Valiant: The Thunders…The Watchers…Night Visions, Visitors…

*SONG* “Country Roads” by John Denver

The Dark of Night, by the stars
And the early morning hours…
The In-Between Time…
Of dreams, where senses guide and Feel
And Thinking seems like the hardest thing to do…
That’s when it happens.
The dreams come, the unexplainable is the law.
Everyone is asleep, and you Feel apart
From the world.

That’s when it happens…vivid, Fast…REAL…
Brief yet powerful…yet it feels like forever
A Trance-like state, the visions…
Staring up and into, through a round
Window globe…Whispers, Voices…
The silhouettes of the Tree branches outside,
The Trees were talking.
The Trees were scared,
Moving back and Forth, bodies, trunks,
Branches in motion
Then the trees were snapping, breaking,
Cracking, splitting, Falling down EVERYWHERE…
Wide-scale devastation…
The Earth, the ground was rumbling…
The Thunders of the ground below
And in the Sky Above.
Nature is Talking to you…
The Thunders…but not by storm alone
But by some unseen Force in the Dark…
THE FLOOD…rushing heavy water
From the left, the East, where the Sun will rise…
Endless streaming Water…
But it’s not happening now?

And something else…Vague, Elusive…
The Voices whispering again and again,
Faster and Faster…Chanting…hidden?
Of a meeting…in a Temple…
They’re trying to do it again.
The Secret Important Timing…
Beware…Dare to challenge the Dreamer,
The Unspoken Chosen…awaken
To the warnings, sights and sounds,
They will hear the call near and far
And know what to do, what, when, why
And how to gather…
The Earth is talking to them, through
Its electromagnetic field…resounding
To restore its broken care and surface
Garden…The Sleepers will awaken
And Know what to do…

There will be more secret meetings…
If you have to ask me, then you don’t know,
Aren’t supposed to, and I won’t tell…
The selections have been made…

Twinkle Twinkle little stars…all the Christmas
Lights are on…That’s your only clue.

The Wheel will spin, the WHEEL in and of
England will roar by sound in motion
Up from the ground, from The Core…
To Reach For the Stars…
The Sleepers will waken in an instant…
Still troubled by confusion…
They have no idea who they are,
What they are. They are tomorrow.
And everyone else will remain asleep…
Or lost by delusions for deliberate distraction…

The wrong ones will rattle and cry in
The wrong direction to misguide the
Numbers away from those chosen to
Walk a lighted path, the Passengers of Light
For the gathering…The Rainbow Tribe…
Hark, to be summoned to their places…
You can’t stop it, you never could.

So now you see things do serve their
Purpose…The Forked Road…Some will
Guide while others will misguide…That
Was their purpose all along…Too many
Questions always fail the test…It’s the
Uncertainty and doubt that ask questions…
Those that don’t hesitate just know…
They always know…
And don’t Try to ride their Tails or follow
Their tracks…For those that risk that
Crime…The Angel of Death waits…
There’s been enough of that
Grand standing, mimicking and pretending…
No charm or Talisman will sway
The Judge…For the ones who don’t
Belong on the Lighted Path…
The punishment is death.

The pen becomes the sword now,
Cast upon the paper the Circle of Light…
The Rainbow Bridge…

In the chair, the mind to the eyes and ears.
Immediately in front of me, the tall one,
Oh my God he is tall and magnificent looking!
Brishan, with his broad built shoulders and
Long pale blond hair to his waist. In his blue
Uniform…standing so closely, with his
Beautiful sister, Ceres, in her red dress…
Talking fast…

His voice is deep and powerful, this man
Is awesome! “I told you what must be
Done.” He tells her. “This was discussed.”
Ceres has her arms crossed, her eyes
Away from him in protest. “I don’t like this,
Brishan, I told you.” Her flashing eyes,
Her golden sun-blond hair is aglow in
The circle’s light. Wow! “You risk too much.
And here I thought, Varence, save thief
Apollo was daring enough. Were you two in
Previous debate…or plotting together?”

“I spent no time, no words with him.” Brishan
Said, he towered over her! “What do you expect
To be done? Measure them individually…
Or by whole? They all act alike, talk alike,
Behave alike…spare but a few that brave
A challenged road. It is how it must be.
We cannot, will not, risk the time to reshape
Those that cannot even accommodate SIMPLE lessons.”

“I am not arguing that, I agree with you.”
Ceres told him. “I am concerned for
Them, that is all. Because of those which
Weigh them down already.”

“Nothing will harm them.” He told her kindly. “They
Are meant to do what they must.
If others interfere…Then, depending
On the matter, we will respond…fast.”

Ceres looked very worried, then turned
To see me sitting in the chair
By surprise. “He is here, he’s sitting
There.” She smiled then her entire manner
Changed to become warm and sincere.
“Hello, how long have you been
Sitting there?”

“Not long.” I said.

“Please bear with us,” Ceres explained. “We
Need to move ahead quickly now…
Talk about the Night VISITORS.”

“Night Visitors?” I asked.

Brishan stood so close to me now, he had
Never been so close, he was not seated at
The platform this time. “Things are moving
Now…Time has found its re-alignment…
The work of the Dark Ones and
Their ceremonial offerings has been undone…
Time will now move as it should.”

“There will be much confusion.” Ceres
Said to him, to me. “Things will escalate.”

Brishan turned to acknowledge new
Movement…Varence and Damara and Kierista
Now joined them in front of me. “How did
Things go?” Brishan asked them.

“Interestingly well.” Varence nodded.
They had clearly been discussing much
Since last time.

“We need to know how much they know
About us.” Brishan said.

“Nothing has changed.” Varence smiled, looking
To Damara.

“I noted various activity, abductions in the past.”
Damara told her brother. “Their activity was
Precisely as we have observed…if not
More diabolic to witness it with my own
Eyes…The races in orbit have been
The same for thousands of years…some
Are particularly…loathsome.”

“Of course.” Ceres smirked. “Did I not tell you.”

“Enough.” Brishan said, wincing, much was on
His mind. “Now tell me what they know…
Now that time is moving correctly, there
Are no margin for errors for the window.”

Varence stepped up to me, reaching out his
Hand, his two fingers ready to touch my

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“It is alright.” Brishan insisted. “I promise
The reason will become clear.”

Ceres rolled her eyes, her arms still crossed.
“You really expect so much…be kind!”

Varence stared at me intently, his face,
His expression was like a stone statue…
His pearly eyes and larger pupils of his
Irises penetrating…There were no games
This time; this was seriously different.
“And now I speak more clearly—“

“Now he speaks more clearly,” Ceres laughed,
“They will marvel at that. Even they
Will laugh at THAT.”

He curved his lip, a sarcastic grin to
Her words. “I have said many times…No
More questions…For them…I instructed
You to not answer their questions. They,
You know who I mean, ask you endless

“Yes.” I answered.

“And do you answer?” He asked.

“You know everything I say!” I told him, them.
“You know everything they say!”

“And I laugh every time.” Ceres teased,
Looking about them. “Amazing, they ask
What does Varence say or think? As if he
Hasn’t said enough! He could recite
The answers plainly over and over and
Still they would ask…What does he
Mean? Ridiculous!”

Brishan blinked with frustration. “Please…”

Varence held his two fingers of his right
Hand inches from my temple. “This time
I say it clear.” He shook his head once.
“Now you will see why I say no questions,
To stay off the computer as much as
Possible…Avoid the blogs…Let them
Talk and discuss things as they wish…”

“Blog?” Brishan repeated. “What is that?”

“It sounds like some sort of mess?”
Damara questioned.

Ceres laughed. “Oh the words they use!”

“It is one of their communication
Tools.” Varence explained to them. “A
Means of expression…on their computers.”

“The monkey abacus?” Ceres said.

They laughed in unison. “Ah.” Brishan

“Now let them discuss things freely,”
Varence said firmly. “Let it go. Offer
No explanations. Now I’m not saying
They are bad, I am NOT saying
That at all.”

“The perils of your nonsense.” Ceres snapped.
“You command the riddle, and he…” She
Pointed hard and fast to me. “Pays for it.”

“Please continue.” Brishan insisted.

Varence touched my temple. “Write it
Please, Bill…Tell me…What have you
Dreamed of…remember…”

The words seemed Foggy, Confused,
But they came.

What do I dream about? Snow?
It’s August…and through it all…
Breakfast, lunch, dinner…
I see…snow, snow, snow again…

Backward he marches into my past…
I’m in bed asleep…awake only for the
Dream by mind’s eye…
There’s a knock at the door…
Then suddenly I rise as if it’s completely
Normal…Activity in the house is completely
Normal, typical…I go to the door,
And it’s my friend from high school…
The one who joined the Navy, then went
On to work for the Department of Defense.

She’s beaming, all smiles. “Surprise, it’s
Me! I came for a surprise visit!”

But I’m suspicious anyway, “What
Are you doing here?” I asked her. My
Dreaming mind doesn’t believe her,
Can’t believe her.

We make small talk, she’s extremely
Talkative, funny, too funny, too sweet.
Something isn’t right.

She comes inside, says some polite Hellos
To everyone…Then begs me to go outside
For a cigarette, “Oh,” she tells me, “I
Love our porch talks, I miss them.” We
Used to laugh and sit and talk for
Hours nonstop…But something isn’t right.

She’s flashing. One minute, it’s her
Then the next it’s someone else standing there…
Smiling and happy Dawn one minute,
Then for a second it’s someone else…
She keeps flashing this way!

“Come on let’s go outside on the porch and talk,”
She says, smiling, “I need a cigarette so bad.”

I say okay, watching her carefully…
She is flashing, flickering like a television
Screen changing channels. She has no
Idea I notice this…
Outside we go onto the porch…
She’s beaming, talking, chattering
Nonsense, all small talk to seem funny.

But I am so struck with confusion, this
Flashing…It’s like she isn’t real.

We sit on the porch in two separate
Chairs, a table between us, smoking
Casually. She’s laughing and talking
Nonstop…This was her way. I basically
Only had the chance to nod to her
Conversations… “Yeah, ah huh, okay, wow,
That’s nice. Cool!” Etc…etc…
Most of my friends talk at me this way,
For years all I ever got to do was listen…

(Rule #1, I’ve learned when people, friends
Talk at you nonstop and only give you the
Chance to nod, give brief responses…
They aren’t talking with you, they’re talking
At you…talking to hear themselves talk…
Share their ‘knowledge’ without being
Asked…For the record good conversation
Is always 50/50…Save yourself a lot
Of grief and wasted time and ignore
Unwanted advice.)

So Dawn is talking nonstop, I’m listening
And watching her flash…The more she
Speaks the worse the flashing becomes.
“So,” she says with an overdone smile.
“Tell me how you are…Tell me about
Your dreams. What are you dreaming

I just keep watching her flash, it’s so
Obvious, it’s funny. “You never ask me
That so fast.” I tell her.

“Sure I do.” She says flashing…between
Her and some other woman; one drastically
Different looking, sandy colored hair and
A stocky build. “I LOVE hearing about
Your dreams.”

“Okay.” I laugh, watching her flash.
It’s clear now who I am with is NOT
Dawn…Some holographic projection? My
Mind knows it’s a dream. But it makes
No sense…Why would someone do that
To me in a dream…Disguise themselves
As someone else? “You never talk this
Way. The Dawn I know never gives me
The chance to talk. She talks about
Herself FIRST…then if I’m lucky, or
She grows tired…Then she asks me
About me.”

“What?” This person asks. “No, I don’t.
I love talking to you.” By now…the
Flashing has stopped and who I see now
Is very clearly someone else…some strange
Woman, completely unaware I can see
Right through her. “Come on, talk to me.
Tell me what’s up with you. Tell me
About your dreams.”

I can’t help but laugh. It’s ridiculous!
“You want to hear about my dreams?
Without talking about yourself first
For a couple of hours? You obviously
Don’t know, Dawn…And you obviously
Don’t know I can see you…I can
See what you really look like…You’ve
Been flashing like some old television
Set. I know you aren’t her.” I laugh.

She tried to laugh it off. “Don’t be

I grew tired of this, looked her square
In the eye. “I can see you, okay.
I can see you. Who are you? Why
Do you want to know about my dreams?”

The woman made this defeated grimace,
Looked away then back at me more
Aggravated. There was this buzzing sound,
Then an awful stabbing pain in my
Head and I woke up.
She obviously ended the whole game…
It felt as though it was manipulated
By some machine because I swear I
Could hear buttons being pushed, like
Typing on a keyboard.

Varence withdrew his fingers from my
Temple as they stood closely watching me.
“You told her nothing then?”

“No, of course not.” I answered. “I
Never tell anyone anything in dreams…
And scarcely reveal information otherwise
Unless instructed. You know the questions I
Have been asked.”

Varence laughed. “I have observed that
Conversations with him are rarely
As they should be.”

“So this woman was an agent seeking
Information?” Brishan asked.

“Yes.” Varence answered.

“When was this?” Brishan asked.

“At least five years ago.” I told them…
“These things have been happening
For years…At least 16 years.”

“Did they make further attempts?”
Brishan asked.

“No,” I said calmly. “With her that
Was the last time…She and I had a
Falling out…Then once we stopped talking,
She soon retired from government
Work…then became sick…then became
Obsessed with cosmetic things.”

Brishan looked puzzled. “Cosmetic things?”

Varence smiled and laughed. “Yes, they do
Obsess over such things.”

“What is the point?” Brishan said.

“That they have been trying to acquire
Information through dreams for years now.
And they refuse to yield this way at all.”

“This is what you have been watching?”
Brishan asked.

“This among many more.” Varence explained.

“How many of these…night visitors have
You recorded?” Brishan asked.

“Several different kinds.” Varence attested.
“Some have seen me. Others have not.”

“The more extreme ones.” Ceres said.
“I presume?”

Brishan nodded.

Varence held up his hand, that small device
Of his pointing to the air behind them…
“Here look at this.” A view screen
Suddenly appeared depicting some blurry
Scene…then it was a visual scene of
The yard outside my house’s front porch…
Of a dark night…The night of the dream
I had just described…I had been talking
With my friend as discussed… “Observe…”
He nodded as the visual panned around…

They watched as the view suddenly
Captured, revealed some sort of…being
Standing there in the yard watching
Me talk with my friend…

“What is that?” Brishan asked.

Damara was intrigued. “Some sort of
Reptilian hybrid-being. I do not recognize
That race at all.”

The creature-being was impossible
To describe…it had feline features, yet no
Hair…long wide-pointed ears like a lynx…
Reptilian eyes, smooth grayish skin. And
It wore a black uniform, form-fitting, with
Some kind of insignia on the chest and
Arm…A red circle with a triangle inside…
The creature held some kind of computer
Tablet and seemed to be typing-recording
Everything it saw.

“That thing!” I exclaimed. “I’ve seen it
Before! In many of my dreams…Doing
That, typing on that device…as it watched me.
I’ve seen it many times, for years…
And that tablet, I saw it using it
For years, using it before iPads ever came
Out on the market! What is it?”

“You’ve seen it watching you in dreams?”
Brishan asked.

“Yes!” I answered… “At least since…the 1990’s.”

Damara struggled to identify the
Species… “I know it from no records I’ve
Seen…Amalgamation perhaps…”

Varence pointed to it. “These things
Appear in many of the subjects’ dreams…
Recording everything. They are usually

“Yes.” I agreed. “But then I always hear
It make some noise…the typing…then I
See it, it sees me…And the dreams quickly
Ends. Usually with a headache.”

“And you say they watch others?” Brishan
Asked Varence.

He nodded. “On many occasions.” Varence
Thought fast. “But primarily they
Follow those with precognitive dreams,
Recording everything.”

“Was it pretending to be Dawn then?” I
Asked. “Was that what it was doing?”

“No.” Varence said, his eyes wide
As he expressed the importance to his
Companions standing around. “This
Particular dream was a multi-layered
Event…There were multiple invasive
Forces at work…The masquerading woman
Was an agent from a secret faction,
From a telecommunications facility that
Monitors key subjects for their…bosses.
The creature was there unbeknownst to others.
I believe these beings…to be…”
He hesitated to make the deduction.

Ceres then spoke out. “From Nibiru.”
All eyes fell upon her heavily. “The non-
Distinct race…The fused features of different
Races…Those are all features of Nibiru

“That would be an appropriate assumption.”
Damara said. “It would explain the

“What for?” I asked. “Why are these
Things ALWAYS stuck to my dreams?
Everyone else I know has normal
Nonsense type dreams…or at least
Symbolic dreams. Mine are always
Technicolor nightmares!”

“They never interfere?” Brishan questioned.

“No, they are strictly there to observe and
Collect data.” Varence explained. “Much
Like the Watchers do.”

“So then these are the equivalent of Nibiru’s
Version of the Watchers?” Damara asked.

“Yes, I believe so.” Varence nodded.

“And the night visitors,” Brishan wondered,
“Have there been others?”

“We, or rather I,” Varence told them,
“Have seen the small grayish beings.”

“What are the grays exactly?” I
Asked. “I know many people talk
About them, especially with abduction

“They’re disgusting is what they are.”
Ceres told them.

“Ceres!” Varence groaned.

“Well they are!” She insisted. “They have
Little, if any emotions. They perform the
Most diabolic of tasks…tests…experiments
On both humans and animals.”

“I did observe them on our recent mission.”
Damara said. “They are rather…fast.”

“But what are they?” I asked.

“Basically, they are a drone-like race.”
Varence explained. “They were an inter-
Dimensional race from a past humanoid
Star system…conquered by the reptilians…
Now they serve as drones…Field workers
And researchers performing what they
Do best, scientific work collecting and
Analyzing data for their overseers. They
Have made many false claims with the
Earth’s factions and various world powers…
Claiming to be from a far off star
System…at risk of extinction…Well, that
Much is true…They were conquered…but by
Far they are a servant race for the
Reptilians. They, with their vast cerebral
Abilities, are primarily responsible for
The metahuman project on Earth.”

“And they conduct various genetic and hybridizing
Research,” Damara added, “If I am not
Mistaken…These…grays, appear on many
Slave worlds…managing the wide-scale
Experiments before the more prominent
Scientists are brought in to study key

I was growing irritated. “If it’s not one, it’s
Another! I can’t tell you how many of
These…visitors…have invaded my dreams. So
Many over the years! It’s sick.”

“However,” Varence lowered his brow at
Everyone with heavy eyes. “The invasive
Visits did slow down dramatically with
Him once 2012 came. It was if they…

“Ah.” Brishan said.

“Knew what?” I asked.

A pause…A silence as they all shared
A view of things…

“Knew the project was near its ending,”
Varence finally said. “That the subjects
They were most interested in…were
Manifesting what they had been waiting
For, for years.”

He stepped more closely to me, that
Intense expression on his face. “Your
Governments make promises to the
People that they never keep, right?”

“Well, yeah.” I said.

“Well, these…Night visitors, as we
Call them…make promises to
Earth’s world powers and factions
That they never keep…Everyone is fooling
And distracting everyone else. It’s
Rather funny really.”

“Oh sure for you it is.” I said.

“If the blindfold ever came off,”
Ceres laughed, “Every one of them
Would look ridiculous…to their superiors
And to their…alleged alliances.”

“There truly are so many stories out
There that the truth is buried so deep
It would take a master,” Varence laughed,
“Or an outside observer to find the
Buried truth.”

“So what is the point to all of this then?”
I asked. “To make everyone feel stupid?”

“No, not all.” Varence insisted. “If anything
Our goal here, our mission is to reveal
To your people of what is going on…
Of the complexity of the secrets…But more
Importantly to reach out to each other,
Not with accusations and fighting…but
For unity and support…”

He pointed to the view screen as it held
A frozen image of the creature that
Had been spying on me for years.
“The people, especially the victims
Of these experiments should find
Unity in seeking each other out…
They’ve only persecuted because they
Don’t want the truth out.”

“But will this testimonial make a difference?”
Brishan speculated. “From the things I
Have observed it’s clear to us the majority
Do not want to open their eyes…
They have been warned of the greatest
Invisible threats and yet they continually
Repeat them each day.”

“They really have no idea what
Sees they sew…” Ceres agreed. “Did
You tell them about the future? You
Told him everything else…Tell him, tell
Them Varence…”

“I was hoping more would see it by now.”
He said. “But honestly, few have. Yet,
At the least…the messages have reached
The right ones and still do. And it must
Continue until we can achieve
Uniting the right people…so that they
Especially can make the FIRST
Contact…That has always been our
Goal, and will be.”

Brishan turned to me with this very
Solemn expression…He was clearly
Brilliant, massively built and tall and
Impressive…and yet so humbly wise,
And with so much authority. “I would
Like to speak with you separately
Right now.” He dismissed everyone else
So that he and I were alone in
The circle.

I was a bit nervous but intrigued.

“Tell me,” he said very calmly and
Kindly. “You and I have not spoken
Alone yet…And now we should.”


“The change in you has been rather
Intense over the last year in your
Time…” He said respectfully…
“As these meetings, these messages
We share with you reach the end of their
Appointed time…How do you feel?”


“Tell me.” He said. “Talk to me…
Just tell me what’s in your mind.”

“Are you just asking because of
The light that was put in my head
Or do you want to really know?”

“I’m curious to know…for both
Reasons.” Brishan said. “But mostly
Because in getting to meet you each
Time…I have to know more.”

“Everyone says that to me.” I told him.
“It’s never enough for some people.
Everything I says is dissected and
Analyzed…A thousand questions…
And yet some friends of mine have
Absolutely no idea I can even write.
It’s frustrating.”

“I can imagine.” He said kindly. “So don’t
Talk to them.”

“It’s not that easy. I can’t just
Turn it off.”

“So tell me.” He said. “Let it go. Open
The box, right now…And just let it out.
Talk to me…”

“It scares me…The box. I’m
Terrified one day I’m going to
Wake up and I won’t be me anymore.
It keeps changing me. It’s been
Changing me for 16 years…
First it was the paintings…
With every drawing, every pencil or
Charcoal line…every dancing motion
And swirling moving line, it’s me…
I’m in the paper or canvas.

“The flame goes out, then comes back…
I thought the paintings and
Artwork were the most powerful
That it could be…but now
After writing like this…
The written word, it’s just another
Version of a painting or drawing,
It’s artwork too…It is thunder
And lightning in another form.

“If you want a message from Valiant
For you, the assembly then here it is…
The Earth alone won’t tremble…
The ground will shake here,
So will worlds everywhere…
Every living thing will feel it…

“And it’s building more than ever now…
Morning, noon, night, day…
It’s in the stars…The sun and moon.

“The rocks are talking,
Fire on the mountain…
Words will move mountains…
The pen is a sword of some light
In my head, and I’m hearing…
Crystals talk…The southwest, beneath
The ground has been listening to
The surface for years and it does
Not like what it feels there…
The ground can’t wait to shake
The world to shut it up…
And it’s already proven it can
And will.

“Fire and ice will burn it out…
Chill it out, and freeze it.
I keep dreaming of snow…
And with it I feel like as the
Worst of the world crumbles,
The best will rise to the top…

“What they’re doing right now
Is a direct reflection of what they are
And will be…Some will find
The answers they have always
Wanted…While others will just
Keep analyzing and pondering

“The good news is that yes
There are those that have been
Put in place to trigger events…
A Comet, an EMT pulse…
Will change life as we know it…
And when the computers
And cell phones fry, people
Will then be forced to see themselves
For what they are, and that
Will drive them insane.

“That was always the plan…
The Dark Ones planned it
But the Light will utilize it…

“It’s already happening…
Computers…searches, scanning,
Groups…The Social Network…
The Internet and Cell phone
Phenomena is a Revelation…
Literally, Biblical…
Computers have never had more
Power than they do now…just wait.”

“So then what comes next?”
Brishan smiled.

“The Best will get better. The
Worst will get even worse…And
The Surprise will get even bigger.
The most obvious answers are
Right there…They always have been.”



Galactic Lightship Dreamflight 3SEP2016


You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (3 September 2016) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Lightships.Youmay express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Mothership mu
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Cameleon
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: Multidimensionalocean, Auroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Ceilidh, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix, GLS Enterprise, and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be shared in the comments of this post, or in any way you feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.