with plenty of The Spirit of Wisdom go to the kingdom of God and are immortals.
    7. Never offer sacrifices, based on killing and destruction of flowers and fruits, to God or gods; deities don’t need your material offerings. Your sacrifice has to be understood as giving up disorder in thinking, speaking and acting.
    8. Learn from any nation what they have the best, thus the light of your people shines brighter.
    9. Live simply, beautifully and justly.
    10. Look at the flame of the sacred fire that is your link to God.

    Source :

    And this was the little Stonehenge of Romania : Sarmizegetusa

    • You’ll laugh, but I’m discovering those “rules” along with you ! Been wanting to go into this for a while, but never got down to it. So a big big thanks Stefman 🙂 BIG.

      Oh, and this movie is with English subs. For whom may want to dig a bit deeper (and not watch soccer on Tv 😀 ) ❤

    • i just had an OMG moment…
      i was talking with a friend of mine about the celt thingy.. and we came to the topic red hair…

      and wow that friend found some german articles about dna traits of red hair people… and holy crap… bill is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO right !!!!

      if u folks are good with any translators check out these articles from mainstream… but if u can read between the lines… it only confirms what bill says about our real human friends 😉

      well to me that was just a huge AHA moment… like u know something but u havent realized it yet ?

      anyway i hope this does for u folks what it just did for me ^^

      i guess ill have later some of the rest of that awesome ice cream 😉

      • 🙂 Great one Stef ! Could not translate, so I understood maybe 20 percent 😀

        Romanians are also claiming Celtic heritage. And, truthfully, the old ways were Druidic. A “god” called Zamolxe, always with a wolf at his side, come to think of it !

        Lemme find some links 🙂 To go with the ice-cream !

        • well gimme some time to translate the important part than from these articles… there was also some other very interesting traits…

          if im lucky ill find tomorrow the time to get some summery together of the traits

    • Non-physical ways of fighting – great stuff! Heck, the best way to get me to leave the room would be to pull out a set of bagpipes! (OMG OMG KILL IT BEFORE IT MULTIPLIES!!!!) 😀

      As I understand it from Valiant’s posts, the celts intermarried with the “Elvar” who were from a “galaxy far, far away”.

      Around 2000 years BCE they potentially brought with them metalworking technology to asia, via the silk road and the tarim basin

      • exactly… but the realy stunning part in one of these articles was that dropped my jaw was… that red haired people have a higher resistance against any narcotic stuff that knocks u out… to me in that moment it said OF COURSE !!! because they are MORE CONSCIOUS than we are there fore u need more… (well i guess any doctor or science nut would dispute that it is the mind and rather point to the bio chemistry)

        • OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!! It said that ? OMG.
          True in my case !!!!! Which is all nice and good, but was horrible at the dentist’s ! They could never figure out why their normal dose of anesthesia would not work. Ouch, yes.

          • it only said that red haired people have a higher tolerance against narcotics specially what u just mentioned but they didnt say anything about conscious part i added

            • Well, I dunno about the “consciousness” part, but anesthetics are a big mess with me.
              Had about 2 experiences with mushrooms also (hey, I was a young adult), and it did almost ZERO. All my friends were having various visions et all, I was just sitting there, looking at them 😀 Vexed 😀
              Posting the Celtic/Dacic stuff 🙂

              • no judgement at all dmt mushrooms or weed… id say go nuts but do it with respect… anything else is not a “plant teacher”

                these things above except for weed will kick ur ass if u do it for fun…
                i mean i have the a huge respect for the medicine men that take dmt to go find a cure or what they need to find to help others… but its a very huge topic… might wanna listen to some terence mckenna stuff about it…

                but yeah to bad the mushrooms didnt have an effect on u… its said that its some sort of an entity some strange being or conscious thing..

                oh not that i would say drugs are good… but i guess by now u should know me well enough that i meant the above with respect and for learning and NOT FOR FUN!!!

                also interesting dmt is made by our brains pretty much every plant animal and human produces dmt in the sleeping phase… also at near death or at death… and its rumored to be also at the moment of birth

                • Yup, absolutely, if you want to do it, do it with respect for what those are. Not for recreational use.
                  Weed is absolutely fine Normal weed That one is very ok even only for relaxing. And much much safer than alcohol !
                  Medical weed is great. Really works.
                  Back to my Dacic digging :)))))))))))))))))))))))) Thanks again for making me finally go into that !!!! Was time !
                  Have a great evening ! Hugs to you 🙂

  3. Below video

    I want to spend my

    lifetime loving you

    MASK OF ZORRO OST /with lyrics


  4. Grand THANKS to all the precious loving ones….For I’m too awkward to say anything, but merely able to share something as follows….

    American Indian Medicine Wheel by Lynn Berryhill
    source :

    source :

    May all the beloved ones be safe and happy…

  5. “Tyr” talks about personal sacrifice for the community… which is something we had previously been talking about. The elements too. I noticed that in between these “events”… fire… I would imagine this could be interpreted as a “personal sacrifice”. Fortunately no witches were harmed! (and hey look the goats got out safely too…)


    Some more connecting of the dots…

    Rennes le Chateau

    X marks the spot?

    • Have to agree with you Robin It is fun being the student and “plan” on being the student forever!!!!

      LOVE HURTS with Lyrics- NAZARETH (bccalugas}

  6. Below video has so much spiritual meaning and is fun to see how so.

    Joe COCKER is so animated just as the man in the nursing home.

    She came in through the bathroom window

    Gonna come out now,
    ha ha ha,
    wow look out.)
    She came in through the bathroom window
    Protected by a silver spoon
    But now she sucks her thumb and wanders
    By the banks of her own lagoon
    Didn’t anybody tell her?
    Didn’t anybody see?
    Sunday’s on the phone to Monday
    Tuesday’s on the phone to me
    She said she’d always been a dancer
    She worked at 15 clubs a day
    And though she thought I knew the answer
    Well I knew what I could not say
    And so I quit the police department
    And got myself a steady job
    And though she tried her best to help me
    She could steal but she could not rob
    Didn’t anybody tell her?
    Didn’t anybody see?
    Sunday’s on the phone to Monday
    Tuesday’s on the phone to me
    Oh yeah

    The below video helps to decipher with this phrase—And so I quit the police department

    Every Breath You Take



        Cover by DEA irna avc video is the best

        The Matrix Meeting Morpheus Scene HD

        Have learned oh so much from all of you — special thanks to you Robin

  7. Aviators – Black Holes (Portal 2 Song

    Animated/bass/lyrics is best for symbolic meanings of BLUE brain waves And can be associated with below video as THE BLUE LIGHT EXPRESS ZOOMS across the sky. A couple of different views can be seen
    MMX – The Social Song | ENIGMA

    the one marked official is the better one

  8. From the one “WITHIN”

    me ask elders about explain frewil beter
    elders say me explain like this
    god give u eg
    eg is there eg already created eg exist
    u use frewil decide what do about eg
    u can make choice boil eg eat eg
    u can make choice bake eg eat eg
    u can make choice u leve eg but eg get roten but eg stil there
    u can make choice u not eat other animal so u throw eg away eg get roten somewere else but eg stil exist u wil smel eg eventualy
    eventualy u must decide and deal with eg
    time colide is like eg
    god make time colide
    time colide is there time colide already created time colide exist
    eventualy u must decide what u want do with time colide and deal with it
    u can not change what god created but with frewil u must decide what u do with time colide ok
    me say eat eg because eg good for u b4 get roten then eg very bad 4 u

    Some people can see the aura that envelops the physical body. They were born with this second sight, or they learned it later in life. The aura is an energy field for which there is no scientific explanation to date, but it can be seen, and dowsed. But what is it?
    Joseph Ostrom, in his book You and your Aura, gives the following definition: “An aura is a collection of electro-magnetic energies of varying densities which are exiting from the physical, vital, etheric, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. These particles of energy are suspended around the human body in an oval-shaped field. This oval field or ‘auric egg’ stands out from the body some 2-3 feet (1meter) (on average) on all sides. It is also found above the head and extends below the feet into the ground.
    He sees the aura as a collection of layers like in an onion. The first three inner layers represent health matters and personality. The outer two layers are indicators of what is going on within the mental and emotional life of the person.. he sees the auric bands as translucent and colorful. each color has a specific meaning.
    He explains that everything has an auric field, not just humans. Animals, plants, crystals, even what we consider inanimate matter. They all have some energy field emanating from them.
    Some people see the human aura as a torus, From the outside it also looks like an ovoid, but there is a central channel. A torus is basically shaped like a doughnut.

  9. hey tribe =)

    i know this week has been… well lets say a challenge…

    i know its silly but i got a cup of strawberry cheesecake ice cream yesterday (looked a long time to get it)

    so if any one wants some here are the spoons there is the cup… go nuts !!! 😉

    focus on the small things that make u smile and warm ur heart… =)

    i hope i can lighten the mood a bit 😉

    *brain freeze* lol

  10. Thanks for the link on Ancient Knowledge–will watch later. .
    This is a simple explanation Also the LEY lines of the earth and personal bodies can be associated to both. Also below is another seemingly simple little music video that relates

    Decree 7~ The Dream Machine, has been within the Pyramids, in which the Illuminati tapped into back into Atlantis. As this Story goes They soon found Psychics who were able to assist them. They found the pyramids and then began misusing the energies, by implanting dreams and lower thoughts for the use of their own purposes. This has been going on for 13 Millenia. 13 Millenia is like one drop of water in a Multi~Dimensional Universe, an Ocean of Pure Love, as Always Pure Love. Because of the severe misuse of this Machine, The Planet Requested this Be Reset to the Highest Possible Thought, which is The Mirrors and Reflections of Love everywhere present. Now, We will be Very Gentle with this, because an immediate Reboot would shock some of the Beings to Intensely. The Reboot will be a process, of a Shutdown, and Restart. Everyone on this Planet has Until December 21st, 2014, To Readjust to the New Reality, 5D Frequencies. Now, All Lightworkers that have Already Stepped out of the dream, Your responsibility is to assist All Your Other Brothers and Sisters that are still in the Dream, out Of the Dream! And so it is, and so shall be Done. And so it is on Earth as it is In Heaven. And SO it Shall be, as Decreed and Granted.

    These Decrees have always been Ever Present. Meaning they have Always Been Here. Now, it is Up to all Of you, to Put these into your Experience, Creation in Motion. For this is the Absolutely Exact Right Moment, of Your Complete Freedom if You So Choose, The Moment is NOW, When the Planet is Returned to the People. The Meek Are Inheriting the Earth. And SO it is on Earth as It is in The Kingdom of Heaven, and So it is, and So Shall Be as Decreed and Granted.

    These Decrees Have Been Decreed, By the Galactic Federation of Light, The Kingdom Company of Heaven, All of the Angels, The Elohim, The Elemental Kingdom, The Entire Inner Earth Family, All of Your Family of Light, Mother Earth, The Ground Crew Medical Team For First Contact. Granted and Decreed and SO it is, and So Shall Be done.

    Egypt Central – White Rabbit [Lyrics]

  11. Bill:

    THE PROCESS IS LONG AND arduous; The term some have to suffer for the good of the whole comes to mind.
    Have gone through the process and have experienced. Rough on your loved ones!.
    associate quote and google below.

    Quote of the Day

    Shared pain is lessened; shared joy, increased – thus do we refute entropy.

    – Spider Robinson

    Spiritual Entropy, or: The Second Law of Thermodynamics

    This is a law which is fairly self-evident. It’s natural for us to realize that things will decay over time unless we actively maintain them. I believe there’s a similar law in our spiritual life—that the law of entropy applies also to our souls.

    Out of an article that you can google

    Not associated directly with above but has anyone heard of the u tell me thread?

    A small portion as it deals with the timelin

    me said eye wil ask elders again about 144000
    elders give long xplain
    me not know or lern al wordings to xplain but me try ok
    144000 not religions things not good not bad not man not women thing
    144000 is constant number to xplain portal times for space and universe
    144000 is the name of god time
    144000 is the name of god cycle
    144000 is number of times lived this line time
    144000 is math thing number for belive god
    144000 is proof god

    Thanks to all as have learned much.


    • hey dave do u speak german by any chance ?
      about the 144 thingy… a while ago i ran into a few presentations about a german guy and the pyramids…

      he basically found out that thru the different measurement systems they used building the pyramids and also temples they have given clues about numbers and so on… that guy came to the conclusion thru the number codes they have used that these places where basicly initiation sites to reach a higher mind or level…

      if ur interested here is his work in a couple of presentation… well there are english subtitles

      • The use of numbers that are personal to you is an excellent start.
        A little trivia perhaps but taking your wingspan for instance–Measuring from fingertip to fingertip of your longest finger will match your height as that is a wonderful connection already .
        The video you provided is very interesting.

    • Interesting material – posted 2008? From France:

      yes u cee 1 river me cee 2 river now
      16 may u cee other river also
      we swim 2 river we b friends ok
      not scare when u cee 2 river me here help friends not scare 16 may
      me help u not do crazy things 16 may when putin swim away

      u cee me look human same shape
      me blood not same me blood crystal likwid
      me not eat other life me drink crystal likwid

  12. tathastu, sometimes we pull back only to spring forward. What you have so eloquently expressed I think it’s safe to say is in all our hearts. Thank you.

    Also, I like to think we are like snowflakes – similar, yet all different. We each have our own important role to play, no lesser or greater than another. This year appears to be the time to shine…. Let me offer my support and encouragement… “Namaste”

  13. Lida, you’ve already brought me to tears and given me such warmth on many occasions. It’s rare for me to come across someone who can speak truth, yet even more rare for me to find those who can strongly support such people and be a clear translator of that truth and help carry their burdens.

    I’ve written a message of thanks several times before, some devoted completely to you, yet I’ve always had a hard time hitting that final enter button xD I’m a very very reclusive person who partially stays quiet for my own protection and sanity. However, It is also so, that there’s a part of me that’s born to lead as well, and that’s caused my greatest struggle to be avoiding punishing myself and getting too downcast when I fail to say the right thing. There’s just a monstrous level of idealism in me, that every word I say is threatened by my own need to go back and perfect it. I’ve come to realize that this is because of my experiences of living in a place that’s far more in harmony with nature and spirit. The contrast of those lives and this one is extreme, and my longing to become the ideals I faintly recall and become a vessel for grace is an intense pressure.

    How can I live in this world with a veil over what’s most authentic like so many when there’s such familiarity of true communion with others and nature in my soul?

    I can attest with everything that I am and have seen, that what you and Bill have accomplished is a monumental showering of grace upon this planet dying of thirst for the light. Many haven’t realized what’s missing, and can’t face everything, yet I know without a doubt the potential to is within them. They are thirsty even if they don’t know it, and they respond to the light as if it was their salvation even if completely unconscious of it. As someone who’s been a recluse surrounded by “society”, it’s become very clear to me that if one carries a bit of light, then no words could even need to be said for that light to make a big difference on everything around it. Even if many don’t seem to get or truly understand Bills message, that message is still filled with tremendous Grace and is making a very large yet subtle difference for them.

    There is a saying among some spiritual circles that you go to the Guru not so that you can see the Guru, but to allow the Guru to see you. The experience of someone who can look upon you without a spec of judgement along with complete unconditional love despite everything you’ve done and are, that’s what you go for. In this world, such an experience is rare to find, yet tremendously transforming. You wouldn’t even need to understand the experience, only to open up to it with the innocence of a child to receive it more fully, but even without opening up, it still has much power.

    Bill might have his doubts about himself and his work, and his struggles, and not see all that many patting him on the back or supporting him at times, yet I’m sure he knows that much of that work is subtle, and so is the thanks being offered up by the many souls of this planet who’s being effected by his work, his being an instrument for the spread of Grace. I know how hard it can be to persist when everything seems to be fighting you on the surface, when your only support seems to be subtle and unsubstantial in a way. I’ve never had such intense experiences as Bill, on the end of support or attack and antagonism, but the support is always enough if you let it be, even if it doesn’t come from the exact places you wish it would. That’s just the freedom of choice.

    I wish to emphasize again…

    that from the perspective of this one, the work of Valiant is tremendous.
    This one has been told by others, by several kinds of astrologers and masters of various levels, that this one was born with connection to the truth ray, or something of the sort.

    Truth has been a constant presence alongside this life and ego, constantly guiding. One astrologer said that people just can’t lie to me. They could try for awhile but… eventually. I’ve never cared to tell if another was lying, as I’ve always disdained from allowing myself to judge another. The essence of this “truth ray” is it’s presence. It’s a deep feeling of whether something is in harmony with truth or not, and a presence that dispels illusion and encourages and supports taking the right path that is working even without my acknowledgement of it. When I have been able to acknowledged it and released it to my limits however, miracles abounded.

    This Truth is one with Grace, and this one has never found another source of Grace and Truth that he can relate to so strongly as that which has come from Valiant. Bill isn’t like God descending upon us haha 🙂 He’s like us, with our doubts and struggles, yet still filled with so much Grace. To bridge the gaps, to be a mediator, that’s always been more awe inspiring than any kind of ultimate Saint or God to me. Don’t get me wrong, I am in reverence of such beings and forces, yet I can’t well relate to them, and I’m sure that if they manifested in front of me in their full splendor, their light would just obliterate me like 1000 watts going into a 10 watt light bulb.

    This is my praise. It’s a valuable thing to recognize that it’s Grace flowing through someone that does great things, and not just the person who is doing greatness. I recognize Bills flaws, yet celebrate his ability to be a channel for Grace as a culmination of the hearts desire of the people of this Earth and many others. You wouldn’t be doing the work here Bill if it wasn’t within the peoples desires however indifferent they may appear to be… who knows how many past lives they’ve experienced with this flavor of suffering, and how strongly their hearts cry out for change even if that desire is suppressed down into the deepest depths of their hearts. Who knows…

    I’m inspired by Valiant, and supported. And I’m not the only one. There’s an army of us, countless in truth. It’s within us all, this desire that Valiant assists in bringing to light. But not just that, there’s others here who more consciously realize, and struggle with the knowledge of truths, of what’s really going on. I was restricted from seeing such people personally as I grew up, so I learned to see the subtle longing within them that was the akin to those who lived with such longing more on the surface. However, I’ve come to realize more and more that there’s others like me, and like Valiant, that experience the battle far more directly and intimately. How many groups of light workers have come here with plans of support? I wouldn’t assume to be among the level of Bill and those who’ve fought with him, yet I feel some kind of presence of countless desires for liberation piling up on this Earth, coming from all stretches of life in every way.

    It’s said that this involves all worlds, and that’s not something this one feels doubt about. That feeling has been beside this one all his life. Sometimes it’s felt as a pressure, that this is it! But, other times it’s felt as this most glorious conglomeration of earnest Grace that the experiences are far beyond the wildest of dreams and imagination. Miracles… are unfathomably splendorous. They bring forth faith, replacing blind belief. Those who struggle against those inner demons, that can even manifest so antagonistically strong in their daily lives, know they’re on the right path. You only get tested when your moving forward, and a true warrior welcomes challenges as he would his own mother. We might not be so comparable to a true warrior, but every bit of effort is a miracle that begets miracles. Take a few steps in becoming more healthy, clear and full of light, and life rewards you. The rewards are far beyond the ability to imagine them. They’re far more complete and perfect for you than it’s possible to imagine. That’s how amazing life is. The rewards are fallowed with challenges, in order to offer even further rewards. Growth and change is constant… The longer we hold back from growth, the grander life dreams up some event to break us free. This is the nature of things. Of course, that grand event could be a painful slap to the face, but it’s always there to bring forth the most freedom from suffering to us. It doesn’t take long to become free from suffering in the face of constant challenges if we remain steadfast to the path… and I’m sure this planet will become an inspiration for breaking through the greatest of challenges into the brightest of lights.

    Ah, it’s such an honor to be here, and to share in this with all of you. Though many here don’t know me as I haven’t commented before, I’ve been around doing what I can to appreciate you all and hold the light, even though I’ve done so quietly. I’m sure that many more than we realize are giving thanks quietly and subtly like myself, even if unconsciously so. Thank you everyone who comes here with the desire for light!

    Thank you Bill and Lida for helping to bring us all together! ❤

    Om Shanti

    • Thank you tathastu for these words. Which came for me to read after a … difficult night. Intense. This whole period of time is growing in intensity. Both good and graceful and bad and chaotic. These are the times.

      Reading you also reminded me how we complete each other. Dreamwalker put it well, the snowflakes. And much more than that. Thoughts that float and find a completion in another’s thoughts. So, again, you have my deep gratitude for writing all of this. Openly, honestly.

      I wanted to write something, but am too still “battered” after an evening and night of creeps pounding around. It shall pass 🙂 What you wrote is so very meaningful, I can sit in silence, you’ve said a lot that needed sharing.

      Truth and Integrity. I feel strongly that these, right now more than ever, are the two pillars of everything we need to build anew. Grace, thank you for remind me of Grace in this particularly charged moment.

      With gratitude. And hugs !
      In Truth and Integrity,

  14. Hello Tathastu7…

    What incredible things you have said.
    I am going to print out your comment for Bill so he may read it later.
    I know he will appreciate everything you have written….I know. You’ve already brought me to tears.

    My son has been thru so much, yet he is an adult now…made it on his own, kept doing the work he promised. So I stand by him always! He is doing the right thing, sacrificing for the greater good….and I am so proud of what he does for humanity, and all living things.

    I thank you too, for the beautiful words you have spoken to me.
    …again I am tearing up.
    If I helped you too…then this is all so WORTH it!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.
    ….and this is why folks like us continue doing what we do.
    Smiling broadly,

  15. Mmm, this one may have had the biggest impact on me since I’ve been fallowing dear Valiant for about a year. It really clarified and confirmed so much for me, and helped me make sense of many experiences I’ve had.

    I’ve been having dreams of potential world shaking disasters very frequently this year. One of the themes I’ve experienced several times is the world losing it’s gravity, and suddenly everything begins to float into the air. These often have a another distinct flavor of distance to them as well, which I’ve now come to suspect that I’m experiencing parallel realities. I’ll see myself with people I don’t know, yet feel the soul family connection, struggling to survive some calamities. There’s… just this feeling of another version, of a parallel reality to them that I’ve started to define.

    The thing that makes me most clear about parallel realities is the dreams of my life long best friend who took his own life several years back… he talked of some of the dark things, of the shadow people and such. I’ve had very many dreams with him where it’s as if I’ve become a different me with different memories, or at least, in the dream I was in a reality where he never died. I wouldn’t even notice that there ever was a reality where he had died in this particular kind of dream, but then it would eventually pass and I’d move back into a dream space where I’d come back to my current self, so to speak. But even then, it would take me awhile to orient, and figure out which is the truth. Had he died or hadn’t he? Even after waking up, I might be confused for awhile, which is a rather difficult experience.

    Him and I had been very deeply into trying to discover the truth of things before he passed. I have heard of the concept of parallel realities and all kinds of possibilities of manipulating time. These things are all familiar to my soul, thus I can easily recognize the truth of them. Even the potential of different realities merging and him popping back into my life as if he never died I can now fathom much more easily, as it seems like there has been a lot of this kind of shifting around lately.

    I’ve been feeling very strangely the last few months, especially the last one. I was starting to pinpoint it along the lines of time manipulation and these various realities colliding and such. It’s like I’m kinda losing myself in the confusion of several parallel versions of my self being somewhat more or less present at different times. Having more dreams that I’m them, or seeing their end as the world falls. I have completely given up my practices of attempting to nail down future dates of big events and planning accordingly for them since December as everything seems to be up in the air more than ever. I just get the feeling that I should just devote everything to becoming more healthy and clear, so that I’ll be able to see the signs when they come and let go a bit of the planning.

    I really don’t wish to compare myself to Bill, as I’m sure his life has been far far more immersed in such experiences and the challenges that come with them than I, but there is so much I can relate to, so much faint memories and dreams that are just out of my reach. Bill has been helping a lot to bring those faint feelings and memories to life. I’ve also been doing a lot of my own work on my spiritual practice and health to bring more clarity, but with the clarity comes more intense experiences so it’s still a grand challenge.

    Bill has made a such a tremendous difference in my life. I’ve barely hung on to my seeking of truth and work to find a path out of the craziness for all my loved ones. I know I would have likely given up by now, as I’ve given up on living a “normal” life with how relentless the pull to seek truth is that I just can’t ignore it and live even the tiniest bit amidst the madness that runs rampant everywhere. I certainly wouldn’t have had the courage to continue to push forward in the face of some of my terrifying dreams and my failures to recruit my loved ones to join in the efforts without Bills influence. I also have always wished I could retreat away to some ranch or farm, and live independently away from it all, and in harmony with nature, but life never allowed it. It always said “Nope, you’ve got things to learn and experience, and work to do!”

    I’ve felt that I’ve been fighting this battle all of my life, constantly unable to be allowed to escape from it, unable to live in the kind of status quo kind of life of everyone around me. Even as a child, I just HAD to find this something that was missing in everyone, a certain light and clarity. Everything just always seemed so stagnant and zombie like to me, this air of denial or something. There was just nothing else worth doing, and I could barely put effort towards any other kind of work. I’m so thankful to finally have started to discover others like me in the last few years after so much isolation, when my only solace was the feeling of faint supportive dreams that I couldn’t recall. It was hard having to rely on those feelings in the face of everything.

    I’ve typed more than intended 🙂 Just want to close by saying that the closest person to me when I was a child was my Grandfather who was crippled by a heart attack before I was born. He could barely speak or walk, but I loved to sit quietly near him and feel like I could converse with who he really was deep down without so much surface ego in the way. His name was also Bill 🙂 Also, strangely enough, the only time I ever attempted to reach out and find the name of a spirit guide around me, the name that came was Bill and distinctly with the feeling that it wasn’t my Grandfather who passed. I haven’t explored that connection beyond just thinking of that name occasionally, welcoming that presence of light, warmth and happiness to surround me. I don’t assume any of the Bills are related, just take it as a coincidence that made me pay attention and feel a great deal of invisible support.

    Again, I’m so thankful for the work of Valiant, and also you Lida. Seeing how you support him so much has likely been as helpful to me as he has been. I’ve never had anything like that. The only friend I ever had to share anything like this with growing up can only now be reached through dreams and faint presences when awake. Knowing that Bill has you, makes me feel as if I have someone like this as well and it warms my heart so much. Thank you Lida!

    Om Shanti ❤

    • hi tathastu7 =)

      im sorry to hear about ur lost friend =(((
      rest assured he will always be with u… i bet he is right now cheering u up from the side lines 😉

      dont worry u havent written to much for all i know we like it to share whats on our mind =)

      dont worry about the people that dont understand u… ur doing a great job 😉
      i think its a normal thing to look out for truth in a world full of lies… no matter how crazy or out of this world the truth seams to be… truth is truth =)

      yeah i can relate to the farm thingy =) ^^

      oh and before i forget WELCOME !!!

      • Thanks so much for your kind words stefmanstc! 😀

        I do know, he’s right here with me, and his presence can be felt any time I call for it with sincerity. I only wish I had more courage to face him, and connect in the ways that we still can. It’s quite challenging to face my guilt from not doing everything I can to become more awake and able to experience his presence, but the motivation that feeling of guilt brings is also a gift.

        I thought we were the best of teams when we were both in the flesh, yet it almost seems like we’re even stronger now sometimes. However, my heart tells me that this is just making the best of what is, and that the ideal could have been more if the opposition hadn’t been so fierce and if we hadn’t given in to weakness and temptation. Yet, the light is always able to work with what is, and that’s what makes it unbeatable. No connection can be severed completely as everything is one, and there can be infinite ways to work with any connection and make the best of it.

        I may have failed countless times in trying to uplift others, yet that only increased my desire for the ability to do so, and thus guiding me closer to that ability. I also recognize that life gives me what I deserve, and enough to find my way into the most brilliant light.

        I miss my friend, and the dreams definitely heighten that pain and struggle, but it also increases my conviction. We promised as wee little tots that we’d save the world when it’s foundation fell to pieces, 20 some or so years ago, and I still feel the same today.

        I don’t assume to have the ability to save the world or anything of the sort, but I’ll do what I can and have faith that he’s here doing the same beside me 😀

        However, I’m also vigilant towards the darkness that assaults us. If it turns out that he’s struggling against darkness, I’ll do what can be done to discover his struggle and lend him a hand.

        Even if I can feel him as his rejoicing self, that presence, I can’t assume that he’s free. I don’t fully comprehend the possibilities of the afterlife, and the ability of the darkness to enslave souls to varying degrees. I’ve always known that darkness thrives on not just the fear within those in the flesh, but the tormenting of souls. I’ve always had myself fighting against that truth, unwilling to fully see it, but there’s no way that I can just pretend that it’s not possible and leave my loved ones potentially captured.

        Together, all of us. We will continue to battle ourselves and temptation until all of us are free of it. We will leave no one behind that still exists in the struggle between light and dark.

        Nothing can stop this effort to bring all to the light! That is truth.

  16. Shouting escalating into loud argument…sudden head-ache…sudden asthma attack…

    Same happened here.

    And then…one Raven cawing very loudly past my window…twice! Odin’s Ravens?

    If you haven’t already, may I recommend reading The Arcturus Probe by Jose Arguelles, or reading “Not In His Image” by John Lamb Lash?

    Stay safe everyone. ❤

    • YIN YANG



      From the one “WITHIN”\

      We’re part of the same place
      We’re part of the same time
      We both share the same blood
      We both have the same mind

      : – And I Am Telling you

      Thanks Robin

  17. Now it makes sense. Last night, what begun as an easy evening turned a bit rough. A couple of scary heart palpitations, A few other unpleasant things. Cats were hit as well. And growling.
    This early morning I kept being stirred in sleep with “collapsing timeline, collapsing timeline” … and a crappy cough, like poison was released in the air.
    Collapsing timeline… I knew this would be, had to be, a very strong post. Indeed.

    Oh, last night I kept hearing Taurii, Taurii. But that sounds a bit out of a stargate episode I guess 🙂

    Thank you Bill, thank you Lida. On a sweet note, the day ( I was up just before 6am) was very dark and gloomy. Heavy clouds. Clammy. And while I was reading, well, the sun came out. Sweet.

    Thank you. ❤

    • Well, this seems interesting … somehow.

      First what is a Tauri, it seems they are very young stars (one such has been found and observed near the Pleiades cluster).: …”Interest in T Tauri-type stars is peaked even further since they have been found to represent a very early stage in the the process of stellar evolution. As such, they are commonly surrounded by a dusty disk that could conceivably harbor a nascent planetary system and may provide clues into the formation of our own solar system….”

      And the stargate stuff, why not 🙂 : the Goa’uld and their Jaffa servants know the humans of Earth as the “Tau’ri” (tɔri/ or /ˈtaʊəri/), which means “the first ones” or “those of the first world” in their fictional language.

      • Just when one thinks that there seems to be order within the disorder of the lightcurves, a non-conformist arises from the mix.

        “Eleven irregular variable stars have been observed whose physical characteristics seem much alike and yet are sufficiently different from other known classes of variables to warrant the recognition of a new type of variable stars whose prototype is T Tauri.

        Great Job, Brianna! Hiawatha said there are ELEVEN of US 😉 ❤

    • yeah speaking of last night and the post…

      it was realy strange… once i reached the point of the post of the beast… in the next houses back yard some people started to have a loud argument and it sounded that this was escalating into a fight… than it stopped only to have the guy living above me starting to make realy loud noise it sounded to me as he was redecorating his entire flat by smashing everything to bits…

      that was realy strange and a bit spooky hehe

      • Oh wow, yes spooky kinda stuff !
        You know, I’ve had this happen when (or just prior to) reading or hearing something important/significant !
        Somethings crashing, weird noises, sudden headache. Yes, neighbors suddenly screaming too 😀 Car accident noise in the street, or people fighting. Like everything is normal one second, and the next all hell breaks loose.

        To me it’s actually a good sign. The creeps get all fussy and angry 🙂
        What do you think ?

        • TV died. Wife’s car died. I gave them both “time”, checked them again and they were working fine. I keep being told I have the “Magic touch” with devices… 🙂

          • we could use your ‘touch’ here….things seem to go all at the same time here too…especially when Bill gets mad! (for all the right reasons tho…and those DO exist)
            That beast and his minions know how to push your buttons…
            and oh yeah…if the big bad is not angry at you, the hint is, things seem to flow smoothly. You know he is ticked off at you when things keep happening…breakdowns (of objects), fights, strange occurrences….it means you are doing such a good job, he can’t stand it, and feels the urge to let you know who is in ‘charge’, so he sends you mischief….to get you to scream Uncle!
            Well ‘Uncle’ my royal rear end….not happening around here…not on MY watch!
            Remember….he may be ‘allowed’ to create trouble….but he cannot ‘kill you’!
            Not allowed.
            You were given the freedom of choice-aka:free will.
            When you give in to him, you surrender that to him and he gains in power, and he rewards you with all the stupid/shallow/flashy things that only he knows of .
            When you deny that to him, and keep your integrity, your power, YOU become stronger…he/it becomes weaker.
            Lets bring this SOB to his miserable knees and let him see what it’s like to tremble before the power of the Almighty Spirit who truly does love us and wants us to be happy.
            That evil things’ days are numbered…and he/it knows it!
            We can start laughing now…it takes away his power if we laugh and do not take him seriously. Because he is NOTHING in the eyes of the Highest Power…he and his like, just deserve our pity.

            that’s Mama V ….I am getting my fight back, sometimes it goes on holiday!
            (my maiden name begins with a V, anyway 😉 )


            • oh that reminds me of when i was a child and my mom forced me to the catholic thing that comes after communion… cant remember the name…
              anyway our pastor took us a road trip to a museum… and the was a pillar that was according to him a woman had to deliver it some where and i cant remember is she tricked the devil or got tricked by him…
              and our pastor spoke a bit with us about that story… and i dont know how we came to it but i said… i would tell him… (crap there is no word for this in english) well… lets make due with what we got here lol… well i tould the pastor id tell him “dude u cant effort my soul u are way to poor for that” (not physical as in money or the bs he offers)

              well but to be frankly im not perfect… but what i am… is a stubborn as u know what lol
              so count me in 😉

              i mean i said it once and im happily saying it again “i rather serve in the lowest of lowest ranks in haven than to rule a single day in hell !!!!”

            • YEY Lida !!!
              I’ll add my royal ass to this too :))))))))))))))))))) And double-yey about humor, and laughing at “it”. I do that a lot (when I don’t rage and roar some). Yes, that is one thing that enrages the creeps and le chef creep.

              Did I tell you (think I did), that I put one of Bill’s art works as a desktop background (one of my very favorites). Anyway.. soon after, laptop goes crashing to the floor !
              Intense horror, could I really afford a new one ? Eeewwww. Not really, no.
              Nothing happened to it. Not a SCRATCH. Nada 🙂
              Yawzaa 😀

              So good to see you roar ❤

              • the only problem with my ROAR…is ‘he/it’ sent me a message.
                a shot across my bow….
                fire in my goat house….almost lost them. Destroyed a lot of stuff, but my goats are OK! Got them OUT very quickly, and hosed everything down.
                Thank you to God for that, please, for keeping their lives safe.
                I am guessing he/it told me to also leave him alone and he will leave mine alone….
                it doesn’t mean I am giving in to him/it…but I did get a very severe warning.

                it is a big mess in there…very wet all over….and it’s raining outside.
                some melted plastic, from a bucket, dripped on them…but did not hurt them. Just need to get the rest off them.
                I love my pygmy goats…they are precious to me, like my children, and other animals I care for.
                But that was a very cheap shot…and all too clear.

                he knows he can’t have me….so he messes with me big time. This is not the first time!
                So please be careful everyone.
                Know where the bad things come from, and try to be brave!
                don’t taunt him. it will just make him mad.
                and he will take it out on someone near and dear to you instead of YOU!

                a little more rest, some food…and I move on to the next challenge….
                remind me to keep my big mouth shut next time.
                he does this to me every time I defy him. When all I really need to do is stay away from him and give him no recognition.


                • Aw … So sorry. Sorry for the mess, and the scare. Happy they are safe !
                  Darn, yesterday lunchtime (early morning for you) I was mentioning to someone how one of the animals I really really want at my dream sanctuary/whatyoumacallit place are pygmy goats !!!
                  Horses, of courses, and dogs and loads of cats. But pygmy goats also. they just have that special adorable thing !
                  The odd thing is that the conversation had nothing to do with goats or farms or animals for that matter. I sorta just came out of the blue and said that. Mind went from whatever we were chatting about to les petites goats.

                  I’m babbling to kinda cover how upset it makes me.

                  Take good care. Have Bill give you an extra big hug on my behalf as well !

    • Wow, Robin, thank you !!! I’ll take a look in the morning.
      Did you read it ? Besides chapter 5, anything we should know ?
      Not being lazy, just very hard to focus for an extended period of time on some things 😀 If I’m drawn to something, I’ll read and research for hours. Other things “loose” me after minutes.
      This is so clearly team’s work 🙂 One will go deeper in one search, the other in another “area”. And we sum it up for each other.
      Feilla style, she does wonders (miss you Feilla).
      Hugs ❤

      • 11:11 lol ! Love it! We are All SO STRONG and UNIFIED! Wow! Just wow! I recommended chapter 5 because it is the most easily comprehensible chapter…for me anyway, but 6 is really good too. 5+6=11… 😉 Too funny! Another interesting synchronicity…on the 13:20… Yesterday was Day 11 of the 11th Moon of Liberation the spell code for yesterday was…

        KIN 144 Yellow Magnetic Seed:

        “I UNIFY in order to TARGET
        I seal the INPUT of FLOWERING
        With the MAGNETIC tone of PURPOSE
        I AM guided by my own power DOUBLED”

        Perfect TIMING as always Bill ❤

  18. Thank you Bill, Lida and Dreamwalker!
    To all I send love and peace and a big thank you for all the great discussion here. I have been silent as of late ive been struggling to express myself and the intensity of energies changing as i started feeling them for about 6 weeks incoming and this last 2 weeks Ive got days i can barely breathe with the burst of cleansing light and high vibration but keeping calm and concentrating on grounding this vibration to our mother earth as she is nr 1 priority at this moment of now. As ceres said listen to nature! 3 weeks ago an weak injured bumble bee came to me asking for help, i picked her up from the floor and held it in my hand and kept it in my house as she asked not to be left alone. At night i put her outside in the garden so she could be in nature, in the morning i went to check on her and she was at my door dead so i picked it up and held her again to pay my respects and a few bumble bees; butterflies, birds bees and flies gathered around and came close to my hand specially the bees and warned that we have to work fast and co operate with nature at this moment of now. I know it is a bit of a long one but i felt like it should be shared. Be blessed always hugs everyone!

    • terraseed this is a lovely story – thank you for sharing it – and you are a great storyteller!

      Please let me know if there’s something I can do to help… but I will be keeping my “eyes and ears to the ground” as the expression goes. 🙂

  19. well holy cow!!! Kick some butt indeed!
    that shouting match is both scary and impressive….
    I have seen some others, and they always leave me mouth open….and dry!!!

  20. Great video, VALIANT.

    We are just a little bit “BULL” headed…Lol!

    TIME to recover those little SILVER chests made of SHELLS 😉

    He tried…he failed…sucks to be him…as if “His” Sister would ever tell “him” everything…

  21. Angles among us with lyrics by Alabama

    All the little children —-THANKS for the wonderful post

  22. Varence
    Voice of ENIGMA?

    representing the LIGHT and the DARK ANGELS

    Enigma – A The voice of Enigma

    THE sleeping prophet —Edgar CAYCE

      • realy nice vid ^^
        i like the all blacks haka also but this clip blows the all blacks out of the water hehe

        what i find amazing is… i heared once that the haka was intended to to give the warriors a rush and also to intimidate the other tribe they are at war with to not fight in the best case… like back in the old where two kings rather let two champions fight instead of to armies…

        thanks that clip made my day !!!!


        • Well exactly it may seem that the war cry is antagonistic but it’s also a warning – the best case scenario is that they will turn tail and run… and not fight ❤

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