I had an interesting dream this past week. Posting here because I really feel it means something, just not sure what.

In my dream I was my present age, or at least I thought I was, I was in highschool and had decided to ditch with a few kids. I remembered thinking in my dream, that if I didn’t quit skipping school they were going to flunk me, but I had already graduated, so what could they really do? I marveled to myself that nobody seemed to notice that I was far too old to be in highschool.

We went some blocks away to an old two story house that was abandoned, but the front door was open. We walked in and the other kids went exploring the rest of the house. I stayed there with a boy. He was a little taller than me. Brown hair, and I think, brown eyes. He was dressed in jeans and a denim jacket , wearing a T-shirt underneath.

We walked over towards the front door, on the right hand side of the door built into the wall, was what appeared to be a fuse box. He opened it, and inside was another door, followed by yet another door with a small padlock on it. He reached into his back left jeans pocket and produced a key and proceeded to unlock the padlock. When he opened the little door there was a small metal, lightly rusted box, not much bigger than a tissue box inside. He took it out and led me over to a small wooden table at the foot of the stairs leading to the second floor.

He had a rather mischievous twinkle in his eye and a small smile on his face, as he placed the little metal box on the table. He lifted the lid on the box, but I couldn’t see what was inside of it. Then he got an even larger smile on his face, was looking pretty pleased with himself, turned to me and said, “When the box is opened, time stands still.”

We left the house then and walked back to school. All movement was at a stand still…we entered the school, and had a party, and played pranks such as moving things around, we had a lot of giggles anticipating how teachers and students would react, when time began to work again. Seemed like 3-6 hours passed, off the clock of course.


On a whim yesterday after sharing about my dream, I did a random search for any song that might be titled “Time Stands Still”. I found one by…get this…”All American Rejects”. I’d never heard of the group or even the song. Interesting that the young man showed at the end of the lyric video looks just like the kid in my dream.




  1. Thank you, dear Robin. This dream of you anyhow is so uplifting and FUN that it’s emanating so your very CHARM and lures me so to dream that we the tribe can really live together in the very same community. A very Day Dream ?!!

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