Valiant: Knock Knock…The Sandman…Dark World…Dreamer…

‘The Best way out is Always Through.’

***Robert Frost

A dream has no laws whatsoever; the biggest
Puzzle, the greatest truth.
No, No, No don’t say that, don’t think
This…that’s not what I want to hear.
Then something happens…so why didn’t
You tell me sooner? The reason always
Comes AFTER.
Never or sooner, which is it? Onward.

The visions of May…and March and April…
In dreams, the earth song of the weather…
More unstable each year
Regardless of what people say or believe. Onward.
The snows became rain and floods…
Nope, nope, everything is fine, they say…
The snow to rain, then rain to snow
And back again.
And all at once it’s spring.
That’s what I want to hear!
The grass is green, the trees have leaves,
There are flowers. A beautiful spring day.

Then suddenly a flash freeze, it means
Nothing. Onward.
Nature is alive again and continues
Its story in the spring, like it or not.
And back to the meadow…By night
The stars are alive and seem to move…
By day it put a picture in the meadow.
Symbols…Two shapes, circles merging
Over two lines…First Impression…
When worlds collide…It begins. Realities?

What does that mean? Don’t tell anyone
But me. Whatever. Onward.
It’s just a dream; dreams mean nothing.
The Song of Nature in May continues
The story…

In June…The outcry of a tragedy
Paralyzes with some widescale crisis in
The time before the Event, and only then.
National, International? It was on the news…
In the Northeast again?
And the weather is nuts as usual…
Just a TV screen in a dream,
It means nothing. Onward.

Watch June, if June is fine it doesn’t\
Happen that year…Because in that
Year, the stars seem alive all over…
Reports flood in across the globe.

And some internet searcher will say
Give me something new, Something useful…
More, more, give me more…give me, give me…
You’ll still be staring at the sky when
It happens, that’s the point. Then what?

And in the summer months snow
Will fall earlier and earlier…on green
Grass and green leaves where it never has
And in that time a plague would
Come…New and mysterious, flu-like…
Intestinal issues…people covered with
Blisters…Camps, confinement…Monsters…

And the lights in the sky continue…
They’re searching and waiting…
And the snow would and will continue
Falling…The seasons out of tune…

Convictions fill the air waves and digital
Connections, no bridge made safe to pass
Without hearing the arguing which
Way to turn and how to think…

They will say it 10 different ways,
Just to argue for 10 hours…
A waste of time. Onward.
The smart ones, the right ones always
Know where to look…

And through the night and day,
In sleep and visions…the sounds of gears
Turning…Tick Tock…Onward…
What is it? What is it? They cry…
Don’t say that, it’s awful.
Tell me it’s Wonderful, only tell me
It’s Wonderful.
OK, it’s Wonderful.

In a world of billions, pointing a finger
At few will solve it. OK. Next. Onward.

But, they say, they bought pink toilet paper
Or painted rainbows, spread peace and love
Since the 60’s…Worked hard…
That’s not Fair. The Fair thing is to
Blame someone and be rescued…
I’m sorry, it has nothing to do with that.
The signs are there. They always have been.
They just didn’t want to hear it.

Will Peace and Love save the World in the End?
Peace is great…Peace is always Great!
Will Peace and Love Save the World?
Or kindness and compassion…
Maybe Both. Hopefully Both.

But the Gears keep turning. Time
Moves on…Nature does not hear
A word, but feels the rage…Onward.
It will just keep going.




  1. Hey Robin, yeah, it was pretty freaky hearing about it, right underneath me and I never suspected a thing!

    I found a Nat Geo video on it for you. Originally it was some video Hatter shared (Naughty Beaver or MrBB333, maybe?) in his blog last winter. I remember thinking about “my” mountain, that rises up in my backyard, it’s all I can see other than our meadow, when I go outside each day. Our mountain is an “extinct” volcano, it blew its caldera aeons ago, many thousands if not millions of years ago. It is the largest mountain peak seen by air from Mount Washington in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It is not part of the Appalachian Mountain chain, which makes up most of my home state, Vermont, the “Green Mountain State”. It’s a separate and truly distinct, very high and steep mountain….which was once an incredible volcano. We have schist and quartz all around, mica too.

    Something else you may find interesting, is that when the final tectonic plates collided that formed the mountains to our west (and north-northeast too, up your way I think the Appalachian Trail runs?)….our part of Vermont was once part of Africa! Crazy, eh? I think that was when everything was “Pan”, one supercontinent.

  2. Hi!

    I’m paying attention, you guys, just being quiet!

    Hi Troy! I appreciated your dream share in the Saturday flight chronicle. I’d love to hear more about the architects. Maybe the ones who won’t share the meager rations are being brought to light and revealing who are All for one, and who are one for All?

    Hi Feilla! I recently learned about Govinda, SO lovely to know these stories, and enjoying immersing myself in various different religious trains of thought.

    Hi Dave! Those videos were AWESOME. Excellent information, thank you for sharing.

    Hi Robin! Hi Lida! All of those current events are incredibly interesting, and quite alarming for what they portend, and for whom Nature has sternly focused some heavy-hitting energies upon. I’ve been getting into MrBB333’s videos (also shared at ootwx). He has some very interesting video subjects. Yes, Gaia really seems to be cleaning house.

    Hi Bill! Robert Frost was Vermont’s first poet laureate. I love the crop circles (the REAL ones), with beautiful geometric patterns or realistic depictions of systems, or patterns, they say there’s a mysterious energy when humans are physically experiencing them. I’d love a book of just crop circles photos, have long thought that would make a good “coffee table book”. When worlds collide, that makes sense. I’ve been noticing some echoes of that strongly lately.

    I have my eyes on June. Those sound like symptoms of radiation poisoning.

    Yes, I will likely have my eyes on the sky when “it” happens. I’ve been seeing unusual things in the clouds again, even in pictures of clouds online….faces everywhere.

    I don’t have anyone to argue with about the important things, just about the meaningless trivial things. It’s good, I am safe to be a bridge without worrying over following another over a collapsing bridge.

    Robin, you probably remember….I am a white planetary world bridger. I seal the store of death, with the power of timelessness.

    No, it’s not wonderful (current state of things)….anyone would definitely be a liar saying that, for sure! If anybody is telling Bill to only tell them, that’s a total crock of b.s. I, for one, am so glad he shares everything with the whole world!!! It’s a pity more don’t pay attention, though. I would draw attention, but I don’t want to draw attention that’s unwanted, and I know Bill’s role isn’t for the whole masses, it’s not to be a guru, he doesn’t do this for fame or a spotlight. He serves to keep his promises, I have utmost respect for that, and gratitude for the going out on a limb thing.

    peace…love…kindness….compassion…..those could sure change the world…what we do to OUR strand in the web of life…..affects the entire web (paraphrasing Chief Seattle)

    I am ardently listening and being mindful of Nature. Have been seeing some very different flowers here, that I never noticed before and I am big fan of wildflowers! Tiny little blue wildflowers on our back lawn, they aren’t violets, though, we have those too. Some low-hanging branches with white flowers over where the big tree fell by the “yucky food pile” and in the meadow some different yellow wildflowers are popping up.

    We have something else different going on here too, energetically. According to the National Geological Survey, a mass of molten rock is apparently rising up from deep below the ground below my feet in Vermont. I’m not sure what, but I’ve been noticing my emotions are matching the intensified “energies”. I’ve blown my top several times in unexpected ways the last couple of weeks. I think venting is a good thing.

    I found this video wonderful and hope it boosts your spirits like it did mine! Watch this, it’s an elephant who paints, and it’s not just splashing color, either, it is REALLY painting!!! I kept saying OH MY GOD the whole way through it! hehehe

  3. Thank you, dear Dave. A synchronicity here with…, including what Robin just posted. pls see :
    Sonic Theology: Hinduism and Sacred Sound,+Indra&source=bl&ots=xE3KvvTa71&sig=GzKo4aKBlltLU1YaVNpZIIvvmdI&hl=zh-CN&sa=X&redir_esc=y&sourceid=cndr#v=onepage&q=early%20representation%20of%20Vayu%2C%20Indra&f=false
    [Vaishnavism (Vaishnava dharma) is one of the major traditions within Hinduism along with Shaivism, Shaktism, and Smartism. It is also called Vishnuism, its followers are called Vaishnavas, and it considers Vishnu as the Supreme Lord.[1][2]

    The tradition is notable for its avatar doctrine, wherein Vishnu is revered in one of many distinct incarnations. Of these, ten avatars of Vishnu are the most studied. Rama, Krishna, Narayana, Vāsudeva, Hari, Vithoba, Kesava, Madhava, Govinda and Jagannath are among the popular names used for the same supreme.]

    [Northern India
    Although Vishnu was a Vedic solar deity,[21] he is mentioned less often compared to Agni, Indra and other Vedic deities, thereby suggesting that he had a minor position in the Vedic religion.[22] Other scholars state that there are other Vedic deities, such as water deity Nara (also mentioned as Narayana-Purusha in the Brahmanas layer of the Vedas), who together form the historical roots of Vaishnavism.[23]]

  4. just saw this on Drudge too…Gulf states about to get hit!! Another sign of things to come….and fingering those states too!

    • Indeed Lida. I found it “interesting” that after the island was hit, the storm then slammed into a city on the coast of Arabia. What was going on between those two points? Some kind of trafficking perhaps? Gaia is cleaning house.

  5. It starts with the Islands:

    Epstein Island…Fire

    Island of Socotra…Wind

    Hawai’i…Fire and Earth

    Yep…Gaia has awoken from her slumber.


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