Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…Dark World…Jon…

“Those chasing a better tomorrow will frequently
Be condemned by those lost by
Present distractions.”

*song* “Bad Moon Rising” by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Note: The Dark World is based on a series of Nightmares.

Jon Victor was a tall, athletic young man
Overcoming a hard life in a small family in
A nowhere town in the rural farm country
Of Pennsylvania…His family was struggling
With many medical issues, but they managed to
Get him into a good college where he was trying
To find his way. He had a few close friends,
And many fake ones; as most often do. And as
The semester was closing on his sophomore year
He was fighting between finishing classes and
Finding a job for the summer…

It was early May, Spring was late…and just
About everyone, everywhere was growing more anxious
By the day, for the summer…and for greater things
To happen in their life. Jon was meeting
With his friends Chris and Mark, two other
Young athletic boys who were all fighting their
Time in college, trying to find a major that
Wasn’t too…consuming. They just wanted a simple
Fun night together to forget their troubles…
As Jon stood at the giant glass wall of the
Cafeteria staring out at the blue sky…and
The array of tables on the courtyard full of
Students, talking and studying…he caught sight
Of an enormous bird of prey circling over head
That no one seemed to notice.

“What are you staring at?” Chris asked, coming
Up behind him with Mark as they both slapped
Him on the shoulder.

Jon blinked in surprise, “That bird.” He
Nodded for them to look out. “Is that
An eagle, or a hawk?”

“I dunno.” Chris said, barely looking at it, he
Was antsy to leave. “So, what?”

“That bird has been out there every day.” Jon
Said strangely. “I saw it on the way to
Class…on the way to the gym…when
I left the gym…when I was out with
Jessica eating lunch in the field behind
The science buildings…and there it is again
Now. I see it everywhere I go.”

Chris laughed with Mark, smacking each other.
“You think and eagle is stalking you or something?”

“What are you a rabbit?” Mark joked, smacking his
Head. “Aw, Jon’s a cute little bunny rabbit.”

“There’s something about it.” Jon said.

“You think too much.” Mark smacked him again
As he proceeded to guide his friend away
With Chris, to the parking lot. “Hey maybe
You should be a teacher. Yeah, a science
Teacher…talking about birds stalking
People…ha ha.”

The three friends walked casually to Jon’s used
Car, an old style blue Mustang that his uncle
Had remodeled for him as a graduation present
Two years ago. At the car, as he unlocked and
Opened the driver’s side door…he nodded upward
Again… “There’s that bird again.”

“So what?” Chris scowled. “Stop thinking so
Much will ya. I need to go get some cash
So, I can pick up stuff for tonight. Hurry up.”

“I thought you were broke?” Jon asked as
He got in the car and let his friends in.

“My parents sent me more money.” Chris said
As he got in with a big smile, sitting beside Jon.

“You are the luckiest shit alive.” Mark replied,
Shaking his head, in the back seat. “Rich
Parents…if they only knew you.”

“Hey,” Chris said with great pride, “Like
Parents know so much. They lecture without
Thinking…they have no clue who I am.
I’m their first born, I’m special.”

Jon started the engine. “You are as screwed
Up as they come. You could sweet talk anything.
Don’t you ever feel guilty?”

“What are you, a saint?” Chris teased slapping
Jon’s shoulder. “Our parents don’t care what
We do. They don’t want to see, they don’t
Want to know. We’re all stupid kids to them…
They’re all stuck up in their drama…We see
More than they do…They watch the news, the
Internet…we live it. They’re just tired…They
Just make the money. We live, we should use it.”

Mark kept shaking his head in the back
And laughing. Jon just gave one laugh
Looking at Chris. “You are a piece of work.”

“They live by what they are told on the
TV and the Internet.” Chris laughed. “I
Should be a salesman. “Talk, talk, talk…
That’s all they do. He paused for a
More serious thought. “Hey, maybe I should
Move to Europe…My Aunt did.
She said they make a lot of stuff there.

“Seriously, could you stop.” Jon said,
Pretending to have a neck seizure as a
Joke. “Your brain is hurting my ears.”

“Hey, maybe he’s a parrot.” Mark teased. “Like
Jon’s bird.”

“It was an eagle, stupid.” Chris gave Mark
A snarl.

“Hey, don’t call me stupid, alright.” Mark snapped.
“My father calls me stupid. He calls everyone
Stupid all the time. I hate it.”

“See,” Chris said smacking Jon’s shoulder
Again. “Our parents are responsible for
Our disorders. That’s why they should pay.
Now let’s go get some cash so we can eat.”

“Yes, oh evil genius.” Jon nodded.

“Good Boy.” Chris said with a sinister tone.
“Now drive me where I want.” Just then
He shuffled in his seat, then pulled out
Some folders from beneath him. “What’s

“Some notes for that Professor Collins.”
Jon said as he drove out.

“That science teacher you’re working under?”
Chris asked quickly looking through the
Folders. “What for? Are you screwing him
Or something weird?”

“What? NO! Jon scowled. “I’m a teachers
Assistant, you ass. Screwing? Where did
That come from?”

“Aw,” Chris teased, pinching his face. “The
Way he stares at you all the time…
Teacher’s Pet…Yeah, right, that guy
Wants you.”

“Shut up!” Jon shook his head. “Your brain…”

“Hey, my brain feeds us. If it weren’t for
My brain, we would be off slaving our
Asses tonight at some lame job.” Chris
Teased, still looking through the papers. “And
You my friend, would be out whoring your
Ass with that desperate professor.”

“The guy’s married!” Jon said still shaking
His head. “My God, your brain.”

“Married? So, what?” Chris bellowed. “Bro,
Where did you grow up, in Disney?
World or something? What world do
You live in? Married means nothing…
Married is a mask, that’s all it is. “Chris
Grew agitated as he read through the
Folders more closely. “Hey, what is all this
Stuff about a holocaust of genetically
Engineered foods in farming…The
Genetic integrity of farm animals and
Research animals due to lack of proper
Breeding management?” Chris shook his
Head now. “What’s all this stuff about
Inbreeding in research animals corrupting
Data? The demand for biological
Living research and the demand for
The growing population has created a
Reckless production en mass for the
Public…cause and effect, health studies…
Genetic tampering? What the hell is this?
I want to throw this out the window.”

“Don’t!” Jon yelled. “He asked me to hold
That. He’s been compiling research.”

“That sounds weird.” Mark grumbled as he
Leaned forward to fix his black hair in the rear view

Chris kept leafing through the folders. “What
The hell is this stuff about…breeding management,
The mass production of farm animals…
Animal husbandry? What the hell is this?
What is he talking about?”

Jon just shiok his head, it was pointless to
Explain something serious to Chris; food, sex
And money was all he knew. “It’s about the way
They breed the animals…that’s all.”

Chris had this angry suspicious expression. “So
Why does this guy keep calling it a holocaust…
Some secret they know but don’t know? What
The hell, is he one of those end of the world

“He was talking about mass production.” Jon
Tried to explain in short, as he drove. “Do you
Remember that summer I worked at that Pet
Shop? The Professor wanted to ask me about
The animals there…where they got them.”

“Is this one of those obvious subtle scientist
Come ons to get in your pants?” Chris asked

“What is it with the sex thing in everything?”
Jon shook his head nonstop now. “Can you
Drop it now. He wanted to ask me about
The animals…the pet shop, some of them,
Like some science labs…they get the rats
And mice and guinea pigs from the same

“So the hell what?” Chris howled. “Bro, I’m
Worried about you becoming some science
Guys” research butt, seriously.”

“Is there a point to explaining this?” Jon
Asked. “Or is this all going one way?”

“Chris is lonely tonight.” Mark laughed.

Chris turned and smacked the
Seat. “Hey shut up WIMP…or the only
Nutrients you’re getting tonight is off my
Shoe.” He turned back to Jon. “No, I
Want to know…tell me. Come on, just
Say it so you can bore me before
I eat.”

“That’s exactly what the Professor is
Talking about…no one listens…They
Don’t want to know these things…like where
Their food comes from…they just want to eat.”

Chris stared heavily into Jon. You’re pissing
Me off.” He threw the folders on the floor.
“I just want to eat.” Then he leaned
Back in the seat looking out the window
Then at Mark, then back to Jon. “I’m
Worried about you. You really like this
Science stuff?” He sighed. “You’re going to
Turn into one of those old fat guys that
Sits on the couch cruising the
Internet for porn sires and praying to
Fairies and elves and shit for a miracle.”

Jon just shook his head and said nothing
As usual. Then Mark broke the silence with
“The Elves were cool ion Lord of the Rings.”

Chris dropped his jaw in his own personal
Wisdom’s horror. “You two need your balls
Checked. You are going to be someone’s bitch.”

“What’s wrong with Lord of the Rings?”
Mark whined.

“Dude, seriously, be quiet!” Chris ordered.
“Jesus, I’m losing my appetite. All this
Food holocaust talk crap…How about
Something that’s not from
An animal. How about pizza?”

“Pizza, yeah, cool!” Mark agreed. “Yeah
Let’s get that!”

Jon laughed. “I’m not saying anything.
You want it, fine…let’s eat.”

“what was slaughtered to make a pizza?”
Chris roared. “You are hanging out
With science man TOO MUCH! Pizza is
Cheese OK, that’s right…see I’m not stupid.
Cheese and tomatoes and bread, that’s it.
Nothing died.”

“Alright, like I said, if that’s what
You want.” Jon replied with a smile.

Chris grew more angry. “What? What
Now? Jesus, you are like the ANTICHRIST
Out to crucify me for being hungry…It’s
All this science guy making you think you’re
Smart…He’s playing mind games with you,
My friend. Dude, he is messing with your
Mind because he wants in your pants, Bro,
That’s all it is.” He rolled his eyes and
Cursed hard, looking out the window.” Like
Pizza suffers from Professors lack of
Genitals. He probably wrote you little notes
With a gold star, telling you how smart you
Are too. That’s right”, he nodded, “I bet he
Did! Mr. Sinister Professor is probably
Planning to have you over a big ole slice of
Cheese pizza…”

“Do you hear yourself?” Jon laughed. “Do
You hear how crazy you are talking?”

“Hey, I am just hungry.” Chris said pointing
At him. “I don’t need this Doomsday
Cheese on my lap garbage! Just give me
Some food and shut up.”

“Now see, you are getting hostile because
You don’t like hearing something right on.”
Jon calmly answered.

“What are you a genius psychologist now?”
Chris snapped. “Alright genius…suppose
All this Nazi holocaust pizza cheese stuff
Has some significance…Is there a solution?”
To cope?”

Jon smiled and blinked. “Well…the Professor
Talked about organic controlled farming, something like
The first settlers did…And sports medicine,
Strength training to compensate for genetic
Weaknesses…That modern medicine could
Possibly overcome years of abusive misconducted
Farming and research for wellness.”

Chris hovered with a sneer…The wheels in
His head were turning, but anything could come out.
“This Professor is the Antichrist…And
You…are his bitch. See, I know…Oh I
Get it…he’s using big words to call the
World FAT.”

Jon sighed, wanting to pray. “Why do I
Do this to myself? I swear…the wrong
People come together and its constant grief…
That is why the world is messed up.”

“Hey, if you don’t want to eat…” Chris replied
Sitting back smiling, like he had won something.

“Let’s just drop it and try to move on.” Jon

“Pizza then?” Mark smiled leaning over
The seat.

“Is there anything else to do?” Jon laughed.
The whole point to make was hysterical. They
See and hear what they want always…and
Move on… “Look, after we eat, just remember
I’m picking up Jessica. She’s hanging out with
Us tonight. So PLEASE…Best Behavior.”

“Like I said,” Chris nodded with a laugh,
“Someone’s bitch…Don’t worry, Bro,” He
Said rubbing Jon’s arm playfully… “I promise
Not to say a word about your indecent
Affair with Professor Holocaust…But
If she finds gold stars on your ass,
Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” He
Laughed to himself. “I swear some guys
Will do anything for good grades.”

“I am really wondering how you think.” Jon

“Hey, I see the world.” Chris replied fast.
“Everyone is into everything…
In this modern world…anything goes…”

“That’s what scares me.” Jon answered.

Fast Forward. The three friends ate and
Managed to forget the conversation in the
Car; easy distractions make it happen. They
Laughed, they ate pizza…and when twilight
Came and the sunlight faded, Jon checked
His watch. Just after 7. Time to pick up
Jessica…He wiped his face, straightened out his
Grey hoodie, checked his hair then directed his
Friends back to his car and proceeded
To pick up his girlfriend.

Back at the school, Jessica stood waiting
Outside the girl’s dorms for Jon. She
Was very pretty, with long blond hair
And fit like a dancer. Now, she was going
To college for a serious career for her parents,
But secretly she was an aspiring model. She
Was known with her friends and
Throughout the school for posting pictures
Of herself on the internet. And while she
Loved Jon, Jessica was a big flirt.

As Jon pulled up in front of her building,
He saw Jessica tapping her foot impatiently
As she appeared to be texting on her cell
Phone. “Yeah, she looks pissed.” He said.

“Someone’s aiming to please tonight in a
Tight pink dress.” Chris joked.

“Dude, shut up.” Jon pointed. “Remember
Best behavior.” Chris simply held up his hands
As if to say, fine…as he moved to
Sit in the backseat with Mark.

Jessica rolled her eyes as she saw Chris
And Mark ion the back seat and got inside
The car. “Do you guys ever
Wear anything but hoodies and jeans?” She
Asked as checked her flashy new
Watch and put her cell phone in her purse.

Jon immediately focused mon the shiny gold
Watch on her wrist. “Where did you get that?”

She tried to laugh it off. “It was a present.”
She smiled, showing it to him briefly, but with
Great pride; like a trophy.

“From who?” He asked.

“Just a friend.” She shook her head looking
To the backseat. Are we going to a party

“Hopefully.” Chris teased, grabbing Jon’s shoulders.
“He needs a party, the man needs to relax.”

“Jessica, where did you get the watch?” Jon
Persisted. “You didn’t have it yesterday…”

“Oh…” Jessica thought fast, looking in
The mirror to check her makeup. “I got
It from a friend.”

“Who?” Jon pushed. “Where?”

“From the coffee shop.” She briefly explained.
Jessica worked part time as a barista at
A popular coffee shop off campus. “From
A friend…can we go?” She nodded

He grabbed her wrist to examine it fast.
“That’s a gold watch, isn’t it? That looks
Expensive. Who gives a gold watch as a
Present at a coffee shop?”

“Sweet tip.” Chris replied with wide eyes.
“Must have been some sweet cream.”

Jessica gave Chris a dirty look, then
Turned back to Jon. “It’s nothing…well
Not really. I mean, he thinks it is…”

“He?” Jon asked, confused. Clearly there
Was more.

Chris whispered to Mark, “She delivers
Really good service.”

Again, Jessica shot Chris a wicked look,
Then innocence back to Jon. “It’s nothing.
Just this old guy who likes to come in
And talk to me.”

Jon sat stunned, paralyzed. “What? Who
Is this guy? He gives you…a gold watch?”

“Really good service.” Chris whispered.

“Will you shut up!” Jessica barked at Chris.
“It’s nothing. We didn’t do anything. Well, he
Wants to…but I won’t, of course. Oh My
God, he’s like old and fat, and has
Grey hair. I just make him smile. You
Know how old people are.”

“Old…but not dead.” Chris teased.

“Shut up!” Jessica rolled her eyes. “Nothing
Happened. Can we just go?”

“You took his watch?” Jon couldn’t

“God No,” Jessica offered. “He bought it
For me. He wants to take me out to
Dinner for being so nice to him. He’s sweet.
I think he knows people min the city, a

“What?” Jon asked. “So…are you going?”

Jessica laughed. “Of course. You have to
Do things to go places, Jon.”

“Grease your lips before you go.” Chris

“You’re disgusting!” Jessica howled. “I’m
Not doing that!”

Jon turned back to the wheel and
Pulled the car out as they sat in silence.
He didn’t think first on where to go, but
Then decided they had to talk more, so
He directed a course down the backroads
To the ponds, past the school in the
Woods where a lot of kids went to
Retreat. A good out of the way place
To talk, or yell, for now.

“You’re not pouting are you?” Jessica asked.
“Nothing happened, Jon. Nothing happened.
But if I want good head shots, I need a
Real photographer. James knows people.”

“James?” Jon only said wide-eyed.

“Well, I can’t call him Sir now, can I?”
Jessica asked.

“Some guys like that.” Chris said slyly.

“Oh, shut up!” She said giving Chris a hateful
Stare. “Don’t hassle me about this!”

Silence for a few minutes…Chris, of course
Had to break it. “Man…Friends surprise you,
Shock you…Everyone is into old grey
Hair these days. Maybe I should dye mine.”

“What?” Jessica winced.

“Yeah,” Chris said to Mark. “Told you, Bro.
This is how it starts…someone’s Bitch.”

“Don’t call me a Bitch!” Jessica shouted
At Chris. “I didn’t do anything, I told you!”

“Relax, Ok,” Chris smiled, “I only meant
That you and Jon are into the elderly…You
Know, pleasing the elderly…The grey haired
Dudes. Jon’s holocaust Professor wants him.”

“Oh Jesus.” Jon groaned.

“You’re doing something with one of
Your professors?” Jessica asked him in
Disbelief. “And you’re accusing me? Who?
Oh my God, Jon…that Math teacher?
EW!” She thought fast… “Oh, is it that
Track coach that watches all you guys run?
WOW! Oh My God!” She covered her mouth.
“Oh, he’s cute though. What do you do?
Can I watch? Why didn’t you tell me? I
Made out with Kim at the Spring Break
Party in Hershey…”

“WHOA!” Chris howled, with Mark in the
Backseat as they clapped and stomped. “This
Gets better every minute!”

Jon’s eyes went wide. “Who are you people?”
He blinked and tried to think. “Everyone is
Assuming A LOT here…We need to stop and
Think…Wait, you made out with Kim?”

“Well you did it with that track coach!” She
Shouted back. “You’re judging ME?”

“I didn’t do anything!” Jon yelled. “God!”

“Really?” Jessica insisted. “Then what is he
Talking about?”

“Professor Holocaust.” Chris said laughing. “That
Science teacher…Collins.”

Jessica covered her mouth. “Oh God! Jon
What’s wrong with you? Is he blackmailing
You or something? Is he threatening you?” She
Sat back, assuming more. “Is that why you
Went to his house?”

“WHOA!” Chris howled, leaning forward over
The seat. “Dude, you went to his house? Did
Jon need a spanking for good grades?”

“God No!” Jon winced, shaking his head. “NO!
Look,” He said pointing to the folders on
The floor. “I went there for that! His notes,
That’s all…For the research he’s doing.”

Jessica looked at the Folders. “Why would
He ask you to hold research papers?
Oh my God, are there naked pictures
In there or something? Is he luring you or

“Will you just look at the folders!” He told her.
“And don’t try to change the subject off that

“Well at least considering going out with an
Old man who buys me things, who wants
To help me go somewhere…is better than
Having sex with some old ugly professor
For a grade.” She snapped.

“You guys are NUTS!” Jon could only shout.
“Nothing happened!”

Chris turned to Mark. “Dude, I give you
A gold watch…will you have sex with Jon
So Jessica and I can watch?”

“What?” Mark yelled. “Seriously?”

“No Bro, you got to do me first.”
Chris laughed with hysterics.

“Are you joking?” Mark asked curiously.

“Of course he is!” Jessica shouted. “You
Guys are all SICK!”

“You guys turn everything into a
Sick joke!” Jon yelled. “The folders,
The research talks about a breeding
Management with animals…for generations.
Domestic animals were all made this way…
Inbreeding…line breeding…exaggerating
Features…affecting the food…And medical
Research…sport medicine…years of study.
The professor was compiling data of long term

“Oh shit,” Chris laughed angrily, “Bro,
Don’t start that again. I don’t want
To hear about some brother and sister
Cow making bad babies…Screw that,
I don’t want to hear about Mr. Pizza
Holocaust’s Food issues because some
Professor has some old big fat belly.”
He took on a more serious face. “Now…
Let’s talk about yours and Jessica’s real
Issue here…your old man fantasies.”

“I hope someone beats the hell out
Of your smart ass!” Jessica shouted. “I
Really seriously do! I hope someone
Kicks the shit out of you!”

The long dark road they were on was
Suddenly alive with headlights far behind.
Jon casually noticed…then really watched
Closely as the headlights grew closer and
Closer as his friends shouted…The
Headlights were coming up very fast now…
And he could hear the engine roaring.

“Dude, don’t be all silent and upset now.” Chris
Laughed. “I was just teasing about your
Professors briefs…ha ha.”

The headlights came quick up to Jon’s car
Bumper. It was a larger vehicle, a van
Or a black utility vehicle. “What’s this
Guy behind us doing?”

“Bro, you are way too sensitive about your
Rear.” Chris teased.

The car behind them was so close now the
Headlights filled Jon’s car…Then the driver
Turned the high beams on, and they were
All blinded.

FAST now, very FAST. The vehicle behind
Them swerved and came up beside them.
Then another vehicle came racing up
Behind, and another one behind that one.
FASTER. Like seconds now. The first vehicle
Raced up ahead to the left…as another
Moved up beside them…and the other
Behind…And there were more behind…

“What’s this guy doing?” Jon said squinting,
Trying to see. “What’s happening?”

Jessica was screaming, his friends were
Cursing and jumping around the back
Seat, barking orders… “Stop the car! No,
Don’t stop, SPEED UP! Come on, MOVE!”

Blinding high beams of headlights
Again from behind. The car ahead
Cut him off. Jon swerved the car
To the right and slammed to a stop.
The sounds of screeching brakes.
Voices. Men were shouting. High beams.
Flashlights…Gun fire on the pavement.
FAST. A Black Bar or a bat
Smashed the windshield in, then the
Other windows. Doors were pulled open.
Big tough hands grabbed Jon by the
Collar. He was thrown to the ground. He
Couldn’t see. Blinding light everywhere.
Men shouting orders. Then…a calmer
Voice in the blinding light, “Jon Victor?”

“Oh God, Help Me…Someone Help Me.”
Black out. Silence.

End. Part 1.






  1. Hi Lida, you made me feel happier and more at ease, thank you for your words, as soothing as honey!

    I’m glad to know Bill was pleased to know he’s being comprehended. He’s a good teacher! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! I believe he’s making a difference, already, in the big picture. It seems like things have already shifted for the better.

    Bill is a chip off the ol’ block, apparently! You are so kind and patient. Yes, it makes sense totally that you are an empath.

    You too, Troy? It’s great to hear how expansive your thought project went, with Steven Greer. I’ve heard of him, have read articles and seen some videos about his disclosure efforts. That’s actually what I’ve been doing, thinking more from the big picture, especially thankful to Varence and Ceres and their whole group, and most of all thankful for Bill who brought them into our lives. They’re the ones who have been widening my perspective to seeing us as just one of many worlds. It’s very humbling to shift beyond earth, the solar system, to galactic and then universal. Where hardly anything, apparently, is “new”, either.

    It’s made me hopeful seeing what Bill has been giving us glimpses of in the future…..for the other worlds! Knowing there are truly “civilized” civilizations out there, and in some pockets here on earth, too, of course. I have sincere hope and faith that one day this Universe and all the Cosmos will all be free and clear of all the ones who want to dominate and destroy for only a few at the “top” to benefit.

    I might be an empath too. I can’t go to funerals, unless I absolutely can’t avoid it — like close family. I just break down completely and bawl my eyes out, I end up with a splitting migraine headache in no time. It’s just all the emotions of everyone, that raw energy, it’s like I am a sponge, invariably the floodgates just open up.

    I read in between the lines in Bill’s posts for years and it seems like others who read him must be seriously depraved or demanding with incessant, selfish questions or excessively judgmental of him. It makes me feel terrible when he says how so few are kind to him. I know you are kind, Lida, and his sister is too! At least he knows our little group here is avidly paying attention and appreciating and digesting what he’s had to offer.

    I know it’s not about us, that all of this is for the future, for generations to come, who will be as blessed as we are, to receive his words and beautiful artwork. He is leaving quite an amazing legacy.

    Backing up a bit, Lida, I appreciate you sharing about what it was like and how few “troubled kids” there were just 20 years ago, compared to today, where it’s the norm rather than the exception. I graduated from high school in 1983, our class had 230 kids (a big adjustment I had to make since my 8th grade class in my small hometown only had 48 kids!). Back then we just did not have pervasive bullying or hardly any outright disrespectful or hateful behavior. I got bullied a lot in 1st-3rd grade, but kids that young don’t really know enough about what’s right and wrong, unlike when they are in their teenage years. I had a mild form of Tourette’s syndrome, which nobody understood the condition, back then. So I endured enormous teasing, tormenting and some occasions of physical bullying too. At home my parents weren’t understanding or compassionate, they were hard on me, telling me to stop it, knock it off….but I couldn’t control my “habits” (facial tics). I wanted to, but I just couldn’t help myself. I grew up just wanting to be loved, cared for, be accepted, not be a perpetual outcast. I went around feeling reviled and rejected by everyone. Plus I was “gifted”, a double whammy. It made me more compassionate for others, though, so that’s the silver lining.

    I really hope that hearing this new side of the old story of Lot and Sodom (and Gomorrah) will help a new generation learn how to treat one another in the best way!
    As our first lady is reinforcing now….Be Best! 🙂

    Sodom was just incredibly monstrous for a civilization, with how they sacrificed children?!!!! It makes me afraid for our world, if people are still really like that, like some articles and videos profess to be happening behind the scenes, illuminaughty.

    I was really chagrined at how they treated Ceres. Was especially glad she didn’t have to personally do anything to them, that time. Also it was kind of funny how Varence made them all walk backwards, against their wills, backing right out of Lot’s house.

    Bill does have an awesome gift of drawing the reader right into the scenes. Although a good many of them I would certainly not want to have actually been there. Just dreadful, really, quite a lot of these scenes. Yes, nightmares, I wouldn’t want to have been part of, or relate them. Bill has so much courage. Even the stories of the end days of Atlantis, I was also horrified by those, from the days of Noah series. It was nothing like how I thought it had been….from my “new age” days. I had a sad, harsh awakening, but am most grateful for what Bill has presented.

    Let’s keep this circle flowing with caring, sharing hearts….please?

    I love learning from each of you. Hearing stories is always my favorite way to learn.

  2. Barb…thank you for this. I will print it up and show it to Bill, who will really appreciate how much you’ve grasped from his tale. So few people tell it like you do! And sometimes he gets very depressed that more people can’t seem to grasp what he is alluding to…the Big Picture!

    And yes, you caught all the analogies…it is VERY Dark out there. Especially among the young. Having worked in the public school system over 20 yrs ago, it was showing itself then. I subbed in classes K-12, which gave me broad range of understanding where our young people were heading. It was not pretty.
    It got so bad with the horrendous behavior and disrespect by the students…not just to the teachers…but to each other…I couldn’t wait to leave this job! Some teachers were so outstanding and dedicated, it was amazing the resiliency and dedication they showed daily. And the stress they were constantly put through.
    Once upon a time, it used to be only 1 or 2 kids who were behavior/emotional problems. Now it was the norm for MOST of them
    And now…it’s even worse I hear. So many of my friends are retired teachers…truly awesome people…and the awful sometimes horrid stories they told me.

    No wonder our society is such a mess…the family unit is in tatters. Respect, loyalty, values are almost wiped away. God’s heart must be aching!
    I am always thrilled to hear of those kids who have stayed true to their principles and ethics…and morals!

    It happened before, during the days of Lot, and it is happening again.
    Will WE suffer the same fate?

    Bill’s story told from his Nightmares is very true…and from several years ago…he just gave them some names, that’s all. But the similarities to today are astounding, and frightening.

    Just wait till you read the next chapter!!!
    …he has quite the skill for story telling…and suspense.

    Thanks again Barb!

      • thank you Nando…I told Bill what you said too….he actually blushed!
        Compliments usually make him feel ‘funny’…in a nice way.
        But he blushed this time, so I know he felt honored from your compliment.

        When I read him your response…he gazed upward and said yes…she gets it! And it pleased him greatly!!

        These are the things that make his work (writings) worth while…when someone tells him they appreciate his writings, and how they understand what he said!

        just when he feels: Why do I keep doing this?
        your great answers let him know why it is all worth it!

        more revelations, and analogies to come.
        I am confident that the group of people on this site….will get ALL of them!
        Thanks my friends,

    • Lida, you connected a few dots for me…

      There was a particular guided meditation (thought exercise?) I did a couple of years ago that stood out for me… with a group connected to Stephen Greer. The purpose was to “make contact” – which they claimed worked several times for them. It was a simple enough meditation… you start with you. Then you shift your perspective in steps out so that you see your planet.. then the solar system… then the galaxy… then the universe… until you see things from “god’s” perspective. It is a humbling perspective that makes the various minor planetary human struggles seem somewhat insignificant…

      I had previously made “contact” before through the dreamflights, and didn’t experience anything out of the ordinary at the time. Shortly after that, I started to feel this enormous feeling of heartache… a really big feeling of sadness for humanity. I don’t think it was depression though… more of a feeling like… “if you only knew.” Until now, I didn’t make the connection that perhaps these events were related. But now that you mention it (and speaking as someone who is a reluctant empath), I think it’s probably safe to say that “god” does indeed feel this sadness… and not just for those of us on planet Earth…

      • Me? A dot connector!
        How cool is that!

        You know the old mathematical statement….
        the shortest distance between 2 points?
        …a straight line!!

        Yay! Together we drew a straight line, no curves, bends, etc.
        Math is funny that way…it doesn’t have to be specific to work…
        it can work in all areas of our lives. (the principles, that is, not just the formulas)
        and you don’t have to be a math wizard to discover that, or do it!
        …just know that it can be done, and it will!
        all things are connected….

        from another fellow ’empath’…and I needed to be told I was one, before it sunk in.

        Thanks for this!

  3. Wow…..these last few posts by Bill are just intense…..riveting. I’m on the edge of my seat and holding my breath with suspense. Also very anxious, about outcomes. I’ve been so shocked that I haven’t felt I could really put into an appropriate response, but it all helps so much to make sense of everything that’s gone wrong or is off the mark. Bill is amazing to bring clarity and realize how very much we ourselves have not only been misled, but also contributing to the degradation and negation of humanity’s higher capacity. It all really makes me sad, and mad, too, and also……disgusted. Absolutely thoroughly disgusted at some people, whether it’s ancient times in Sodom, or in recent times, in our own time.

    I am grateful to Bill for revealing how dark the darkness really is….including within….when we fall prey to the pull of the negative….or just fall into their well-laid traps.

    So much of this new story is being reflected in alternative news sites. I’m also afraid they are systematically dismantling all of it, to try and reinforce “their narrative” as real reality. Some people are incredibly brave, researchers, investigative journalists…and especially people like Bill…..who are not only going against certain ‘powers’ but also against popular beliefs/traditions.

    I support Bill…..Valiant. I wish I knew how I could be more supportive to the whole mission, that’s been bothering me, not knowing what I’m supposed to be doing about it.

    I felt very relieved when Ceres, Varence and Camlo all got out of Sodom in time! Sorry for Varence with such a massive headache and needing assistance, he was really fighting to tell Lot to get out with his family. It all seemed very surprising in the end, to all of them, like if it wasn’t the fleet/command central doing the destruction (totally valid!!!!)…..then who? My guess is…’s the Hand of God…..the divine intervention.

    With this new tale, it’s eye opening. I felt for Jon, for what he had to deal with from a so-called friend, and from his girlfriend. Good grief! Then to have the black cars chase them down and gunning for them….no doubt over the research papers….rocking somebody’s boat.

    I’ve just been gaining in awareness of what Bill goes through and why he’s given so much to this cause….I know more now why he does it. I had a window open from 2 years ago at STC, found myself there around a week ago, back to where it was Bill’s birthday in 2016. (Was it REALLY February 2016?!!!!) I had saved it as an open window all week to remind me go back to listen to the interview with Maxim Axiom. I just sat and listened to the whole thing….absolutely fixated to my seat…..2 hours. Best thing I’ve done in a LONG time. That answered so many questions, and made me acutely aware of some missing puzzle pieces. Now at least I understand more. It gave me better insight.

    I again want to thank you Lida, for pointing me to the archives, I am SO glad I read every one of Bill’s posts.

    I’m reading and paying close attention.

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