Valiant: Knock Knock…The Hour Glass…Earth Adam…Earth Eve…

*SONG* “Sarah” by Starship

There are people that say that this
Is an age without reason…
Quite the contrary, there is reason.
The one thing that is clear is that things
Were divided long ago…The only thing
More apparent is that true colors
Are shining now…
The masks are coming off, the secrets
Are coming out…and the justice will
Be found for those brave enough
To admit what they believe and dream for…
And are willing to work for it.

Shower down like rain, a rain of light
The circle forms and there they are at once
Again…The Beautiful Ceres,
I apologize, I have to state she is a vision
Every time, because every time I see her
Feels like the very first time…and it’s
Stunning, mind boggling.
And alongside her, the handsome young
Valerius…who seems very much like a
Polite version of Varence.

“Now that’s an observation I never thought
Words for.” Ceres laughed at my description
As she sat down and smiled beside me.
“Somewhat bold yet kind words for…him.”

Then Valerius sat beside me, on my left, as
Before…holding THAT book. He smiled. “And
To be kind,” he said adding to my words.
“If you are going to believe in a dream
And chase it, work for it…be kind. Kindness
Is very important.”

Ceres’ smile became a bit sly as she gently
Brushed her golden hair over her shoulder. “He
Is very young. Yes, kindness is very
Important…But there is one thing you
Must also remember…Don’t exhaust yourself
With kindness to the point that you
Can’t chase your dream at all.” She
Paused for a moment to find the words.
“Be kind, but keep going…or that
Kindness will become a trap that others
Will take advantage of.”

“So, you’re saying don’t waste your time
Being too kind?” Valerius asked her

“No,” Ceres said. “I’m saying be kind, but
Keep going. This is about a mission, Valerius.
Not a school for every little thing…Remember
These stories serve a purpose…The book
Knows the timing and the reason…”

“It is interesting.” Valerius said to me. “This
IS my very first assignment.”

“Is that a good thing?” I asked them…
“For a first job…you come here?”

“It is part of the…process.” Ceres explained.
“How Valerius reacts to this…There is great
Truth to be found in the wisdom of
Innocence…remember that.”


She nodded and pointed to the book, the Hour
Glass, “Valerius, begin…show him. Please,
Show him now.”

Her words and tone were like ethereal
Commandments. At once Valerius
Did as she instructed, held out the book
Before me…us…And before I could wonder
Silently…the pages were glowing, and
Images…pictures, words…
And feelings poured through.

Here the story came alive…Once again
To a familiar tale…one seen long ago
When the men of the Adam ship collided
With the women of the Eve ship…And
Their first meeting became a battle
In space and a teen-like romance of first-time
Love on the surface…
For the men had never seen women
Before, and likewise the women never
Had seen men…It was a destined
Meeting of a natural bond between the
Sexes re-forming between two slave ships
Of single sex environments…Where humans
Had become genetically bred tools…
Programmed with knowledge, ethics,
Misconceptions and prejudices…

For long ago in its natural state in
A distant part of the universe…The
Human being was once a free soul…
Whose nature was one of loving kindness,
Sensitivity, ingenuity and clairvoyance…
But tragedy conquered the old homeworlds
Of humans by a Dark Empire…enslaving
Some to be pawns peddling the farming
Of scattered viable planets across the
Universe…While the remaining free humans
Fled and colonized a new homeland star
System…echoing a magical epic legend
Of 7 sisters and a mighty king…
But it was here upon the unlikely
Ground of a Terra farmed planet that
Adams and Eves were to reclaim
A momentary taste of freedom to build
A world of chance…

But this was written in the stars, this
Tale of Adam and Eve…That the tragedy
That so many races suffered could challenge
Fate…challenge the Dark Forces…by
Creating something new…A child race that
Might one day conquer their conquerors…
If only ears would listen and eyes
Would see…and some would learn by past
Mistakes not to let history repeat itself…
Bet this is a gamble still being
Played…But perhaps with these stories
The right ones will rise to reclaim
Birthright by solving ancient riddles…

The Hour Glass commands the pen and
Harnesses the mind to work this way…
Paint the pictures and song of the lost
Spirit with words and tell it…Now is the time…

Recall the tales of the Adam ship…
The bonds of friendship and love found
Among the men Hollis and Jansen, Jonath
And Janeth…but remember the corruption
That came with the Adams…all blessings
Carry curses too…

And recall the tale of the Eves…by
The women Sara and Nira and the bonds
They found with these men…This is their
Story of the first men and women of
Earth…One family group of many
Forged in the Ancient Eden Earth…

Dismiss the doubts and questions to embrace
The story to feel it…or the meaning
Will be lost. The purpose of the Hour Glass
Weaves the tales in motion for a reason…
See the story and climb the path
With words to see the light at the end…

The Adams and Eves had forged small
Tent villages across a fertile shore…
By a sea now known as the Mediterranean.
There was much dismay in those first
Days when women found men again…

The first Eves were strong women, of
Great strength in mind, body and spirit.
They were not weak women, they were
Wonder women…Far stronger than they
Looked. While they were fair and beautiful
And dark of skin, they were quite
Physically stronger than the men. They
Were designed this way as prime stock for
Producing the finest embryos…

The men were designed also to be of
Prime form. Tall, blond, fit and versatile…
But intensely programmed in their nature
To be fixed thinkers…obedient, loyal, loyal
To duty…but savage with desire. For
Desire keeps the heart burning intensely
Alive…And the greatest secret unknown
To the Adams was that these men were
Designed to be studied for the energies
Their passions produced chemically
Within their minds and bodies…You see
The men were not only Adams that
Harvested fuel from planets for the
Masters…But the Adams were bred to be
Fuel themselves. The larger brains of
The men produced a rare supernatural
Fuel source of hormones unknown to them
Which is why they never questioned their
Lifestyles or controlled termination…

The men were in all aspects fuel…And
The women were in all aspects…
Bred to create new forms of life…These
Two secret dynamics would serve as the
Foundation for a very rare new world…
Learn from this and grow with it.

Build this picture in your mind. Feel
The words, don’t read them. Jansen’s and
Sara’s attraction brought this unit of
Adams and Eves together…as it did in
Many other group types…But in the
Beginning, not at first, it was not simply
Man and woman. They didn’t know
Each other…It was programmed in their
Primal core of instincts to be wary of
The opposite sex…The attractions were
Primarily emotional at first, the physical
Came second…Exploration of these feelings
Led to the exploration of each other,
And then by accident copulation…over
And over again with the Adams and Eves.

But for some the old ways could not be
Swayed, could not be broken. Some men
Never trusted women, and likewise some
Women never trusted men…and so, loyal
Pair bondings took time to create.

As with Hollis, he only knew love for his
Jansen…Perhaps a lifetime of pain and
Struggle trapped him this way…or set him
Free…for as the universe says, the
Suffering of the heart unto each is its
Own mystery…There is no reason to a
Troubled heart, only that it aches and
Yearns for its cure. Passion fuels its
Fire to keep it alive…But love is the
Poison that dwells there…for love is like
A poison and the only cure…So when
The heart that knows no reason
But the poison finds its cure, it never
Lets it go…The cure is true love,
A soul dance unlike any other. And
When this rare gift is found it never
Forgets and never lets it go…

The love song of the soul always
Repeats itself over and over throughout
Time, throughout lifetimes…throughout
The universe. Your true love never forgets
You. Remember that. And it’s important
To believe that…Because faith and
Belief is a powerful magnet for the lock
To find its lost key…

Again, paint the picture in the mind…
Keep it clean and bright…Feel the

Hollis and Jansen made this tent
A home with Sara and her Nira…
But lifelong bonds of friendship kept
Jonath and Janeth with them too…
It was quite a large bed…that two
Couples shared as Jonath and Janeth
Slept apart from them…nearby.
Until the day came that Nira was
Lured by curiosity to lay with Jonath
And Janeth then…

This was not at all a carnal den of
Pleasures…It was more like friends
Simply sleeping together, nothing more.

In the beginning this is how it was
With relationships and family units…
Monogamy of pairs came much later,
Save for those rare couples of true love…

But it is here where the story needs to
Be told of how Adam and Eve found
Its first union in Jansen and Sara…
The purpose in telling this will become
Clear later…

It was on a clear and starry night that
There was trouble finding rest in
This tent…Sara was sick with some
Strange illness that kept everyone

Hollis had become very quiet in the
First days in their new home…and would
Often sit and stare up and into the stars
Until his mind found no other peace but
To sleep…This new life was hard on him…
And after a wild and reckless life
He found no greater peace
Then being with Jansen…But Jansen
Was torn by this strange powerful
Bond to Sara…so the group
Compromised by living as a group together,
None could be without the other…

Hollis stood outside the tent in his shorts
Staring at the stars…The cool breeze
Of a tropical night soothing his nerves…

Then Jansen went looking for him and
Found him there… “Are you alright?” He
Asked, joining his side as he folded his arms
Across his bare chest in the breeze…They
Still dressed as they always did, their
Uniform shorts for bed; some habits
Never change. “You’re out here alone

“I’m fine.” Hollis smiled. “How is Sara?”

Jansen could sense the slight coldness
In his voice when Hollis said her name,
But he ignored it…He knew her name
Hurt him, he hated it but couldn’t fight.
All of these powerful attractions were
So new… “Nira is still with her. She is
Examining her. They are afraid she may
Have the fever some of the others had
From this new world.”

“Will she be alright?” Hollis asked a bit
Numb. He forced himself to care.

“I hope so.” Jansen said. “I am worried
For her…She’s afraid.”

“The Eves are strong.” Hollis sighed. “Far
Stronger than us. I am sure she will
Recover…And they still have this equipment—“

“She bothers you that much?” Jansen
Asked looking down. “You know I don’t
Want to hurt you…but—“

“I understand.” Hollis said. “Believe me
I have no right to make demands…not after
The things I did…to have you with me
Is all that matters. I won’t lose you.”

“You endure all this…for me?” Jansen
Asked. “No matter how you feel…You
Can talk to me, you know you can tell
Me anything. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You aren’t hurting me. I see how you
Feel, it’s in your face, in your eyes.” Hollis
Said looking around. “It’s this place…
This strange new world. I won’t lie
And say I wish we never found it…
That it could be just you and me…
But then life on that ship wasn’t
Living…” He gestured to the open air,
To the greenery and scenery, “Maybe
This is how it was meant to be…
Where we came from long ago…men,
Women…They must have lived this
Way together…Yet I can’t help feeling
What I feel.”

“I don’t want to hurt you.” Jansen
Said heavily, his emotions were tearing
Him apart…his powerful devotion and
Love for Hollis…matched with this powerful
New love and need for Sara. “I don’t
Know what to do…”

Hollis put his arm around him. “Look
At me,” he said waiting for Jansen
To look into his eyes. “As long as I’m
With you…I’m happy…I am.”

“I won’t ever leave you.” Jansen cried.
“I won’t.”

Hollis held him tighter. “Then I’m happy.”

This was a strange new life style
For all of them. In every tent there
Were similar dramas…men and women
Finding and fighting new attractions…
It was a powerful lesson to learn…
There are no rules or limits with
Attractions…There was however one
Universal law with love, the
Greatest power was always found
And held between two…

The meaning here is simple…Confusion
In these matters has been a part
Of the Adams and Eves since the
Beginning…When the trouble brews
Of indecision, consider where love
Dwells the strongest…Or both
Will destroy and consume you.

Hollis wanted to confess more of his
Deepest feelings to his beloved partner,
But before he could Nira was there.

She stepped out of the tent into
The night air looking pale, in shock.
She was trying to form words but

“Is Sara alright?” Jansen asked her fast.

Hollis studied her weary face. “Is she?”

“I have examined her thoroughly,”
Nira nearly groaned the words.

“And?” Hollis asked.

“All the tests, all the signs say the
Same thing.” Nira explained. “Sara
Is pregnant.”

“What?!” Jansen exclaimed.

“Like the animals we have seen around us…
She shows all the signs…”

“The animals?” Hollis asked confused.

“Yes,” Nira said with wide eyes,
“It’s hard to explain…We, the Eves,
Have never experienced…pregnancy…
We have studied it in animals, but
Never in our bodies before. She is
Definitely pregnant.”

“So she’s not sick,” Jansen said with
Relief, “This isn’t some disease or

“No.” Nira sighed, but still remained
In a state of shock.

“How did this happen?” Jansen asked
Strangely, at which Hollis and Nira
Both looked at him with fascination. “I
Mean I did not realize the Eves
Could get pregnant…like this. We, the
Adams, have never experienced it before either.”

“Well obviously we aren’t much
Different than animals.” Nira explained
With a wave of her hand. “We have
Been sued to artificial reproduction…
This natural method is new for us…
But obviously it can happen.”

Suddenly Janeth stepped outside, he
Was still fully dressed in his old uniform.
He had been up late assisting Nira with
Her examination of Sara’s condition.
His expression was quirky as he looked
At his friend Jansen. “You just had
To be the first to expose us to this, didn’t

“You mean this is going to happen a
Lot?” Jansen asked without thinking.
He immediately saw the flaw in his

“Yes, of course it’s going to continue
To happen.” Janeth replied sarcastically
Wiping his eyes. “Are you thinking at all?”

Hollis put his hand on Jansen’s shoulder
Protectively. “Don’t yell at him, Janeth.
He didn’t know.”

“You put men and women together
For the first time, what did you think
Would happen?” Janeth snapped. “Did
You think they would simply point and
Stare and not do anything?”

“This whole process is very naïve.” Nira
Agreed. “No matter what our experiences
Are…This is an adolescent development…
We can expect more pregnancies…”

“How is this going to work?” Jansen

“If you are going to continue asking
Dumb questions perhaps we should sterilize
You to avoid further accidents.” Janeth
Snapped. “Sara is going to produce

“I mean what will it be like?”
Jansen defended. “What is this…pregnancy
Going to be like for her?”

Nira shook her head, considered the data
She and Janeth had been studying.
“Anywhere from 9 to 10 months.”

“And then it will come out?” Jansen

Janeth frowned with frustration. “No, it
Will stay inside her like the embryonic
Chambers on the ship for fifteen years.
Yes it will come out! Man, how are you
Able to think?”

Hollis scowled at Janeth. “we are all
Wondering a lot of questions. Will you try
To control yourself.”

“I’m sorry,” Janeth sighed. “This is just
New…I confess I am concerned at the
Data we have been reviewing. Her hormone
Levels are so erratic. And we have
Really nothing to compare it to. We
Don’t know what to expect.”

There was a brief pause as they
Pondered the situation. Then Nira
Kindly nodded to Jansen. “You should
Go and see her. She wants to see you.”

Together they went inside and went
To the bed where they found Sara laying
Neatly stretched on the bed she shared
With Jansen and Hollis…She appeared
Dazed, yet happy…staring blankly
Across the tent. As they surrounded
Her around the bed, she smiled. “Did
They tell you?” She asked staring among
Their confused faces. “I’m pregnant.”

“How do you feel?” Jansen asked her
Carefully as he knelt beside her. He had
Truly developed strong feelings for her
That were powerful, new and indescribable.
“Are you alright?”

“Of course I’m alright.” Sara said
A little sarcastically. “I’m pregnant, not

Her response made him a little uneasy
As they all looked at each other

“But how do you feel?” Jansen asked
Her with concern. “Are you nervous,

Sara scowled. “Should I be? Is there
Something you’re not telling me?”

“No, I was just worried about you.” Jansen
Said. “You’ve been sick, we didn’t know

“It’s a pregnancy not a disease.” Sara
Said, then paused. “You think this
Could be dangerous? Is something wrong?
Is that why it made me sick? There is
Something wrong, isn’t there? Is this going
To kill me? Is this pregnancy abnormal?
Is that why I got sick? There’s something
Wrong and you’re not telling me, isn’t
There?” Sara became angry. “Tell me.”

They all froze and eyed each other
Uncomfortably…Her behavior was a
Bit off, Sara was normally very calm
And collected.

Nira and Janeth looked at each other
And then to Hollis and Jansen. “Her
Hormone levels are extreme right now,
We believe this may make her responses

“She was fine before.” Hollis commented.

“Why are you all looking at me that way?”
Sara insisted. “You’re keeping secrets from me.”

“Everything is fine.” Nira assured her,
Going to sit beside her on the bed. “But
Your hormone levels are elevated.”

“We are all just fascinated and
Confused at the same time.” Janeth told her.
“It’s just new.”

“No, you are acting strangely.”
Sara began to panic. “Something is

“No, you are just a little paranoid.” Nira
Assured her again, patting Sara’s hand. “No, that’s
Just new that’s all.”

“What aren’t telling me?” Sara insisted.

“You’re all staring at me.” Sara
Said again.

“With concern.” Nira said.

“Perhaps we should enlist mood
Stabilizers to her…to keep her from
Getting upset.”

Sara eyed Janeth wickedly. “What are
You saying Janeth?” Sara snapped.
“That I’m insane? That I’ve lost my mind?”

“Not at all.” He answered. “But we do not
Know how this will affect your body and mind.”

“I’m fine.” Sara growled then turned to Jansen.
“Are you happy about this? Or do you
Think I’ve lost my mind too?”

“No, I don’t, I don’t think—“ He began to say.

“Sara…” Nira begged. “Please calm

“I’m fine. Stop staring at me.
Are you happy now?” She growled at
Janeth. “Look at me.”

“That’s not what I mean?”
Jansen asked, hurt and confused. “I
Would never harm you!”

Then Janeth starting patting him on the back.
“You’ll be fine. She’s fine. It’s alright.”

“Listen to you…” Sara snapped. “You
All sound crazy…” She started waving
Her hands. “Get out, get out now!”
She pointed to the men first, especially
Jansen and Janeth. “Get out! Get out!”

They hung their heads low in defeat
And retreated, quietly and quickly
Disappearing from her sight. But as soon
As they were gone she turned to Nira
Very kindly, even timid…then started to
Cry… “Can you believe this? He left!”
Sara cried to Nira over Jansen. “He left
Me! He must hate me! Am I awful?
Am I ugly? What did I do wrong? Is
He coming back? Is there something
Wrong with me? Tell me!”

Nira patted her on the hand then squeezed
Tight. “You need to calm down…If we’re
Going to get through this…you have to
Listen to me.”

But Sara’s fits only continued to
Worsen as time went on…as her
Friends and now new family grew
Ever more frustrated with the pressure
As they shared in the stress of
Her new pregnancy…Until the men
Literally hid from her and Nira
Became taxed with patience herself.

Then finally the delivery came after
Just over 9 months…A painful
Process that terrified them…It was
A great relief…for them to see the
Healthy happy boy she delivered…
They named him Adam…At which Sara
And the others rejoiced…at seeing him
And said… “At least now the hard
Part is over.”

Oh did they have a lot ahead of them,
As more women became pregnant…
Though each reacted very differently
With symptoms…It was an epic beginning
For the first children…something they never
Knew and would forever learn to
Understand that having a child was
The greatest, laborious job of all…
That never ended…no matter
What age…no matter how old they
Were…A comedy of errors and moods,
That tested the most advanced minds…
It often took nearly a village to
Raise just one small child. A lesson
They would forever keep improving on…

And the book began to stop glowing…
The images and pictures and feelings

“That’s it?” I said to them. “That’s
All it’s going to show me?”

“That’s all it feels the need to
Show you.” Ceres answered.

“What are people going to say to
That?” I asked. “I’m not sure I
Even know why it would show me
That now?”

“Obviously it’s something it feels
You need to know…that
Others need to recognize or hear
Now…Things may be starting small
Or mysteriously and new…but
That doesn’t mean they are in
Any way easy or predictable…
That first child was a mystery,
That came with many surprises…
Moods…tests and rewards…to raise something…
Maybe that’s what it’s preparing you
For…Maybe that’s what it’s
Warning you about.”

Valiant Thor





  1. Wow….TOO amazing, AWESOME, LOVING, TALENTED, BEAUTIFUL, all you ABOVE. How ashamed I’m that I didn’t make good sense until. Nevertheless, that LOVE & KINDNESS are almost making me cry. Robin…wow…you are such a legendary woman, just like the fantastic one walking out of the novel or fiction. To Dreamwalker (Troy), this links or even integration, including the picture of this weekend’s dreamlight invitation are so magical, as well as what Suzanne and Barb just link up on this board. So….how much blessings, support, and love that Valiant own in fact!!!

    thanks to

    • Thank you Feilla ❤ ❤ ❤

      Also as you mentioned 555 I am seeing this everywhere right now too. There were 3 traffic cones placed near the back of a disabled car along the road… each cone had the number 5 on them! The ID on the support ticket? 555… number of emails…. 555… and so on…

      So positive changes ahead… don't let our current situation make you think otherwise! Focus on the blessings in your life – even the "bad" things can be celebrated as Diversity of Experience (as much as we might dread them at the time…). I know being in good company here I have many blessings ❤

      I recall that Valiant's posts were called the Thunders… and then the Bell Tolls… now I have a better understanding of this reference 🙂

      Another Valiant thing – In the dreamflight image this week, there is a painting of Adam and Eve… and on the other side "God"… wearing an interesting uniform… (so are priests wearing starfleet uniforms???)

  2. Hell’s Bells, Jingle Bells… I think you’re right on the money Feilla and Robin 🙂

    Even with this thing there is a “dark” and “light” side…

    Zuzu Bailey: “Look, Daddy. Teacher says, every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings”. -It’s a Wonderful Life

    Buddhism… the thunderbolt and the bell…

    Perhaps this is the time where the “evil spirits” can be chased out of their hiding places to begin life anew… ❤

  3. Me…strange that the very term “BELL” in my native language has been so persistently occurring to me. There was even a very minority a Nomad which was called with that term. Sorry for having to referring in a relatively obscure way….. Pity that the very symptoms of short-circuited are comping up again, I cannot but charge the pictures as follow with the very alchemy !!!

    I somehow has an impression…BELLS are EXORCIST !!! I just typed two very key words…then I got these….

    Photo by Henrik Nilsson on Fivehundredpx
    This picture is reminding me of my May 1st 2016. I just tried looking for the concerned stories or symbolic meaning as a review, and happened to find this one.

    source :

    The First of May is a Public Holiday in France, officially known as La Fête du Travail (National Labour Day) but also called La Fête du Muguet (Lily of the Valley Day).

    The Romance – Lily of the Valley on May Day

    It is a tradition on this day to offer a sprig of lily-of-the-valley (“muguet” in French) to loved ones, and in the week leading up to May Day you can buy bunches of this fragrant spring flower in every florist and most supermarkets, either as cut flowers or as plants in pots.

    Ever since its introduction from Japan to Europe in the Middle Ages, lily-of-the-valley had been regarded as a lucky charm by the Celtic folks.

    The French tradition of giving lily-of-the-valley flowers on May Day is supposed to have begun on May 1st, 1561, when King Charles IX of France was presented with a bunch of lily-of-the-valley flowers as a token of luck and prosperity for the coming year. History does not record who it was that presented the king with this perfumed gift, but he took a shine to this idea and began the custom of presenting lily-of-the-valley flowers to the ladies of his court each year on May 1st.

    There was also an old European tradition of “bals de muguet” or Lily-of-the-Valley dances; once a year, this was a rare occasion for young singles to meet without having to get parents’ permission. The girls would dress in white and the boys would wear a sprig of muguet as a buttonhole.

    From around 1900, it became traditional in France for men to present a bouquet of lily-of-the-valley flowers to their sweethearts to express their love and affection. Nowadays “muguet” flowers are also given as a general token of appreciation between close friends and family members.

    Workers’ Rights – Labour Day in France

    On 1 May 1886 at Chicago, the American Unions began a campaign for an 8-hour working day. A strike paralyzed the factories and there was rioting and violent demonstrations – 12 people including 5 policemen were killed in a bomb explosion on the 4th March and 5 anarchists were later sentenced to death.

    In 1889, the 2nd International Socialists meeting in Paris chose 1 May as the day to commemorate and continue the fight for an 8-hour day, in memory of the Chicago events.

    Labour Day Poster

    Strange that…as I has shared, that 8 looks in fact just like our ancient script of 5, and I’m so used to see 55, or 555 the last two weeks.
    From 1890 the Socialist movement adopted a red triangle to symbolise their objective: 8 hours work, 8 hours sleep, 8 hours of leisure. This symbol was later replaced by the wild rose, then in 1907 by a sprig of muguet.

    Dear Robin, thanks for giving me such a very object !!! Suzanne, thanks again for your magical words and video ; Barb (Spiritwalker), so great to have more glance over the magic of/via Gooberz. Amber, I went and have ever stayed in that chamber when it was still in restoration. Dear Dreamwalker, Dave, I just cannot praise enough for your being !!! My precious ones, please call it and write to…

    • “I AM AS THE LILLY OF THE VALLEY”…Song of Solomon/Song of Songs

      The Lilly of the Valley is also a symbol of the Magdelene, as is the Rose…seems the Lady of the Cup, MAY have been working behind the scenes in Chicago…eh? Chicago isn’t called “The WINDY City” for nothing! 😉 ❤ Lol!

      Too bad my "work" was interfered with, as I was in the process of making a wonderful scented oil from the fragrant flowers. "He" mouthed off so much during the process… the lilies turned BLACK! That was NOT a good sign! I had to throw it out. (l burned the oil away in a wheelbarrow actually. Long story…)

      Bells are rung in churches and cathedrals to drive away evil, Feilla. So Bells are indeed, very exorcistic!

      May 1st, is May Day/Beltane… a time to celebrate fertility and sensual love. 888 the numbers of Christ.

      I can't help but notice the Madonna's Oriental/Asian like features! The guardian of the infant in the "STONE CRADLE"? According to the story behind the painting of "Madonna Oriflamma"…it is upon the Former Temple of Isis, which is on location below the Tour de Magdela at Rennes-le-Chateau, which sits upon the Rose Line ( a ley line,) that connects Girona, Spain, St. Sulpice, and Rennes-le-Chateau… in a TRIANGLE…the Alchemical symbol of FIRE! Another little secret here…the tour is a "TOWER OF THE WINDS".




  4. I love you guys. I hope everyOne is having a good week! Yes, let’s have Christmas in July!!!! Robin, I’m up to Canto 7! I read Canto 11 1st, as suggested, good one. I’d been a fun of Linda Goodman all these years and never read Gooberz?! Now I know why I had to wait and read it now, Canto 7 is beginning to explain things. Answers to riddles comes in both songs….and words….S-words…..of truth….breaking old paradigms….especially in great big shifts of the ages.

    I’ve been having a little brown bird trying to get into my house for about 2 1/2 weeks now, almost non-stop she tries. She even greets me at the window on the porch that’s opposite my front door, or my kitchen window, when I get up in the morning and start my morning routine. I’m Mused and aMused…..with some help from my friends.

    • Wonderful Barb! I felt the same. I’d heard of the book prior to her publishing of it, but never got around to reading it. I’m with you…I wouldn’t have really “gotten it”. I am amazed now, at just how enlightened she really was! If only I had access to some of the same materials that she had. I have FAITH over Hope, but it’s the patience I lack…9 years??? Come on! I’m tired of all my close friends thinking I’m “obsessed”.

      As far as books go…now I’m just wanting to get a copy of Patrice Chaplin’s, “Mr. Lazarus” and “The Portal”. I know these things are the past, past life in my case, but I need to understand why I’ve suffered so. Did I fail? Do something wrong? My only “crime”, as far as I recall was loving the man. I doubt VERY MUCH that Miss Denarnaud ever made claims on her deathbed that she had a secret that would pave the region with gold. People! Sheesh! Do they ever get past their base desires?!

      (You’re not the only one that gets upset when “people”, interfere with your work, J.S.U. Are you sure you can complete it without me?)

      You know I need your love,
      You got that hold over me
      Long as I got your love,
      You know that I’ll never leave
      When I wanted you to share my life,
      I had no doubt in my mind
      And it’s been you,
      right down the line
      I know how much I lean on you,
      Only you can see
      Changes that I’ve been through,
      Have left their mark on me
      You’ve been as constant as the northern star,
      The brightest light that shines
      It’s been you,
      right down the line
      I just wanna say this is my way
      Of telling you everything,
      I could never say before
      Yeah this is my way
      of telling you that everyday,
      I’m loving you so much more
      Cause you believed in me
      through my darkest night
      Put something better inside of me,
      You brought me into the light
      Threw away all those crazy dreams, I put them all behind
      And it was you,
      right down the line
      I just wanna say
      this is my way
      Of telling you everything,
      I could never say before
      Yeah this is my way
      of telling you that everyday,
      I’m loving you so much more
      If I should doubt myself,
      If I’m losing ground
      I wont turn to someone else,
      They’d only let me down
      When I wanted you to share my life, I had no doubt in my mind
      And it’s been you,
      right down the line

  5. Good to hear from you Barb. Thanks for re-posting Valiant’s post from Feb. 2015. Sure brings things back into focus, good to review it again.

    Don’t feel alone Feilla. The energies of the most recent full moon were making me so irritable. Headaches behind my eyes, rare for me, even filtered light hurt ! Then I couldn’t sleep, had crazy dreams and felt very heavy in my body. Symptoms passed over about two days ago, but yesterday I noticed a BIG increase in my psychic abilities. It’s kind of scary. Just another step in our evolution I’m sure. Makes it a little easier to bare the pain, knowing it’s part of the process, but…OUCH! Glad I have Mugwort tea to ease the ache.

    MASKS…those are quite impressive pics. The dream I had about QuetzelCoatl…the man in the tomb just prior to resurrecting…he wore two death masks. The outer one was of Jade, the one underneath looked to be made of plaster.The other day after I shared the link about the Silver and Golden Gate the green comet is passing through…I got on the bus and there above me was an ad. with a picture of two masks…One SILVER the other GOLD.


    I’m just trying to figure out now, what CHRISTMAS in this context represents? Winter Solstice? Gift exchange? Holiday like festivities? A celebration? Who knows?!

    Sound the BRASS! LET’S DANCE!

  6. Something that I once thought to share on May 12, 2017 (honestly, I cannot but hesitate to type date, as in CN, we type or write this way, year, month, day ; whereas in FR, day, month, year) ….in the thread of Valiant’s post last week. I didn’t realize until 12 why the TERM just looks so REMARKABLE, or even omnipresent?!

    There are so many web pages that I could not read in time, all released on May 7th.
    I’ve just been wandering I had seen the term, Mask somewhere, but cannot recall where. Further more strange that the very key term persist popping up.
    The very impressive but still forgotten one is…

    As with all major conflicts, the Balkan Wars of the 1990’s was accompanied by large scale theft and looting of cultural treasures. A fascinating example of this phenomenon is a Balkan Celtic golden face mask now in the Burgmuseum in Deutschlandsberg, Austria.

    Such life size golden masks of gold and bronze were created across Europe in the 1st millennium BC; the practice of placing funeral masks on the deceased’s face being particularly common in ancient Macedonia of the sixth and fifth centuries BC. As a constituent part of the grave furnishings, funerary face-masks or golden foliage covering the eyes and mouth have long been known in great numbers from sites such as Trebenište near Ohrid, Beranci near Prilep, Sindos near Thessalonica, and other sites in Macedonia and Halkidiki.

    Golden funeral masks from Trebenište near the ancient city of Lychnidos / Λύχνιδος (modern Ohrid) on the shores of Lake Ohrid in today’s (FYR) Macedonia (6/5 c. BC)

    The history of the discovery of royal golden masks from the necropolis near the villages of Trebenište and Gorenci (10 miles north of Ohrid) has a long tradition. In this necropolis five funerary masks have been found on three separate occasions over the last century. The first two masks were found by accident in the spring of 1918 by Bulgarian soldiers during the occupation of this part of Macedonia. At the height of the military occupation, excavations were carried out by the Bulgarians which revealed seven royal tombs from which the material was removed from Macedonia and taken to the Archeological Museum in Sofia, Bulgaria, where it is still located today.

    In 1919, Macedonia was occupied by the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians (Kingdom of S.H.S.), when part of the lake Ohrid shore with 22 Macedonian villages were transferred to Albania. In 1930-1934, Serbian archaeologist H.Vulić revealed six other royal graves in the same cemetery, and discovered 2 further golden masks, all of which were taken to the Serbian National Museum in Belgrade.

    A 680 g. golden mask discovered in August 2004 in a burial in the Svetitsa tumulus near Kazanlak, Bulgaria (4th c. BC)

    Numerous examples of such human masks have also been found across western Europe. Mostly these are geographically, chronologically and contextually isolated finds of metal masks, such as the bronze masks from Tarbes in the Pyrenees, Blicquy in the Belgian province of Hainaut and Vieil-Evreux; two silver masks from Notre-Dame-d’Allençon, two bronze masks from the Compiègne forest, Garancières-en-Beauce, as well as a tin example from Bath, all belonging to the period of the 4th – 1st c. BC La Tène civilization.

    The Deutschlandsberg mask is 14.7cm high and 11.3cm wide, and made from carefully cut, beaten and filed gold sheet metal. The face has round eyes with accentuated eyelids, a long, well-defined nose and tightly closed lips under which is a strongly defined chin. The arched eyebrows are marked out by numerous cuts running from the middle to the sides; the top of the mask is ornamented by small locks of hair.

    Mac Congail

    One reason for which this kind of golden mask can be so remarkable to me is….I don’t know why but being shown one when doing crystal connection in 2013 or 2014.


    This morning, before waking up, I just dreamed of eating the foods that my mom cooked, as I do confront with the very eating problems or difficulties for months here. How cautious I’m, whatever I eat, I just cannot prevent from the allergy, worse along with the very drying air. I guess I’m not the only one who might have been so impacted by the CME effects, troubled with headaches, being hard to fall asleep, or would wake up during the mid-night. All these inevitably intensify both physical and spiritual fatigue. I hence make few sense of things. So, I cannot but surrender to the flow of Will of Heaven, as I’ve no more strength to struggle to cope with my insufficient mind. Honestly, I cannot help feeling frustrated for being somehow blind and cannot know when I can really finish this very transitional period, being literally upgraded, making more senses and working more sufficiently…All feel like there exist some kind of resistance when having to move the limbs in water, with the very dense physical fatigue and bad view sight.

    Owing to my short-circuited mind, sorry for my aphemia & amnesia like presence. Being a human being, quite imperfect and emotional human being, I understand and appreciate furthermore the very CRYSTALLINE TRANSPARENT BEAUTY that you are manifesting here !!!

  8. source :

    Wow….thank you all ABOVE for the great songs, videos, words, NEWS, all the sharings!!! Today is the lovely MOTHER’S DAY, I first want to address my highest homage to LIDA and all the MOMs here. I guess this BELL TOLLS, is undoubtedly making this as the most wonderful and unforgettable mother’s day for LIDA. Congratulation and praise to Valiant and this nice angel from Brazil as well for making this cover so great, even magical, which seem keeping broadcasting the messages sent from the stars, vibrating our souls. What an amazing interdimentional and intercontinental synergy. Wow….Brazil, magical land, magical angel !!!

    For celebrating this ceremony, we of course need a cake…..

    It might be the Wednesday evening, the very Wesak evening that I thought to raise my head for staring at the full moon. I seemed to see a star whose pink aura was flickering. It looked too extraordinary that I even almost fell down. However, I didn’t as I could imagine as usual, for there seemed some force from an invisible hand just helped neutralize some gravity. That star seemed not a general star….On that way to my residence that evening, what’s haunting my mind is the very solitude of being lost, separated from the family for eons that I even can no longer recall where my/our home was among the stars. I was thinking of you, the precious ones in TRIBE….and I didn’t know what will happen to us….I might be too greedy to want to materialized more…..

    So…I or we might need still some pictures to comfort and heal….

  9. Fantastic! Thanks Lida…the cover art…AMAZING!!! It’s PERFECT!

    (Just a quick note to you, “Fire Man” ❤ I did call…the answering machine picked it up…and I'm sorry you never got my message, but…it's all good. They will never tear us apart. 😉 THEIR TIME is FINISHED. They are eaten up with envy and fear. In a way, I feel sorry for them, but enough is enough! It's OUR TIME now.)

  10. 😀 Hi Lida! I finally was able to “share”, again, too, making progress clearing those hurdles, removing blockages. I was so happy to see his book now available, I hurried up and got that amazon cart filled. My boss gave me $30 worth of amazon gift cards for Admin. Professionals day a couple weeks ago…and this is the gift I chose for myself, I didn’t have a clue what I was going to get…until I saw your news, Lida! I’m going to savor every bit of the new book by Valiant, and Layna (my very good girl sweet puppy dog) gets something to savor too, because of course I had to order her some of her favorite treats (Good N Fun triple flavor kabobs). We shall both be very happy when that amazon order comes. hehe

    • already? you are amazing!!

      and your comment…I will make sure he sees this too.
      He will be tickled. You seem to have ‘understood’ everything!!

  11. Thank you Lida!!! I hope you have a very happy Mother’s Day…you definitely should be a proud MOM!!! hehe I just wrote you this long note to your email, thank you for sending that so we can see the beautiful book cover. I’m not much help sharing images, but I will share my reply to you, because it evolved into something I really want to share with everyone here. Sharing how Bill’s words, and art, activates and inspires me and helps me.

    I wanted to find the name to make sure I had it right of the commander of the Eve ship which ended up having crash landed which started the whole connecting of the “Adams” and “Eves” and our subsequently impacted history and ancestry….by finding a post of Valiant….and I ended up finding one that I believe seriously impacted me when I had first read it. It ties in so well with his last posts, and with what I just wrote, that I want to share that whole post at the end of mine. So others who weren’t reading Valiant two years ago will gain more understanding of current revelations. Back then he had not yet “introduced” Varence and Ceres, and all the “family of Tellus” to us. Yet it is so important in terms of revealing the HUGE bigger picture, especially right now.

    Things may be starting small
    Or mysteriously and new…but
    That doesn’t mean they are in
    Any way easy or predictable…
    That first child was a mystery,
    That came with many surprises…
    Moods…tests and rewards…to raise something…
    Maybe that’s what it’s preparing you

    Wow! Oh my…the cover looks so nice! I get a feeling just by taking a look at the book, there on your kitchen table…it is going to make me feel amazed all the way through reading “The Bell Tolls”. I know I already read the posts but I always wanted to have them all together, and to be in a book form is going to just be awesome. It is totally present in the energy I’m already getting, just seeing this picture, it’s conveying a lot. Like wisdom, and excitement, and truth…all wrapped up in one whole piece. Bill is truly an exceptional conceptual artist through words….and images. What he conceives, and expresses…I so gladly receive!

    Thank you Bill so much, for all that you have given us. It’s a lot and I am grateful for your support through this often strange ride through living life on Earth.

    Thank you Lida, too, for all your support of Bill and of us, his ardent followers! I appreciate you, too, very much. It’s been totally awesome having your understanding and sharing of life, and as Bill’s mom it adds an even deeper meaning and value to his expressions of his understandings and experiences, as well as of everyone he writes about. Your contribution to this made it feel more real and like this is integrated into a very real physical life and world here, with families, and ordeals, both personal and larger picture. You’ve shared a lot with me over the past year, and it helped me to frame this, what Bill offers us, as his Valiant self. It gave me that picture, in my mind, kinda a lot like this picture of Bill’s forthcoming book….that helped me see him as a….well, ahem, a somewhat normal kinda guy, with normal kinda problems and issues to deal with, as well as his sister, and you, and his dad. Thank you for that, Lida, for being so very real, and honest, and just totally transparent. I mean it, I think a lot about you, and it makes me realize we have all these issues, all of us do, and it’s sensible to just see there is a larger reality here, we also belong to, and hear from. It’s like being able to ground with sharing things in common….we all suffer and have challenges….but nobody is saying anybody is higher or lower….we are all on the same playing field….it’s just not level, that’s all. Some have to cope with a lot more ups and downs than others, but we can all help each other by just keeping it real. By sharing what you have with me, about you and your family and what you guys have dealt with, on every level… just helped me to really accept much more that Bill is legitimately trying to convey things that will help us, all of us, by at least understanding more of exactly what we have been dealing with. Those undercurrents, those mysterious things that you sometimes hear about, that don’t make any sense except paranormally….Bill helps put this stuff into focus. Just seeing it more clearly really does help. It always feels, reading Valiant’s posts, that we are taking either baby steps or walking or making giant leaps….in understanding our surroundings…..and that includes our inner surroundings, too. All that affects us….from our distant past history on earth, when life here merged with life from other places, and how such strange change began to be made, from genetics and other influences upon us….all the way through to life and relationships evolving….and how we were brought into such closeness with some, and forged deep bonds, life-lasting, life-after-life lasting, bonds. Bill reveals so much, in every post, it is just amazing and awesome to watch it unfold. Yes, it has lows, we have had lows, and it’s good to know how we aren’t alone in that. It is interesting, seeing these stories, and having things revealed…bit by bit…layer upon layer….truth comes to light. Since we are light beings, it only makes sense that when we seek, we shall find. Bill truly helps those of us who are seeking….to find. Yes, it’s disturbing sometimes, and always when the human lives that have touched the life of Valiant, have their stories revealed through him, yes they leave me in tears. Honestly, sometimes just his posts each week is such a release valve for those flowing tears, but it feels cathartic, too. It feels like knowing, finally knowing, and being a real life, real time (current, correct timeline!!!) participating with him, with you, with all of the ones who are gathered in this current effort….we….are affected, affecting, and effecting…..change. Much, much needed change. Especially in ourselves! As I see it, that is a great thing that Bill does, right there, in these words he puts out for all to see. In that inner world where we absorb Valiant’s energies in his words….we find light….truth…hope…….we are renewed. We can also begin to rise up, to awaken to greater worlds that encompass ours, and also at time, in time, live within ours with us (thank you Varence)….to encourage us, to help us understand, and through us…..and what changes have been wrought in us….we all together are doing something that’s never ever been done before. Not on any scale like this….to take on and take over a dark empire….and turn the Universal Scales….of Justice….into Triumph of Light over Dark…we must all rise up. It is an inner Up~Rising, however. That is why the Words are so important, and supernatural, too. The Super~Natural, the higher-powered natural, is about living here, on earth, as normal, natural beings….and giving witness to….and living as vessels flowing with the water of life. Of life as it was intended and hoped to be, by our Origin~Ally Source of All Life. That to me is the secret that we have within us, by ones like Bill who has that beautiful powerful revealing Light emplaced in him, by an angel of God. God’s hand IS at work in this earth, and through the first man, the first Adam, that little baby born unto ancient pilgrims who found themselves in a new land, with new and strange ways of life (of a Nature-led life!)….we all came into being and furthered the evolution of Mankind. All of us have been mixing with this huge gigantic melting pot of humanity….and everyone from the empire to the incorporeal to the angelic host…..are all watching….to see what happens! LOL Bill, you play your part very well in the drama….and in inspiring human beings to be better than ever. We get to see, through your watchful Watcher eye, through your mind, down your arm, to your hand, out the fingers….into written words…..a fuller picture of life and our part in it, and all those influences, and influencers, and watchers. I’m thankful for the stories, Varence is right, they help me make sense of it all, and relate to it all. It helps to have another version of our history to contemplate, too, because we do have to be able to learn from history….lest we repeat it. I believe that God does give us experiences, and suffering is part of a life experience, that helps our soul to become overcomers, having been overcome, and rising upward to His Spirit, to meet Him, our Father, within us, our very being is Host to Him. That, is why I believe the God Project will Ulti~Mately succeed in ways no man, or dark being, or light being, has even dreamed of. Everyone is in for a huge surprise. I think Valiant is part of the leading edge of Light….and Truth….setting us All free….from captivity. In my humble opinion, Valiant is leading the charge….in a most humanly…..and humanely….divine way. He has power, through his words, and his audience grows and grows, and more are seeing the bigger picture….with some beautiful images (his art) and some horrifying images (his depictions of scenes of horror through his words)…..alike. We have to see both sides, the light and the dark, in order to learn and grow. We have to see the distant past, and the recent past (know thyself), and the now….in order to make our way more purposefully and clearly into the future. We are becoming more than we ever were, and yes we have influences upon us, and not so nice ones trying to wreak havoc and chaos, both seen and unseen…..but thanks to writers and gifted artists like Valiant…..we DO get to see and feel a sense of being liberated….we ARE being visited, and helped… save ourselves. To rise above the dominions and principalities, that we fight and strive and contend with… seek that which liberates us…..truth. To hold a chance of that promise of God, that first the earthen man (us), then the man of heaven (us, raised to a higher, more pure level of light), first corrupt (us), then incorruptible (us, in the future, living UNcorrupted, Bill has seen it and showed it to us, the Higher Forces….Source’s Higher Life. We have COMPLETE power, choice, of how we want to feel, how we tend to think, and how we act, we get to decide who sits in the driver seat or at the captain’s wheel, sailing like a ship through life. Although our lesser drives and impulses do at times overcome us. What we FEED….will GROW. Bill’s posts are showing us the way. The higher way to live, along with those lower, more negative, fearful, worrisome moments in time and space. Just like Sara, in the process of growing a new life within her, a new child created in a way that amazed them at what they found WAS indeed possible, a Genesis of Life story! They had been captives on slave ships, they only knew their own ways of life they had been indoctrinated into since birth, they had never even seen a Natural Way of Life-birthing before! And yet look at that story, of how that happened, and how they (Nature~Ally) realized how it would unfold….they knew through observation of how Nature worked with the animals….and it helped them cope and proceed and succeed with this altogether unfamiliar process unfolding. Obviously affecting Sara’s body and stirring up her hormones too. We may learn through that story when we feel birth pangs, and observe big changes happening to our own body/emotions/mind/soul…look to Nature for understanding…bringing us back/center…. to a state of peace. It took all of them….a literal new village….to assist Sara throughout the process… give birth and then raise that simple, loving, very first Natural-born little baby….the first Earth-born Adam, who would be so different than all the “Adams” from the ships (the ones mining and providing hormonal “feasts”. A gift of a brand new baby of a different type of gene-merging, coming in a very different way…. arriving through a conjoining in a very affectionate exploration of merging bodies…..and hearts!….intertwining and bringing new life to earth….. their new world. A new TRIBE being CREATED….that is what we got to see in this story of Valiant. It was very precious, very sweet…and oh so human emotions, thoughts and feelings…parts of that story could have been a scene from today, in some home.

    They brought a new experience….to Life…on earth. New stories to be experienced…..and some later retold to us….because we obviously have a need, now, to hear them. Let’s look back, so we can learn, then look forward, and work in our little part to help create a better, brighter new future. That is our power, what do we want to leave as our mark in this world, what’s going to be our legacy? The teacher will come, the Spirit is quickened then it arises, when the student is ready! Keep moving forward.
    All shall be changed in a twinkling of an eye…..the All-Seeing Eye….the All-Knowing, the All-Powerful. God keeps promises, and the Rainbow is the sign of what comes from the storms, the beauty afterward…the ashes of our former selves are exchanged for beauty….like the Phoenix that ever arises through the ashes of the corpse of its former, corporeal, corrupted self. ALL THE COLORS….every SHADE….BELONGS to One Whole 1….ALL AS ONE….each being aligned in the perfect place, in harmony, a vibratory frequency wave~length….of LIGHT. All Matter, scientists know, consists of Light coalescing from wavelength into particles…WHEN OBSERVED.

    God’s Light has been fired up much brighter in others among us. In the beginning….The Spirit of God moved upon the waters….well, WE are made of water (the majority of our material being consisting of H2O) God gave us life and will give us even MORE abundant life. This is a process that we all participate in. Bill’s stories show how this very light of God that gets ignited (in just a few, initially, to begin with) in prophecy becomes a blaze of God’s glory, which will impact ALL! What happens to us….happens to THEM, too. I remember him telling us that even on the Eve ship, the same one who had the serpent queen there being worshipped….that she (Alana?) had this very same Light in her head….seen with great surprise by the Watchers….within her. She, however, did not come to fruition, but still it was there, and more importantly… was revealed….to those Watchers who had taken an interest in what was unfolding. They, too, have a Great Storyteller, that’s been interesting to see how they are also being affected by these stories that Bill~Valiant reveals. Also the book itself, the Hour Glass, is a magic book! It knows exactly what needs to be revealed, and when, and how to show it, so we can feel and have the light that is the life of God in us….be activated, awakened from its slumber. And so the small group of survivors of those who from heaven to earth came…. became progenitors of a new form of human beings. We’re always evolving.

    Valiant, dear Bill, my prayers are with you. May the power and glory of God be your guiding light, always. Godspeed!

    Thank you!

    The time is now.



    Knock Knock…Origins…The Tuatha…The Real Star Wars…
    Posted By: Valiant
    Date: Thursday, 5-Feb-2015 13:20:10
    The Magic…is the Memory…
    Long ago…Before Earth, Before there was Life
    In this Solar System, and many others
    The Reflection of the Creator was born
    In Human, and Human-like form…
    In Five Races…in what we know as…
    Human…Eagle…Cat…Bull…and Dragon…
    These Races ruled Space for Millions of Years…
    Spreading seeds of their nature in all forms
    Throughout Space…in this Galaxy, and several others.

    As with all advanced Civilizations, Corruption and Domination
    Through Greed and Power polluted these Races…
    As one sought to rule them all.
    The Dragon won…decimating the others…
    Enslaving the Human race…and extinguishing
    The Cat, the Eagle, and the Bull Races.
    Now of course some survived…The Spiritual, Magical
    Tribes, like the Lion Men…hid themselves in safe corners…
    Awaiting the Time, the Day of Retribution…
    When the Age of the Dragon would End…
    And a time of Liberation and Justice would return
    To the Galaxy…and All Surviving Races.
    Because there was a Prophecy…
    Foreseen by the Seers of the Mystical Cat People…
    That among 9 Enslaved Worlds…
    A nature of Children would be born
    With the Ability to Bridge the way of the Living Flesh
    With that of the Spiritual Heavens…
    The Paradigm of 9 Worlds…
    The Freedom of Liberation of this Earth…
    Is not just about this World…But all Worlds…
    And involves the Enlightenment of all Planets
    And Races throughout the Universe…
    This is why our Alien Friends watch and wait, and
    Seek out Spiritual Enrichment…Visiting Worlds,
    But no interfering…always waiting…always hoping…
    This is why an Ancient Pleiadian World visited
    Our Earth and sowed the seeds of the Tuatha…
    To advance mankind on Earth…and Hopefully
    Plant the seeds of those Magical Children
    Which might some day save the Universe…
    This is why the Reptilian Agenda Conquers…
    Enslaves…and Suppresses Worlds…
    To Maintain Control…Reflecting their own Manners
    Of Indulgence…Sex, Drugs…Partying…Etc…
    The Accumulation of Wealth…
    At the Expense of draining natural resources…
    Defiling Nature itself…
    And this is why some Races are here for
    Their own Agenda…
    Some from other Galaxies, like the Andromedans
    Are here to help…and learn…
    While others…like the Domineering Confederation
    Of Nibiru are here to Conquer…Absorb
    The Best to improve themselves…
    Because they know the Seeds of Something Special…
    Something Very Rare, Cosmic and Divine is here…
    And they want it…Bad…
    These, are the uniformed Wolf-men I saw in dreams…
    And was the Robed, fur-skinned Alien woman
    Who interrogated me…
    We are not alone…
    Our plight is not unique…
    We are in fact part of a very big universal family…
    With the Role in a Very Big Picture…
    On a Game Board of Space and Time…
    And the Risks and the Potential are Equally as Vast…
    And Limitless…
    Now there is a sort of Peace…but not quite…
    Among the Humanoid Worlds…As long as they don’t
    Interfere with Reptilian Occupied Planets…there is no trouble…
    Hence, non-intervention…
    To step in, would require a major gamble…
    While they can visit and communicate with us…
    To change things here would mean war…
    A war among the stars…which is building now.
    When the Starseed Tuatha awaken
    All the rules will change…
    This will pave the way for others to awaken
    To their higher purpose…
    So for those of you who have written and asked…
    This is when you will find out what you are…
    What you’ve been waiting for.
    To those in Power, in Government who read these posts…
    And know…
    You wonder why things are the way they are…
    The corruption, the Greed, the cover ups…
    Perhaps it’s better to have the Blindfolds on…
    The More you know…the Less you want to.
    It was ordained long ago that this Age would End…
    No Time Control Device…
    No Alien Dominion…can change that.
    You can’t fight fate…what will be…will be…
    What will matter most is who you are…
    What you did…the Role you played…
    Remember that please in the choices you make…
    Because now you know who’s watching
    And judging…
    Dear Mr. Spacemen…To the Good, Please Hurry.
    To the Bad…I told you once…Remember the
    Dinosaurs…They had their Age…
    Things will have to change and they will. Let’s not
    Be Ugly about it anymore.
    That’s all for now.

  12. Hi everyone!!
    I am so glad you are ‘getting’ this post so well!
    songs DO answer riddles!

    I would like to update you all on Bill’s upcoming book!
    It is done!! We received the proof copies today and we all reviewed them.
    His book: The Bell Tolls is absolutely gorgeous, I say so myself.
    I will try to attach/copy the cover for you all.
    A real work of art in itself. We have a friend in Brazil who offered his services. As an extremely talented graphic designer, as the cover shows, we were THRILLED top see the finished piece within 2 hours of receiving the details from me. That’s how good he is! Who knew. I suspected…but found out for sure when he sent me the design! WOW!

    OK…I can’t figure out how to do that here…copy/paste doesn’t work for me!
    some help Dreamwalker? I think you got my email…

    Anyway, it be available on Amazon within 72 hours…
    both as a book and ebook!
    We are very pleased with the result, and grateful for all the support you’ve given us!

    Hope your weekend is wonderful!
    …the proud MOM!

  13. Ah…Area 51…that explains why I’ve never heard of Groom Lake…interesting…Yeah, they really get miffed when we refuse to be labeled or medicated any longer. Feels like someone has been spying on my past, thoughts, and actions. Walked past a pawn shop this morning and had to stop and stare at a Mead Telescope…exact model of one I had considered buying several years ago. But alas…”Woe is me…”, I’m stuck in the city…no place to set it up and enjoy the view.

    Great post this week, Valiant. I get frustrated with “the Hourglass” too. Why are we being shown this at this time? What is the point? I’m sure we will know when we are meant to know.

    I’ve been thinking this past week about some strange occurrences that happened to me, once in the early 90’s and again in 2009. Both times I was “going off the deep end”. The first time I was living in Southern California. I saw what looked like a hole open in a ray of sunlight and little pieces of red thread came out of nowhere and fell to the floor. Then I saw something on the bathroom door behind the tiny portal, that no one else could see. It seemed to glow. It was the shape of an “HOURGLASS”…DAGAZ??? The second time it happened in 2009 it was traced on my kitchen door…a Chi Roh. Seems as if there was some kind of time anomaly that was recurring between those two points, yet I have no idea why.

    “But love is the
    Poison that dwells there…for love is like
    A poison and the only cure…So when
    The heart that knows no reason
    But the poison finds its cure, it never
    Lets it go…The cure is true love,
    A soul dance unlike any other. And
    When this rare gift is found it never
    Forgets and never lets it go…”

    The SILENCE leaves me to wonder about my sanity…It seems so ONE sided…I wish for an answer, if only THIS would let me go!!! Because poison is exactly what this has become. Do you feel me now…”Fire Man”?

  14. Sorry the wrong video came up on the post so i had to post it above. Troy i cannot delete the one With Christina sorry. Hope all is going well with everyone love light and blessings to one and all. xx

  15. The masks are coming off, the secrets
    Are coming out…and the justice will
    Be found for those brave enough
    To admit what they believe and dream for…
    And are willing to work for it.
    These words are ones i have used about the masks being removed only not by others. For the masks being removed are the masks we have placed upon ourselves and they are many.
    The dreams of childhood so long ago are rising as the passion that has lain dormant until now begins to rise and rise it must for we are the way showers of these times.
    “Be kind, but keep going…or that
    Kindness will become a trap that others
    Will take advantage of.”
    This next passage is one that rings true in many of us for we are kind and will put ourselves last even when we are tired, spent exhausted and in pain, never asking for anything to the point when we are in need no one sees it for they believe we are capable of looking after ourselves. It is time to say NO! we have to follow our passion forward now.
    [For long ago in its natural state in
    A distant part of the universe…The
    Human being was once a free soul…
    Whose nature was one of loving kindness,
    Sensitivity, ingenuity and clairvoyance…
    The cure is true love,
    A soul dance unlike any other. And
    When this rare gift is found it never
    Forgets and never lets it go…

    The love song of the soul always
    Repeats itself over and over throughout
    Time, throughout lifetimes…throughout
    The universe. Your true love never forgets
    You. Remember that. And it’s important
    To believe that…Because faith and
    Belief is a powerful magnet for the lock
    To find its lost key…] This passage lives deep within my soul, it cries out as the emotions of this body sob within allowing tears to flow, this is my truth and i know my One true Love is written in the stars above from forever more.

    Justin Timberlake Mirror Lyrics
    Aren’t you something to admire, ’cause your shine is something like a mirror
    And I can’t help but notice, you reflect in this heart of mine
    If you ever feel alone and the glare makes me hard to find
    Just know that I’m always parallel on the other side

    ‘Cause with your hand in my hand and a pocket full of soul
    I can tell you there’s no place we couldn’t go
    Just put your hand on the glass, I’m here trying to pull you through
    You just gotta be strong

    ‘Cause I don’t wanna lose you now
    I’m looking right at the other half of me
    The vacancy that sat in my heart
    Is a space that now you hold
    Show me how to fight for now
    And I’ll tell you, baby, it was easy
    Coming back into you once I figured it out
    You were right here all along
    It’s like you’re my mirror
    My mirror staring back at me
    I couldn’t get any bigger
    With anyone else beside of me
    And now it’s clear as this promise
    That we’re making two reflections into one
    ‘Cause it’s like you’re my mirror
    My mirror staring back at me, staring back at me

    Aren’t you something, an original, ’cause it doesn’t seem merely assembled
    And I can’t help but stare ’cause I see truth somewhere in your eyes
    Ooh I can’t ever change without you, you reflect me, I love that about you
    And if I could, I would look at us all the time

    ‘Cause with your hand in my hand and a pocket full of soul
    I can tell you there’s no place we couldn’t go
    Just put your hand on the glass, I’m here trying to pull you through
    You just gotta be strong

    ‘Cause I don’t wanna lose you now
    I’m looking right at the other half of me
    The vacancy that sat in my heart
    Is a space that now you hold
    Show me how to fight for now
    And I’ll tell you, baby, it was easy
    Coming back into you once I figured it out
    You were right here all along
    It’s like you’re my mirror
    My mirror staring back at me
    I couldn’t get any bigger
    With anyone else beside of me
    And now it’s clear as this promise
    That we’re making two reflections into one
    ‘Cause it’s like you’re my mirror
    My mirror staring back at me, staring back at me

    Yesterday is history
    Tomorrow’s a mystery
    I can see you looking back at me
    Keep your eyes on me
    Baby, keep your eyes on me

    I don’t wanna lose you now
    I’m looking right at the other half of me
    The vacancy that sat in my heart
    Is a space that now you hold
    Show me how to fight for now
    And I’ll tell you, baby, it was easy
    Coming back into you once I figured it out
    You were right here all along
    It’s like you’re my mirror
    My mirror staring back at me
    I couldn’t get any bigger
    With anyone else beside of me
    And now it’s clear as this promise
    That we’re making two reflections into one
    ‘Cause it’s like you’re my mirror
    My mirror staring back at me, staring back at me

    You are you are the love of my life
    You are you are the love of my life
    You are you are the love of my life
    You are you are the love of my life
    You are you are the love of my life
    You are you are the love of my life
    You are you are the love of my life
    You are you are the love of my life
    You are you are the love of my life
    You are you are the love of my life

    Now you’re the inspiration for this precious song
    And I just wanna see your face light up since you put me on
    So now I say goodbye to the old me, it’s already gone
    And I can’t wait wait wait wait wait to get you home
    Just to let you know, you are

    You are you are the love of my life

    Girl you’re my reflection, all I see is you
    My reflection, in everything I do
    You’re my reflection and all I see is you
    My reflection, in everything I do

    You are you are the love of my life

    Read more: Justin Timberlake – Mirrors Lyrics | MetroLyrics

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