Valiant: Thunder and Lightning…A Matter of Science…The Address…

*SONG* “Prospero’s Speech” by Loreena McKennit
There are moments in time
When things happen…The inevitable…
Some see it coming, some simply deny it…
Times of change…
Like the seasons…or the hours of the day…
Endlessly turning…the morning becomes noon…
The afternoon to twilight into night…
Such plain normal things…
Yet within these normal passings
Are relentless changing variables…
Some could easily call it normal…aging…
Nothing stays the same…our lives change…
History has certainly yielded enough
Craziness to call the present age…A mess…
Yet full of promise…

I have this friend who once had
This perpetual motto…
“Change is good…Times are changing…
Change is a good thing!”
He used to say this all the time, his motto,
I swear he should have put it on a T-shirt…
He had a haunting way about him…

There are no compromises anymore…
In fact we are on a precipice…

We are living in a time where we are seeing
Things that have never happened before…
And it is more important now than ever…
To keep our eyes open, our ears listening…
Our minds open…and to not be swayed
By distractions if we are to learn anything at all.

Hopefully no matter what comes…
There are now enough of those out there
In the world willing to listen…and to seek out
Their own path no matter what obstacles
There may be…
I don’t know where I’m going, where or how
It will end…All I want to know is…
When it happens…it will be a shock
To everyone…And hopefully I will have
Had enough time to make a difference…
But my greatest hope is that nothing awful
Happens at all…

The hazy golden light…
The familiar feeling of sitting in a chair.
Summoned…waiting…to write it down.

“These are the words that have to be
Said right now,” she said, emerging into
The light…The auburn hair, the shimmering
Mesmerizing glow of her hazel-like glowing
Eyes…Rana. “This is not a threat…Some
Will argue it…Take it as you will, as they
Will…call me names, I do not care.” Her
Expression was like stone…Something
Serious has been going on? She turned
Towards them who stood outside of my
Field of vision. “Proceed.” She instructed.

From the right, Varence and Ceres emerged
Together…He, that solid expression with that
Secretive smile, white shirt…Eyes that
Stared like lasers…Ceres, charming in
Her red dress, long flowing honey-golden
Hair…and a smile that challenged quietly…

“This is simply what is,” he said with
An almost cold stern voice, “An address…
Do not panic now…Bill, just write it.
Write as you have, do not hesitate. This
Is for the eyes and ears that have
Followed these words…For those that have
The sense…the instinct…I apologize, but
For the others it is too late. If the new
Wish to understand…then let them return
To the Bell Tolls for instruction…But
Primarily this is for those that already
Know…Greetings to you…For this is
What we offer now.”

Ceres simply rolled her eyes. “Do not
Expect me to apologize, I will simply
Say what I wish.”

“Ah yes,” Varence laughed, “That is new.”

“Just get on with it.” Ceres told
Him. “We’ve discussed it enough.”

Rana held the moment, there was a
Pause as they eyed each other…some silent
Communication, then turned to me. “There
Is someone we would like you to meet before
Any further writings would continue. And
Even that we…cannot assure you how
Long it will continue…Recent events have
Led us to this decision…Please come forth
Before him now.” She said again to someone
Out of view.

And then, a tall beautiful woman with the
Darkest red hair I have ever seen emerged
Wearing a light blue metallic uniform-like
Dress, form-fitting…very formal looking. But
That face…those eyes that shined so bright
Like glass roses that changed color in the
Light…Eyes of the rainbow bridge through time…
I’ve seen her before…She smiled kindly
As though it were a long lost meeting,
Re-greeting. “Hello.” She said in a melodic
Tone…I knew that voice! That hair!

“This is our sister, Chantala,” Rana
Explained… “She works with the
Administry of Science…Ambassador
With contacts to the outside council of
Worlds…She manages great aspects of…
The Paradigm of 9 Worlds…”

Chantala nodded, “Yes, that’s me.”

“Very few have met her directly.” Rana
Explained. “Even fewer know of her
Existence…or our existence, with regards
To the Watchers I mean.”

“Our existence must be conducted with
Great care,” Chantala told me kindly,
Stepping closer; she was very calmly
Mannered… “The procedure for this…
There is nothing to compare it to. Even
To explain it to you now…What this is…
Is nearly impossible to grasp.”

“Make no allowances for excuses.” Rana
Ordered. “Just tell him how it is…
No apologies…If you feel it has to be
Said, simply say it…Time is precious now.”

“The 9th sister.” I said. “I understand.
You’ve been here all along…Watching
The Watchers.”

Chantala smiled. “Exactly…It’s a
Matter of management…But not so much
With regards to rules of the Watchers, but
More so with…the secret project involving
The purpose of Watchers on specific
Worlds…9 worlds…That selected and
Gathered chosen candidates from those
Worlds for the Program…”

“The Great Hall.” Rana stated.

“144 from each planet,” Chantala said,
“Each with the same…requirements

“They had to be selected carefully.”
Varence added.

“That’s enough of that.” Rana instructed.
“Proceed with the address.”

“Allow me the opportunity for a kind
Greeting. Please Rana.” Chantala told her.
“This is my first introduction…This way…
After all.”

“Fine.” Rana sighed. “But please do it quickly,
We have only so much time afforded to
Communicate right now…as the windows are
Narrower now.”

Chantala resumed her focus upon me, the
Notebook… “Forgive me…But time must be
Granted certain allowances…At present, they
Either understand or they do not…Believe
Me when I say…that I wish it could have
Been different in so many ways…But you
Must understand…We did not write the
Rules of cause and effect…If at all, Watchers
Are meant to study this…To process, record,
What happens…not control it. It’s a bold
Risk to reach out at all…through dreams…
Through whispered inspiration…”

“Tell them to question coincidences.” Ceres
Insisted. “Do they exist? Do they align?”

“I’ve stressed the importance of timing.”
Varence said.

“For ages we have reached out through the
Best ways we calculated possible.” Chantala
Explained so kindly…she had such a sweet
Way about her…it was then I understood…
I may have met, seen her sister Kierista
First…but Chantala in fact was foremost
Behind it all. “It’s a difficult process…
Before anyone starts questioning our
Motives…but we do what we can…When
We see an opportunity…We embrace it. It
Does not always work. In fact many, many
Of our attempts have failed completely…
It’s very difficult when dealing with the
Mind, particularly evolving minds…
The psyche is a complex delicate
Part of the mind and soul…Many
Fall to the vast temptations of its
Creative imagination rather than reason…
To reach through it with a message
Clearly…is so preciously rare and successful…
It’s a risk.”

“What she’s talking about is those fools
Who see more than what’s there.” Ceres
Said sarcastically.

“Those who imagine more than it is, she
Means.” Varence corrected.

“It’s complex.” Chantala responded. “Please
Simply know this. In the past we have
Reached out with stories…To many
Artists…creatively…Yes, at times it was
Exercised…with liberal facts to embrace
Or rather entice interest…but the truth
Was ALWAYS there.”

“Unfortunately too many reach for
These things with so much enthusiasm,”
Varence added, “That it becomes a mess
Of fantasy and fact…creating countless
Scenarios that only fuel egos instead of
Simple truth.”

“Which is why we prefer calmer individuals,”
Chantala said, “Rather than those who
Are too angry or too eager…because they
Simply over-analyze…and they tend to
Ruin our intent.”

“There is a fine line between too many
Questions and simply being a fool.” Ceres
Laughed. “Which is why we keep telling
You…Those who are meant to understand
Simply will…while others will dismiss it
As nonsense…and instead pursue something
That feeds their ego rather than fact.”

“Proceed please.” Rana rolled her eyes.

“Where we are now…” Chantala tried
To explain, “Is a more delicate point.”

Just then…A man stepped forward into
The light…Very tall, about 6 foot 7 inches…
With long blond hair to his waist…Powerfully
Built with broad shoulders, the man appeared
Like a Titan…in a light blue metallic
Form fitting uniform…He had this perfect
Ageless handsome look of wisdom…
But his expression was intensely

Chantala turned to introduce him… “This,
Is our eldest brother, Brishan…He has
The highest seat of humans in the Senate
On our world…He has come to see you, meet
You…And this…is his address.”

Brishan made this awkward smirk as he
Looked about their faces, he appeared reluctant
To be there, unimpressed…He met my eyes
Slowly but firmly. “You,” he pointed, nodded
To the notebook, “This has been their…
Doing…All this time?”

“Do not question him,” Rana directed, “This
Is not an interview…You said you had
Something to say…so say it.”

Brishan eyed her, the powerful personalities
These siblings had was unlike anything
I’d seen… “Words in time…stories.” He
Laughed. “The state of things elsewhere
And the reason of one world finds its plea
Like this?”

“Are you going to tell him or not?” Rana

“These…people, these powers of this world,”
Brishan said, “After everything their game
Persists no matter how it affects others?
There are hundreds of worlds out there…
Countless billions of lives…” He shook his

“He means to say that time is more precious
Now.” Chantala explained. “The Earth was
Supposed to have used the technology given
To fix things…not maintain its corrupt ways,
Not reach into space with a fist…”

“They have explained to you the nature of
The Quantum Singularity?” Brishan asked, I
Nodded… “The manner in which life exists?
The harmonic balance of time, light and
Sound? All worlds ventures with these
Matters of science…Atomic power, weapons,
Studies…research and experiments of all
Forms in the physical universe…
It is the birthright of each world to
Pursue its individual place and understanding…
To make discoveries…But ultimately the facts
Remain the same…in the physical world, the
Same laws apply to each world…There are
No exemptions…There are only egotistic
Attempts to implement one power over another…
But when they violate, continuously violate
The simple basic respect for these laws
Again and again…Then we have a problem.”

“Clues have been given.” Varence attested.
“Examples have been made.”

“And yet still,” Brishan went on, “The
Antics continue…Allow me to point this
Out…” He lowered his brow very
Seriously. “They can. They say…simply
Push a button and end things…that fast…
Such an impressive technology…copied, stolen,
Bartered from outside sources…Tell them
To consider how other worlds manage this…
How they would view a solitary…threat…
Yielding science as a weapon? That would be
Very much like…a new student appearing
To know more than the teacher in their
First year…How would the teacher respond to this?”

“Most likely with a harsh lesson of example.”
Chantala added.

Brishan nodded. “Yes, most likely with a
Very swift, harsh example…When too many
Singularities occur at one place in time,
The potentials become seriously dangerous.
They have warned how this could tear
Apart a universe? We cannot allow that…
Now I, we…are patient of course…This
Storytelling is a gamble…But…we believe
It has the chance to succeed…If they
Would only desist from trying to control
Everything…So allow me then to say
It this way…If they continue on
This course…Then WE…will push a button…
Imagine then what that could do?”

“There are no hiding places,” Rana said then,
“Remember, the Watchers know how
They play their games.”

“They need to let this continue,” Brishan
Said, referring to the notebook. “They need
To let it flow to the people. They need to
Have respect for things…”

“All worlds have the right to EXIST.” Chantala
Said calmly, sadly. “Allow me to ask this…
If the dabblings of one world threatened
Others…What would you do? We do not wish
To harm anyone…If anything at all we wish
To help as many as possible…And that is
Not an easy thing to do…”

“I would prefer to see what the
Earth can do.” Varence added.

“Please,” Ceres laughed, “with their hormones?
The animals should inherit the Earth.”

“But you must see,” Varence said to her,
“That with this threat…even the
Animals would suffer…”

“I understand that,” Ceres informed him, “I
Was merely painting a general opinion…
Or rather suggesting.”

“You suggest?” Varence laughed. “Do miracles
Take such brave new challenges…My dear,
When you speak miracles do happen.”

“Enough,” Rana said, quickly
With absolute authority. “Please
Stick to the words we discussed that
Is all.”

“I struggle to see the goal here.” Brishan
Replied. “You clearly have an objective
Here…I have stated my words here…
If they continue on this path…so will we.
There are no negotiations. Point made.”

“And what will this accomplish at
This point in time?” Ceres asked…They
Had obviously debated this for some time.

“What point would you make then?” Brishan
Asked his sister. “I was under the
Impression you had little interest in this
At all…other than the animals of this

“Exactly.” Ceres agreed… “They have pushed
Far enough…And nature is now responding
With a stronger voice…The weather…The
Animals…And it will continue.” She took
A step closer staring at the notebook. I
Swear it often appeared that they were
Speaking to and with the pen and paper
More than anything. “Say it this way
Then…Has their world not been witnessing
Things unlike they have ever seen before?
I say let this continue until it drives
Them mad…until they get the point…
Nature will not tolerate such abuse any
Longer…The age of abuse is over…If
They wish to hunt…then let them be
Hunted…If they wish to play games…
Then let they themselves be played with.”

“It is a time of truth.” Varence refined
Her words.

“Let their powers tell the world what is
Really out there.” Rana agreed. “Make
Them speak…But more clearly make it
Known…That power or wealth has
Absolutely no relevance in who will be spared.”

“If anything,” Ceres laughed, “Let the powers
In their seats find the greatest torment
Upon themselves…Let them feel small
And toyed with…”

“And you would have nature send this message?”

Ceres nodded. “If the whales are hunted…
Let them do the hunting…If science
Holds dominion over the weather…Then
Let the weather continue to surprise them
So that science sees its blindness…
The animals they say are but beasts? They
Cannot think or feel? Then let them
See and feel what the creatures are capable
Of over such alleged superiority…A rodent…
The tiniest insect…what could it do?
It’s a blue planet…with seas full of life…
To play with or respect?”

“You have already set those wheels in
Motion.” Rana confessed. “The great geniuses
Of Earth still would rather make excuses so
That they could only find more time to
Play with themselves.”

“And I still say it is the only way.” Ceres
Said. “Let nature teach them the lessons
They need to learn.”

“So then, please…Make your point here so that
We can move on.” Rana said. “There are
Still stories to be told. Say what it is you
Feel is most important so that we can
Move on.”

There was a brief pause as they eyed each
Other, then me.

Chantala then took the lead by holding
Up her hand, urging them to listen. “Allow
Me…” she said kindly, calmly. “I realize
This sounds strange right now…But the
Point we are trying to convey here is that
There is a much larger picture here…
Large scale…The universe…Many worlds
Are involved, and the point is that all
Are aware of it…We only wish you to
Know how many are involved. That each
Affects one another. That no one is
Trying to assert suffering to Earth…
In fact we are only trying to gain
Attention…That there are others, greater
Powers…That other worlds are suffering
As well…Each with its own issues. To
Simply say one is more important than
All others is ridiculous. Many are trying
To understand what is going on with
Their worlds…And still many turn a
Blind eye to it.”

“No one wants to see them get hurt.”
Varence said assisting her explanation. “The
Intent has always been to encourage people
To come together…To break the silence…
Not to build Gods or Gurus…But for them
To simply be more true to themselves and
Discover the miracles in coming together
As not just as a global community but a
Universal one.”

“There are no small voices,” Chantala
Continued, “only small minds.” She
Took a breath before going on. “When we
Were forced to confront the Darkness
Consuming worlds, consuming and corrupting
The universe, and thus threatening other
Universes…We had to do something…But
Confronting with a hostile force is no small task.

How does one fight darkness? With light?
Such symbolism is easier imagined than
Done…And so many of our operatives
Reached out to those they could through
Their imaginations…Unfortunately it ran
Rampant and the concepts of fantasy became
Absurd instead of inspirational.”

She looked more softly at me. “Do you
Remember when you were brought to the
Great Hall?” She asked me. “When you
Were struck by this…for years…And
Then you were asked to share these
Stories? Why? Because as I said then…
And it was conveyed through the Light
Sacramentum orientation to the chosen
Audience…The mind’s way of coping
With disturbances of all forms with the
Psyche, the imagination…Not by concocting
Things that do not exist, but instead by
Explaining it in ways he mind, the spirit
Can cope with. The problem is most
Retreat too much into their imaginations
And get lost with their fantasies instead
Of using them to fix the problem. That
Was my intent in explaining it to
You in the garden…Remember? That
Nothing is imagined…That yes, somehow,
Some way these things in your imagination
Do exist…people, places, things…”

“And it is important to know,” Varence
Said very firmly, “To understand, that
You also draw and attract these things to you.”

“The Darkness uses this as a form of
Manipulation to control people.” Chantala
Explained. “By making you believe
It is what you desire…For example,
The appeal of temptation and lust…
Of corrupt things…violence and greed…
Monsters and frightening imagery…
Or the obsession with material pleasures…
The Dark Forces uses the powers of
People’s minds this way…brainwashing
Them to fantasize endlessly on themselves…
Feeding off of it…idolizing villains…
Creating idols to obsess over…fight over…
And the Dark Forces thrive this way…
That’s why so many are miserable…
Because they are constantly attracting
What they don’t want…”

“And because so many fall victim this
Way,” Varence said, “The few that don’t
Follow along with the herd suffer…
And either get culled out…or further
Abused because the power of the crowds’
Energy has attracted this dark mass
So much so that few can fight it.”

“In effect…” Chantala explained… “What
Has happened is…misled Faith has
Fueled and empowered the Beast…Fear
Has fed and created monsters…It is
No machine or computer…As I’ve told
You before…The power of the mind…is
Vast, immense…Your world will not see
This until 2056…That is when the greatest
Miracles will occur…I realize that sounds
Like a sad voice currently…But that’s only
Because too many can’t see…won’t
See…what power they have and
Surrender…And that’s an even more
Immense factor considering qualities of
The meta-human…All those emotions…
The intensity only heightens the psyche’s
Abilities…Thus, creating a superfuel
For the Beast.”

“But once your people grasp this
Reasoning fully,” Varence said, “You
Will then resolve this with an unstoppable
Force of Good, your own personal saviors…”

“Right now,” Chantala said, “There
Are but a few on the right path. We
Are simply trying to show you how to
Achieve this understanding through
These stories…We are not making things
Up. We are trying to assist you in
Telling them so that you process
The information in the proper order…
So that when we tell you something
Next…it is a revelation, not a mystery.”

“You have all the power you need,”
Varence went on, “You simply
Need to understand how it works…”

“They,” Chantala said softly, “Your
World, its powers, have been teaching
You the wrong way…The wrong things
So that it corrupts your power, so
That you surrender it…even when
You do not realize it…through needing
Something you do not…clinging to the
Wrong people…or clinging to anything
At all.”

“That is why this is a process.”
Varence insisted. “Too much too fast
Is ridiculous. We do not learn that way.
Why should you? Everything takes time.
A series of events, stories…it takes time.”

I felt so exhausted, but understood.
Chantala simply held her soft, kind expression.
“When we talk to you…How does it feel?
Does it feel wrong? Ask yourself that…
And when the time comes, and it will…
There will be a more profound
Interaction…with pleasant surprises.”
She smiled… “Something you’ve been
Waiting for…changes in the world and
Mind…Through discoveries and new roads,
New pathways and new friends that
Feel like long lost ones…Promises that
Were made will be kept…and people
Will find their answers…”

Chantala smiled… “Let me give you this…
With each visit in these posts there have
Been clues, have there not? If they don’t
See it, that’s fine…But for those that do…
The Stars will come out and shine…
The Earth will speak, as will the animals…
And it will appear as though every
Star in the sky is moving…
As though each star is alive…
Because they are.”

My artwork: Desire




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    My altar cards today…ALL in the suite of SWORDs and in this exact order they were drawn..4 …3…2…1…FINAL OUTCOME THE KNIGHT of WANDs…a man riding out on a horse from the land of EGYPT with THREE pyramids behind him! HOLY SHIFT!

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  3. Hi everyone, I found this little gem of japanese anime. It’s called The Little Norse Prince, though that is the title given to it when released in the United States. The original name is The Great Adventure of Horus, Prince of the Sun… yeah, very cool. It is an oldie but goodie, as you say.

    This is the trailer:

    I’m not posting much lately, but I read you all and that fills my heart from the bottom to the top.

    • Little Norse Prince VALIANT???

      WOW great find Nando! I hope Lida sees this. It’s like someone has been reading the Valiant posts and badly translated them. And then traveled back in time and made a Japanese anime out of it.

      Or maybe Bill is just a big Anime fan!!!!

      Ha, now before we get out the torches and pitchforks, I have been seeing “other” weird synchronicity just like this all over the web… and in other places.

      For example: there’s a segment on the radio about adolf hitler. Then on TV there is a segment on Adolph Hitler. Then on the web in 10 different random places… articles on Adolph Hitler. And someone brings up you know who in social conversation…

      Matrix collapse in… 5… 4… 3… 2…

      • i heard once an crazy idea on a podcast that some events or happenings might have some ripple effects thru time maybe forward and backwards… for example the person mentioned could have 9/11 have rippled so far back with the trauma and being in need that the rescue call became 911…

        im not saying that this person is right or wrong… but well i dont know since we heard so much lately about timelines collapsing and so on…

        just a thought here hehe ^^

        i think it was clif high or another guest he was on with…

        • I’ve heard that too Stefman. It’s as if some events were so powerful, or release such a big amount of energy, that they affect not only the present and future, but also the past. At the same time, all the energy involved in that event makes it harder to change/avoid that event… it’s too much energy and it’s pulling us very strongly, even from the future. I still wouldn’t say certain events, or some things, are unavoidable. Harder to stop or neutralize perhaps, but not unavoidable.

          • well but remember its a two way street… positive events can or should also ripple 😉
            imagine a whole planet is free one day… imagine that PARTY 😉

      • Yeah! Little Norse Prince Valiant!!! I don’t know why the past and the present seem intertwined like this. A friend once told me that looking a little bit into the past was to look a little bit into the future… I had never taken him very seriously because he was such a party animal, but I’ve come to realize he always gave the best advice, and with a honest smile also (very important)

  4. Good morning Tribe! Had to pull back for a bit…my Guardian Angel sent me a “gift” of GREEN..he,he…to help me sort it all out. Thanks “Patrick… 😉 he really is a guardian angel now…more than just a “GHOST” ;)… And Feilla, I suppose my last comment to your video was a “Freudian Slip” I meant to say “IT” not “I”…hmmm…I just remember thinking when she grabbed his sword I’d have cut his nose off…arrogant jerk! No memory of that particular encounter…at least not consciously…unless he was my “father”? That man never did keep his hands off me…sigh… Thanks for the link, Dave…and I’m also asking her… “Why???!” I know it was all part of the soul contract…I still didn’t like it! I told her when I saw her again I was going to slap her…she only giggled…OOOO! Then I told her “Fine…I’ll slap you with a wet noodle then!” She only giggled more..what’s up with the “wet noodle” thing? LOL! Tribe…if your interested in the messages I’m being given you can check out my facebook page…Lewiston, Maine…You don’t have to send me friends requests or anything…what I’m being given now is for all…If only they have eyes to see and ears to hear. On a lighter NOTE…

  5. Thank you, all the precious ones & Lida & Bill. I’m of course with you, dear Brianna, and super enchanting Robin, Mildalove, tathastu7, Marry, Starseed, Dreamwalker, Stefan, Dave, Nando, David, etc,..

    Strange senses in this period of time as things, even I myself seem to be becoming vaporizing. More difficult to ground, to concentrate, to get the outlines…

    Dear tathastu7, I’ve always been fascinated by Vedas. How honored I’m to be able to listen to your this super precious apprehension, particularly on sounds. In Taoist Internal Martial Arts or practice, as well as Buddhist, Chinese medical practices, chanting the specific tones which correspond to the very elements, organs, colors, moods, etc. also play a very important part. Pity that I’ve been out of this kind of practice for such a long time. Without your presentation and sharing, I cannot imagine when in my life I would be able to have chance to tap in this concerned knowledge of this Vedic essence.

    My dear ones, you all have such high writing ability, so capable of expressing some most delicate senses on your observation and your grasps of these beautiful literal art, philosophy, wisdom, etc. The ladies’ writings reflect some kind of delicate female beauty, whereas the the gentlemen are displaying some other kind of elegance and strength.

    For I’m so resonated with you, the very charms from you, your knowledge, your senses of all the subjects/treasures that have interested me, your super high writing ability, my very linguistic and mental obstacles can hence be rather overcome that it becomes less difficult for me to merge or tape my mind in this energy pool that you/we all create along each other here. Though there are the ones who are non English speakers, you just amazed me further more !!! How much I love all the links, pictures, videos, poems, news, topics etc that you have been sharing here, without saying your warm words, though I’ve to admit that I might still have missed some of them !!!

    Here, I would like to praise again for Brianna’s super wit, being my very way shower, pointing out what I could just have missed, neglected, helping me to know to put somethings pieces together.

    That city was in fact designed by this Taoist Monk of Quanzhen school…

    I just wonder why this thread seems to be so tied with MONKS….Someone(s) may have the answer?!

    My beloved ones,THANK YOU so much for all the very warmth, knowledge, comforts, assistance, even rescued that you have been so fervently given….

  6. Time to lighten up a bit 🙂
    This little story is a pamphlet. The author will not be held accountable for the sayings therein. This is for entertainment purposes 😉

    My Guardian Angel is a warrior angel, and since they are careful to assign us compatible angels, do not expect him to speak with Thy and Thou. He speaks like me. There is a mimetism that comes from interacting for a long time too. What I’m saying is we actually speak alike.

    Last evening, after posting my manifesto in STC, things felt kind of “lighter”, after a few quite intense days. I was listening to some nice music, and asked him if he wanted to go chill with buddies (or whatever). So he did, whilst I stayed and watched some old Stargate episodes.
    Went to bed, cats around, all clear.

    Around 4.44 am, Flap Flap, bang Clonk …
    CLONK ???
    I get up, and in the middle of the living-room floats a rather disheveled One. You have to know that, as a Warrior Angel, he really likes his props. He wears a helmet for google’s sakes. And carries a sword too. So CLONK.

    – YO princess !
    – Don’t call me that, you know I don’t like it
    – Yo, yo, YO, CLONK, bangle bangle (helmet went rolling over the floor)
    – Sariel, you’re drunk !! Trunk, bourre !!! You’re… really shit faced
    – Ass Rot !!!
    – Whaaat ?
    – Aaass Roooot !!!
    – You mean “that’s right”
    – Yoooo
    – Good Gawd, what did you have ?
    – Tequila, what d’ya think. Only Cherubs drink rhum and crap like that. Cocktails… HAH. We Warriors drink Tequila with the snake inside the bottle. Wink wink …
    Well, he was trying to wink, that didn’t go too well either .
    – Sariel, isn’t there an edict of sorts, about you guys not being allowed to do this kind of pranks ?
    – Yee … since Metatron did (hic) his big show off, kinda yeee.
    – Stop flapping around, you make me dizzy. Wings are just for show anyway

    At that point, he flapped around kind of midway between floor and ceiling (good thing there’s really high ceilings here). Singing … SINGING

    – When the Stars align so ra-aaare, there’s Maaagic in the Ai-air …
    – It’s planets in the song, when Planets align …
    – Sounds better like that….
    – Allright, going back to bed. Go float it out, I guess
    Which he did, singing at the top of his voice ….
    Xanaaadu, XANAADUU -UUUU …. The Dream… that came thru a Million Years …

    Well, he’s got good taste in music, hey  Now ? he’s ok, just puked a bit up in the Ethers. All good.

    • hehe sounds like u had a interesting night hahahaha

      thanks for the comment =)

      it otterly reminded me about this little stand up comedy part ^^

      strong language

    • Awe. Sum!!! (ho boy this brings back the army days… because what else is there to do on a base?)

      If it comes to it, I have it on good authority (from a friend of a friend of an archangel) that they do have AAA. That’s Alcoholics Anonymous for Angels. Yes, it’s a thing! It’s also what they tend to scream when they’re dragged through the door. “AAAAAAA!”

      😀 😀 😀

  7. “All truths are simple formulas. They sound simple when you read about them, attempt them. You know, “be thou still and know that I am God.” This is not so easy to do either. None of these things are easy to do. They sound so simple, but it is not easy to do. Because it is a struggle between the emotional pull of your five senses and the devotional pull of the intuition. The intuition, which is the Soul nature in you too, wants you to go in an unerring way and to experience divine law and the divine will of being in the right place, at the right time, for the right experience. But your emotional nature doesn’t want you to go that way. Your emotional nature wants you to establish the action by your ego and by your will, “I must do this. I got to to this. I want to do this.” and before you know it, you end up making a muddle of the whole thing. I only have one thought most of the time, “Divine Mother willing.””
    — Adano Ley (August 1968, Intuition 3, 1:35)


    FROZEN – Let It Go Sing-along



    “Each time when people got to the point when they were using energy in the wrong way and couldn’t control it, they had to be stopped. And every time, everything would be reset on this planet. The civilization would go back to the primitive stages and start all over again. That’s why they don’t want to have it happen this time. They don’t want to start over with the planet and begin life for humanity one more time.

    During a hypnotherapy session, a woman went back to Atlantis and was telling me the prime reason for Atlantis being destroyed. I was told that there were scientists at the time of Atlantis. There were others who were fooling around with what they called Dark Matter. I was told that this is the same thing scientists are doing now when they are fooling around with what we call Anti-Matter. They said we have to know this, because the scientists are doing the same thing now.

    The Large Hadron Collider experiment in Switzerland is the same thing. They are messing around with Anti-Matter. The scientists who are now fooling around with the Collider experiment don’t have any idea what they are really doing, and it’s very dangerous.

    If those experiments had continued at that time in Atlantis, it would have broken down the grid of the planet, causing an implosion of the Earth, and it would have reverberated to the point where it would have broken the grids down of the entire Universe. But they stopped it before it got to that point, but destruction took place.”

  9. It is good to see you all have your dander up….your ‘fighting spirit’, because of Brishan’s words. His address….
    When I first read this post and got the sense of Brishan’s ire…I thought “oh boy”, this will create a fire in many bellies. Yay!!!

    It also reminded me of The Day the Earth Stood Still…the older black & white version! And the final closing scene where Klatu gives HIS address to the scientists of the world who are willing to listen….not to the leaders of Earth who are too full of themselves and will not even be in the same room together. Today they do get together, but it is so much pomp and photo-ops it is phony! Nothing real is ever accomplished. They just ‘make nice’ for the camera and go on doing the same old, same old behind closed doors…so no one of the sheeple really sees.
    Guess what GUYS….illustrious leaders…we know…the Watchers know…they’ve always known. Previously they were under the rules of non-intervention. That no longer applies, and there is a new sheriff in charge….with a whole bunch of willing deputies. 😉

    In the movie, Klatu reads them the riot act…as Brishan just did. Telling the ‘leaders’ you reign is over and there is greater power than yours….because yours is not the only world involved. So of if your phony baloney act of getting along does not become REAL….the greater good will prevail.
    Tell YOUR controllers that….
    The Dark Side is about to go POOF from the flood of Light coming right at it!
    They know it…and are afraid and angry. Tough!!!

    All…Keep on doing all you are doing…all the little voices are becoming a huge ROAR.
    Heard around our little Blue World called Earth!!!

    Remember Bill did say before….there is a Happy Ending!!
    Keep the Faith!! Keep your Hope.

  10. Those are some happy seals!

    “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

    -Albert Einstein

  11. I’m with you, Brianna…Bill? Perhaps you would give the Star People a copy of THE ARCTURUS PROBE…Looks like they’ve been infected with the “MEMORY VIRUS”…Sounds like they’ve been “QUARANTINED”…eh??? I’m willing to bet THE LEAGUE OF TEN…Have forgotten their last defeat. I’m willing to bet that VARENCE…and the whole rest of the crew are not able to go home no matter how much they ask…the LEAGUE of TEN KNOW THAT THE CREW IS INFECTED! This planet isn’t like the others…SHE IS AN AEON…A CO-CREATOR WITH THE AEON CHRISTOS! I DO NOT want to take on those two! And while your at it…perhaps you would give them a copy of NOT IN HIS IMAGE. They won’t grant me audience? We’ll SEE about that! And I”M warning THEM…IT WON”T BE PRETTY!

    For the LEAGUE OF TEN… 1010…

    • Robin, this is more an answer to what you posted earlier. Concerns about volcanoes, quakes etc …

      There, and Etna (Sicily) just spewed again, one in Costa Rica, and 2 more in the Indonesia area. Then hail the size of tennis balls in Myanmar. And several other places. Like Texas.
      Where I live ? Earthquake prone too. Big ones.
      Telling people to “get out”, well… how ? HOW when they cannot afford it.
      This is why I’m going insurrection on this. Rebellion if you will.
      Because part of it is the creeps, ok, planet reacting. Ok. BUT … part of it is the result of BLUNDERS they made as well. Yes, blunders.

      So, yes, WE should be consulted, WE have a say in this.
      WE did not make those blunders.
      Human race is fooked up ? Yes. Very. Few of us are getting awake, lots are slumbering in this crazy topsy turvy planet. Correct.
      But, with all the DNA splicing, hormone alterations, et all, why put the whole blame on the human population, then ?
      Why ?
      I do take responsibility, as many of us do here. So… up there (or down under) please DO take responsibility as well. Don’t just come forth and talk about pushing buttons ! Wanna push it ? Do it !
      Do it.
      Another asteroid belt in this solar system. Who blew the other planet ?

      Can we stop this blame game now ?

      Yes, we have a timeline to set … right. And I think it’s high time we collaborate in a real way. Get down and dirty. Talk. You need to consult with minds that have the human experience. What it’s like to live on this planet every day. Attacks, shit, et all.
      Bill tells you a lot, but you cannot put all this on one person.

      You know what ? If it takes that, I’ll volunteer. Move me up where you are (single condition, my cats come along, and I would like to live in the garden part, not in “quarters”). I have zero attachments on this planet. Won’t be really missed. Done about all I could down here for the time being.
      And, as being in human body, I don’t come under the “do not go on the surface” rules. I can. Could.
      I think you might want to consider a few volunteers. I can’t be the only one with no family, no attachments. Ready to move.
      This is NOT about me. It’s about getting things moving. Better. More efficient.
      As little “damage” as can be. Someone(s) who can speak on behalf of the current humans. Not only advocating, but helping with… tactical stuff and logistics.
      Time to get practical.

      Consider this a declaration, affirmation, petition, whatever. But consider it.
      Anyone backing this ?
      Tribe ?

  12. This is in fact a very criticized film for its very meager story telling, I hence hesitated to share. However, for some reason, or for entertaining the ones, it might still be worth posting here….

    • WOW! Feilla…that was TOTALLY KICK ASS! Thanks! I may be poor story telling by your culture’s standards…but I was mesmerized! Please don’t hesitate to post as you feel led. ❤


  13. I don’t know if these have anything to do with each other…

    Today, seeing this from Suzanne Lie’s blog…

    source :

    It occurred to me this picture by our Big Sister, Leslee Hare
    Ariadnei, and Elven being and a daughter of Agnes via Leslee Hare
    source :

    But the “name,” Heruka

    source :

  14. Despite of my long silence, I’ve been thinking to “reveal” how much synchronicity which keeps occurring when reading these warm, comforting, soothing sharings. This synchronicity undoubtedly reflects, confirms the very intimacy….Just like that the very secrets merely kept between the most intimate families, yes, families !!!

    I don’t deny thd fact that I really feel too weak to take more all these kinds of attacks, manipulation, interference, etc in so many aspects in life. Here, I want to thank you all who would like spend time sharing here. Dear tathastu7 & Mary, how great to be able to see your joining in this garden. Mildalove, I’m sure I’m not the only one who have been waiting for your news, too.

    In contrast to my own this silence, you the super strong, loving and awesome ONES keep pouring the water here, looking after all the seeds, sprouts, plants, beings here have also been bringing me the very remedies, even much more than remedies. As always, the silent ones, I miss you all (particularly the ones I know you know…), too and want you take care anyhow !!! You know…I’m used to think of you the ones, the beauty you reflect, show, the warmth you give, thus I can feel less lonely and helpless / hopeless.

    Every time I get so speechless owing to some very mental obstacles. What can I say, what’s proper to say, what won’t cause more problems, if my senses are right, OK, worth being spoken of. That self-judgment almost strangled me. So dear tathastu7, your words just saved me from that ceaseless self-doubt and blame. I’ve consumed too much energy on that kind of self-abuse, regretting, blaming myself for having missed the necessary duties, works, good timing, even just screwed all up, all owing to my inefficiency, weakness, silliness, etc.

    My vocal chords just got so infected, along with the violent coughs, I cannot speak out a complete sentence for weeks. Something similar just happened about 8 years ago, even worse that I almost lose all my voice, and no medical treatment worked. All have to do with fear of messing the chances up! It’s owing to some kind of the very frame of 3D type, which blocks the hope even faith to welcome the better, even any positive outcomes. How much I know how the depression or suicidal thoughts could be generated. So I thank you for keep showing the very bright and warm life sparks on this path for that my awareness of my being just becomes different.

    All my life, though I’ve been surrounded by the psychic people, however, there are still few among them I can talk about the subjects discussed here that much. How much I know the solitude being that eccentric in the so-called sane or normal majority. So…I cannot thank you all, of course including Valiant and Lida here. I specifically have to express my highest appreciation to our Dreamwalker, for this chain positive effects are all brought by him.

    I’ve after all been so silent for weeks, but the board here shows that there are our communication does literally keep taking place even beyond the physical way (aka beyond words). We with the resonated, intimate ones, have been sharing our knowledge, thoughts, emotions all the times even in the circumstances that we don’t send out the mails.

    For example, that Zen-Buddhist trainings are somethings that I’ve thought to shared, talk with Dreamwalker, for that it’s the very CN school (on my home island) that I converted, initiated and benefited so much from. That video of Tarim Mummies was posted when I just had chance to reviewed some materials about ancient CN texts in which the nomads with red hair, blue/green eyes, straight and high nose, sunken eyes were also indicated, though so rarely collected in the official historical texts, rather in the Biographies of Eminent Monks. Just at the very moment, Stefan gave as well the links about the biological or medical report about read-hair people !!!

    Brianna, thank your for bringing me the courage or momentum to say the following words, too. As you, about two weeks ago, there are consecutive days when I kept dreaming being in water in the buildings. Owing to my linguistic limit, I’m incapable to describe it, particularly it really doesn’t make sense in 3D reality. Thanks to Brianna for saying what I’m incapable, even not only once !!!

    All my life, I had similar dreams for many times, which seem to generally come on some astronomical knots. “Water” just inundate the stairs, some rooms (even made room as a swimming pool). However, I didn’t feel abnormal in dreams, rather was aware that it’s special. Those buildings feel whether like a school or home.

    Sometimes, at the final episode of that series of dreams which occurred for days, it came to the scene of taking shower. Since I’m so used to experience this in dreams, how much I remember and appreciate that our Big Sister, Leslee once pointed that this reflects some kind of symbolic rite of transformation. I cannot be resonated more with this great interpretation !!!

    This week, I somehow miss sea so much…I guess, it’s not coincidence that the rains just came this week, almost every day. This is the very rain that I’m expecting, for the environment is so polluted by the chemtrails. I’m so mad for every time, when the very astronomical peaks come, you can see the chemtrails get spread more densely and frequently!!!

    Here, I anyhow shouldn’t skip over my super appreciation and gratitude to Robin and Dave for this series of super inspiring even shocking videos!!! These are all the very divine gifts/messages/remedies/recipes to me.

    My dear ones, what the super TREASURES you are to me !!!

    May you/we all have nice FULL MOON night dreams, even party in these dreams….

    source :

    • An immense HUG to you, Dragon sister ❤ So happy you managed to write, and as usual such wisdom filled words. You fill gaps in an amazing way.
      And THAT is the most beautiful yummy looking strawberry cake I've ever seen ! 🙂

  15. Symbol Meaning
    Seven candlesticks, seven spirits Perfection, the divine number
    Six Imperfection, the number for humanity
    Mark of the beast The unevolved animalistic force within humans
    Mark of the lamb The evolved divine force within humans
    666 The unevolved animalistic force affecting the triune nature of humans (body, mind, spirit)




  17. Happy Sunday morning Tribe 🙂
    Dave, if you read this, I will submit to you, our numbers wizard, this : in 2008-2009, for about 6 months I saw almost every evening the time 23.23 (europe uses 24 hours time).
    I do, as all of us, see a lot (a LOT) of daily time synchronicities , as 11.11, 09.09 (a lot) 14.14, 15.15, 19.19 …
    But this 23.23 thing was the first, and very… persistent. Curious if it means something to you ?

    Stefman, I’ll leave a video, for all of us if interested, but for you because he is from Germany. I watched Harald last summer, on his talks about A.I., black goo and other topics. When he could freely speak, there was a lot of cool things he said. Then he went off radar totally after last september. And suddenly he’s back.
    It’s subbed in English, but he speaks in German 🙂 What’s your feeling ?

    Prophecies : as we know, time had been tampered with by the creeps. Now I’m still pondering over the past week’s “whispers” I got about collapsing timeline and, especially, about “you can alter time”.
    Some things, events are meant to happen, and tampered timeline must be (is) repaired. But, I don’t think we get to be just passive watchers of this.
    I believe we have the power to make enough “alterations” to tone down major catastrophies. Water may rise, people will be displaced, but it doesn’t have to be huge tsunamis, huge damage. Same about volcanoes, quakes et all.
    I mentioned water because that was a recurring dream I’ve had for years. Planet covered in water, huge tsunamis.
    The last time I dreamt water (maybe a month or so ago) it came up, and it receded. We (a group of us) were in a building, we saw it happen, and saw it recede. Then we went outside, walked around, and nature was intact !
    Big difference from previous dreams. Intact. Green, cleansed, and intact.

    Remember the volcano dream I had a few months ago ? A group of us, volcano going off, lava… And we just walked sideways on that mountain and were safe. With the hilarious me yelling “don’t forget the toilet paper” 😀

    Here’s the vid, Stefman. Dunno why I feel to put it here, but instincts must be listened to (even if sometimes they feel ridiculous) 🙂

    • Here’s the vid, Stefman. Dunno why I feel to put it here, but instincts must be listened to (even if sometimes they feel ridiculous) THIS PORTION FROM YOUR POST IS KEY AS WELL AS THE REST. VERY DIFFICULT FOR ONE TO SHARE AND SHOWS GREAT COURAGE TO DO SO. THANKS BRIANNA


    • yeah the 24 hour clock has funny ways to mess with us ^^

      well i heard about this guy and watched a i think 2 h video of him on black goo… i mean i have to admit… he has interesting points but i dont know… but hes not so much riging my bells that id watch everything he ever did or read it…

      for example in this clip he mentioned weeeee the matrix is down… well is it ? i still get in trouble when i dont pay my tax… im still under this invisible mind jail of laws and behavior pressure… like the control grid we call society the u cant do this unless u have this or that… i cant put it into words… the whole juggernaut that has its own inertia…

      i had last weekend a longer conversation where an old friend of mine wanted to hear my opinion on the whole brexit… well i told him my view… that we as the people dont need big government… since we are the ones that do stuff not the fancy politicians…
      are they building the roads and buildings ? are they working on a farm producing food ? not they arent they are always the first in line to blame it on us or to take of the cream of our work… so i said well if u want a government… how about a small one the community u live in… like every voice counts… since the local community can only accurately judge what u need around where u live and what u dont… so why give this power to some one that lives in his fancy little ivory tower that hasnt got the slightest idea what u need and what not… the people that are so disconnected from reality…

      and before i forget… all the eu is doing is selling us out for their benefit… but its sad to see that not many people are able to see it since they are so invested in this shit show

      anyway im rambling again hehe… but i hope u catch my drift here… be a self aware being and live ur life without any one telling u what u need to do and what not…

      • Yes, Stefman, this video is an example of what can happen. Sad. This guy had charisma when he spoke, and I listened to interviews where he did not speak of the AI, but of his views for a good future. Nice ideas. Then he went silent.. now.. this !
        They almost look like they are wearing some kind of… uniforms. Brrr.

        Nice rambling, my friend, as usual. Yes, I totally agree, big governments are not good at all. Small communities, self-reliant. Of course 🙂
        Stopping here, before I go into my kind of rants :)))))))))))) Civil disobedience !

    • Have Faith, speak Truth, and act with Integrity.
      Sprinkle with Magic 🙂
      Own your Power, but always Humbly when dealing with others.

      Good morning Tribe ! ❤


    There is beauty on Earth that you have enjoyed is but nothing compared to the magnificence that awaits you. It is difficult to describe things that you do not have suitable words that are adequate, but whatever your imagination or ideas the truth is much greater. Think big and imagine a future that provides all of your needs, and one where you do not have to work day to day to achieve it. The main reason is because the need for money will slowly disappear. You have been slaves to money and even so many have still had insufficient for the basic needs to survive. Clearly that must change and will do so in a very short time. Keep calm and positive regardless of what is happening around you. There will be some Earth changes but the Galactic Forces are on hand to keep them to a minimum. Any negative happenings will also be short lived and help will come your way if needed.

    I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

    In Love and Light.

    Mike Quinsey.

    He who nurses hatred in his heart and plans vengeance in his mind stands in danger of judgment. You must judge your fellows by their deeds; the Father in heaven judges by the INTENT

  19. Here is your ACTIVATION CODE tribe 333-444-1010-1111

    Stand up, be of good courage…we have just been challenged to “Play Ball” with the Lords of the Underworld… Remember, we are in the Yellow Seed Wavespell of Flowering… We are going to have to be quite clever…and our TWINS are here! Hunaab Ku is the Crystal Skull! The Mind of the Galactic Ordering Dynamic…G.O.D.! Now…let’s kick some ASS!

  20. Regarding the “shocks” to the system… I think there are many possibilities of the nature of such an event. One perspective is something which would be beneficial to a collective consciousness, for the purposes of waking it up, in much the same way that a Buddhist monk would use a shock to his system to gain enlightenment.

    Fire-based shocks would help a consciousness with an affinity to fire. Water-based shocks would help a consciousness with an affinity to water. But if that consciousness isn’t even trying (or is dis-connected), it may not benefit.

    A meeting of the minds soon…

  21. im still thinking about the singularity thingy since yesterday (again)… can we have a bit more intell about that… are we talking here idiots blowing up nukes for tests or are we talking particle accelerators… or are we talking here a singularity that is used as some sort of “fuel” they keep on sucking of energy (like i dont know a “power core”) of some fancy space ship (like the big ones from the blak ops fleet / break away civilization) or are we talking twisting and bending magnetic fields in an “unnatural way” ? or are we talking here electric fields and coils and pulsing like philadelphia experiment ?

    if u would like us earth dwellers to stop that kind of “fuckery” we at the base of this pyramid game need more infos so we can focus our attention on those things so we can force them to stop it… but we need infos what it its exactly so we can demand it to stop or to gum up the process by disobedience

    anyway i know its already a huge risk to communicate this way… remember we only get to learn stuff down here to be good slaves… so our knowledge is very thin/slim about these things… and those in the know are ether working in black projects or sleeping with the fish…

    and what does the best riddle do with clues and infos that doesnt get solved in time… if so much is at risk…

    im sorry for asking for so much… =/

    anyway thanks and fly safe =)

    • I feel like it’s important for us to realize that… whether or not there is “guided assistance” from somewhere that seems beyond here, whether or not “angels and demons” are out doing their doings or whether or not a-z possibilities are simply holographic experience… We must come to know that the.. gift of life…just LIFE..the ability to exist in a FORM is due to the formless.

      The “nothingness” that houses all the beingness. That is the same formless, breath of life in ALL. That same knowing is within all (at least I would assume all that experience Soul and are not technology/robots). This can only mean to say that past the mind, all is known…there is no question or answer past the mind trying to do its figurings.

      Questioning, I feel can help those who are still “stuck in the mud” to wake up and breathe fresh air… but once one is awake to knowing the truth of all being is formIess knowing, questioning becomes a mind game for the ego to hold its *perceived* seat of power…little mind wants to figure, and live the drama and know what it never can…there is NO THING that is unknown in formless. We must allow living and ride the waves. Our minds…our egos…they want to control and FIX and..blah blah blah. It’s a mirage.

      What Robin said, “THE “STUDENT” IS NOT ABOVE THE TEACHER” because in formless there is no student and teacher at all…those are only labels in the realm of formed experience.

      YES, I do believe (in this realm) there are levels of being able to observe from “higher” perspective which can lead egos to think someone really KNOWS something you can’t… I can comfort my cat during a lightening storm, I can even see that lightening storm roll in before he does… but this does not imply that he hasn’t already sensed that storm coming and it doesn’t change his experience of being fearful. In a way, he has chosen to be afraid and the only options are to ride the storm out and see at the end of it…I’m okay!

      That’s what we NEED TO GET…we are OKAY! We may very well have new experiences in this realm that seem insane to go along with all happenings already that seem WTF-ish. We may not, some may experience laying in fields of flowers each day enjoying the clouds rolling by. There is nothing to control. I would even venture to say attempting to control is simply resistance and creates more friction.

      No matter how many experiences over lifetimes we have, the only constant will be that there really is no US DOING…formless, absolute truth that cannot be defined by finite minds (even if they are a master of words) is all there ever really is. The rest…a dream within a dream. I feel what is happening is there are those who are waking up from the dream within the dream(still to find they are in a dream). Know the truth of your beingness is the dreamer of the dream.

      • To clarify, I don’t feel like this means we DO NOTHING ever…it’s MORE of a reason to just DO fearlessly, trusting that you will not make a mistake because a “mistake” is a lie your mind tells you.

        • I’ve seen those before! That’s cool that it works…what is is about being snuggly that is so comforting? Sunny (aka formless in orange kitty suit, haha) does pretty good…just the storms we’ve had in the last few weeks have really been BOOMING. I can’t imagine how those sensitive, little ears take those crashing sounds!

      • ah my dear milda =)

        u left me speechless hehe i mean ur soooooo right but im to blind or to def…

        but anyway u sort of left me here sitting like this =)

        much love and positive energy =) hope the cat doesnt have to suffer to many thunders =)

        • Oh I get it, haha! That gif really made me laugh. All of our minds should keep experiencing this until we are clear. You’re are not blind or def…I feel all experience this knowing to different degrees. Knowing this doesn’t make fear just POOF disappear for me…or keep me from being nervous about expressing, but it provides the ground work to walk the path of courage…and that courageousness is different (and the same) for us all.

          When we get to the point of all being able to be speechless…I think we’ve really made a leap! lol

          • “You’re not going anyplace. You’re already there. It’s not a journey anymore, it’s a release of a reality that’s already there.” -Swami Nityananda Saraswati, aka Swami Nitty-Gritty


    • With you on this one Robin And Stefman. 🙂
      Been mulling over this for a while now. Waiting for the right moment.
      This seems it ! Yes, there are some things we should be asking now. Mea culpa for underestimating you, I thought you (some of you) may be shocked if I came out with this.
      Obviously, I was wrong. YAY !

      Will leave this with you, and let you guys express what you think of it : so, on the 13th I “heard” collapsing timeline … collapsing timeline ..
      Then 3 days ago, Tuesday, I “heard” You can alter time !

      • Brianna…Wow! You have got to see this…and click on the see more button below the video on youtube to get the lyrics…YES! We can turn this all around…Arcturian Chess anyone?

  23. The Impossible Dream – Jackie Evancho on Vimeo

    Jackie Evancho – To Believe – The Original – HD – YouTube

  24. Hi everyone! Thank you to Bill, Lida, and everyone involved.

    It’s funny how this post really strikes me. “Change is good.” I live my life this way…always looking for change. Improvements. Progression. Evolution.

    “If you’re doing the same thing as you were the previous year, and haven’t learned anything new…you’re doing something.” This is something I hold in my heart and constantly remind myself to keep pushing for change…because that is what life is about. To live. To learn. To experience. To help others…our life…Quantum singularity…

    Recently, I have been talking to my friends about these posts…explaining to them gently…our history. But there is so much to tell. What better than to send them to these posts…in my mind’s eye…I questioned what post would be best to start for those interested. This answered my question! ❤ Much thanks.

    I was actually speaking to my friend who is a lover of animals…wants to make her life's work raising awareness and shelter for stray animals. When I told her about Valiant and everything….her eyes sparkled with interest…and familiarity. If that makes sense. It is lovely to be able to come here to STC and be able to speak my mind. I am grateful for that because it is much harder in person. Some of my closest friends do not understand. Refuse to understand. I feel sorry for them (not sure if this is the right way to describe how I feel) because I cannot force this upon them. In time…hopefully they will see. But I WILL STAND FIRM.

    Also…it's so funny how I made it in time for Bells Toll. I found out about Valiant through a Skyaia show…I dug deep and found his earliest post when his posts felt more like a journal..addressing them. Then all of a sudden I couldn't find any posts! I actually messaged the moderator of the site for help! I was drawn to these posts…for reasons I didn't realize at the time. Now I do.

    Valiant–I am speaking directly to you. Thank you. For everything. For being so brave.
    I look forward to your messages and artwork from our friends. It speaks to me. I understand for the most part…but other information needs to marinate. haha These messages have stirred and awakened something in me…answered questions with stories we have lived and forgotten. I love you!

    • Hello Mary,
      I am Valiant’s Mom, and I have been his ‘assistant’ for over 4 years now…getting his messages out to a hungry, questioning, world.
      Actually I have been his biggest fan and supporter his whole life…but that’s another story.
      He is an animal lover…a family trait…and we have many who live with us, both inside our home and outside…in their ‘own homes’. Cannot imagine our life any other way.
      When we are not spreading his messages weekly…we are taking care of our huge furry & feathered family. Oh yeah…the humans too. 😉
      I am printing out your great kind words for Valiant (Bill) to read…he leaves the correspondence to me pretty much. Electronics don’t react to him very well…he ‘fries’ things. Especially when he is upset over the general bad behavior of most of the worlds population. Hence, his posts, which are meant are guides to stir the mind to get it really thinking. Yes, he has some truly special friends who serve as his mentors (so to speak), and inspire his artwork.
      Very happy to see it’s still working!!
      He will love reading this note from you!! It is what makes his work worthwhile.
      Please keep doing what you are doing…spreading the word to your friends and family and anyone who will listen. Who is ‘open’ to hearing.
      That is how the right ears receive, and act…or is that ‘react’? And it iks always best when heard from a familiar person…friend or family.
      Thank you again…

  25. thanks bill and lida =)

    the ending reminded me of this one here…

    “As long as you still experience the stars as something “above you”, you lack the eye of knowledge.” Friedrich Nietzsche

    but i like to see it more as we are made of stuff that has been forged in stars… so they are not just above… but also inside each and everyone of us…

    so yeah thanks again =)

    • I was about to post my own Friedrich Nietzshe quotes, when I saw yours hehe. This is a long time favorite, and I’m overjoyed that this principle was emphasized strongly in this weeks message.

      “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”

      I’ve heard this principle from so many different sources. You could even connect it to the Golden Rule, that one where you do unto others as you wish them to do unto you. I always took that rule a step further and felt certain that what you do to others gets done to you, and even further, that what you put your attention on, consciously or subconsciously, you draw to you.

      This is actually the same concept as Karma as well. We can see this truth spoken about in so many places. Here’s another one of my favorites:

      “When we look at the negative side long enough, we ourselves take on negative qualities. When we concentrate on the good, we take on goodness.” – Paramhansa Yogananda

      This kind of thing has been my motto. It’s why we can’t really fight evil. To fight it not only makes it resist us more intensely, making it fight back harder, but it causes us to become what we’re trying to fight. This is why we can only overcome darkness by simply turning on the light. However, just as been said, this is easier said than done. We have to take care not to blind ourselves with optimism and ignore the shadows we’ve become attached to, along with other little tricks to it.

      We can see how careful the Watchers are, and how they never try to spell it all out or do anything for us. If they interfere with the Freedom of Choice of an individual and the necessity of the individual to walk into the light under their own effort and instead just bring them into the light anyway, then they’ve basically handed a huge opportunity for the darkness to come in and destroy that light.

      There’s this balance in all things. This kind of neutral point. We are not here to control anything, we’re here to experience life as a divine play. If we try to control, life tends to push back with an opposite and apposing force. Grace, life itself, is what should guide our actions, the spirit of All That Is, not our simple and selfish egos. Our minds are not even meant to be deciders, more as a window for awareness to have experience. This is why meditation isn’t something that can be done so much with effort, it’s more like surrendering to a natural process of the mind to return to it’s source, and become filled with that awareness that we, and all are at our core.

      Another of my favorite quotes is:

      “I am not ‘me’ living a life. I am ~life~ living a ‘me’.”

      Coming back to your quote stefmanstc, which I really like as well. It reminds me of “As above so below, as within so without.” Which is also the same kind of quote as most of these I’ve shared.

      This quote about stars also reminds me of something my Guru has said, that for each neuron in our brain, there is a star in the sky that it is connected to. To make and experience that connection with each star is to become enlightened.

      I want to emphasize that enlightenment is not something to do so much with intelligence or the mind. It’s not about understanding truths and then suddenly you’ve got it. Coming across truths can be a catalyst, but only so. Higher states of consciousness will completely transform all your knowledge anyway, as if you actually knew almost nothing at all before you entered that state. Enlightenment is a state of awareness that is one with Grace and All That Is. It is a very different way of experiencing than having the ego, senses and misused mind casting a veil over the experiencer, which is how most of us experience here on Earth. We’re lost in the experiencing, associated and attached ourselves with the experience, thus we’re always caught in compulsive attempts to control it from a very limited perspective. Who are we to judge or decide what is right? We were not meant to. We’ve only to allow that source of awareness to enlighten the path to take and then effortlessly walk the path, which is what automatically happens when we haven’t lost our connection to that source of awareness.

      All we need to do is become more conscious, more connected to that awareness. It contains all the intelligence, peace, joy, bliss, creativity, organizing power and such that is within in the entire universe, and likely beyond. Can you imagine having all that power and bliss flowing through you effortlessly? It’s just about being connected to that, and when we are, we shower everything around us with that Grace. It’s infectious to others, and will raise their consciousness effortlessly, automatically, just like how a smile is contagious. However, we have to also take care that we don’t lose ourselves in the experience of the Bliss and Grace beginning to flow through us, as that will also become a veil overshadowing awareness and take the experience of bliss away from us again. It’s a delicate thing, which is why coming together to focus on this process and assist each other along it is so important. Also, having people doing this together is exponentially more powerful than doing it alone. It’s said that a few thousand people meditating daily next to each other can easily create world peace. The amazing thing is that we’ve already had many scientific studies done proving the effect of this.

      We just have to create enough light and raise the consciousness to where the darkness can’t exist. From mine and many perspectives, we’ve already hit the threshold long ago towards making the shift back to the light unstoppable. That momentum is unstoppable now. The only question is how bumpy a ride it might be.

      I’ve had quite the bumpy ride individually on my path, some great highs and deep lows, as I’ve learned to take it more easy and accept things as they come instead of trying to be too forceful or lost in over-enthusiasm. Calm, steady, taking things as they come, and not being attached to the fruits of action. We act from that silent awareness, then let the fruits be as they will instead of getting worked up over success or failure. I was glad to see calmness emphasized in the latest message as well 🙂

      I really like the message this week, and am happy to write out what I enjoyed and go over some points again for my own sake and for anyone who cares to read my message.

      Keep up the good work everyone ❤

      • i realy enjoyed ur comment =)

        yeah quotes are always a nice thing to share =)

        oh an please if u find the time and continue with commenting !!!
        i always like it when every one sort of “brings to the table what she/he got” so we can all see what we all got together and find some more clues 😉

        and yeah i like the part u mentioned ” u become what u fight/hate” bit its sooooo true but not many people realy get it… my ex for example realy hated her mother for various reasons… i didnt blame her but she didnt understand that the more she fought not to become her or things she did and said and reacted… the more my ex became like her mother… it was realy strange watching it… and any time u pointed it out the more angry she got at me for trying to tell her to show her… (i dont claim that im any better… i still have to learn it and realize it to…) but yeah… its a royal pain hehe

        yeah the more connections in the brain than there are stars in the “visible light spectrum” is soooo trippy if u think about it lol ^^

        i loved it how my nephew reacted years ago when i told him there are more stars out there than we have grains of sand on earth ^^ hehe
        one could litteraly see on his face how he got into thinking/imagine it mode… the spark of light in some ones eye when one discovers a whole new view of things ^^
        last time i saw him… i left him with a realy funny (sorry for these words) mind fuck…
        i told him… that on the smallest level of existence science claims according to string theory we are nothing but vibrating strings of energy… but than i said think about this we humans LOVE music… and whats music ? its vibration… so we are made out of vibrating energy and love vibrating air as music…. lol ahhh good times 😉

        • Yes! I remember when I made that same connection about music and string theory 😀 I love how everyone here is sharing music with each other so often. Sound is vibration, and that’s the subtlest structures of life, which is why it has such an impact on us.

          I’ve recently learned some more things about this that I’m sure you’d enjoy hearing also. At the university I went to I spent a good deal of time studying Vedic Science on the side of my major. Vedic Science is the knowledge that comes from the Vedas, the ancient scriptures of India. It’s said many of these scriptures weren’t really so much written by an individual, but were directly cognized in deep states of meditation or samadhi as being the sounds of life and how vibration structured life. These books aren’t just full of knowledge, they express the various ways that vibration structures everything. If you look at the Bhagavad Gita, it’s a miracle of patterns that could completely blow away any math genius, but that’s only one aspect of it’s awesomeness. The first syllable is Ak. Ah is the most open sound, and Ka is the most closed sound. So the first syllable is an expression of the two opposite sounds from which all sounds are between or come from. It’s like the beginning and end, life and death in just two letters. What comes after this in the book is a further exploration of what sounds are closest to Ah and Ka, and then exploring those sounds further, the whole process like a flower unfolding and then dying, the book goes on like this. So the book isn’t just words that convey meaning and knowledge, it’s also an expression of how sounds life is structured in sound.

          They say that reading Sanskrit, the language that these books are written in, can be a very powerful experience because the words are like the true names for things. The sounds of the words express the nature of what they’re speaking of. For example, if you say the word for Bliss, Ananda, you enliven bliss in the area around you and within you. Just by saying the word, you can become more blissful. This is even more powerful if you are very deep in meditation and very close to source when your powers of manifestation are at their highest. One of the most popular meditation techniques in the world is just softly speaking some of these words and root sounds in the mind like this to enliven them in you. In my opinion, sound and music is going to become on of if not the main tool for healing in the future and there’s even already a lot of breakthroughs being made towards this.

          I may not have explained all this too well, as I’m a bit sleepy at the moment and it’s been too long since my last meditation session and since I studied this knowledge, but I’ve got one more vedic science thing about sound that’s really neat also. There’s sooo many cool things about sound in these Vedic teachings, like the word Aum (Om), and the three main Gods (Bhrama, Vishnu, Shiva) but I mostly just wanted to mention this next thing in response to your comment. So, in vedic science they say that there’s five basic elements that life is structured with on most levels. These are Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space in order of least subtle to most. The structure of everything gets more subtle than these elements also but that’s another topic. The more subtle an element is, the closer it is to source, which is the unmanifest, formless, All That Is, the One Spirit, the Lightless Light that lights the light of all our souls (whichever title you prefer hehe). It’s a concept of everything coming from nothing, or rather the nothingness is the absolute that contains all potential and is infinite, just not manifested. Creation is the illusion of the unmanifest actually manifesting various potentials so that it can experience and explore itself. I could get far more into discussing the source, as it’s one of the most challenging topics even when so simple, but what I want to get into is that these five elements are also related to the senses, and the most subtle element, space, is related to hearing, thus making it the sense that’s most subtle and closest to source or spirit. It is the sense that we can experience spirit most easily with, so it’s no wonder that music is so powerful for us. Air is related to smell, fire to sight, water to taste, and earth to touch. We can experience spirit through any sense, and that’s what we get when we’re enlightened, where every experience is like a wave of bliss within the ocean of bliss that you are, and where you experience no separation with anything. Spirit is the unmanifest source, and that’s what we all are. We become All That Is experiencing life through an individual.

          Don’t ask me to try to explain what that’s like haha. Just the first tiniest experiences of the Bliss that comes from becoming more in harmony with the Source was far far beyond my wildest dreams ability to imagine. Coupled with the experience of losing that feeling of separation from everything as you enter that unity consciousness, it’s practically impossible to explain at all. I could go on forever trying to express it, but wouldn’t even slightly touch the tip of the iceberg and even if you knew everything about what it’s like, once you got the actual experience of it, you’d see that all that knowledge about it was nothing even close to expressing it, and that all that knowledge would completely transform for you and take on so much more meaning, as if you hadn’t understood any of that knowledge in the slightest before that experience of higher states of consciousness. That’s why doing the work to get the experience, to accomplish enlightenment, removing all the stress in our nervous system and conditioning embedded in even more subtle aspects of ourselves, and heal that original wound that is the belief of separation which cuts us off from our own selves, our potential, power, and ability to experience peace, fulfillment and happiness will always be more important than any words or beliefs.

          I’ve found more truth and power in the Vedas than pretty much every other source out there. They come from a long line of spiritual practitioners who’ve accomplished very high levels of realization. The vedic culture likely came from Atlantis survivors and is also said to have many connections to Sirius. So many masters that have appeared in public have said that the language Sanskrit came from Sirius among many other things. A few of them have even said that they themselves come from Sirius. I’ve also heard from more sources than just valiant that there’s a higher dimensional planet in the Sirius solar system that was the homeworld of the Lion race, and that the wolf and or dog races originate their too. It’s comforting to think that this star Sirius that is so close to us may have so many advanced benevolent races that have been looking out for us. It makes me very curious to know what is going on over there in the present, if it is also deeply involved in the conflict against that dark empire and such or if that lion race homeworld still exists. It’s hard for me to imagine a lot of things since it seems like there’s a lot of planets and places that are home to life that we can’t even see, that are higher dimensional. It seems likely to me also that maybe even our own planets like Mars and Earth have higher dimensional aspects to them that are home to various beings that we can’t see either. It’s all so interesting!

          Haha, I’ll stop rambling for now and go do my meditations and prepare for sleep. Going to need a lot of energy to get myself moved to a new home right on the boarder of New York and Pennsylvania this week. I’m taking Bills comments about that being a potential safe area to heart 🙂 Going to try and build a self sustained home surrounded by and in harmony with nature there when I can, and maybe eventually grow it into a community. Who knows if I’ll have to attempt relocating to England, if everything is just going to blow up, or if the transitions will be much nicer in the future though haha. Just going to focus mostly on attaining the highest level of enlightenment I can so that I may be most capable of playing a beneficial role in these challenging times of change if that’s within my destiny.

          • wow that realy sounds interesting !!!

            by the way… u might wanna read this post again… many clues 😉

            since sound is sort of a wave in the medium called air… so lets think about light… ur egg heads still arent sure if its a particle or a wave… if its a wave well than it should be in some sort of sense also vibration and as if in the post suggested combined with sound… well u said it sound can heal 😉

            so lets go a step further… and think about what had been said about crude and low tech and to much noise…
            lets think about having a thing maybe a chamber or a tank that can shield u from all sorts of radio waves and wlan and cellphone waves and noise… once u have a place where the “noise” around u gets shielded of and u have a little sanctuary of quietness… well pump in some of the light and sound that compliments 😉

            well maybe that would be a great thing to build =)

            oh and please if u find the time ramble as much as u please =) its welcome and appreciated… even thou i dont find the time lately to write a long comment… but rest assured they are all appreciated =)

            hope u have a great week and ur mowing gets all done in time and that the community gets amazingly great =)

            much love and positive energy !!! =)

  26. Since the artwork seems to play an important role…is there meaning behind the this weeks being the same as last, with exception of the color?? (Temptation, red. Desire, purple)

    • Hi Scour5, I think these can be used for the specific kinds of “attacks” mentioned. Basically, print it out, hang it on the wall – instant protection! It can also be used in a 3 x 3 grid, either by itself or with other paintings. So… maybe “temptation” could help with addiction (for example)? You could start with something “generic” and fine-tune it to meet your individual needs.

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