Valiant: The Thunders…The Thunder Drums…Semper Fidelis…

*SONG* “Somewhere Out There” by Linda Rondstadt and James Ingram

The Call came quietly
But expected as always.
And there I was sitting in the chair
In the Circle of Light…
But it was distinctly different this time…

They sensed it, they sense everything.
The turbulence, the crazy intense
Emotional waves filling the air…
Everywhere. So as the hazy vision focused
Into the brilliant spectrum of the Circle’s
Light…The First one I saw was Brishan
Sitting calmly in a chair before me…
He was huge and impressive even sitting down.
But there was no stern disciplined expression
On his face this time…No, this time he
Appeared gentle, friendly. He smiled
And nodded and said, “Hello.”

I greeted him the same, in shock. Then
Noticed Varence and Ceres sitting in
Chairs beside him to my right.

Varence was proud and sat tall in his
Seat, a carefree confident expression
On his face. Typical.

Ceres sat with her legs crossed, smiling…
With a warm, charming delight about her.
She adjusted the thick wave of her sun-
Golden hair over her shoulder and seemed
Calm…yet elegantly ready for a sharp

Brishan leaned slightly forward toward me
And spoke…kindly like a friend, or brother.
“It’s getting very heavy down there, isn’t

He was obviously referring to the mood
Of the people… “You could say that, yes.”
I answered.

“Almost as if…” Brishan chose his words
Carefully, “A bubble has burst…and a
Torrent of emotional baggage was
Erupting from every corner…for no reason,
For every reason…The sensitivity is extreme.”

I laughed. “It feels like a cauldron
Boiling some mysterious mess.”

Brishan met my eyes firmly and spoke
Slowly. “Stay calm. Ignore it as best you
Can…and stay calm. You’ve done what
Was asked…Trust me, we will not forget.”

“What my brother means to say,” Ceres said
With a bit of glee, “is that this part…
Of your writing is nearly done. You have
This and one more to write of the Thunders
And then you will end it…take a rest
Before the next page begins.”

“Next part?” I asked.

“That will be entirely up to you.” Varence

I looked about their faces. “So what is this
Then…Where is the assembly?”

Brishan looked over his shoulder then back
To me… “Oh, they are here watching…
You will see them soon enough. For now,
Due to the nature of things, of this…we,
I, wanted to resolve this differently.”

I was curious. “How?”

“Relax.” Brishan said sitting back. The
Man was like some iconic, heroic living
Statue of muscle in his blue uniform with
His long blond hair to his waist. “Consider
This a friendly conversation, a review of things.”

“Ok.” I said.

“An interview…Between us,” Varence
Smiled, some sarcasm there, “and you.”

“Charming, Varence.” Ceres snapped. “How
Polite of you.”

“Well it is.” He said.

Ceres rolled her eyes. “He will no doubt
Inject plenty of his witty observations.”

“As will you.” He said to her with a sly grin.

“Only if you say something ridiculous.” She
Replied. “Which you will of course.”

Brishan held out his hand for them to be
Quiet. “If I may…” He waited for their
Cooperation before turning back to me. “The
World will continue to grow more unsettled…
Regardless of what the stars say. It is a
Cosmic response to time’s re-alignment. You
Must expect this.”

“Oh Joy.” I replied.

Brishan laughed at my reaction, he seemed
Entertained by me? “Just listen to me…
I would ask of you to continue to be
At your best, no matter what happens.
As has been asked of you…continue…
And I assure you, you will be pleasantly
Surprised. As will those who follow our

“Alright.” I was calm, but nervous.

He sensed this so he proceeded carefully. “There
Is no need to be nervous here, not ever
With us. Believe me?”


“Good.” He said. “Now…My sister, and
Our resident Chief Watchman here of many
Names…Have told me there is a story they
Would like you to tell me.”

“But you do not have to if you do not
Want to.” Ceres told me firmly. “Regardless,
It is alright if you do not.”

“Yes,” Varence responded fast and hard.
“He does…before we can proceed.”

“By your command?” Ceres snapped. “Because
You know best?”

“It is how it must be.” He only said coldly.

“Your tact,” she recoiled, “This mind you
Have with timing and resolution…Do you ever
Consider feelings at all?”

“You have more than enough laid words
Out for him to write that referred to them
Unkindly.” Varence laughed.

“I do not care what THEY think.” Ceres told
Him. “That…is your job.”

“My job?” He snapped back… “You had no
Part at all? Were you absent that I didn’t
See? I clearly heard your mouth, your
Protests often enough.”

“As deserved.” She said.

“If you had been but slightly kinder
Of their nature,” Varence gestured, waving
His hand before them, “Then maybe my
Stories wouldn’t have had to have weighed
So heavily so often.”

“Your stories?” Ceres laughed loud at him.
“You are the bearer of history? You made
The Earth? Are there grand monumental
Statues then of Apollo…of the mighty
Varence among them? Oh wait…that’s
Right…The Great Thinker…”

“That is not how it was to appear.” He said.

Ceres curled her lip, twirled her hair
Between her fingers…watching him. “I can
Only imagine what scheming thoughts you
Turned into their dreams over the years…
What secrets you shared like a light a
Candle of ideas…or striking some bolt of
Lightning upon some metallic conductor
For them to glimpse electricity…Were there
Geniuses of technology…Or a mysterious
Stranger’s guiding whisper; invisible hands
Urging them out of a dark age.”

“Must you criticize everything I do?”
Varence asked her. “Am I that
Offensive to you?”

She slowly turned to meet his eyes. “Are
You gambling for a kind answer? Should
I be polite or tell the truth?”

He frowned…but before he could speak
Brishan interrupted. “The two of you are
As a satire from poet’s story.
Have you ever agreed together?”

“Only on his silence.” She said.

“May I remind you, we have an
Objective here.” Varence said pointing his

“And that is?” She slyly asked.

“To share stories…To encourage their
Thought and free will, freedom.” He
Said fast. “To warn those who would
Listen of the threats…the secrets…the

“Not those talking Spaceballs again!”
She said shaking her head. “How many
Times must you say it…Even monkeys
Would understand those warnings. You
Act as if they blindly accept the concept
Of some mysterious giant travelling space-
Balls would actually dive upon the
Planet to rescue them. As if they are
That desperate to be rescued by anything
From space.”

“They are!” Varence insisted. “You have
Not watched them as I have, Ceres…”

“Oh please, that is ridiculous!” She said.

“Would you listen to me, please?” He said.

“That’s right,” Ceres replied rolling her eyes…
“How many times must we say this?
Giant Talking Genius Spaceballs are
Coming to rescue the great thinkers
Of Earth from their own mess…A
Menagerie of giant balls of imperial wisdom
Shall roll in upon a great table…
And then the great thinkers of Earth will
Take part in some ingenious ball game
I suppose…of striking at
Balls across a table with sticks to roll
Them about for sport…knocking at them
For competition…For what? To see
Who can strike as many ingenious
Balls for prizes…” she laughed. “Can
You imagine…All these wondrous balls
On a table…Spaceballs…Ha! Numbered
No doubt…And the winners then what,
Get rescued?”

Varence bit his curved lip…His expression
Betraying fearful thoughts as he watched
Me…I wanted to laugh so hard… “Your
Mind, Ceres…Balls on a table, sticks?”

“What?” She was irritated…Then studied
His face…then grew even more irritated.
“Don’t say it!”

“Pool!” I laughed.

“What is pool?” Ceres asked.

“It’s this game,” I told her, “Of balls
On a table…You use these sticks to hit the

“You are Joking!” She nearly yelled. “Please
Tell me you arte joking!”

Brishan was immensely entertained, but said nothing.

“Yes, Ceres,” Varence told her. “They
Have a game of sport like that…”

“How marvelously wonderful!” She retorted.
“How many versions of games with balls
Are there on this planet? Is there some
Ball them to everything? Do they
Attempt to look stupid deliberately then?
Do they see no obvious synchronicity?
The endless similarities
Are no clue? Are there apes and
Balls everywhere?”

“Ceres!” Varence scolded.

“So tell me then,” she said, “when and
If we are to go stroll upon the Earth…
What will attack us First…some hideous
Mutant band of flying cannibal monkeys
Or some ethereal floating balls of
Salvation preaching wisdom and promises
Of some game to play? Save me, oh joyful
Band of floating monkeys, the Spaceballs
Have come to condemn the beasts of Earth
And save us with their Ball-wisdom
And Ball-faith! The Spaceballs have
Come to save the world because the
Flying monkeys are too busy trying to
Hit each other with sticks! Maybe
They will hit one of the giant talking
Spaceballs by accident and the universe
Will explode and all life will be lost then!”

Varence held his tongue for as long as
He could. “She could go on for days this
Way, you know.”

Brishan chuckled at his sister, then turned to
Me with an arched brow seriously. “You have
Flying monkeys on your planet? I saw no
Such creatures in our observations?”

“In their theater.” Varence corrected as he
Touched his temple and winced. “She misunderstood.”

“Did you or did you not say they make
Productions of Apes that rule the world?”
She asked.

“It was a mockery!” Varence
Told her. “Fiction. You know this.”

“Still it reflects their obsession with balls
And apes.” Ceres emphasized as she
Swatted at the nuisance of the idea in
The air.

“They are that obsessed with these things?”
Brishan asked very seriously.

“No.” Varence only winced.

“YES.” Ceres immediately corrected. “Ask him
About how many ball themed sports they have.
They have brutal games to fight for the victory
Of balls!”

“They do?” Brishan asked.

“Ceres,” Varence pleaded, “You are straying
From the point.”

“No,” she defended. “I am making the point
Quite clear…Balls and Apes…It is
The main theme of their civilization.”

Varence groaned.
Brishan strained to grab at her words. “Balls…
And Apes?”

“First, they believe the human race is
Actually some evolved descendant of these
Bizarre flying monkey creations,” she told
Her brother, “Then…they preach salvation
From giant talking spaceballs…They
Are dangerous free thinkers. Can you
Imagine what other human worlds would
Say about this? The games alone…”

“I never said anything about flying monkeys,”
Varence snapped, “That was fiction. They
Do not believe they came from flying monkeys.”

“You said they believed in ape origins.” Ceres
Sharply replied. “You clearly told the
Assembly that!”

“Not with wings!” Varence explained.
“Just ordinary monkeys…The flying
Monkeys were make believe…from some
Theatrical tale they know as the Wizard of Oz.”

“Make believe.” Ceres repeated fast.
“Those are the key words. A make
Believe tale of intelligence, of origins, of
Sincerely dim-witted fascinations. And
Wizard? I suppose the wizards carry sticks
Too…Do they wave them about at make
Believe little balls or simply float off in
Them…fanciful colored orbs of magical lights…
No wait…I’m sure they must have grander
Purpose…perhaps to hurtle great balls of
Magnificence down alleyways to strike down
Targets of meaningless assembly for

“Like bowling?” I asked.
Varence’s eyes widened as though he would pop.
“Good Lord, Ceres…”

“Bowling?” She slowly dared to repeat. “Dare I
Inquire on that?”

Varence shook his head at me begging me
Not to tell her…But I had to, this was

“It’s a game,” I carefully told her, “Where
You take this weighted ball, roll it
Down this sectioned alley
To knock down these pins…It’s a sport.”

“Of course it is.” Ceres laughed, then
Shook her head wildly. “Could there
Possibly be any less expected at all.”

“Ceres!” Varence exclaimed.

“Is it really that bad?” Brishan

“It’s ludicrous.” She answered.

Brishan appeared at a loss for words.
“There are a lot of games with balls.” I told
Him… “Big and small for
Pleasure…like bowling, pool and ping pong,
And some with machines…pinball
…just for fun.”

“Seriously?” Ceres was horrified. “There’s more?
Oh the surprises never cease to end!”

“No serious course of words can
Be pursued now.” Varence protested. “Ceres
Has thrown them all to the wind.”

“Come now,” Brishan said with
Reason, “It cannot be that bad.”

“I’m afraid to speak anything at all,” Ceres
Said. “Anything I imagine only becomes
Their loud reality.”

“Did I not tell you how impossible she
Can be to reason with in these discussions?”
Varence said to Brishan. “She has her mind set.”

Brishan frowned. “Perhaps I should lead—“

“Me?” Ceres said crossly. “You are
Blaming me for this absurdity. Do
You not see how ridiculous this all

Brishan held up his hand for their silence.
“Please…We need to find the reason here…”

“Let us just ask for his opinion.” Ceres
Said nodding at me. “Do people as you
Know them…believe the human race came
From apes?”

I was afraid to answer… “We are taught
That in school…”

“Ah ha!” Ceres exclaimed. Varence grimaced.
“And…” Ceres went on, “Are there not
Numerous ball-themes on your world?”

“There are.” How could I say no?

“Are there, or are there not…ape themed
…movies you call them?” Ceres asked.

“There are.” I answered.

She held out her hands wide to gesture
The obvious. “There you have it.”

“What?” Varence arched his brow. “No
Point has been made by this, only your

“Then what point are you trying to make
With all of this Mental Magician?” She
Leaned towards him sarcastically. “That they
Are far beyond the behavior of animals?
No animal delights in the endless sport
Or obsession with balls…And the very
Nature of apes or monkeys…is primal,
Carnal, even war-like…”

“There are those that do raise themselves
Beyond and above animal behavior.” He said.

“Do not use him or the 5 as examples,” she
Said, nodding to me, “We are referring
To the majority and what they covet.”

Brishan nodded. “This is true, with
Regards to the nature of what we know…
We must consider what the chief goal
Of this world is truly…not what they
Talk about…but how they truly live…
Their actions…if help is to be considered
In the future…their actions speak louder
Than words.”

“All worlds exhibit the same basic
Obsession.” Varence directed. “It is how they
Rise above it that determines the true
Evolution of a society.”

She was shocked. “This statement…coming
From you? The adolescent jester of school…
The ever sarcastic, riddle-some brat that
Tormented education with his pranks?”

“I have grown, my Dear.” He told her
Calmly, “Over time…events have shaped
Me…watching…observing with the restrictions
Of not being able to interfere does force one
To process, feel and grow.”

A pause of settled agreement.
“I will accept your answer there.” She

“Finally,” Varence smiled, “we progress
To peaceful dialogue.”

Ceres smiled. “Oh I am sure you will
Disrupt it soon enough. Shall I start

He curled his lip then looked to Brishan. “Maybe
You should address the point here.”

Brishan smiled at the two of them. “You
Two make quite the pair.”

Ceres held her breath. “Oh please.”

“What point is it you wish to make?” I
Asked them then…waiting to write it.
They watched me slowly before continuing…

“There is one final story you need to write
For the Thunders.” Varence said with his
Eyes heavily, but thoughtfully on me.


“You know the one I refer to…” He said
Slowly. “The one I have been wanting
You to write for months.”

“That?” Ceres looked away rolling her eyes.
“You are unbelievable.”

I swallowed. “Oh.”

Brishan watched me. “They say I need to
Hear it?”

“They do?”

“Yes.” He nodded. “That’s why I am here…
That is one of the reasons the assemble
Has come.”

“Oh gee, no pressure there.” I told them.

“You make me curious why you will not
Tell it?” Brishan said.

“He needs to.” Varence said.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because you do.” Varence said in a tone
I cannot describe.

“They say I need to hear this before
We can further vote on Nibiru.” Brishan

“I don’t see why.”

“There are countless stories still to share,”
Ceres said softly, “Why must he say this

“Because it is how it must be.” Varence
Explained firmly. “It is crucial…if not
Critical to the Thunders, this entire manner
Of out intent here…for those that read
And assume to know…for those that
Rabidly search to find their own answers…
They find their own purpose in reading
Others’ stories…This is how it is done…This
Is how it has always been done…It has
To happen…now.”

“You and your timing.” She sighed.

“He has listened to others long enough.” Varence
Stated. “And quite honestly so have I…
Remember our discussion earlier about those
Who have been silent for too long? The ones
Who need to speak now…because others
Need to speak less and listen more.”

“You are speaking too wisely, Varence.” Ceres
Told him. “You are making me nervous.”

Brishan smiled. “Ah, a breakthrough comes.
I am even more curious now.”

“May I ask a question first?” I asked.

“Of course.” Brishan said.

“What is the importance of the pictures?”
I asked. “About the photos I mean…the
Projects…The artwork…The paintings, and
The drawings? Do you know why the
Artwork has importance…now?”

“I thought you knew.” Brishan said
With regards to the Angel’s gift.

“The significance has changed over time, over
The last sixteen years.” I told him, of
Valiant. “It’s never lost its power. It always
Serves its purpose. I’m talking about…
Ceres’s drawing…that I posted. Was it as
You wished?”

“What does he mean?” Ceres asked. “My drawing?”

Brishan arched his head inquisitively.
“I asked him to share one of his drawings,”
Varence explained, “that he drew …of Ceres…
With his writing…A special drawing.”

“Yes, that and—“ I began…

“You did what?” Ceres snapped.

“One of the drawings he did of you,”
Varence smiled slyly… “One in particular…

“Why is a drawing of me so important?”
Ceres asked.

“To prove a point.” Varence said.

“And that would be?” She was not happy.

“Of how your words could move mountains…
One day.” He answered.

“What does that mean?” Ceres asked. “Just
What is it that you are doing?” She thought
Fast. “Oh you want them to leer at me to
Prove your point?”

Brishan was defensive. “I am curious myself
What your intent is with my sister in this?”

Varence smiled. “Rest your defenses…it is
Not as you think…Well, it is what you
Think…It is NOT just because of how
They are influenced by appearances…
It is because of what he did to the

Brishan and Ceres were confused…They
Looked at him, looked at me… “What
Did he do to the…drawing?” She asked.

Varence laughed, the sneak. “Ask him.”

Ceres looked at me curiously. “What did
You do to it?”

“It’s no ordinary drawing.” I confessed.
“Not like the others…It’s a bit more…
Special…It has something only a few of
My art pieces have.”

Silent confusion…

Varence laughed louder. “You see…
He knew how minds work…one of his
Life lessons…So he enchanted it with
A little gift.”

“Oh?” Brishan wondered.

Ceres seemed intrigued.

“You have to see it,” Varence smiled, “It’s
Quite remarkable really.” He chuckled.
“Tell them.”

“To leer at that drawing would not be
A very good idea at all.” I confessed… “If
Someone looks at it…The wrong way…
Certain repercussions will follow. That’s all
I will say.”

Ceres was intrigued. “What…:”

“From Valiant…Charmed, Enchanted…
Sincere and True…Magic, Music…These
Things it will do, Respect…For if not…
Eyes of the Dark Heart fall upon it…
Of some twisted, lurid fantasy…
The eyes will blind and burn and
Minds will fry…until their own dark side
Destroys them. Sort of like…A sweet
Blessing for the true of heart…Or
Sweet poison for those lacking a heart.”

Ceres smiled, even laughed a little.
“You did this from the light in your
Head for me?”

“Yes.” I said.

“Thank you.” She was utterly flattered.

Brishan too was pleased. “A thoughtful gift…
I see he has learned a few things…”

“Somehow I doubt the influence came from
The Master of Riddles here,” Ceres said,
Nodding at Varence. “His charms are
Usually more cruel and intrusive.”

“Thank you for the considerate words,”
Varence laughed, “But I told you I study
All of his communications…as per our

“And what did they say about this drawing?”
Ceres asked, then thought fast and held her
Words. “Wait, I do not need to know, I
Can imagine.” She eyed Varence wickedly.
“So how did they react to the artwork he
Did of you?”

“I have never posted artwork of Varence.” I told

“Why not?” Brishan frowned.

“All of my artwork of Varence that I did
Over the years disappeared from my portfolio…
Along with some other drawings.”

“Oh…” Ceres sighed with a smile. “Of course…
The Trickster spares himself that

“They cannot know what I look like.”
He said.

“Because of your dream-walking I
Presume.” Brishan replied quickly.

“Yes.” Varence answered.

“Why?” Ceres pursued.

“I am waiting for the right time.” He said.

She rolled her eyes. “Your timing schemes
Are growing more annoying. Or are you
Safe guarding yourself for when the gate

“Gate?” I had to ask.

“Now that the Watchers restrictions have been
Lifted,” Brishan explained, “We will be using
Our…resources to open gateways…Somewhat
Like how we communicate with our contacts
In the counsel.”

“Does this mean passages to Earth?” I
Had to ask…

“More importantly to the Free Worlds of
The Counsel. Very few are aware of us.”
Brishan said… “But there will be…some
Excursions to Earth, that is all that I can
Say. Much has changed now that the
Re-alignment of time has been established.”

“Is that why things here feel especially
Hard right now?” I asked.

“Yes.” Brishan answered. “And that will
Continue, at least until…your month of…
November, and the Leonids.”

“They will be brighter…stronger, more
Important this year.” I said.

“Yes.” Brishan nodded, his eyes and
Expression saying that’s all I should write.
He smiled.

“Are you going to help me then?” I said
To him… “You know what I mean.”

“Yes.” He answered. “But, you have to tell
Me the story first…”

A pause…groans…

“You have to…it is important.” Varence said.

“You keep insisting,” Ceres seemed to growl
At him, “It’s making ME want to slap you.”

“Would YOU rather review his contacts then?”
Varence asked her with wide eyes and a sarcastic

“You KNOW how I feel about THAT.” She

“You need to be more polite with them.”
Varence insisted more firmly. “Especially with
Regards to our future plans.”

“I do not care what they think
About me.” Ceres shook her head and
Crossed her arms.

“Ceres…” Varence replied slowly with a long
Drawn out tone.

“Say it again and I will ask Rana to do it.”
She snapped. “And you are more than
Encouraged to temper her reactions with
THEM. Ha!”

I could hear Rana somewhere in the background
Making comments…The words…I cannot
Write down.

“Oh just write down what she said,” Ceres
Smiled cleverly. “Let them be nervous.”

“NO.” Varence persisted. “Do not write it down…
It appears bad enough already.”

Brishan waved his hand for them to be silent.
“Enough.” He looked at me sharply but kindly.

“Will you tell me the story they have

“About the red light in the sky?”

“Yes.” Brishan nodded. “Will you tell me?”

“It’s just hard, it brings back an
Avalanche of memories.” I told him.

Some silence before he went on. “You are
Worried what they…the eyes and ears out there
Will think? Say?”

I nodded.

“I told you that you push too much.” Ceres
Said to them.

Brishan leaned towards me. “We will be
Here for you.”

“You must not worry about what others
Think.” Varence said. “It holds you back.
And it holds others back who have been
Quiet for too long.”

“That’s easy for you,” I told them, “You
Are all perfect. You look perfect, you’re
All brilliant, confident, polished…”

“We are not perfect.” Brishan laughed.

“We struggle with things too.” Ceres
Confessed tenderly. “We do.”

Varence nodded fast. “Ceres
In particular struggles with terrible verbal
Behavior. Do you see how offensive she is?”

“Must you ruin everything with your bratty
Wit?” She snapped at him.

“Surely some will agree of the offense.”
He laughed.

“Oh terribly wounded little monkeys.” She
Laughed. “Their light bulbs of virtue will burst
So painfully they will forget to scratch
Themselves or chase imaginary balls
Of enlightenment. I am sure they will
Find sticks and stones to play with.”

“Sticks and stones?” Varence teased her.
“That is your wordplay now?”

“Oh go scratch a monkey will you already!”
She snapped at him.

“I don’t scratch monkeys. I
Only whisper in their ears.” He said in
That mocking tone. “Remember?”

Ceres appeared ready to scream. “Then
Tell them a bedtime story of your
Wondrous adventures, of balls and things
Falling from the sky of Man of Many names.”

“Many names?” He frowned at her.

“Oberon?” She teased. “Have you forgotten
I am Titania, the Great Breast Woman!”

“Will you ever forgive that?” He said.
“I told you already that was not my

“Perhaps when the monkeys loose those
Books.” She reacted fast and harsh.

“Fine…” He started to say when…

“Enough.” Brishan held out his hands.
“You embarrass me!” Another silent
Pause as he stared at me. “I think
Your people need to know that their
Perceptions of us…of nine Earth
Visitors, need to be…re-evaluated.”

“They won’t understand, Brishan.”
Ceres laughed wildly.

Brishan scowled at them, then
Calmly went on. “Alright, I will tell
You the story…just not this time,
Honestly I think you’ve entertained them

“Fine then.” Brishan said. “The
Next message and last of the Thunders
Will be the story then…Our time
Together now has been spent…I
Will look forward to it.”


“Just remember, my friend,” Varence
Said… “Things are different now.”

“That’s right.” Ceres added. “Oberon here,
Has decreed it so. We will be here
Watching…waiting…and listening.”

“Rest now and stop writing.” A
Strong unfamiliar voice said.