Valiant: Thunder and Lightning…A Matter of Science…The Address…

*SONG* “Prospero’s Speech” by Loreena McKennit
There are moments in time
When things happen…The inevitable…
Some see it coming, some simply deny it…
Times of change…
Like the seasons…or the hours of the day…
Endlessly turning…the morning becomes noon…
The afternoon to twilight into night…
Such plain normal things…
Yet within these normal passings
Are relentless changing variables…
Some could easily call it normal…aging…
Nothing stays the same…our lives change…
History has certainly yielded enough
Craziness to call the present age…A mess…
Yet full of promise…

I have this friend who once had
This perpetual motto…
“Change is good…Times are changing…
Change is a good thing!”
He used to say this all the time, his motto,
I swear he should have put it on a T-shirt…
He had a haunting way about him…

There are no compromises anymore…
In fact we are on a precipice…

We are living in a time where we are seeing
Things that have never happened before…
And it is more important now than ever…
To keep our eyes open, our ears listening…
Our minds open…and to not be swayed
By distractions if we are to learn anything at all.

Hopefully no matter what comes…
There are now enough of those out there
In the world willing to listen…and to seek out
Their own path no matter what obstacles
There may be…
I don’t know where I’m going, where or how
It will end…All I want to know is…
When it happens…it will be a shock
To everyone…And hopefully I will have
Had enough time to make a difference…
But my greatest hope is that nothing awful
Happens at all…

The hazy golden light…
The familiar feeling of sitting in a chair.
Summoned…waiting…to write it down.

“These are the words that have to be
Said right now,” she said, emerging into
The light…The auburn hair, the shimmering
Mesmerizing glow of her hazel-like glowing
Eyes…Rana. “This is not a threat…Some
Will argue it…Take it as you will, as they
Will…call me names, I do not care.” Her
Expression was like stone…Something
Serious has been going on? She turned
Towards them who stood outside of my
Field of vision. “Proceed.” She instructed.

From the right, Varence and Ceres emerged
Together…He, that solid expression with that
Secretive smile, white shirt…Eyes that
Stared like lasers…Ceres, charming in
Her red dress, long flowing honey-golden
Hair…and a smile that challenged quietly…

“This is simply what is,” he said with
An almost cold stern voice, “An address…
Do not panic now…Bill, just write it.
Write as you have, do not hesitate. This
Is for the eyes and ears that have
Followed these words…For those that have
The sense…the instinct…I apologize, but
For the others it is too late. If the new
Wish to understand…then let them return
To the Bell Tolls for instruction…But
Primarily this is for those that already
Know…Greetings to you…For this is
What we offer now.”

Ceres simply rolled her eyes. “Do not
Expect me to apologize, I will simply
Say what I wish.”

“Ah yes,” Varence laughed, “That is new.”

“Just get on with it.” Ceres told
Him. “We’ve discussed it enough.”

Rana held the moment, there was a
Pause as they eyed each other…some silent
Communication, then turned to me. “There
Is someone we would like you to meet before
Any further writings would continue. And
Even that we…cannot assure you how
Long it will continue…Recent events have
Led us to this decision…Please come forth
Before him now.” She said again to someone
Out of view.

And then, a tall beautiful woman with the
Darkest red hair I have ever seen emerged
Wearing a light blue metallic uniform-like
Dress, form-fitting…very formal looking. But
That face…those eyes that shined so bright
Like glass roses that changed color in the
Light…Eyes of the rainbow bridge through time…
I’ve seen her before…She smiled kindly
As though it were a long lost meeting,
Re-greeting. “Hello.” She said in a melodic
Tone…I knew that voice! That hair!

“This is our sister, Chantala,” Rana
Explained… “She works with the
Administry of Science…Ambassador
With contacts to the outside council of
Worlds…She manages great aspects of…
The Paradigm of 9 Worlds…”

Chantala nodded, “Yes, that’s me.”

“Very few have met her directly.” Rana
Explained. “Even fewer know of her
Existence…or our existence, with regards
To the Watchers I mean.”

“Our existence must be conducted with
Great care,” Chantala told me kindly,
Stepping closer; she was very calmly
Mannered… “The procedure for this…
There is nothing to compare it to. Even
To explain it to you now…What this is…
Is nearly impossible to grasp.”

“Make no allowances for excuses.” Rana
Ordered. “Just tell him how it is…
No apologies…If you feel it has to be
Said, simply say it…Time is precious now.”

“The 9th sister.” I said. “I understand.
You’ve been here all along…Watching
The Watchers.”

Chantala smiled. “Exactly…It’s a
Matter of management…But not so much
With regards to rules of the Watchers, but
More so with…the secret project involving
The purpose of Watchers on specific
Worlds…9 worlds…That selected and
Gathered chosen candidates from those
Worlds for the Program…”

“The Great Hall.” Rana stated.

“144 from each planet,” Chantala said,
“Each with the same…requirements

“They had to be selected carefully.”
Varence added.

“That’s enough of that.” Rana instructed.
“Proceed with the address.”

“Allow me the opportunity for a kind
Greeting. Please Rana.” Chantala told her.
“This is my first introduction…This way…
After all.”

“Fine.” Rana sighed. “But please do it quickly,
We have only so much time afforded to
Communicate right now…as the windows are
Narrower now.”

Chantala resumed her focus upon me, the
Notebook… “Forgive me…But time must be
Granted certain allowances…At present, they
Either understand or they do not…Believe
Me when I say…that I wish it could have
Been different in so many ways…But you
Must understand…We did not write the
Rules of cause and effect…If at all, Watchers
Are meant to study this…To process, record,
What happens…not control it. It’s a bold
Risk to reach out at all…through dreams…
Through whispered inspiration…”

“Tell them to question coincidences.” Ceres
Insisted. “Do they exist? Do they align?”

“I’ve stressed the importance of timing.”
Varence said.

“For ages we have reached out through the
Best ways we calculated possible.” Chantala
Explained so kindly…she had such a sweet
Way about her…it was then I understood…
I may have met, seen her sister Kierista
First…but Chantala in fact was foremost
Behind it all. “It’s a difficult process…
Before anyone starts questioning our
Motives…but we do what we can…When
We see an opportunity…We embrace it. It
Does not always work. In fact many, many
Of our attempts have failed completely…
It’s very difficult when dealing with the
Mind, particularly evolving minds…
The psyche is a complex delicate
Part of the mind and soul…Many
Fall to the vast temptations of its
Creative imagination rather than reason…
To reach through it with a message
Clearly…is so preciously rare and successful…
It’s a risk.”

“What she’s talking about is those fools
Who see more than what’s there.” Ceres
Said sarcastically.

“Those who imagine more than it is, she
Means.” Varence corrected.

“It’s complex.” Chantala responded. “Please
Simply know this. In the past we have
Reached out with stories…To many
Artists…creatively…Yes, at times it was
Exercised…with liberal facts to embrace
Or rather entice interest…but the truth
Was ALWAYS there.”

“Unfortunately too many reach for
These things with so much enthusiasm,”
Varence added, “That it becomes a mess
Of fantasy and fact…creating countless
Scenarios that only fuel egos instead of
Simple truth.”

“Which is why we prefer calmer individuals,”
Chantala said, “Rather than those who
Are too angry or too eager…because they
Simply over-analyze…and they tend to
Ruin our intent.”

“There is a fine line between too many
Questions and simply being a fool.” Ceres
Laughed. “Which is why we keep telling
You…Those who are meant to understand
Simply will…while others will dismiss it
As nonsense…and instead pursue something
That feeds their ego rather than fact.”

“Proceed please.” Rana rolled her eyes.

“Where we are now…” Chantala tried
To explain, “Is a more delicate point.”

Just then…A man stepped forward into
The light…Very tall, about 6 foot 7 inches…
With long blond hair to his waist…Powerfully
Built with broad shoulders, the man appeared
Like a Titan…in a light blue metallic
Form fitting uniform…He had this perfect
Ageless handsome look of wisdom…
But his expression was intensely

Chantala turned to introduce him… “This,
Is our eldest brother, Brishan…He has
The highest seat of humans in the Senate
On our world…He has come to see you, meet
You…And this…is his address.”

Brishan made this awkward smirk as he
Looked about their faces, he appeared reluctant
To be there, unimpressed…He met my eyes
Slowly but firmly. “You,” he pointed, nodded
To the notebook, “This has been their…
Doing…All this time?”

“Do not question him,” Rana directed, “This
Is not an interview…You said you had
Something to say…so say it.”

Brishan eyed her, the powerful personalities
These siblings had was unlike anything
I’d seen… “Words in time…stories.” He
Laughed. “The state of things elsewhere
And the reason of one world finds its plea
Like this?”

“Are you going to tell him or not?” Rana

“These…people, these powers of this world,”
Brishan said, “After everything their game
Persists no matter how it affects others?
There are hundreds of worlds out there…
Countless billions of lives…” He shook his

“He means to say that time is more precious
Now.” Chantala explained. “The Earth was
Supposed to have used the technology given
To fix things…not maintain its corrupt ways,
Not reach into space with a fist…”

“They have explained to you the nature of
The Quantum Singularity?” Brishan asked, I
Nodded… “The manner in which life exists?
The harmonic balance of time, light and
Sound? All worlds ventures with these
Matters of science…Atomic power, weapons,
Studies…research and experiments of all
Forms in the physical universe…
It is the birthright of each world to
Pursue its individual place and understanding…
To make discoveries…But ultimately the facts
Remain the same…in the physical world, the
Same laws apply to each world…There are
No exemptions…There are only egotistic
Attempts to implement one power over another…
But when they violate, continuously violate
The simple basic respect for these laws
Again and again…Then we have a problem.”

“Clues have been given.” Varence attested.
“Examples have been made.”

“And yet still,” Brishan went on, “The
Antics continue…Allow me to point this
Out…” He lowered his brow very
Seriously. “They can. They say…simply
Push a button and end things…that fast…
Such an impressive technology…copied, stolen,
Bartered from outside sources…Tell them
To consider how other worlds manage this…
How they would view a solitary…threat…
Yielding science as a weapon? That would be
Very much like…a new student appearing
To know more than the teacher in their
First year…How would the teacher respond to this?”

“Most likely with a harsh lesson of example.”
Chantala added.

Brishan nodded. “Yes, most likely with a
Very swift, harsh example…When too many
Singularities occur at one place in time,
The potentials become seriously dangerous.
They have warned how this could tear
Apart a universe? We cannot allow that…
Now I, we…are patient of course…This
Storytelling is a gamble…But…we believe
It has the chance to succeed…If they
Would only desist from trying to control
Everything…So allow me then to say
It this way…If they continue on
This course…Then WE…will push a button…
Imagine then what that could do?”

“There are no hiding places,” Rana said then,
“Remember, the Watchers know how
They play their games.”

“They need to let this continue,” Brishan
Said, referring to the notebook. “They need
To let it flow to the people. They need to
Have respect for things…”

“All worlds have the right to EXIST.” Chantala
Said calmly, sadly. “Allow me to ask this…
If the dabblings of one world threatened
Others…What would you do? We do not wish
To harm anyone…If anything at all we wish
To help as many as possible…And that is
Not an easy thing to do…”

“I would prefer to see what the
Earth can do.” Varence added.

“Please,” Ceres laughed, “with their hormones?
The animals should inherit the Earth.”

“But you must see,” Varence said to her,
“That with this threat…even the
Animals would suffer…”

“I understand that,” Ceres informed him, “I
Was merely painting a general opinion…
Or rather suggesting.”

“You suggest?” Varence laughed. “Do miracles
Take such brave new challenges…My dear,
When you speak miracles do happen.”

“Enough,” Rana said, quickly
With absolute authority. “Please
Stick to the words we discussed that
Is all.”

“I struggle to see the goal here.” Brishan
Replied. “You clearly have an objective
Here…I have stated my words here…
If they continue on this path…so will we.
There are no negotiations. Point made.”

“And what will this accomplish at
This point in time?” Ceres asked…They
Had obviously debated this for some time.

“What point would you make then?” Brishan
Asked his sister. “I was under the
Impression you had little interest in this
At all…other than the animals of this

“Exactly.” Ceres agreed… “They have pushed
Far enough…And nature is now responding
With a stronger voice…The weather…The
Animals…And it will continue.” She took
A step closer staring at the notebook. I
Swear it often appeared that they were
Speaking to and with the pen and paper
More than anything. “Say it this way
Then…Has their world not been witnessing
Things unlike they have ever seen before?
I say let this continue until it drives
Them mad…until they get the point…
Nature will not tolerate such abuse any
Longer…The age of abuse is over…If
They wish to hunt…then let them be
Hunted…If they wish to play games…
Then let they themselves be played with.”

“It is a time of truth.” Varence refined
Her words.

“Let their powers tell the world what is
Really out there.” Rana agreed. “Make
Them speak…But more clearly make it
Known…That power or wealth has
Absolutely no relevance in who will be spared.”

“If anything,” Ceres laughed, “Let the powers
In their seats find the greatest torment
Upon themselves…Let them feel small
And toyed with…”

“And you would have nature send this message?”

Ceres nodded. “If the whales are hunted…
Let them do the hunting…If science
Holds dominion over the weather…Then
Let the weather continue to surprise them
So that science sees its blindness…
The animals they say are but beasts? They
Cannot think or feel? Then let them
See and feel what the creatures are capable
Of over such alleged superiority…A rodent…
The tiniest insect…what could it do?
It’s a blue planet…with seas full of life…
To play with or respect?”

“You have already set those wheels in
Motion.” Rana confessed. “The great geniuses
Of Earth still would rather make excuses so
That they could only find more time to
Play with themselves.”

“And I still say it is the only way.” Ceres
Said. “Let nature teach them the lessons
They need to learn.”

“So then, please…Make your point here so that
We can move on.” Rana said. “There are
Still stories to be told. Say what it is you
Feel is most important so that we can
Move on.”

There was a brief pause as they eyed each
Other, then me.

Chantala then took the lead by holding
Up her hand, urging them to listen. “Allow
Me…” she said kindly, calmly. “I realize
This sounds strange right now…But the
Point we are trying to convey here is that
There is a much larger picture here…
Large scale…The universe…Many worlds
Are involved, and the point is that all
Are aware of it…We only wish you to
Know how many are involved. That each
Affects one another. That no one is
Trying to assert suffering to Earth…
In fact we are only trying to gain
Attention…That there are others, greater
Powers…That other worlds are suffering
As well…Each with its own issues. To
Simply say one is more important than
All others is ridiculous. Many are trying
To understand what is going on with
Their worlds…And still many turn a
Blind eye to it.”

“No one wants to see them get hurt.”
Varence said assisting her explanation. “The
Intent has always been to encourage people
To come together…To break the silence…
Not to build Gods or Gurus…But for them
To simply be more true to themselves and
Discover the miracles in coming together
As not just as a global community but a
Universal one.”

“There are no small voices,” Chantala
Continued, “only small minds.” She
Took a breath before going on. “When we
Were forced to confront the Darkness
Consuming worlds, consuming and corrupting
The universe, and thus threatening other
Universes…We had to do something…But
Confronting with a hostile force is no small task.

How does one fight darkness? With light?
Such symbolism is easier imagined than
Done…And so many of our operatives
Reached out to those they could through
Their imaginations…Unfortunately it ran
Rampant and the concepts of fantasy became
Absurd instead of inspirational.”

She looked more softly at me. “Do you
Remember when you were brought to the
Great Hall?” She asked me. “When you
Were struck by this…for years…And
Then you were asked to share these
Stories? Why? Because as I said then…
And it was conveyed through the Light
Sacramentum orientation to the chosen
Audience…The mind’s way of coping
With disturbances of all forms with the
Psyche, the imagination…Not by concocting
Things that do not exist, but instead by
Explaining it in ways he mind, the spirit
Can cope with. The problem is most
Retreat too much into their imaginations
And get lost with their fantasies instead
Of using them to fix the problem. That
Was my intent in explaining it to
You in the garden…Remember? That
Nothing is imagined…That yes, somehow,
Some way these things in your imagination
Do exist…people, places, things…”

“And it is important to know,” Varence
Said very firmly, “To understand, that
You also draw and attract these things to you.”

“The Darkness uses this as a form of
Manipulation to control people.” Chantala
Explained. “By making you believe
It is what you desire…For example,
The appeal of temptation and lust…
Of corrupt things…violence and greed…
Monsters and frightening imagery…
Or the obsession with material pleasures…
The Dark Forces uses the powers of
People’s minds this way…brainwashing
Them to fantasize endlessly on themselves…
Feeding off of it…idolizing villains…
Creating idols to obsess over…fight over…
And the Dark Forces thrive this way…
That’s why so many are miserable…
Because they are constantly attracting
What they don’t want…”

“And because so many fall victim this
Way,” Varence said, “The few that don’t
Follow along with the herd suffer…
And either get culled out…or further
Abused because the power of the crowds’
Energy has attracted this dark mass
So much so that few can fight it.”

“In effect…” Chantala explained… “What
Has happened is…misled Faith has
Fueled and empowered the Beast…Fear
Has fed and created monsters…It is
No machine or computer…As I’ve told
You before…The power of the mind…is
Vast, immense…Your world will not see
This until 2056…That is when the greatest
Miracles will occur…I realize that sounds
Like a sad voice currently…But that’s only
Because too many can’t see…won’t
See…what power they have and
Surrender…And that’s an even more
Immense factor considering qualities of
The meta-human…All those emotions…
The intensity only heightens the psyche’s
Abilities…Thus, creating a superfuel
For the Beast.”

“But once your people grasp this
Reasoning fully,” Varence said, “You
Will then resolve this with an unstoppable
Force of Good, your own personal saviors…”

“Right now,” Chantala said, “There
Are but a few on the right path. We
Are simply trying to show you how to
Achieve this understanding through
These stories…We are not making things
Up. We are trying to assist you in
Telling them so that you process
The information in the proper order…
So that when we tell you something
Next…it is a revelation, not a mystery.”

“You have all the power you need,”
Varence went on, “You simply
Need to understand how it works…”

“They,” Chantala said softly, “Your
World, its powers, have been teaching
You the wrong way…The wrong things
So that it corrupts your power, so
That you surrender it…even when
You do not realize it…through needing
Something you do not…clinging to the
Wrong people…or clinging to anything
At all.”

“That is why this is a process.”
Varence insisted. “Too much too fast
Is ridiculous. We do not learn that way.
Why should you? Everything takes time.
A series of events, stories…it takes time.”

I felt so exhausted, but understood.
Chantala simply held her soft, kind expression.
“When we talk to you…How does it feel?
Does it feel wrong? Ask yourself that…
And when the time comes, and it will…
There will be a more profound
Interaction…with pleasant surprises.”
She smiled… “Something you’ve been
Waiting for…changes in the world and
Mind…Through discoveries and new roads,
New pathways and new friends that
Feel like long lost ones…Promises that
Were made will be kept…and people
Will find their answers…”

Chantala smiled… “Let me give you this…
With each visit in these posts there have
Been clues, have there not? If they don’t
See it, that’s fine…But for those that do…
The Stars will come out and shine…
The Earth will speak, as will the animals…
And it will appear as though every
Star in the sky is moving…
As though each star is alive…
Because they are.”

My artwork: Desire


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