Valiant: Knock Knock…The Watchers…World War II…First Contact…Secrets…

*SONG* “Miracle” by Bon Jovi

They say it’s written in the Stars…
That when it’s time for things to happen,
They will, nothing can stop it.
Perhaps the meaning is more powerful
Than we think.

Every family has their own story,
Their own secrets…These tend to come out
Around the holidays…whether we like it or not;
Mostly not, of course.
I was raised on stories of my family’s Old World
Stories…mostly from my Mother’s side…
Of World War II and Hitler and
Czechoslovakia…and how my grandmother
And my mother and uncle came to this
Country in 1950…

You get a much more vivid depiction
Of history through family stories…
And what the history books leave out.
Who controls the history books anyway?
There is a lot of valuable information
Lost and edited out…is it for grammar?
Or is it for convenience to shape
Young minds?

I spent a lot of time with my grandmother
When I was younger…For two reasons,
One, because she was grandma…or as
The Czechs would say…I called her, Baba…
And two, because I had questions about
Things; who I was, what I was, that
No one else could answer.
We had many conversations no one knew
About…And she asked me one day to write
The story of our family…not for personal
Glory, but because she said there were
Things people should know…Things the
History books left out…things that should
Be told and not forgotten.

The Circle of Light…The bridge to
The notebook and the pen, the mind
And the box within…
Brishan and Ceres were waiting…
A very formidable, impressive brother
And sister pair.

“How many people know about this?”
I asked him.

“More than you think.” He answered with an
Arched brow.

“So this is the topic you wish to discuss
Now?” I asked him.

“Yes.” Brishan said very plainly, the man
Was endlessly calm!


“Alright,” he said, “I will be blunt. I told
You this project…These papers or posts or
Whatever you call them, I told you we would
Cover things unlike before…no easy words.”

“So where to begin?”

“I will just say it.” Brishan directed, his
Expression very serious. “There are those
Familiar with the manner of what we
Are, the Watchers…That does not mean
They know who we are, what we are. As you
Said, your history books have a way of
Telling stories. What we hope in this
Project with you is that people gain a
Clearer idea of who we are…Despite
What any book or record you know of
Says…Throughout the ages, the Watchers
Have been under strict orders NOT to
Intervene in the development of worlds…We
Watch, we observe and study…That is why
We are called the Watchers. Understand?”


“But of course, as you know,” Brishan
Explained, eyeing his sister kindly, “Some…
Have taken actions on their own…
But we have never boldly shaped
Any world…Now that does not
Mean some ideas were not…inspired.”


“My point here is,” Brishan explained, “is
That by watching we have seen a lot…
And recorded a lot…on various worlds.
I want to address a sensitive topic,
First contact.”

“Alright.” I said.

“We have seen many expect a lot from
This…Waiting for it?” He said with a
Low, serious brow. “The fact is…first
Contact was made on Earth…in your
Terms of time…decades ago…World powers
Concealed this, but the fact remains
It did already occur…not by us…but
More relevant, active races in the universe…
And it went horribly wrong.”

“What?” I asked.

“I am not going to point fingers,” he
Said, “Not just yet…I want to say
This now for the sake of…peace of
Mind…To end this ceaseless quest
For grand expectations with contact
With other worlds. Your world has
Serious issues to deal with…Problems
That cannot be solved by running
Away to another world.

“When it was determined that Earth
Was rapidly evolving with science…
Various races tried to contact world
Governments in the hopes of a peaceful
Appeal…This is not what happened. While
Some were sincere, others were not.
Some of these delegates that appealed
To your world nations were in fact not
Who or what they said they were…and
Ultimately incited a very vicious world war.
If they had been whole-heartedly sincere
And who they said they were…World War II
Would never have happened…Instead,
The Earth erupted with racism and
Superiority and violence…”

“You’re saying that’s why ‘good aliens’
Don’t openly make first contact?”
I asked… “Because it has the opposite
Effect…instead of peace, it triggers
Panic, prejudice and war?”

“Yes.” He answered. “If you carefully
Study historical events you will see this.
And that’s one of the reasons truly
Sincere ‘Good’ aliens would never
Actively negotiate with corrupt governments.
They are not stupid…Bad ones, however,
Would…The real Good ones would instead
Seek out more spiritual people…more
Common people…and would never recklessly
Endanger their contacts.”

“They wanted a war?” I asked him. “Who
Would do that? Why?”

“Who do you think?” Brishan said seriously.
“To engage interest, to scare them into
Seeing what was out there in the stars…To
Crave power…power over other nations…To
Negotiate alliances with off world powers and
Gain advantages…secrets…technologies…The
Reasons are numerous…But ultimately to
Gain control over a primitive developing
Culture…to gain their active dependence
For further use…And to further separate
Races, nations, countries…religions.”

“That’s diabolic.” I said.

“So then you see who would do this…” Brishan
Said. “Apollo made these points earlier at
The hearings…For you to write…about the
Deliberately staged crashes…To introduce
Technology to the nations of Earth…Your world
Had advanced enough for the empire to prepare
It for future use…dependence on technology…
On power…to induce separatism, elitism…
Materialism…slavery…So when the time comes,
They can take it suddenly away…And leave
A world helpless…and ready for Harvesting.”

He scared me with his points. “I see.”

Brishan looked very serious. “How prepared
Are people you know to take care of
Themselves if communications suddenly went
Out…How much do they currently
Trust their governments?”

“I understand.”

“Allow me to ask another question,” he said
With a suggestive grin… “How useful would
Oil be…if an electro-magnetic pulse silenced
Everything? They should find more peaceful
Solutions to problems…quickly…before
Distractions further tear their trust apart.
It’s always about the distractions…
So they do not see what else is going on.”

“But you could intervene…”

“And start where exactly?” Brishan asked.
“Who is the most important? Who would
Listen…We are already doing that here
And now.”

“But there are horrible things happening.”
I said.

“There are worse things happening on other
Worlds.” He said. “And right here and
Now currently…we are seeing more demonstrations
Of violence than peace…But believe me, where
It means the most…we are prepared to
Do what is necessary…if needed.”

“So then why are you so interested in World
War II right now?” I asked. “Because
Of the menacing, deceptive first contact?”

“No, there are further issues we would like
To address.” He said. “I would like for you
To share some of your family history. Tell
Me about your grandmother.”

“My grandmother?”

“Yes,” he said, eyeing Ceres with a sly
Smile. “There are some interesting
Details there to be told.”

“What do you want to know?” I asked.
“She was a strong person…But I know
Now she was strong because what she
Lived through made her that way…
Some saw her as fearless, but I know
In fact she was afraid of a lot of things…
Coming from Czechoslovakia.”

“Why is that?” He asked.

“Well,” I said carefully, “She, my mother’s
Family…came from the Sudetenland
In Czechoslovakia…For those that
Know history, it was the first place
Annexed by Hitler that ultimately started
World War II…The Nazis invaded there
First…because of the Germans that
Lived there, certain families…royal
Bloodlines, noble bloodlines…that held
Great significance in Hitler’s eyes…like her
Father’s family…which was huge…royal
Bloodlines. They were important because,
Well the family was so large…They married
Into all the royal families of northern
Europe…which symbolized what Hitler
Wanted…ties to all of Europe, like a
Prize or something, certain family crests…
They represented the unification of
Northern and Eastern Europe…dating
Back centuries…It was a union that
Strengthened Europe to keep southern
Invaders out, like the Romans.”

“Territories are always important in
Royal families.” Brishan laughed. “Some
Things never change…in governments
As well.”

“Well the Nazis got what they wanted,”
I told them. “They killed those who
Wouldn’t cooperate.”

“So her father cooperated?” Brishan asked.

“No, he pretended.” I told him. “The
Nazis invaded with armies, guns, aggressively…
Into unsuspecting towns…full of villagers
That were just simple people…They
Were not organized. But her father
Was a brave man, a smart man…and he
Was not prejudiced at all. He was well
Liked by many people, all types, he
Was fair. He was a famous general
In the army, and his father was a
Duke. When Hitler invaded he opposed
It, but people were too scared to stand
With him…So he was basically alone…
Yet he had friends…So he and a few
Others began what was called the
Underground…where they would secretly
Stream information out to allied
Forces outside telling them what Hitler
Was doing. He began that movement…
And my grandmother worked with him…
He only had two daughters, she was the
Oldest…She was very proud of him…so
She became sort of a courier to get information
Out to his friends in other countries…”

“Did this work at all?” Brishan

“No…and yes,” I said. “I mean it
Took time. You see, like I said, people
Were too afraid to stand against the
Nazis…He was alone…but he persisted
Regardless. You see, we were always
Raised you do what is right no matter
How hard it is. You keep going even if
It’s hard…even if people tell you to
Shut up or give up it’s pointless…
That’s who we are.” I laughed. “I
Guess that’s why I keep writing…
No matter how hard it is or how tired
I am or whether people understand or
Not…No one listened to my great
Grandfather then…When he was in
The Sudetenland…Then Hitler went on
To wage one of the worst wars in history…
And all of Europe suffered because of it.”

“We are aware this was a terrible war.” Brishan
Said carefully. “On many levels.”

“I think it was more than that,” I said.
“It was called a Holocaust…because of the
Extreme events that took place…The concentration
Camps, genocide…It involved so many
Countries…and I think more went on then
Most ever knew.”

“Yes, that much is true.” He said.

“You said first contact occurred at that
Time, even before the war…That it went
Wrong, even made it happen?”

“Yes.” Brishan answered as Ceres sat
Quietly. “It was…a revealing time…even
To us.”

“There were good forces and dark forces
Working at the same time to both prevent
And encourage things.” Brishan said. “The
Dark Ones always explore different
Strategies to see what works…But primarily
Their goals are dissent…segregation…
Exploring brainwashing tactics…that
Appeal to egos, plays for power. These exist
Everywhere. That is one reason why
The good ones do not intervene, it’s risky…
The consequences are vast, and those
Involved become dependent. They never
Truly learn on their own.”

“So this always happens, everywhere?”

“Not always.” He said humbly. “But often.
In any case, it’s best to be aware of it.”
There was a brief pause before he went on.
“So tell me then, more about your family…
They were resistance?”

“Yes.” I said. “Well, my grandmother was,
Her father was…The rest were too scared to
Do anything…like most of the people there.
I never really understood how they allowed
It to happen. I think you have to know
Someone first hand, in person, to hear their
Story…to hear many stories in order to
Understand World War II. No history books
Cover everything.”

“Even the Watchers do not see everything.”
Brishan said. “It is impossible to witness
Every detail or reason…when so many
Factors shape things…At best we witness
The most active participants…and some
Obvious ones that go unseen.”

“There are no spared casualties.” I told him.
“I remember once I was visiting my
Grandmother when I was a teenager…And
She was watching a talk show on TV…it’s
Sort of an interview process where a host
Reveals testimonials of people wanting to
Discuss topics…

“The show was covering abuse in families…
How people are traumatized, victimized…And
I remember being shocked because my
Grandmother laughed because she said
People complain too much…She said that
During the war…things like rape, abuse,
Assaults…those words don’t exist…They
Happen…But the world doesn’t stop for
Them…Just doesn’t save them…
These awful things happen…The strong
Survive, the weak cry and complain…
But it doesn’t help anyone…

“I remember she said, you have to survive.
No matter what, you learn to survive…you
Do what you have to…And there are many
People…that when they can’t take it anymore,
They put a gun in their mouth or to their
Head and end it.

“My grandparents always kept a gun. She
Told me that when they escaped Czechoslovakia,
She was pregnant with my mother, and my
Uncle was a baby…and they had a gun…so
That if they were caught…they weren’t
Going back.”

“They fled this Hitler then?” Brishan asked.

“No.” I explained. “No, they survived Hitler…
Barely…She told me stories how the Nazis
Came every week…The Gestapo would
Come into her house with guns…tear up
The house, smash dishes, shelves,
Destroy furniture…tear open the beds
Looking for evidence to implicate them
In treason of fighting Hitler…They
Never found anything.

“And every week she and her mother and
Sister would stitch beds back together,
Glue the dishes back together…her
Father would repair the furniture…on and
On…yet they kept going…even though
It was a nightmare. The Nazis took
Everything, destroyed everything. They
Terrorized people…That is how they
Maintained control; threats, terror and

“These Europeans of that time…were
Like ghosts almost. They were beaten and
Broken and scared…They didn’t know what
To do or how to fight such a force. How
Anyone survived that time is a miracle…
The horror stories of abuse people talk
About today …back then they were common…
It was like an era of torture on
People…It’s almost like it was one
Giant experiment to see how far people
Could be pushed before they broke…
Of how they could be manipulated or
Bullied or bought.”

“A thing known on many worlds.” Brishan
Said. “Remember, my,” he then gestured
To Ceres, “our home was destroyed in
A similar way…the way of a war
Is ruthless…Those that survive are
Often the strongest people…or the lucky

“Then how did your grandmother get out?”
Ceres finally asked. “At that time I
Refused to watch.”

“After the Allies won the war and liberated
Europe…” I told them… “They swept in
And removed what was left of the
Broken Nazi army…which was basically
Just a bunch of confused young men
Bullied into fighting a war they did
Not want to fight…It was a fairly
Easy clean up…The Europeans left
In their homelands that survived
Hitler were so…fragile…They literally
Had nothing left…They had suffered
Years of abuse…Many were beaten
Constantly…You can imagine rape was like
An unthinkable thing they became used to…

“The Allies showed up one day and said
You’re free…And then they left, as
Quickly as they had arrived…

“The celebration was strange, very
Strained and short lived. Because immediately
After…Suddenly, the Bolsheviks…
Which was basically a renegade militia
Of Russia, the Communist party…They
Swarmed in to take advantage of
A war torn occupied Europe and before
The people could breath…they set up
Their own occupation…What was called
The Iron Curtain went up. And Eastern
Europe went from being owned by
The Nazis…to the Russians.

“Anyone who thinks the white race
Thinks highly of itself…has not heard
The stories of Eastern Europe. No race is
Superior…Racism is awful. And quite
Often those of any race are worst upon
Their own kind before others…Sexism
Is the true parent of prejudice…
Because the moment you treat men
And women differently you are breeding
Bigotry…Then it becomes about whose
Stronger, prettier, smarter…then it
Moves on to racism…All cultures tell
That story.”

“As do many worlds.” Brishan nodded.

“The Bolsheviks are the ones that killed
Her father, my great grandfather because
Of who he was…They took him, his wife,
His daughters…one being my grandmother…
And tortured them…

“In the prison…the guards wore white…
They would come each day and beat my
Great grandfather until they were covered
In his blood…

“Then the guards would go to a cell nearby
And show his wife their bloodstained
Clothes…shove them in her face, and tell
Her here is your husband’s blood…It
Drove her crazy…Then they would torture
And assault his wife and daughters as
Their father heard their screaming…
You can imagine what happened…This
Went on for about two weeks…They beat
Her father until he stopped moving, and died…
Her mother lost her mind and went crazy…

“But one of the guards took a liking
To my grandmother…And as she told me,
Since they had little use for the women
After they killed her father…So, she
Did what she had to, to charm the
Guard…and he smuggled her out of the
Prison…She then used
Him to help her get her mother and
Sister out of the prison…Then went
And sought out what was left of
The underground movement…

“But the once noble movement had turned
Corrupt, and more of what is called a black
Market for smuggling goods…It had
Become more of a Mafia…Very insidious,
Mostly driven for self survival than
Good purpose…There, she met a man
Who she seduced…to escape Czechoslovakia.

“There are a lot of sketchy details about
My family history at this point…I do know
That this man was heavily involved in
The Eastern European Mafia…she married
Him…They escaped into free Germany…
There, as refugees, they had the choice
To go to one of two places as most refugees
Did…Either Australia…or the United
States…They chose the latter.

“But it didn’t end there. Once in the United
States, the man she married established
His foothold of the Eastern European Mafia
In America…where they illegally
Smuggled Eastern Europeans into the

“My grandmother only stayed
With him until she could get her sister
Into this country…

“Her mother had died some years after they
Got her out of prison…That was when
That large silver disc, the UFO, had
Hovered over their house the day she died…
In a town in Germany where the rest of the family
Had also fled…
Life for them was so crazy, they didn’t
Indulge in trying to figure out what it was…
They only wanted to get out of Czechoslovakia first,
Then Germany, to be together.

“In the United States, once my grandmother
Got her sister into the country…she
Fled the man she married…You see, he
Was a corrupt man, a crime boss basically…
She worked with the FBI to escape him…
That’s how she understood how dangerous
He was…Because he didn’t just aid in
Smuggling Europeans into America…once
In the country he blackmailed them
For money for himself and the mafia…
It was essentially a white slave trafficking
Operation…All the pretty young Eastern
European men and women were forced
Into prostitution…while the rest served
As convenient criminals or hit men for
Whatever needs the mafia had.

“The FBI wanted to stop him and the mafia
And they did…with her help implicating
Him in various crimes…But she was scared,
For him, for her, for her children…my
Mother…It was a horrible life…A nightmare
For her after enduring the war…A nightmare
For my mother and uncle as they knew nothing
Else…So again, my grandmother found
A man who liked her, who was enslaved
To her mafia husband…Then ran with
Him and hid with him and her two
Children in the suburbs of New Jersey.
They changed their names and tried to
Rebuild their lives…

“But you can imagine this was a life
Of tortured memories, abuse…terror, fear
Of everything. She clung to an
Overzealous faith to keep her going, but
Was in fact deep down secretly a
Terrified mess.”

“That’s awful.” Brishan said. “Like a
Never-ending story of abuse…”

“That’s what war does to people.” I said.
“And that is why my family was always
So secretive…afraid…I mean, yes they
Were brave…but the fear was always there.
I didn’t understand until I was much
Older…Even more so after my grandmother
Died and she came to me in dreams to
Talk to me…to apologize and explain certain

“We saw things,” Ceres said, “But we
Were lucky…we were spared most horrors
Fleeing our planet…Our older brothers
Made great sacrifices getting us out…
Such as the oldest,” Ceres nodded, “His
Name was Valiant.”

“You named me for him?” I asked.

“Yes.” She said.

“I’m not that brave,” I said. “Not like

Ceres eyed Brishan quietly. “Oh I think
You are more than you know…more than
You remember…or have yet to understand.”
She thought for a moment. “I’m curious…
In those years you knew growing up…
This fear passed on to you?”

“Well yes,” I said, “We were never allowed
To talk to anyone…trust anyone…And
With my ‘unique freakish gift’ that I
Inherited from my grandmother’s mother…These
Visions and things…They always made me
Feel like some accident…or mistake…I
Always felt like a mistake…One they either
Pitied or were ashamed of. That I had
To earn their love…They always made
You feel that way…That you had to
Earn the right to be loved because life
Was hard as you know.”

“That’s terrible!” Ceres said.

“It was a misunderstood point of view,” I
Explained… “I learned different perspectives
From making friends over the years…
I consciously chose to shape myself my
Way…by what I had faith and believed
Was right…But my family had some
Amazing traits too…They loved animals…
My grandmother especially loved them…
More than people actually…

“Living a life so perpetually paranoid and
Afraid after the war…of the mafia, and
Seeing the darker side of human nature…
She wanted to feel safe…so she bred
These amazing German Shepherds…
Watch dogs…awesome dogs…Many of which
Went to become service dogs for the
Police force…

“They were spectacular dogs…There was
One she named Samson…I never
Will forget that dog…There was something
Supernatural about him…He was a
Massive 120 pound German Shepherd…When
You looked at him there was something
More than dog in his eyes…I’ve never
Seen another dog like him, and I have
Seen a lot of dogs…Samson was born to
Kill…and he was excellent at it…
He was always in that mode…Nothing
Ever got in that back yard with him
There…Nothing could match him, nothing.
He killed anything that got in that
Back yard in seconds…I had seen him
Do it…grab it, shake it, dead…3 seconds…
Cats, squirrels…He would leap and grab
Songbirds out of the air. There was something
Haunting about that dog…The only thing
That could really control him was his
Mother, a black German Shepherd named
Countess…You don’t mess with mom.
He lived until he was about 16 years old. It’s
Funny…her German Shepherds were
Just unbeatable…even to the dogs today…
When she retired to Florida…she wanted
Something easier…so she took in Pitbulls…
A misunderstood breed…Samson could
Have torn a Pitbull apart before it
Had the chance to move.”

“I have to respect someone who
Understands animals that way.” Ceres

“Thank you for sharing this with us.”
Brishan said with praise. “It needed to be

“Why?” I asked.

He smiled. “Trust me…you will see.”

“Everything is so stressful right now.” I
Told them. “I’ve never asked you for
Anything have I?”

“No?” Brishan said.

“I’m tired of being stressed all the time.
Of worrying.” I told him. “It’s the holidays.
I want my life to get easier…
Happier…I’m tired of waiting for things
To happen…And lately I feel like I am
Going to explode all the time…like that
Light in my head is going to go off…
And I won’t be able to control it…
Please…make things better for me?”

Ceres looked intensely at her brother. “Oh I
Believe he owes you more than that…I
Wouldn’t worry…Trust me.”

Note: This is Lida, Valiant (Bill’s) Mom. I just wanted to add to my son’s post, with his permission, that what he just wrote is a true story. This was my Mother’s story. How she arrived in this country having escaped the Communist takeover/regime in her country, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic). I was the little girl she was carrying when she left. I grew up with this family history, was born in a refugee camp in Germany, and came to the USA in 1950, with my parents and brother. And yes, I am an American citizen.

I have the honor and privilege of making sure his story and messages are posted to RMN, so that Humanity may hear all….





    46+47EQUALS 93
    9+3 EQUALS 12 SO MONTH
    4+7 EQUALS 11 YEAR






    and this can be done within your physical body also … as more and more of self is again understood.


    YOU ARE HERE TO SHINE and your Vibration as it lifts into softer, gentler, more exotic understandings … takes your sights to Higher possibilities that allow you to soar.








  4. Dear sister P, as always, falling into this very weakness, your resonance, your insight, and thoughtful sharing and reminding are sill the very remedy to me….

    source :

    Here, some more pictures for comforting us, including myself….as my mind is still occupied by all the sadness…

    December illustration by Gaspar Camps (1874-1942).
    source :

    Unusual Friendship Between Wolf And Bear
    Documented By Finnish Photographer
    Via Medieval Dreams :
    “It’s very unusual to see a bear and a wolf getting on like this” says Finnish photographer Lassi Rautiainen, 56, who took these surprising photos. The female grey wolf and male brown were spotted every night for ten days straight, spending several hours together between 8pm and 4am. They would even share food with each other.
    “No-one can know exactly why or how the young wolf and bear became friends,” Lassi told the Daily Mail. “I think that perhaps they were both alone and they were young and a bit unsure of how to survive alone…It is nice to share rare events in the wild that you would never expect to see.”

  5. The following words were haunting me all the whole week. Sorry for that owing to my insufficient situation, I could not finish it until now. I think it’s anyhow meaningful to post this comment right under this post….My tone now may sound different from what I had just written some days ago….

    Wow, what a very Eastern European, Slavic & Australian, immigrant & Mary’s week here we are !!! Here, I first would like to address my highest homage to Colonel Vaclav & all his family & descendants. Reading this post, I had no way to hold my tears ; and the ripple effects seem to keep extending not only on or in me. The very courage & toughness of surviving and scarfing self for saving more family members of Lida’s mom cannot be more impressive to me. So, her guts led her and her family to the New Continent, new lives thus can took root and flourish in a new realm.

    My ancestors immigrated to this island in early 19th century, and just thanks to this migration, my life would be different from the majority of the people. After going to Europe, encountering more and more refugees’ or immigrants from all over the world, I’ve always wondered, what a big turning point of a bloodline’s evolution, after the certain generation had made the very decisions and movement. Then the life/lives of their decedents were just led to another totally different circumstances, different natural, cultural, and vibrational circumstances. Before leaving my mother-land, I could never realize what’s the very courage it’s necessary to dare to make such a big decision to move into, carrying all the family, even to settle in such a very unknown land where you have no relatives or known friends at all.

    I after all grew up in a very different geographical and cultural background, never experiencing physical war. I only heard from my parents that the circumstances where they had to escape from the bombard. In the era of their youth, in my sense, the island felt somehow like an US colony, as it had lots kinds of help from US and there were so many their soldiers sent there. My mom told me, when this vessel I’m in was still a baby, she looked relatively foreign owing to the big eyes, and dark skin. She was even being wondered if having an American father. I said so because I seemed not to come in until she was three or four. I hence have felt some very identity rupture with her before three or four.

    My father happened to work in mi….., whichever title he had, in my eyes, he never looked like the one of it. I’m after all still not psychic enough, but felt somehow this kind of very obedient pattern to the autority seems to be some kind of very counteraction of/after some very trauma & guilt caused owing to a very opposed tune that he had insisted in his previous lifetime. I also cannot understand why but just am used to have opposing views to his. There is one thing that I didn’t know until this year that we had in fact chance to live in the community of the ones who have similar background, but he chose not to. Because, he didn’t want his kids to grow up where children compare the hierarchy of fathers. I cannot appreciate his this nice consideration more.

    Both my two grandmas passed away quite early….even earlier than I was in this vessel. I hence has no memory about them at all. However, listening to others talking about their grandmas, I could not help envying those ones whose grandma still could be some important part in their life and memory. This island was once colonized by JP, women’s life was not easy at all. Like my grandma on my mother’s side, she dedicated all to her family, working and working, having no minute to take a rest to enjoy her life. She died when this vessel was still in my mother’s belly. My mother inherits from her very good skill in cooking, lots kind of arts.

    The grandma on my father’s side was born in a nice family of Hakka origin, having only one brother among the siblings of her family. Pity that he just lose all the legacy of the family for business. According to my mom, she was a very gentile and thoughtful lady, but quite fragile. She was so ill in the last years of her life. My siblings and I seem to physically inherit some fragility from her, or even not just only physically. According to my father, the grandma (or even that of a more remote generation) of my grandfather was an aborigine lady of the island, more precisely of Austronesian origin.

    Before writing this comment, I’ve thought what to share, as my stories would be quite different and irrelevant. My very connection to Russian is it’s my major in university. I wasn’t aware how precious and significant it’s to me until I graduated from my school. It’s after all a language of a country that we almost had no connection, owing to the very political limits. So, generally the ones specialized in that language could have few chance to work with it. I cannot thank enough my advisor of post-graduating studying, also one of the most important person in my life for his enlightenment on the subjects about the exchange between the steppes and the empire. However, it’s not easy for me at all to learn so many new things at the same time when I turned my major into history of CN art. All this path, I cannot feel more humble to investigate into the very riddles tied with.

    Since this is the very week of the subject of Russian, people and land that I’m so attached to, it just stirred me to recall something related. I had a journey there in June 2000, one week in Moscow and the others mostly in Saint-Petersburg, and some days in other towns in its vicinity, such as Novgorod and one that’s in front of Estonia. I just looked for this city in wikipedia, god, what did I just saw…

    I get crazy for birch and all related art since then…

    credit :

    For making this journey possible, I had worked so hard for earning the funding to go there, when I still had to look after my studying in school at the same time. I dared to go alone there as it’s the moment when my best friends in university just finished their studying in Moscow there and had some free days to accompany me, even sent me to Saint-Petersburg. I could not forget the moment when I had to say goodbye to them in the train-station of Saint-Petersburg, as then it’s the very beginning of my individual adventure. They had introduced me some friends also from my mother-island, who then gave me a lots of help and I was quite lucky to have some days of long-distance journey in bus along with them. Other than these journey, I stayed successively in three native Russians’ homes, two single aged ladies and one family. The first lady was a retired medicine, however, her building looked so identical to all the others in the same community, I had very difficulty to find way there, after some days, I could not help but look for some other solution.

    All along that sojourn, there is someone very important that I should have been able to meet by accident, though I had thought to contact him even before arriving this land, but was still in hesitation owing to my shyness. It’s a Russian archaeologist, specialized in archaeological studies on silk road, central Asia, who had once been invited to teach in my mother island, working right in the Hermitage Museum. Besides his mother tongue, he spoke English and French as well, whereas his wife read German, who used to help him read German papers. I was invited to visit their Dacha, summer vacation house in countryside. I cannot forget as he said thanks to the pure stream there, the tea made there tasted so good. I cannot forget when I was leaving, what he just taught me…He said, wishing the guest to come again, or as a guest, wishing that I can come again, before leaving, as host and guest, we both would just sit along each other on the couch by the door in silence for some minutes, if my memory is correct. We had some ideas to fulfill in the future, but he just passed away the next year. He had been aware of his his illness, but didn’t reveal to anyone but one colleague. He was thinking to organize an exhibition of Xiongnu….

    Thanks to Valiant, Lida for stating this tread of family stories, then Suzanne, Leonid, yours also have been reverberating in my mind. Thanks to Nando, our very magical angel who can finally make our precious Brianna present her beautiful self again. Dear Robin, your stories are always so fascinating, too, as you are as well such a awesome story teller. Dear DAVE, how are you, please….please give us some words to know that you are OK. How precious you are to US, please must take care !!!

    Dear Mary, thank you so much for sharing all these warm questions which have as well haunting me all my life. Even this very week, I not only once felt frustrated and wondered as you how can all these very cruelty be tolerated by. I guess…the ultimate creator is exploring all the possibilities as well. After having created, the possibilities become somehow unknown even uncontrollable ? If I didn’t realize that we are to do some great thing to make this cosmos better, I would rather that I have never existed. I’m already so bored with all the mundane games, all patterns.

    Dear all, including the ones that I didn’t name above, please take care. I know this is not an easy transition at all. I only want you know how much you all are appreciated and embraced !!!

    In the end of this comment, it might be worth sharing a video…I treat it as a “version”…

    For neutralizing my relative negativeness and weakness…may this melody bring you all some nice mood and perspectives to you all…

  6. Boy it’s great, just GREAT to see you guys starting to talk again !!!
    Yey 🙂
    Nando, beautiful. It’s reading your comment that gave me this reaction.
    So, to paraphrase you, Big Abrazos to everyone ❤
    Keep talking, keep sharing 🙂

  7. Hi everyone! Thanks for this great post, as usual, dear Dreamwalker, Bill and Lida. Thank you for everything. I’ve been reading you guys all these long months and it feels like family, of course not literally (family is quite a word to use so lightly!), but in the sense of feeling closer, just a little bit more with every new post, every new week. I enjoy reading your words more than writing actually, so mostly I do just that, but from time to time is good to participate and let you know how much I appreciate this space, because it brings all of us together. This connection is meaningful [significativa] for me. Abrazos a todos! [Hugs everyone!]

  8. Dear Bill & Lida, what a journey your mothers side of the family endured. I myself can trace my grandfather on my fathers side back to the Ukraine. He was one of 3 who survived out of 13 brothers and sisters who were killed in there house aswell as there parents my great grand parents – by the Nazi’s. My father was born in west Germany in a camp – and came here to Australia at age 7. My grandfather was being transported by ship from one camp to another before my father was born – my grandfather was put in a camp at age 14 after seeing 10 of his brothers/sisters killed infront of him and his parents. He was sent to Siberia to the Gulag. While being transported on this ship it was bombed by the americans and all went into the water.. was thousands. dreadful. My Grandfather survived by hanging onto a piece of floating debri trying to ignore the fact that sharks were eating most of the survivors and drifted for like a day or 2 before he woke up in a hospital bed being interrogated by germans. He had learnt there language throughout his life of improsnment and spoke german acting as german. He was released and got the hell out of there – eventually ending up in Australia. There is a lot of things that happened in between which ill never know but I cant believe what he went through – the amount of suffering. I am named after him.

    • Another incredible story Leonid!! So glad you shared that with us. It is truly amazing how we all survived this, isn’t it? It is what has made us strong and appreciative of the things we have. It is why we have survived, to let others know that it can be done…sometimes with some luck, and ‘someone’ looking out for us.

      These days are tough, and they will get tougher. Some won’t make it because they will give in, or give up. It happens. Sadly.
      We can help them to endure by sharing our courage and strength. Guess that is why we made it after all!

      People often ask why the many who were persecuted didn’t fight back…this memory also told them why. Because they were beaten down so much, and another ‘enemy’ took advantage of that situation. We must remember that too, because that is also happening now. If we recognize that, we can handle it better…for us…for others. So we can endure. Persevere.
      We CAN do this.
      Never give up!
      Never surrender.
      And we will make it!

      Thank you Leonid,

      • Dear Lida,
        Thank you for your warm embrace of my personal family history on my fathers side. I rarely speak of this with others but felt more than compelled to share it with everyone here – as Bills story and your own are so similar in many ways. It really is amazing what our familys endured during the world war’s. So much it makes you learn to really appreciate every day as it comes – and every moment really too. I am very much so looking forward to Bills next post and more to come. They have become a very personal source of joy, courage, inspiration and wisdom. I know truth when I come across it, my higher self simply just knows.. Bills story of contact with Tellus and the majestic beings like Ceres, Varence, Brishan, Bri’el & many more.. told from the first hand perspective of the experiencer (Bill) is absolutely pivotal especially for those who are awake and familiar with our solar system’s true history. Bill has shared some of the most amazing accounts ever recorderd on earth for which I am very grateful and feel very lucky to have learnt about. Thank you Again,

        • What a beautiful response Leonid!!
          It only shows how we are truly ‘related’, and not just genetically, but in spirit!

          I just showed this to Bill, and as he read it a huge glowing smile spread over his face!
          Your words meant so much to him. He always wonders how his message affect the people who read them, for most don’t respond. But yours was eloquent and very touching!

          Please everyone, do not fret…I do show him all your comments. The stories and feelings you share keep him going…knowing that they DO matter to his readers, so please don’t be shy! There are so many wonderful, genuine people here to share with!

          One day, he will surprise you all and pop in and leave a reply…on those days when he is “inbetween” his writings. Then he takes a few days off, to recoup and receive more info. It is quite a process for him, like a daily job, but so much more meaningful.

          Oh to be a fly on the wall when he meets these beings from Tellus. It really makes my visualizations soar! And my hopes going…
          …and he tells it so well, doesn’t he?

          Anyway…before I babble too much, I shall retire for the evening. It is after 10 pm here in New Jersey. So I wish you all well and good night!
          Until next time…

  9. I have these Synchronicity happen so often this past year where i will have a dream or read see speak of something and then there it is in black and white a few minutes or hours later. My father and Brother were visiting this morning and we were talking about family on my mothers mothers side. My grandmothers fathers side and i asked Dad if he remembers when my grandmother went to visit behind the iron curtain. He vaguely remembers something about it but it was a long time ago. I remember hearing Czechoslovakia mentioned and her going to see family.I was very young, I could not understand why as my great grandfather i know was from Russia and had fled by ship at age 11 the authorities were after him for some reason. then landing in San Francisco in 1906 i think it was. He then changed his name on arriving in New Zealand. His first name was Alexander, no one it seems knew his past although i have a feeling my Grandmother did but it was kept secret. I have the sense that there is something in this line that has been kept quiet for many years. I keep feeling this push to have DNA testing to see where my family originated from, then i wonder whether that is the right thing to do. I know there is a link to Germany because he lived among the community and i have the feeling that he may also have been Jewish or of Jewish descent. I do not know if any of this makes sense it has just been a part of me for as long as i can remember. The UFO fear was very real as a child to the point i could not sleep would be frozen unable to move to seeing shadows in my room. The nights i would huddle on my bed looking to the stars looking for something, feeling something. These days i feel confused my mind will not allow me to relax my center feels stretched in my minds eye i see elastic man. I have also heard audible sound, drum beats, music that i have not heard before and i am again being woken by knocking on the door and find there is no one there on the occasion that i will get up and go see who is there. I do not know if any of this makes sense to anyone here but i thought i would share. Thank you Lida and Bill for sharing your family story it has me think of the Russian royal family that endured such brutality also and the death of all members.

    • That is interesting Suzanne! We still have pieces missing from our family history. Every so often someone comes into my life, or Bill’s now, who has a piece or two.
      And it is a big surprise every time. So if you really want to know…then never stop telling your story, so you too, can find the missing pieces.
      I will print your comment out for Bill, so he can see it too. And also my daughter, his sister…who is also named Lida. (by the way…Lida is ‘short’ for Ludmila. It was my Mother’s name, and my Grandmother’s)

      During the Russian war, when my Grandfather actually fought alongside the Russians, (early 1900’s), he was wounded at one point and hospitalized. During his hospital stay, somewhere in Russia, the Tsarina came to visit the wounded soldiers. She brought her daughter Anastasia with her. Both met and spoke with all the solders and thanked them. It was not long after that, that the Tsar and his family were killed in the revolution. It was rumored that Anastasia, and possibly her brother, Alexander were secreted away and spared! To Paris? America? Australia? No one knows.

      My Mother had the letter he wrote to his wife during that war. I saw it. He was gone 7 years. She thought he had died because she never heard from him. Then one day he came home. She was outside. He walked through the gate and she passed out from shock.

      His name was Vaclav. He was a Colonel in the Czech Cavalry.

      So, absolutely…never stop asking. And one day you will know for sure.
      Remembering is very cathartic, but emotional.
      Never forget your family….they are part of you always! Just like your current family will always be also.


      • Anastacia, or anyway the woman who claimed to be her first appeared in Romania, where stayed a while. I remember stories from Granny. They hosted her, tried to help. It was a mess of refugees fleeing from Russia then. Fleeing the Bolsheviks.

  10. Thank you VALIANT and to you Lida. Painful stuff to share so openly. My condolences.

    I’ve had a pretty rough week of it. I “SEE” through the eyes of others…so much abuse happening…and the other night…well…It was your relative…so sorry that happened to her. But, yes, it was survival and she learned to endure it. So sickening to have to go through such degradation.

    My family fled over here from Scotland it was a war but I don’t remember now the name of it…something about the Protestants and the Catholics vying for power and territory. My family left. I descended from Mary queen of Scots, this was confirmation for me. The symbolism in my dreams the past year indicated being related via the mother’s side. Charlemagne keeps coming up for me.

    Great video Bill…one of Bon Jovi’s that I’ve never heard. I’m not a big fan his music, but that was a good one. The SIDEWINDER…Boy! Does that bring back memories!

    And…We can’t forget WESTGAURD PASS now can we??? 😉 ❤

    (H is a symbol for ORION…notice it is on the two people who kneel before the Hierophant in the TAROT deck, as well as HAGALAZ which means Hail, Stone, Chaos…)

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